Little Black Book

Chapter Ten

By Alexis Logain

"Aww…now ain't this cute?" Seifer frowned as a very hot looking Squall dressed in a red leather body suit sneered at him, speaking in Zell's voice.

"Huh?" he asked, thoroughly confused.

"Wakey-wakey, Seifer…" Seifer's blue-green eyes fluttered open and he glared as Zell grinned at him. Squall made a noise that sounded like a cross between an indignant grunt and a groan. "Shame on you, keeping poor Squall up all night like that."

"Shut up, Chicken," Seifer grumbled, yawning. "Must've fallen asleep…Squall…"

"G'way," the brunette grumbled into his shoulder.

"C'mon Squall, as soon as you let me up, you can go back to sleep. Sleep in a nice, comfy bed…"

"Nice, comfy, warm here," was the barely coherent reply.

"I know…but I gotta go do my job - command people and all that," Seifer told him, ignoring the looks Zell was giving him. Squall yawned loudly and began to pull himself up.

"It's my job…" he protested softly. "I'll get up too…you can show me what to do. Zell, can you get a hold of Headmaster Cid and inform him I'd like to have a meeting with him some time this morning. The earlier, the better."

"Uh…sure," Zell told him, blinking. Seifer gave him a look: I told you he wanted to come back. It was very amusing to watch Zell stumble out of the room, somewhat shell shocked. It would have been funnier if he had run away because Seifer and Squall were going at it…but at 06:14, Seifer would take what he could get.

Seifer sprawled back onto the couch after sitting up to grin at Zell as he retreated. Scratching his side and yawning, the blonde had almost drifted back to sleep when a pile of…something - clothes? Yup, clothes - had landed on his chest.

"Aww…" he mumbled. "Does this mean you'll run around in only an apron and cook me breakfast?"

"In your dreams!" came the reply from the bedroom.

"Oh yeah," Seifer smirked. Just as long as he doesn't sound like Zell again - that would be enough to take the starch out of any man's hard-on. Yawning again, Seifer stood and stripped out of his slept-in clothes and down to his boxers. Stretching lazily, he shook out the clothes that Squall had picked out for him: well-cut black slacks and a silky-feeling dress shirt he had dyed to match his eyes. Opting to go sans undershirt - which was included in the pile…which meant Squall had been in his underwear drawer…excellent - Seifer slid the shirt on.

"Seifer, I - " The blonde looked up to see Squall - still wet from a quick shower and dressed only in a thick, fluffy towel - blinking at him.

"I…""You…" Seifer prompted and began to put his pants on. Is it considered childish to hope that, while putting on your pants, you flash an object of your affection?

"I…don't remember. Weird." Squall shrugged and headed in the direction of the bathroom. Seifer grinned and followed, pants successfully zipped and buttoned, but shirt still undone. As Seifer made his way into the bathroom, he realized that he could grow to enjoy watching a half-naked, wet Squall, who was trying to brush his hair, brush his teeth, and dry off all at the same time.

"Multi-tasking?" Seifer grinned and reached for his toothbrush.


Seifer glanced over at Squall, still grinning, and squeezed some of the minty toothpaste onto his brush. "Doing your hair and teeth and, uh, drying off all at the same time," he commented, running the brush under some cool water. He tried to make shoving the toothbrush around in his mouth as sexy as possible…but exactly how sexy can you make brushing your teeth?

"Ama dawnednded maw," Squall mumbled around a mouthful of foamy toothpaste.

"Huh?" Squall leaned over and spat into the sink.

"I'm a talented man," he repeated. Well, that's obvious. Seifer grinned, waggling his eyebrows, and leaned into the sink, spitting out the toothpaste that was frothing in his mouth. "I'm gonna finish getting ready."

"K." Running his hand under the faucet, Seifer slid water-slickened hands through his short blonde hair, causing it to spike softly. Buttoning his shirt and grinning into the mirror, he decided he looked sufficiently preppy and gorgeous. Wondering if Squall would be in khakis or leather, he ventured out of the bathroom. Oh please Hyne, be leather. Stepping out into the room and seeing Squall standing there in loose black denim jeans, a snug black t-shirt, and black combat boots that were laced up with red laces caused Seifer's brain to short circuit.

"What?" Squall asked, a bit self-consciously.

"Is…uh, that what you're going to wear?"

"Is it too casual?" Squall bent over to pick up a shimmery black silk dress shirt to drape over his body. Seifer almost swallowed his tongue.

"No!" Okay, so maybe one could still be going through puberty at the age of 24. Seifer cleared his throat to try and sound normal again. "No - it's fine."

"Well then, let's go."

Five hours later, Seifer found himself wishing that he was dead. It turned out that the coffee maker in the cafeteria had broken and Squall had been too stubborn to let someone go and buy him some from in Balamb. Soon after that, Squall's mood dropped from good, to bad, to worse, to oh dear Hyne someone please kill me. The meeting with Cid had gone well and the Headmaster agreed to reinstate Squall into active duty. He also altered Seifer' title - the blonde was now completely Squall's slave. Oh joy.

"Hey, Squall?" Zell's voice rang into the air, causing the Commander to look up and Seifer to wince.


"Um…the Headmaster would like you to join him and President Loire for a meeting." If looks could kill, Zell would be one very crispy critter.


"Um…now?" Squall glared at the paperwork on his desk that Seifer hadn't quite finished then up at Zell.

"I can finish the paperwork for you," Seifer offered. Squall nodded at him then got up, stalking past Zell and out of the room.

"Dear Hyne," Zell grumbled as soon as the cranky brunette was gone. "Squall sure turned into one hell of a bitch."

"Well…he is gay…so…" Seifer grinned at him then settled behind his…er, uh, Squall's desk.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. That explains it. …Whatever." Zell got the most incredibly horrified look on his face and Seifer almost fell over laughing.

"Very funny," Squall scowled. Oh shit! Seifer struggled to regain his composure as Squall re-entered the room but damned near lost it when he saw Zell shrink at Squall's tone. The brunette stalked forward and began to rummage around on the desk.

"Uh, Squall?" Seifer asked.

"What." A beacon of wisdom surged through Seifer's brain: never fuck with a man who wouldn't think twice about cutting off your balls.

"Nevermind." Seifer happened to like his little men, thank you very much. Squall tsked and muttered a quiet 'whatever' under his breath, then left the room with a few small disks in his hand. "Hey Zell?"

"Yeah?" The little blonde glanced over his shoulder to make sure Squall was really gone this time.

"Do me a favor?"

"What is it?"

"Run into town and buy lunch." Seifer dug in his pocket to retrieve his wallet, then shoved some money at him. "And if you don't bring back some coffee, Quisty will find herself being a widow very early in her marriage."

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