Into the Minds of Others

By Purple Penguin

Squall carefully examined Zell’s arm. “You should get that checked out by a nurse or something.”

“What about you? That thing took a chunk out of you too.”

Squall shrugged, getting up looking back at the strange breed of T-Rexuar. “Dr. Kadowacki’s out of town, I’ll be okay.”

“Then so will I.” Zell replied stubbornly.

The people of Balamb had reported a strange monster attacking the town; the description matched that of a T-Rexuar so Squall had only taken Zell with him. The little blonde cast a Cura on himself as he entered the main gated and hesitated before casting one on Squall. The commander didn’t even flinch. Squall really needed some excitement in his life they all had thought Rinoa would be the one to change him, but although he was still with her he was still the same old Squall.

There was a slight tingling sensation in his arm, he was used to the normal feeling of healing magic but this was different. He shrugged it off and headed for the cafeteria it was lunchtime. Zell smiled at the lady at the counter.

“Hotdogs?” She asked.

He grinned. She always knew what he wanted; he was in there so often.

‘Zell’s a nice boy why hasn’t he got a nice girlfriend to look after him?’

The blonde frowned. Was she talking to him? Why did she say it as if she was talking about him instead of to him?

“D-Did you say something?”

She smiled. “No dear.” She handed him the place of hotdogs.

He frowned and turned away to find a table. He sat down just as a crowd of girls walked past him. The short brunette at the front waved at him. He smiled and waved back.

‘He waved at me.’

‘He’s so fit.’

‘Does he have a girlfriend? Can I be his girlfriend?’

Zell choked on his food. Girls didn’t normally say that stuff to his face. He watched them to see who said it but they all just smiled.

‘He’s such an idiot.’

Zell looked up, a girl hurried past the table her fists clenched at her side.

‘Why doesn’t he notice me? Well he wanted that tramp fine, he’ll regret it when she gives him a disease.’

The confused blonde watched her go. He could hear her thoughts. It was like that movie with Mel Gibson in it, what was it called?

A clearly male voice entered his head causing him to jump. ‘Look there’s the sexiest guy in garden, what I wouldn’t give to have Chickie screaming my name.’

Chickie? Oh crap, only one person called him that.

“Hey Chicken Wuss.”

Zell jumped backwards and fell off his chair, staring up at Seifer in horror.

“What’s up with you short-ass?”

Seifer’s cronies appeared at wither same of the tall blonde.

‘What does Seifer see in this little twerp?’ Fujin smirked at him.

‘What does this guy have that I haven’t? I love Seifer we should be together.’ Raijin looked longingly at his friend.

Zell stared. He was starting to get a headache.

The tall bully moved on, looking back at Zell in slight concern.

“Hey Zell.... What are you doing sitting on the floor?”

Oh no not Irvine, he wasn’t ready to hear the type of things that went on in that guy’s head. Zell accepted the hand up and sat back at the table.

“How was the mission?”

“Fine, it wasn’t really a mission just bringing in a monster.”

A cute girl walked past and Zell braced himself for Irvine’s dirty mind to enter his brain.


He frowned. Didn’t he notice? What was happening?

‘Oh Lisa got back from her holiday dammit! I’d love to give her boyfriend a test drive.’

Zell stared at him, mouth-hanging open.

“Zell? Are you okay? What is it?”

Okay just calm down, so the ladies man is bi so what? He always knew Irvine liked a lot of sex.

‘Maybe I should ask out that girl in the library she’s so dense that she’ll never know I don’t swing that way.’

Zell almost fell off his chair again. H-He was gay? Irvine the great lady-killer was gay?

“Y-You’re- H-How?”

The cowboy looked around getting nervous. “What? What do you know?”

“Er- nothing, it’s just nothing really.” Zell slid out of his seat and made an excuse. He had to go see Squall. Was this affecting both of them? Was it just him? He ran out of the cafeteria and straight into Xu.



‘You will be if you cross me again.’

Zell stared at her back as he walked away. Was everybody mad?

Never mind. He had to tell Squall everything.


Squall stepped out of the elevator and headed for his office. His arm tingles slightly. He looked up at the elevator to the bridge. Was Xu up there? She say she was going to be up there? He really had to talk to her about some SeeD business.

He took the lift up to the bridge. A figure jumped and turned to face him.

“Oh Squall hi, I wasn’t expecting anyone to come up here.”

“Sorry I scared you.” He nodded at Nida. “I’m just going to stay up here and wait for Xu is that alright?”

“Yeah fine....” ‘Sure you can stay up here and taunt me with your pretty face and nice ass.’


“Hmm? Are you okay?”

“Where did that come from?”

“Where did what come from? I didn’t say anything, are you feeling okay Squall?”

“I-You didn’t?”

The pilot looked concerned. ‘He really needs to relax more... I could help with that if he’ll let me.’

The brunette gave Nida a worried look and quickly went back down to his office. What the hell was that all about? Nida was usually so quiet.

Zell burst into his office. “Squall!”

“Haven’t you heard of knocking?”

“Sorry man but this is important. Something happened to us or at least me. That Cura spell made me feel tingly and now I hear stuff.”


“Stuff that people are thinking!”

Squall frowned. “Zell-”

“And it’s so strange you know? You’ll never guess what I found out about Irvine and Seifer has the hots for me!”

Squall’s mouth fell open. “Zell! You like Seifer?”

“No, he has the hots for me, I didn’t do anything.”

Squall sighed in concern. “Zell you cannot read people’s thoughts it’s impossible, you just think you can. Now why do you want Seifer to like?” ‘Maybe he can, maybe that’s why Nida was so vocal’

Zell grinned. “What did he say?”

“Who? What?”

“You just said Nida was really vocal, so what did he say?

Squall stared. “I-er no I didn’t.”

“I told you, I hear stuff.”

“Um... er he said I was...pretty.”

Zell laughed. “Yeah well you kind of are pretty.”

Squall blushed. “That doesn’t mean I believe you, okay?”

‘Squall is such an idiot what a loser.’ He smirked at the brunette.

“That was uncalled for.”

“You heard me didn’t you?”

Squall frowned. “So what have you heard people say?”

Zell grinned. Squall liked to gossip did he? “Irvine’s gay, he’s covering it up but dating a lot of girls.”


“I know odd isn’t it? Raijin is in love with Seifer, that’s really funny. Seifer wants me and Xu is... really odd.” He grinned.

“Why are you grinning?”

“Seifer wants me.

“You seem proud of that.”

“It’s nice to know I have that kind of power over him.

“The doctor should be back in 2 days I say we keep this thing low-key until then. I suggest you steer clear of Seifer so that-”

“But where’s the fun in that?” He gave Squall a toothy grin.

In the cafeteria. 5 minutes later.

Seifer was sitting with his friends at one of the tables. Zell walked past smiling, he offered the bully a teasing wave.

“What the hell’s up with you Chickie?”


Zell didn’t answer he approached the counter. The posse shrugged and went back to whatever they were talking about. The sound of a wrapper rustling and someone pulling up a chair made Seifer look up again. The little blonde was sucking on a red ice-lolly, slowly drawing it in and out of his lips. He smiled teasingly at the other blonde who shamelessly staring at him. The bully whimpered pathetically and tore his eyes away from Zell, finding the table very interesting.

“Hey Seifer, are you listening you know?”


The blonde shook his head, looking up to watch the ice slide from Zell’s lips again.

“I-I h-have to go.”

Watching the tall blonde quickly leave made Zell choke on his ice-lolly in laughter. This is fun.

A light knock sounded on the office door, the brunette jumped.

Shit. He really didn’t want to face anymore thoughts today. He dived under the desk.

Quistis pushed open the heavy doors and stepped inside. “Squall?” ‘I was sure he was in here.’ She walked up to the desk and looked at the computer screen. ‘I wonder if he ever looks up porn on this thing, I know Irvine does in the middle of my classes.’ she stepped round the desk, dangerously close to trending on his fingers. ‘I can’t believe he’s still with that super bitch, she cheating on him I’m sure of it maybe he’s cheating on her too.’

Squall frowned. He knew she hated Rinoa but he didn’t think Quistis would be this petty, even if she was just thinking it.

The doors flew open and said super bitch walked in. “Squall I-” Her eyes turned green when she saw Quistis. “What are YOU don’t here?”

“Looking for Squall, he’s not here.”

“Than why are you still here?” Her voice got slightly higher in pitch. “You can’t have my Squally; he doesn’t want you anyway.” If her voice got any higher no one except Angelo would be able to hear her.

“I was waiting for him to come back, what are you don’t here?”

“I’m his girlfriend I don’t need a reason. To come up here!” She shrieked.

Quistis folded her arms leaning back on the desk, going into impatient teacher mode. “Rinoa this is his work office, his personal life and whoever he’s fucking at the time have not place here.”

Squall winced. ‘Oh hyne bitch fight, my money’s on Quistis.’

The office door opened for a third time. ‘Why is my office so popular today?’

“Sorry am I disturbing something?”

Perfect timing Irvine, if you get me out of this I’ll love you forever. Squall quickly got out from under the desk. “No you’re not!”

Both girls stared. “Squall!”

“Y-You were under there the whole time? Why? Why would you do that?”


She gaze fell on Quistis. “So there is something going on! I knew it. Why her Squall? Why? What have I done to-?”

“Rinoa please just-”

“Ladies!” Irvine put his arms in the air to calm things. “Squall and I have important thing to discuss, this can wait.”

“Irvine don’t be so selfish I was talking about me.” Rinoa whined.

“This is an important matter Rinoa what if Squall lost all his money and status? Would you like to be the girlfriend of a guy that shoves monster shit?”

She paused. “Good point. But I’ll be back and then I want a full explanation Squall.”

“Quistis you too.”

“But I’m a SeeD I can help with whatever it is.”

“5 minutes?”

She nodded. “Fine.” She followed Rinoa out of the office.

The cowboy shut the door and leant on it. “Women huh?”

‘Irvine I could kiss you.’ “Thanks I owe you big time.”

‘I can think of lots of ways you can pay me back.’

Squall groaned. ‘Is there anyone that doesn’t want to make me their sex kitten?’

“You’re not really cheating on Rinoa with Quistis are you?”


He chuckled. “I don’t know how you put up with Rinoa.”

“I don’t either.” Squall walked round his desk and sat in his chair. “So what was the important news you had to tell me?”

“Oh that, you’ll love this. Guess what? Someone managed to rattle Seifer!”

“Was it Zell?”

“Er- yeah how’d you guess? You ruined my surprise.”

Squall lay his head on the desk and banged his head into it a few times. After what he had told Zell about keeping things low and he goes and does something stupid like-

A gentle hand landed on his shoulder. “Hey are you okay?”

He paused and looked up, his hair fell into his eyes he did so, clouding his vision.

‘You’re so fucking beautiful.’


“Huh? What?”

Squall shook his head. “Oh nothing, sorry. Just you know I’m a bit tired.”

“Yeah you shouldn’t-” The hand on his shoulder moved up, a finger traced his neck up to his jawbone.

“Squall!” Zell rushed in again.

Irvine pulled his hand away as if he touched hot coal and Squall blinked at the cowboy quickly regaining his composure.

“Zell I need to talk to you.” Squall frowned at the little blonde.

Irvine glanced between the two of them. ‘Well they’ve been spending a lot of time together.’

Zell raised an eyebrow at the jealous tone to the cowboy’s voice.

“I’ll see you later.” Irvine smiled at Squall before he left.

Zell smirked. “What was that?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. How about we talk about what you did to Seifer in the cafeteria.”

“Oh that was just a bit of fun.”

“Fun?” Squall went into full commander mode.

“I don’t see the harm in just telling a few people, a few friends.” He voice turning teasing. “Or don’t you want to tell Irvy?”

“How are they going to feel when we tell them we’ve heard everything that goes on in their heads all day. I doubt Rinoa, Quistis and Irvine will look me in the eye ever again.”

“You heard what goes on in Rinoa’s head? Wow!” ‘Doubt there was anything intelligent.’

“Hey! She’s still my girlfriend.”

“Sorry man.”

“The doctor will be back soon. I’m going to bed early to avoid people’s thoughts I suggest you do the same. Goodnight.” He got up to leave.



“It’s 3 in the afternoon.”


The brunette looked up at the wall clock. “Oh. W-Well I can do my work on my computer in my dorm s-so I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Zell frowned. Squall was taking this the wrong way. This was great.

He left Squall’s office and headed to the cadet showers, he had broken his one at home so he had to shower with the cadets. Lucky no one was there when he arrived so he had a peaceful shower. As he stepped out and was drying himself off someone entered and froze in the doorway.

Zell grinned evilly seeing the tall blonde freeze on the spot. Perfect chance to tease the taller man.

He tied the towel around his waist and smiled at the bully. “Seifer I’m glad you’re here.”

“Y-You are?”

Zell moved closer and turned his back to the blonde, handing him the towel over his shoulder. “Could you dry my back please? I can’t reach.”

He saw the bully swallow hard but took the towel. A shaky hand lay on the little blonde’s damp shoulder.

Zell took a look into Seifer’s mind and his heart beat speeded up at the nice little fantasy the bully had involving them in the shower. He was so busy watching the fantasy play out in Seifer’s head that he didn’t even notice when the taller man leaned in until it was too late and Seifer was kissing him.

Uh oh back-fire. Oh shit. This wasn’t right. This was Seifer, the bully, the guy he hated. This had to stop. Right now.

Seifer deepened the kiss.

Zell moaned involuntarily. Okay this’ll stop in a minute, just a minor indulgence. Nothing going to happen so it does matter if-

The taller blonde pulled back and Zell feel cold suddenly. He opened his eyes. There he’s gone; Seifer came to his senses. He knew it would be alright. Where did he go? And then he looked down.

Oh. Seifer was grinning at him wickedly, pausing, looking for permission.

Say no, say no, say no.

The little blonde nodded his head slightly. Oh, that wasn’t supposed to happen.

Seifer breathed on the head of his cock.

He shivered. Time to stop thinking.

“Squally! Squally! Why won’t you come out? Open the door!”

The brunette jammed a pillow down on his head in an effort to block out Rinoa. He had been in his since 3:00; it was now 10:00. He had got a lot of his work done and he had avoided everyone’s thoughts but he sure was hungry.

“Squall! This isn’t funny! People are starting to talk. They say we’ve broken up and you’ve got a woman in there, have you? You would do that to me Squally would you? I’m your girlfriend! You never treat me like a girlfriend, you always-”

“Shut up you daft bitch!” He slapped a hand over his mouth. He hadn’t meant- Maybe if he were lucky she wouldn’t have heard him.

“Squall?” A quiet sniffly voice asked.

Oh hyne she was going to cry.

“Why are you so mean to me?”

She went quiet and he could hear whispering, she was talking to someone else.

“Squall?” A quiet, gentler voice asked.


“Let me in yeah? I-We’re all worried about you.”

Squall got off the bed. Was Rinoa still there? If he opened the door to Irvine would Rinoa try to get in too?

I opened it slightly and looked outside. Irvine stood on one side and Rinoa sobbed in the corner. She brightened up seeing him. “Squall-”

The brunette pulled Irvine inside and closed the door again.

“Squall? Oh Squall why won’t you see me?”

The brunette sighed in relief and sat on the side of the bed.

“Are you okay? How long have you been in here?”

“Since you left my office.”


Okay he had to tell him. He was going to tell him right now. “Can you keep a secret?”


He knew Irvine had a few secrets of his own.

“Of course.”

“Well you may not believe this but-”

“Try me.”

“When Zell and I killed that monster I think something happened to us.”

The cowboy lowered himself down onto the mattress beside Squall. “What is it?”

“We-We can hear things that people think. Thoughts that everyone thinks, we can hear them.”

Irvine frowned. “Er-Squall I know you’ve been working hard and all that but-”

“I’m serious. On the bridge Nida thought I was pretty.”

Irvine’s eyes flashed with jealousy. ‘I knew that guy wasn’t as innocent as he lets on.’

Squall smiled. “And you’re jealous.”

The cowboy got defensive. “What? Why would I be jealous?”

“I-In my office you thought....that I-I was beautiful.”

Irvine’s mouth fell open in shock and horror. “H-How did you-?”

“Zell heard you lusting over the guys in the cafeteria.”

The cowboy’s mouth opened and closed like a goldfish. “I-I-er-okay I believe you.” He looked down at the floor.

“Did you mean it?”


“I wanted to know if you meant what you said in my office.”

“If I say yes will you kill me?”


“Then yeah I meant it.” He hesitated before he raised a hand to the side of Squall’s face. “You are beautiful.”

“Are you bi?”

“I think so or gay.”

“But Rinoa?”

“We never-you know. Does that make me gay?”


“On what?”

Irvine bit his lip and instead of answering he leaned in and kissed the brunette gently.

“Did you like that?”

Squall nodded.

Irvine leaned in again this time for a deeper, longer kiss. “What about that?”

Again he nodded.

Irvine pushed the brunette back onto the bed. “What about this?”

An hour later and both men lay naked and sweaty in each other’s arms.

“Did you like that?”

Squall panted. “That was amazing. Does this make me gay?”

He laughed. “Maybe.”

Zell stumbled into Squall’s office at 8:00 the next morning.

“Y-You wanted to see me?”

“Yeah I-” Squall looked up for the first time. “What happened to you? Aren’t they the clothes you had on earlier?”

“Er-yeah I haven’t been back to my dorm yet and I over slept so I just woke up 5 minutes ago.”

“So where have you been? And aren’t you usually up before me?”

He shrugged. “Guess I was tired. Listen Squall don’t get mad but you know when you told me to stay away from Seifer? Well I kind of didn’t stay far enough away.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I had sex with him.”



“Oh well forget what I said. I’ve decided to keep the telepathic thing.”

“Really? That’s great. Why?”

“Well I thought about how handy it would be for mission and I was talking to Irvine and-”

“Ooooh Squall and Irvine sitting in a tree.”

Squall folded his arms. “Yeah yeah at least I’m not sleeping with the enemy. I thought you hated Seifer, he bullied you since you were 4.”

“I know but he’s hung and he’s really good at-”

“I don’t want to know!”

Rinoa burst into the office. “Squall! People are saying you don’t love me anyway. Is there someone else? It’s Quistis isn’t it? Don’t lie to me I know it’s her, that bitch.”

The brunette got up to calm his soon to be ex-girlfriend. “Rinoa I do love you but not in that way. I’m sorry but there’s someone and it’s not Quistis.”

“Who? Who is the bitch? I’ll kill her. What’s she got that I haven’t?”

Zell scoffed. “Now there’s a question.”

“Shut up.” Squall hissed. “It really doesn’t matter; the point is we can’t be together anymore.”

“But Squall!”

“Rinoa I think-”

“What? There’s no need for you to do that, I can think for you.”

“I’m gay.”


“It’s a guy.”

“Who?” She turned and glared at Zell.

“Whoa, wait it’s not me!”

“But you look gay.”

“Well yeah I am but- wait a minute what do you mean I look gay? How do I look gay?”

“You just admitted it.”

“I prefer blondes.”

Squall scoffed this time.

“What’s that Squall? Would you like me to tell Rinoa who he is?”


“You know? Who is it? It is you isn’t it?”


“It must be!”

Zell walked past the girl and into the elevator. “No!”

She followed him and so did Squall.

The little blonde ran out and through the corridor towards the cafeteria ignoring Rinoa.

Rinoa prompt broke down in tears in the middle of the cafeteria, everyone was staring. “Zell stole my Squally!”

Zell panicked with everyone glaring hatefully at him. “No! Not me! Squall’s with Irvine!”

All eyes turned to the cowboy, who was trying to disappear into the table, which he was sitting at with Selphie.

Squall glared at Zell. “Well Zell’s sleeping with Seifer!”

The tall bully looked up, hearing his name and everyone stared at him in shock.

Irvine perked up. “Wow, hell of a way to come out.”




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