Notes: This is part of the Meant to be series but you don’t have to read the other stories to read this, it’s just a little smutty fic. Lemon warning!

In the Kitchen

By Purple Penguin

Seifer got in from work a little earlier than usual. Work at the garage had gone slowly today so he’s left Tristan to do the hard work for once. The place was quiet but he knew Squall was home as soon as he stepped into the kitchen the brunette pounced on him.

The blonde laughed feeling his lover nuzzle into him. “What’s got into you?”

The brunette looked up, eyes cloudy with lust. “Want you, now.” He leaned up to catch the lips of his stunned lover in a kiss. It took Seifer a few moments to recover, Squall wasn’t usually this direct he was normally the one to make the first move.

The blonde moved one hand up into his lover’s hair, taking control of the kiss and Squall let him.

“Are you going to tell me what this is all about?” He asked following his lover into the kitchen where the shorter man hopped up onto the counter, pulling Seifer in with his legs and then wrapping them around the blonde.

“Not that I’m complaining.” He grinned watching Squall peel off his tight tee and throw it across the room.

“Why are you still talking?” Again the brunette leaned into kiss him but the blonde pulled his head back by the handful of hair he had and dipped his head to devour his lover’s throat. He licked and suckled at one spot of his lover’s neck, fingers running upward to play with hardening nipples.

Squall leaned back on the cupboard behind him, whimpering at the growing pleasure. Seifer’s fingers struggled with the three belts as his lips and tongue took over from his hands at his lover’s nipples. Lavishing each with his tongue and grazing them with his teeth.

Squall gasped and clumsily helped Seifer open his pants. One of the perks of being with someone for four years was that Seifer knew exactly what he wanted, everything he liked, he knew how to make him scream.

The blonde finally got the belts and pants undone, Squall gripped the cupboard trying to lift himself up enough for Seifer to slide his pants and boxers down past his knees. Squall calloused on the counter in full glory. The blonde took his lover’s hard cock into his hand and pumped him fast, pulling Squall in for a brutal kiss. They ate at each other’s mouths; Seifer stroked Squall harder feeling the cock in his hand twitch. The brunette moaned into his lover’s mouth and come coated the blonde’s palm. Squall leant back on the cupboard panting and for a moment Seifer let him while he released his own aching cock from his pants. Squall was pulled off the counter by his lover and pushed up against the refrigerator. The brunette clung to the top of it on unsteady feet and spread his legs to his lover. Seifer probed the other man’s entrance, his fingers still slick with the other man’s come. Squall moaned feeling his cock harden up again as the blonde pushed a finger past the tight ring of muscle, adding another digit thrusting them in and out of Squall’s tight hole.

“Seifer.” His lover whined impatiently.

The blonde quickly pulled his fingers out, wiping the remaining come over his hard cock before impaling his lover, taking him completely in one hard thrust forward. Squall cried out, clutching the top of the refrigerator as he felt his legs give out.

Seifer adjusted the angle of his thrusts to hit Squall’s sweet spot. He nailed it on the next hard thrust and his lover wailed. The pace become hard, fast brutal. Squall pushed back into the Seifer’s oncoming thrusts and the blonde’s dug his fingers into his lover’s hips. Squall came first crying out his lover’s name; it took only a few more hard thrusts for Seifer to come inside of his lover, sinking his teeth lightly into Squall’s shoulder. The brunette slowly sank to the floor followed by Seifer. They leant on each other to catch their breath.

“N-Now will you tell me what that was all about?”

Squall didn’t look up, his head resting on his lover’s shoulder. “I finally watched that video that Irvine gave us for Christmas.”

The other man chuckled. “That good huh? Maybe next time I’ll watch it with you.”





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I never was too great at writing lemons I didn’t think it was too bad though. What did you think?

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