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Legacy of Hyne

Chapter Five

By Sasha Petalinkar

The Fifth received a short message from the First in traditional fashion: using the link which bound all those Initiated into the Way, the Warden contacted him with his new orders. They considered the plans for the young Sorceress. Soon would come the time to remove that thread from the Loom. He was looking forward to it, enduring Rinoa's presence was taxing, even though she mainly pestered Squall and not him.

Some would considering him a traitor, for what he was about to do. But he was more spy than traitor, a mole deeply inflitrated into the structure of SeeD, keeping the SeeDs on the right path, one Alarissi had chosen for them.

And what makes a man a traitor anyway? he silently asked himself.

"No one truly knows," a sly male voice aswered in his head. "No man considers himself a traitor. That makes the question difficult to answer. So, the Warden has finally decided it is time?"

"You see what I see," Fifth answered the presence. "I wonder if the others are just as loud."

"We can do little but talk, and keep you on the Path. We exist only to serve," the telepathic presence responded. "Besides, in answer to your question, yes they are as loud," it added jokingly.

"I wonder how we tolerate you," he replied. His tone was humorous and it was obvious he meant it as a joke.

His mind wandered for moment to the orders the First has given him. There was little risk of exposure in his new mission. His touch was to be feather light. He simply had to nudge things in the right direction, so they fit the pattern the First had prepared. But that was always the case. The Alarissi were the keepers and enforcers of the Loom, but not its weavers. Hyne alone was the Weaver, they merely observed Her pattern and protected Order from Chaos. That was the sacred duty of the Alarissi.

Five ruled, or better said guarded, the Alarissi. He was the Fifth, the one who excised the errant thread from the tapestry. Fourth educated young Alarissi in the Way and prepared them to take their proper places in the great fabric. Third monitored the strength of each thread. Second oversaw the Loom itself, the structure and strength of the Alarissi through the land, and made sure it was intact and growing. Only First could order them to make any changes, but Alexander was the Warden, not the Weaver, of the Loom.

The Garden intercomm system beeped. "All senior SeeDs, Rank 15 and above, are to meet the Commander in his office immediately. Repeat. All senior SeeDs, Rank 15 and above, are to meet the Commander in his office immediately."

He smiled. The message was right on time. So, it begins, he said to himself as he exited the room and went to the meeting. Actually, it began a long time ago. This was just the finalization of the plan.

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