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Let Me Make It Alright

Chapter 2: "Runaway"

By Angry Angel

'I'll be here... I'll be waiting here... I'll be waiting for you, so if you come here, you'll find me. I promise.'

When his slate grey eyes snapped open, his own voice whispering a promise once made was still lingering inside his head. A bitter taste was coating his tongue, like the aftermath of his dream seemed to be coating his mind. Light was streaming into his face from a window somewhere, making him groan under the sensational overload.

Squall Leonhart had awoken from a restless nap at his office desk in Balamb Garden.

Hesitantly, the brunette teenager removed his hand from underneath his chin. His arm had been supporting the weight of his head after he had fallen asleep over some boring political papers, hence his limb was feeling accordingly numb. His lids were heavy over misty grey orbs, and even a few quick coughs couldn't clear the thick, sour lump in his throat.

The young SeeD and High Commander of Balamb Garden sighed deeply as he leaned back in his somewhat comfortable chair and ran gloved fingers through a mess of rich, chocolate brown hair. His pale skin was contrasting sharply against his black SeeD uniform, as was the ever so dark expression carved into his delicate, perfectly chiseled features. His mysterious gale grey eyes stared at the ceiling without really seeing anything, and thin brown brows were low in an all too typical manner.

All in all, he neither looked nor felt awake. This nap really hadn't done him any good, he decided with a rasp sigh.

Tch. Oh well.

Suddenly, Squall shot forward in his chair, causing it to almost topple over. His frosty gaze found the digits of his office clock, resulting in a mumbled gush of curse words spilling from his dry lips.

He had been dozing for well over two hours.

Sure enough, Squall didn't feel the least bit rested, though. Every fiber of his lithe body, which had slimmed down even further throughout the months after the Ultimecia incident, was aching with tiredness and stress. His work as the new Commander of Garden and his very own, personal issues were draining his strength steadily. The former "Lion of Balamb" was starting to look like the walking dead more than anything else, but his ears were deaf to the concerns of his friends and the people of Garden.

It wasn't like his business was any of their's, anyway.

With harsh and somewhat edgy movements, Squall rose to his feet and stretched his sore muscles. When he trudged to the door, his face was sporting a deep scowl over the thought of the mess he was leaving on his desk. At the same time, he didn't want to stay in the room that was still fresh with the memories of his dreams that had, once again, revolved around Rinoa and the battle with the witch Ultimecia.

As soon as the brunette caught his thoughts returning to his former girlfriend, he felt his insides crumpling painfully. Quickly, he slammed up his perfect protective barriers against all possible emotions, numbing his heart and mind in the matter of a heartbeat.

"Ice prince" Leonhart was an expert, after all.

His tall black boots carried him out of his door and away from his office at surprising speed. He didn't care the least bit about his path or his destination, as long as he could run away from his feelings, and as long as he could run away from himself.

Yet again, escape and oblivion were all that mattered.



=To be continued!=



Yes, another short chapter, I know. I thought it best to leave Squall's "entrance" and his feelings seperate, though. Worry not, there will be action and longer chapters up ahead -

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