Knights Opening

By Sasha Petalinkar

It was surprisingly easy at the end.

Perhaps that should not have come as such a surprise to me. I was trained as a SeeD, after all, to hunt and kill the Sorceress. Granted, Rinoa was not much of a Sorceress. She was more like a frightened little girl.

I never hated her. She wasn't worthy of any of my emotions, neither love nor hatred. She was always just the means to achieve my goals. I am sorry that I had to destroy her. She was useful, but she completed her purpose. She broke your armour. Now, I can strike.

I didn't mind that you and I were enemies. Your hatred was more gratifying than this indifference now.

Killing Rinoa was easy. She still trusted me. I played the part of the repentant villain, one controlled by the mad witch. I asked her to help me mend things with you. She was all too eager to help.

She deserved her death. No one that gullible deserves life, much less the legacy of Hyne. One stroke was all it took. There wasn't even surprise in her eyes. She didn't even know that she was killed.

I will send you her head, so you can see her smile of delight while I told her of my plan for us to be friends. I would send the rest of her, but it would be abit awkward to transport.

Fujinn absorbed Rinoa's powers. I gave her my body, and a child, as a reward. But don't worry. My mind and my heart are forever yours, and yours alone, even if you don't want them.

I will destroy everything you care about: your Garden, your SeeDs, your friends, even your father and your adopted sister.

I will hang Quistis by her own whip. The little messenger girl will watch her cowboy assassin die before I grant her the same mercy. As for the little Chicken-wuss... I don' t intend to kill him. Rajinn likes that little Chicken, and he's going to get him, once Zell's properly trained, of course, like the little slut he is.

It's not that I hate them. I feel nothing for them. It's because you care for them. I will destroy everyone and everything that you have let past your shields to touch your icy heart until I am all you have left.

I will slaughter children by the hundreds and I will burn continents down so I can become a monster to haunt your dreams.

I will be the most feared man, and Fujinn shall be the dark goddess. People will offer us sacrifices and bow down before our feet, hoping that we will spare them. And yet, I no longer care for fame, for them. All this I do for you.

Hate me if you must. But think of me.

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