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Warnings: Yaoi, Lemon (PWP, baby! ^_~ ), Language, Violence (a little . . . ?), D/S relationships (not much because I suck at it *sighs*), OOCness (possible?), AU (Alternate Ending to the game.)

Author's Note: This is for Squall, my wonderful muse, for his birthday. I don’t now officially how old he is, but I think he’s 21 [?]. However, no matter how many August 23rd’s we pass, he will always be 17 for me to play with and change his age for the years in my stories.

Anyway, he’s been on my case for a simple PWP, but with a dominating Seifer for a long~g time. (It’s all Yuri’s fault with her love scenes in ‘Stealth’. She puts ideas in his head. Not that Seifer’s helping! However I don’t think any of us are complaining, no?) So I thought for his B-Day I would give him a present and give him what he wants. Mind you, I’m loving it as much as him, but that goes without saying.

This is an Alternate Ending. Squall and the gang loses, thus Ultimecia is in complete control of the world with Seifer as her Knight by her side. This is just my thought on what would happen to them (and no, they aren’t killed or anything really cruel). Also I got this some of these ideas from Anne Rice, The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty. Good erotic book and there is another two to the trilogy for me to read.

Anyway, enjoy! And wish Squall Leonhart a Happy Birthday! I know Seifer is! ; )

In Our Own Little Way

By Drakon Sword

With nimble and deft fingers, I carefully used the brush to colour my lids with the shimmery bluish silver shadow and placing small diamond gems at the corner of my eye after I carefully outlined both of my eyes with silver eyeliner, being careful not to smudge any of my earlier work, or make any mess on my silk.

When I was done I looked myself over, pleased with what I saw.

My chocolate brown hair was down at my chin with highlights of slate blue that was casually brushed - however, it looked as messy as ever. I could never seem to get it to go the way I desired. It tended to have a mind of it own, but I was able to place the small circle of jewellery upon my head where the charm fell onto my forehead. It was just a series of five icicles with diamonds in between as the icicles got smaller, the middle one being the largest.

I was dressed in a simple silk cloth that was wrapped around my waist and clasped at my hips with buckles of platinum that incased diamonds. It had slits cut up the side that were slanted in so that my legs were in complete view - it only covered the necessary parts in the front and back, but giving ample view of my muscular legs and a peak at my behind. Not that the silk covered it all that well anyway.

Curling around my wrists and biceps were bracelets and bands of platinum that were craved to sparkle. Some had diamonds that shined and glittered like ice in the bright sun. Rings of different cuts also adorned my fingers, joining my own ring Griever.

Around my neck was my pendant of Griever, but it was now plated in platinum to match the rest of my jewellery. On my ears were also studs of diamonds that caught the light just enough to be noticed and add to my image.

I was the son of the Queen of Ice, Shiva.

The Ice Prince.

I had been titled that since 3 years ago when we lost to Ultimecia and became hers for whatever she pleased.

At the time it sounded like we were doomed, but as time passed we began to realize that maybe it wasn’t so awful. Even if it took us a few years to adjust to the changes in the world and our places in society.

We were made slaves to Ultimecia, but not in the way you first believe a slave to be - made to do ungodly chores with endless hours of punishment after. To be tortured and treated like the dirt beneath their feet.

We expected to be dominated.

And yes, we were.

Ultimecia had other plans than making us dirty, abused slaves. She had enough slaves around the world after she had completely conquered all the Gardens and had the world bow to her. They were all willing and frightened of her. Only the ones that had lead the first rebellion and had lost trying to defeat her were not afraid of her, nor completely willing to bend to her will.

She enjoyed a challenge as much as Seifer.

At first we were to do chores, but nothing that we weren’t incapable of doing, nor a true time-limit. Do laundry, cook, garden, clean and all the other servants duties, but if it was to be too much, another servant was commanded to do it while we shown to a much easier job.

The lack of abilities it took to do our jobs was frustrating. We were trained to do so much more than this simple tasks and we either refused to do them, or started making some sort of fuse. Even I retreated into myself, refusing to do the simple chores till we started to receive punishments.

We were spanked.

Now it never hurt, just like it never had as a child. It was purely degrading and humiliating. Mostly because our spanking was made a spectacle in front of the whole court. Not to mention, we were also buck naked and a paddle was used.

You see - we were awakened into this new world all our possessions and clothes were removed and we were to have nothing from the past. To prove her power over us and to make sure we never forgot, we were not allowed to wear any clothing. It was to be a continual reminder that we weren’t in control anymore and never would again.

It was also for their own enjoyment, I believe.

Unlike other slaves, only Ultimecia or Seifer could command for our spanking which were done by someone she trusted. Only very few may touch her Chosen Ones - that is what we were called. While other slaves could be spanked for as long as anyone else pleased as long as there was no blood, or broken bones.

As time passed, we were also being taught lessons in the art of seduction, sex and desire. We were taught how to dance, various positions for sex and how to make all men and women putty in our hands with the simplest of gestures.

Of course we were all pretty disgusted at first.

Who wouldn’t be?

We knew what it meant. We were to be Ultimecia’s whores as well as slaves.

The idea was disgusting and degrading. However, it seemed that all the other slaves were already whores for Ultimecia’s loyal followers - the Galbadia Army - to touch and take whenever they pleased. We were simply being taught to be the best.

During our instruction, we were never touched in any form. To be honest, no being had truly touched us. There was the cool, slick touch of gloves as we were gathered for a spanking, but never the touch of skin on skin.

I admit I missed the touch of another being.

In our training, we only we aloud to practice with each other, but only during supervision. It seemed they wanted to make us sexually frustrated for touch so we would eventually crave anyone and everyone’s touch.

We were taught for at least 8 months - I lost track of time on more then one occasion, not really caring to know how long it had been - before we could join Ultimecia once again. Not that we fully wanted to, but somewhere along the line we had gotten used to the domination and enjoyed it.

It was finally like we belonged to someone.

Almost like we had found a home that we never had.

The point of the training was to learn to be aroused and ready at all times for whatever and any sort of sex play. It was supposed to make us knowledgeable in the ways of sex, seduction, lust and overall be culture in the ways of sexual play, causing pretty much all the others become aroused at the slightest of touches. Mostly because that was how they were trained.

I, however, was not a wanton slut like the rest. I could become fully aroused at the drop if a hat because of the training, but I still had the control they had lost somewhere in the training. Any human being would with all the sex and criteria, but I was never normal. Especially when it came to control and composure.

Mine was almost inhuman.

So cold that I shouldn’t be alive.

That was why I was named the Ice Prince. Mind you, I have always been cold, distant and unemotional if I so choose, but I had enough control that you could do everything to me - even being inside of me, hitting my prostrate - and I was limp as I would be out in the middle of a blizzard.

At first, this was treated as a curse and the trainer was having me do double time because sometimes I just felt like proving they didn’t have full control of me and they never would. They could use as many vibrators as they so choose, but they did not make me a whore for them to abuse.

I still had control.

I was still my own being.

Though I did like the attention and pleasure - in all forms.

I remember the day when the gang was going to the court for the first time since our training. It was the day Ultimecia was victorious over us, but I was not invited and wasn’t allowed to go. My friends - lovers in a sense - were naked and decked out in gold and various precious gems with hair done to perfection and looking like the sex gods we had become.

However, for some reason I was not allowed to participate and I didn’t understand why. I wondered if it was because I was the last one and the only one to give Ultimecia a run for her money that day? I would have thought she would love to have me writhing around the room serving her naked to have her day complete.

Forced to stay in my room, I lay all night doing nothing other then lost in my own thoughts, searching for the reason I was denied to join them. I wondered if it was a punishment, but that still didn’t quite fit. Going down and being humiliated would be a worse punishment then being forced to stay in my room.

To me, it made no sense.

I would have thought Ultimecia and Seifer would have loved to shove it in my face because they haven’t had the chance yet, being that there wasn’t a chance before. The first one we missed due to training and this was only the second.

However, I wasn’t released from my room till the next morning where I was lead to the washing room as I was every morning after being released from the ties of the bed. We were tied to the posts of the bed with leather straps to cease movement and pleasuring ourselves in the night.

Masturbating was forbidden unless you were commanded to by someone higher.

However, that had never been a problem for me.

Anyway, as I was being massaged and bathed I found I was the only one there. The rest of the chosen were missing and seemed to have yet to return. I felt confusion, but fear that something had happened and voiced my concerns.

“You no need to worry.” He had replied, pouring more oil on my back as I lay face down on the bench that was covered with towels - not myself. He was the one that cared for me and had no desire for sex. He was aloud to touch me as all were the ones that cared for us, but never sexually.

He never seemed to want to anyway and I tended to think it was because he was as straight as an arrow where I had been taught to be - and had been naturally since I could remember - bisexual.

Either that, or he feared Ultimecia power more than he let on.

“But my lord,” We had to call everyone as lords or ladies to prove our slavery and how everyone was above us, “why are none of them here?” I asked, making sure that none of my concern was betrayed even though he had guessed it. I tried to play it off as curiosity.

“Because they were chosen.”

I simply looked at him, arching a brow as I looked over my shoulder as he worked on my legs. He shook his head as he whipped his hand on a towel as he sat in my beside me on the bench.

“The Chosen Ones were given as gifts to the sorceress’ favourites. Just as you were.” He had replied simply and I glared at him, telling him silently to continue. Lately I had to say very little for people to understand me which I couldn’t decided was a good thing, or bad. “You were actually chosen and given as a gift before you awoke. He has been waiting for you to finish your training. The festival last night was as much to celebrate Ultimecia’s rise, but also to give you to your masters.”

I frowned to myself, trying to figure out what he said.

I had a master?

“You aren’t to be presented to the Knight till tomorrow night after you are marked. Supposedly tomorrow marks a special occurrence between you.” He continued, standing up and reaching for more oil and working on my feet.


. . . Seifer?


I guess I showed my shock as my thoughts spun trying to put two and two together. Seifer was the Knight and the only one because the rest of the sorceresses’ powers had been viciously removed by Ultimecia because she feared that they may become stronger.

I was laid-off, so to speak, but I didn’t mind. I liked Rinoa just fine - even if she was a few bricks short of a full load at times - and we had been lovers during our training for a time, however, it was nothing more. The love I felt for them all was one I would feel for a friend or sibling. Not like a mate or spouse.

“You no need to worry. The Knight already seems quite taken with you.” He reassured me as he tried to loosen the now stiff and tense muscles. “Relax.”

Relax? Ha!

Seifer had claimed me just to rub it in and enjoying have full control over me. It was always the stupid alpha male thing between us growing up, but now he would have complete control over me while I had no say.

He was going to dominate me.

The scary thing was that it aroused me.

Not to mention, that tomorrow was the day we exchanged scars. The day that started it all, but also ended a phase in or life. That was the last spar - for lack of a better word for our battles - before I became SeeD and then Seifer was kidnapped by Ultimecia. And you know the rest of the story.

Maybe Seifer was more sentimental then I thought.

“Rai is marking all the Chosen Ones today. You are to be last, but they say they leave the best for last.” He said, stoking my back and I just gave up. This was my life and this was the way it was going to be.

I had no choice in the matter.

However, I soon realized that wasn’t a bad thing.

I was marked later that day with a large red crimson cross sword that covered my back. It stood out against my pale skin and with my clothing. Everything I wore - at Seifer’s command and I loved to please him - was light coloured. Usually blues, silvers and whites - colours of ice and snow.

At first, I was uneasy and downright fearful of Seifer, knowing that I had no defence to Seifer’s sadistic streak - even if I had one of my own. I could fight all I wanted, but I knew that Seifer would have me under him writhing in pain or passion was his choice with his hand.

However, the night was full of wondrous passion that I had never felt, nor no one could ever compare. I discovered very quickly that Seifer was also wise in the ways of passion, pleasure and pain. I learned that there are no really boundaries between any of them. That are all tied together with ecstasy.

Seifer did dominate me, but I received as much pleasure as he did. He knew where to touch to make me lose composure and - it felt like - my sanity. All my discipline and control went out the window with the barest touch of his tanned, rough skin against my pale, creamy.

That’s when I realized that there was much more to the rivalry then just frustration, anger and jealously.

There was also lust, desire and arousal.

Instead of kicking the shit out of each other, we were going to use all that adrenalin for something else that was much more pleasing.

I have been with him ever since. He has never been sadistically vicious with me, nor never hurt me without pleasure. Sometimes he is gentle and tender with me, but the rest of the time - most of the time, that is - he renders me senseless with pleasure as we fuck like animals.

Leather has always been our friend, but now is a playmate in the bed.

I never know what I supposed to call him - lover, boyfriend, fuck-buddy, master - but I would never trade my place with anyone. And it seems he wishes the same. He owns me, but I own him just as much as he owns me.

Even if he did fuck lower slaves when we were mad at each other.

Or I was being punished for disobedience.

He always came back.

I was never allowed to touch anyone else, just as I was untouchable to everyone else. Seifer had commanded this after I presented to the court after the first few days with him. I was named his Ice Prince and I was never to be touched by anyone, except Ultimecia, who could touch anyone she pleased.

Of course, I was still danced and entertained the court with various obstacles and tricks, but I was never to be touched by anyone, nor did I have to do something if I choose not to - some things were just to degrading and undignified.

Seifer spoiled me in that sense. He would look in my eyes when I was asked by someone to do something and he would read my silent message and go from there. You see - I needed his permission before doing anything, so if I loathed the idea he would say no for me and no one asked questions and I didn’t receive any punishments.

However, there were times that Ultimecia demanded it. I think she sensed that Seifer had a weakness for me and unfortunately, not ever Seifer could help me when it came to Ultimecia. Her word was law.

Though Seifer’s demands still held true.

Unfortunately someone had forgotten that.

It was a few months ago when I was asked to dance by Ultimecia. I was well known and loved for the way I moved along the platform along the ‘U’ shaped table. The tabletop had the middle part extended higher so slave could been seen by all and no food would harm or be spilt while a slave danced along the various poles along the table.

Anyway, everyone enjoyed my dancing. I was called the Snow Sprite or sometimes Jack Frost. I could slip around the poles quickly and still hold the cold quality I was famous for, but be more arousing then any of the other slaves or Chosen Ones, who had been taught the same tricks as myself. I had a certain charm that they missed.

Though I believe most were fascinated by my control.

You see - most slaves are driven mad with arousal while onstage. Men’s erections pulsing and throbbing as they danced naked. Women’s nipples hard while their sex red and swollen while rubbing their crotches along the poles, looking for some sort of relief. Moaning incoherently, begging to be touched and released from the wondrous torture.

Outside of myself, everyone could be touched.

Including the Chosen Ones.

They could never have sexual intercourse with anyone outside of their master’s - unless of course it was demanded by their master which was another thing entirely.

With myself, Seifer had demanded that my shaft and buttocks must always be covered - even if it’s by the thinnest of fabrics. He said that we should not tease the men and women with items that they cannot touch. I tend to think I tease them more by having it covered, however so be it . . .

I also believe it’s because I never have an erection up there. I never moaned, or make any noises over the soft music of the band. I simply make provocative gestures at the audience, making them aroused and beg to touch me.

And one actually made the mistake of doing so.

I remembered as I moved down the table, moving with grace that only a feline could possess, a man reached out to touch my leg. It was a whisper of a touch, but I felt it and came to a complete stop, feeling the grim of his fingers along my calf. I felt repulsed that he had touched me. A touch that wasn’t Seifer’s.

How dare he?!

I felt my muscles clench in disgust, but also to pounce on the man and show him that even ice can get cold enough to burn.

However, Seifer beat me to it.

With reflexes that I still couldn’t quite follow - never could when we were younger - he was right behind the guy with his Hyperion already unsheathed. His eyes flashing in anger that I had never seen in him. A possessive, protectiveness that I had seen when he first took me on our first night, but mixed with such anger and violence, almost madness, that it frightened me as much as it warmed me.

He grabbed the man around the scruff of the neck and pulled him viciously out of his seat causing the chair to tumble aside, unnoticed while people who sat nearby scurried away. I watched, stranding straight, being the Ice Prince I had been adeptly named, knowing Seifer would make the man pay. Avenge me, so to speak.

There was a time I would prefer to do it on my own, hating been patronized in such a manner. Feeling helpless and weak that someone would do the job for me. But Seifer doing it, meant something else.

It was like a gesture of care.

That he was as lost and taken with me as I him.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?!” Seifer bellowed at the man, who gulped. Obviously now seeing his wrong even in his hazed, drunk state. I glared while at the man while placing my hands on my hips. My jewellery twinkling lightly.

“Sir . . . I-I . . . I only meant to . . . I . . .  ” The soldier stuttered, not going anywhere or explaining anything. I snorted in disgust as I turned away from him while crossing my arms.

Is that so?” Seifer hissed, jerking the man close as he narrowed his eyes dangerously. I watched as a slow smirk move across his lips. “You thought you could touch my prince, eh? Thinking he was open for the taking, didn’t you? To touch his smooth, creamy, pale but forgot that it was forbidden, right?” Seifer asked, dangerously.

The man nodded, not knowing what to say to that because it was the truth. I almost felt pity for the man.

Not quite though.

“Squall Leonhart is mine! No one may touch him, but me! Understand?!” Seifer snarled and I felt a flutter in my stomach at his reference of owning me. I would have hated it a bare year before, but now it made me feel as important and wanted.

Almost loved.

“I-I apologise, sir! I should not have done that!” The man tried apologising, but I knew were falling on deaf ears. I could see Seifer was already planning a punishment and Ultimecia was watching with Adel at her side, with almost a parental pride on her face.

“No. No you shouldn’t have.” Seifer agreed easily. I watched the man slightly relax, thinking the Seifer was going to let him off the hook.

Don’t think so, buddy.

Seifer never lets anything go that easily.

I, for one, should know. 

“You should be punished, no? I can’t let you go without others thinking they can get off touching what is mine. I made it quite clear that he was never to be touched. I let him dance for you pleasure and you go and ruin it. So greedy you are.” I watched as a sadistic smile came to his lips as the man paled.

Seifer then turned to me with the smirk still in place, but knowing that the anger was not directed at me as he waved Hyperion as his hip, almost asking for my permission to take his head off.

“What do you think, my sweet?” Seifer asked, his eyes telling me that it was my decision, but he wanted to take the man’s head off. However, maybe I was more sadistic then him. I wanted the man to suffer, not die.

“Take the hand. That way what has touched me is gone and he suffers for his moment of bliss.” I murmured, licking my lips as the man looked at me in such fear that I can practically taste it.

Seifer grinned, sinisterly.

“Well then. There you have it, soldier. Place the wandering hand on the table.” Seifer commanded, gesturing to the table before me. The man glanced fearfully at Seifer and then me. “Come on now!” Seifer growled, viciously shoving the man at the table which he flopped on. He went to move back, but I stepped on the hand that touched me with my white slippered foot, crushing the fingers.

“This one, my Knight.” I licked my lips, using the name I must call him in public. In the room, I may call him Seifer, but in the court I must call everyone either lord, or lady. Ultimecia was called anything from ‘ your majesty’ to ‘your grace’. Basically anything royalty would accept.

Seifer was the Sorceress Knight was called as such. Everyone usually called him ‘Knight’, but only I - and Ultimecia - could call him mine.

Seifer didn’t hesitant.

He lifted Hyperion and with a swing of the arm, the soldier’s hand was separated from his arm with bone-crushing a snap. Blood splattered upon me as everyone in the room - excluding Ultimecia and Adel, who grinned evilly - gasped. Seifer and I both smirked in pleasure as the soldier waled and falling back holding his now handless arm.

“That’ll teach you.” Seifer snarled as the man started to cry and wale, blood splattering everywhere and on Seifer. “Let this be a lesson to you all! I do not tolerate anyone touching what is mine! And he is not to be touched!” Seifer bellowed, his voice booming and holding the command that made me moan in the bedroom.

No one made an response at his words.

All except the handless soldier who moaned miserably and painfully.

“Come.” Seifer commanded, holding his head out to me to step down. I kicked the soldier’s limb, dead hand aside and took the leather incased hand, gently and soundlessly stepping down. “You’re mine and never forget that.” Seifer murmured in my ear as he held me close. Almost to reassure me and I sighed, happily.

“I know.” I whispered back, knowing that no one could hear our exchange. Seifer caught my lips in a ravishing and possessive kiss - like he was reminding me as well as everyone who belonged.

Frankly, I would never forget.

“You will come and bathe with me. We must rid ourselves of the . . . filth.” Seifer hissed while gesturing at the blood that was splattered on us both. I nodded and let him lead me away to his rooms where we did bathe, but he then took me to prove that I was indeed his.

Not that I ever questioned it.

I was his, but he was also mine.

I sighed, putting my silk white slippers on my feet and looking over my shoulder to see the bright crimson cross sword that covered my back. I reached behind to let my fingers trail across the length with a small satisfied smile.

I stood up, getting off the cushioned stool, checking my reflection one last time before I had to make my appearance.

Grabbing the tube of frosted lipstick, I glossed my lips and whipped the excess off with my fingertip where dark metallic blue nail polish adorned the nail. Seeing that I was finished, I moved to the door where I opened it knowing that two guards would be there, waiting.

I watched with slight satisfaction as they looked me over - up and down - before snapping my wrist at them to move away, which they did without hesitation.

They weren’t stupid. I so much as suggested to Seifer that someone was too close or someone had nearly touched me, they may face the same fate that the handless soldier did. Which was a beheading after suffering two weeks without a hand.

Ultimecia had demanded his execution because she feared that since he couldn’t follow such a simply rule, that he may not be able to follow any others. I asked Seifer and he said he had nothing to do with it and by his eyes I knew he was being honest.

I think Ultimecia was very protective of her Chosen Ones.

As much as she was of Seifer.

With soundless steps down the dark hallway, I walked to the grand hall with the guards following 5 steps behind. I could hear the upbeat, fairly fast music coming from the small back door that was just before the dais where the thrones were sat.

I entered, feeling Seifer’s eyes on my instantly as I stepped up the first set of stairs were the dais for the Chosen Ones was and then the next set to the higher up dais where the three thrones of Ultimecia, Adel - who was not a sorceress, but Ultimecia’s lover, making her high status - and Seifer sat.

I caught Seifer’s eyes, smiling a slow seductive smile as I gracefully fell onto my soft, satin pastel coloured-pillows that were laid at Seifer’s feet.

I was above the Chosen Ones, but below the royalty.

Not just in seating, mind you.

“Took you long enough.” I heard Seifer mutter as his hand fell upon my head as he combed his fingers through the length of my hair. I purred, nuzzling my cheek against his knee as I caught his jade eyes that were pleased. “But you look lovely.”

“I did it for you.” I whispered, kissing his black leather clad knee as his hand fell to caress my cheek.

“Hm.” Was his only reply, but I knew my words pleased him as much as my appearance.

I turned to look at the hall, seeing that the Chosen Ones were all dancing for the loyal followers of Ultimecia, for tonight was the festival of her victory. The 3rd anniversary of her range and in two days it would be the anniversary of Seifer and my scaring and first night together.

Had time passed so quickly?

Apparently so.

I watched as Quistis, the once stiff and sophisticated instructor, writhe her lithe body around the pole. Her long blond curly hair that now reached past her waist with various flowers intertwined in the various strands, swinging with her bare body that was covered by delicate gold jewellery.

In front of her sat Fujin, her mistress, whose crimson eye was watching her with admiration and lust. Much was her friend and partner, Raijin, who sat beside her.

Zell was Raijin’s slave and was currently wiggling his firm, white derriere as he moved to the music, playing with the gold hoops on his nipples as he licked his lips while his erection jutted out from his body. Zell was in his element, being that the music was his style. He had more than Fujin and Raijin’s eyes on him to say the least.

I looked up through my lashes to see that Seifer was also watching them.

I felt a small stab of jealousy, but made no comment as I turned back to the rest.

Selphie was currently giving a Galbadian soldier a lap dance. Not her master - not that I really knew her master was, but I think his name is . . . Orlon, or something - but like I said before, anyone can touch slave, but the Chosen Ones cannot be taken without permission from their masters.

Her body was covered in glitter and gold jewellery. Rubies adorning her rings, bracelets and her body. Her eyes closed blissfully as she moved seductively, but with the cuteness and energy she would never lose.

Must be a bonus in bed.

I turned to see Rinoa sheathed in magenta silk, but not covering her breasts or her sex. Simply wrapped around her limbs and mid-section - missing everywhere else. Her hair was speckled with matching feathers as her make-up also was painted in the same colour.

She wore very little gold, but still seemed to hold the sparkle the others did.

Luckily her father had been executed about a year ago because he would making one ruckus about how slutty and whorish she is now.

Actually that is what she is. A slut and a whore. Not to mention a slave.

However, she’s enjoying it.

We all do.

Then there was Irvine, the only one that I had really gotten close to for a time. He was my partner and the only one that I could’ve probably fallen in love with if it wasn’t for the fact he was already in love and now so was I.

I knew he loved Selphie - he had since the first day they were reunited - and I had heard through the grapevine that their masters were close and were somewhat of an active foursome.

Irvine was the only one that understood my cold and distant nature. Instead of trying to pull me out of it like others had tried and failed - he encouraged it. Not so much to avoid people, but saying it was wise to think before reacting. However, It wasn’t good for me to brood.

He said that thinking was good, but so was sharing my ideas and emotions with others. He told me it was selfish to keep my thoughts to myself when others could benefit, or I could benefit from their comments.

Irvine understood and simply listened.

Never judged.

I felt a small smile ghost my lips just for him as he smirked lecherously at me while dancing on the pole. His chestnut brown shoulder-length hair that was streaked with bright red, swaying with him. He winked and I shook my head slightly at his behaviour.

He helped loosen me up and was there for me when others weren’t.

I watched as he reached down to stroke his sweat-slicked erection, throwing his head back in a moan as people practically salivated as they watched him. I felt a twinge in my own groin at the picture he made, but I was well used to it.

“A tease, ain’t he?” I heard Seifer grumble as he titled my chin up to look at him. Seifer knew that I was close to Irvine and had invited Irvine once for some fun one night a few months ago. It was fun having the people I cared for most in the world with me, but having Seifer alone was better.

So I was as possessive of Seifer as he was me.

Sue me.

“Quite.” I rolled my eyes, but then smirked as I took his leather clad finger between my lips and licking it. I knew I had his full attention as I sucked its length before nibbling the fingertip.

“Would you like me to invite him again?” Seifer asked. I could hear the huskiness starting to cloud his voice.

“If you like.” I replied looking him straight in the eye as I moved to kneel on the floor between his legs. My hands wandering up and down his thighs as his jade eyes darkened to almost a emerald green with desire and lust.

To be honest, I didn’t want Irvine to join again. It was a fun one time thing, but I felt that he was invading on my territory.

Hell! He did for Hyne’s sakes!

Besides, Irvine already had three people to keep happy. I was just glad that Seifer was understanding about my affection to Irvine after we had talked about it. He had gotten angry and felt threatened when he saw Irvine make some arousing gestures at me.

I had to explain to Seifer of our past, his understanding and how he was my partner often in our sexual training. Zell was a partner too, of course, but I never felt the same mental and emotional attachment to him as I did Irvine.

Irvine understood me where as Zell tried to change me like everyone else.

Just as Quistis, Rinoa and Selphie tried to do.

At least that was over now.

“Ya like having a third member? Having someone for yourself to control? Like it when I watch?” Seifer mocked, but with that smoky voice that it had turned him on. Actually, I know it had.

“No.” I stated, shortly as I leaned in closer and shifting up so that my lips brushed his. “I like having you all to myself.” I murmured huskily and caught his bottom lip, nibbling not quite gently as he let out a low half-growl, half-groan

Before I could say another word, Seifer got up and made his apologies to Ultimecia, who simply smirked and glanced at me, almost approvingly - which I found slightly disturbing, but relieving.

At least she wasn’t on my ass for Seifer.

Actually, she had left me along for the most part.

It was Rinoa she bothered often. Mostly because Rinoa was Adel’s slave. I think it’s also because she was apart of Rinoa once. They shared magic and bodies for a time, so I guess it made some sort of attachment.


I was lead by Seifer to his chambers that I knew better than my own and wasn’t surprised as I was forcefully shoved onto the huge four poster bed that was covered in black silk sheets that whispered along my body.

“You are so fucking sexy, you know that?” Seifer growled as he pounced on me after removing his gunblade and trench coat. I simply arched my body to his and kissed him. He met me quickly and went to ravishing my lips as I moaned, wantonly.

This is what I had been missing all day.

Seifer’s leather gloved hands stroked down my body, a tantalizing caress as he bruised my lips with his force. Seifer had also been forceful and always would be.

And that’s the way I like it.

“You are such a slut.” He growled as he bit up my neck to my ear as I rocked my hips against the firm, muscular thigh that rest between them. I simply moaned my agreement, throwing my head back before he yanked my Griever pendant so I was sitting up with him in front of me.

“Undress yourself.” He commanded, taking that smoky heated voice that I knew so well. I bit back a moan as I moved off the bed and shucked all the jewellery moving with lingering touches as Seifer watched.

He always did, but he was losing patience.

So was I.

“Why the fuck do you wear so much junk?” He muttered, however obviously enjoying the show. I simply smirked, looking up at him through my long lashes and biting my lower lip as I undid the buckle of my silk skirt and letting it puddle on the floor around my feet.

“Because you like it.” I stated, huskily as I brushed my hair back. I stood there waiting for more commands as he nodded, making a deep grunt in his throat in agreement. I felt my body tingle in anticipation as he watched me. “You like what you see.” I continued, not asking as he caught my eyes and arched a brow.

“Really?” He mocked and I cocked my head, reaching up to touch my Griever pendant, the only item I hadn’t removed. I never removed it and Seifer never wanted me to anyway. Not after he had returned it to me plated in platinum when he became my master. 

“What do you want me to do, master Seifer?” I asked, licking my lips as I let my fingers trail along my upper thighs and watched him watch me.

It was nice to know that things didn’t go unnoticed.

“Undress me.”

How could I refuse a command like that?

I crawled back over to him, placing my hand on each side of his kneeling figure as I kissed his neck before moving to his buttons. Using my teeth, lips and tongue I undid his button to reveal his smooth, tanned skin from the sun I was never permitted to sunbathe in.

My skin was to stay pale and creamy - his porcelain doll.

After his shirt was shucked and tossed aside I moved to his shoes were I undid the buckles and tossed them aside with the socks that quickly followed. I caress his leather clad legs till I came to the button and the fly.

I looked up to see his dark jade eyes watching me. He licked his lips as I smirked before attacking the button and fly to undo them to get to the erection that was calling me. Calling me like honey to a bear.

And boy, was he ever hung like one!

I stopped, my warm breath teasing the erection before me and not removing the leather pants and finding that he wore nothing underneath - he never usually wore underwear of any sort; he disliked the confining material. I awaited his command, not knowing whether I had permission to touch him yet, or if he other plans.

There were no commands as he grabbed me roughly by the back of the head, gripping a healthy grip of hair as his lips found mine and ravished them with such force that I felt blood to begin to taint our kiss.

“On you stomach.” He commanded and shoved me down on the bed. I wasn’t at all phased. Seifer always dreamed for control. He had it now and he would exploit it wherever and whenever he pleased.

Especially with his ex-rival.

And I found it arousing.

I laid down on my stomach and felt him crawl up the bed and tugged one arm up in the direction of the bedpost where a leather strap lay untied. I watched as he tied my wrist to the post with the strap. Tight enough that I couldn’t move, but not enough that it was uncomfortable.

“You like this, don’t you? You like me being in control, don’t you?” Seifer teased, running a hand through my hair as he nibbled at my lips, I whimpered when he left to tie my other hand.

“Fuck yes!”  I knew better than not to answer. Besides, stroking his ego a little would help bring attention to an area that was being tantalized by the silk sheets at the moment.

Seifer chuckled as he moved behind me again and I tested the straps finding that I could move about an inch at the most. I didn’t know where to damn the SeeD training, or bless it.

“Who would have thought that The Great Commander likes to be dominated? That he’s fucking sexy as a submissive? That his rival, the knight, would be the one to do so with every fuck?” Seifer murmured, not sounding at all hard though his erection was pressed to my naked backside.

I whined as I bucked back, begging for him to continue. I could feel the cool leather of his leather gloves trace around his mark on my back - all the way to the back of my neck down to my waist.         

His finger was then replaced by his tongue.

I swear, I was going to come right there.

Seifer!” I hissed in protest as he continued his foreplay. I knew he liked to memorize and touch me - I like it too, but sometimes he took it too far. I was losing my patience.


My erection was beyond annoying - it was downright painful! And Seifer wasn’t doing anything about it. Continuing his exploration of my body. Licking, kissing and caressing - I could handle, but as the soft touches turned to harsh bites, playful pinches and suckling that would leave mark tomorrow - I was losing it.

I whimpered and whined like a bitch in heat as I moved my hips to rub my throbbing erection along the smooth silk.

I then yelped as I felt the harsh smack upon my bottom.

My yelp then morphed into a moan.

“What have I told you about doing that?” Seifer asked whispering in my ear, his breathe hot and teasing. I turned my face to him and caught his lips as Seifer continued to spank my rear as I writhed in pain and pleasure.

The leather added to the pleasure as he spanked me. I would trade the paddle for leather hands any day - as long as they were Seifer’s. I was now not publicly punished - unless Ultimecia, who was above Seifer and I, commanded it. For the most part, Seifer took care of my punishments.


The leather caused my buttocks to tingle with pain, but was cool against my quickly reddening and sore bottom. I loved this and every hit made my erection jump with pleasure as I began to writhe under him - unconsciously giving my erection a little release with the friction my movement caused.

“You love to be spanked, don’t you? You never were well-enough as a child, so now we have to make up for lost time, no?” Seifer asked as I felt him straddle my legs, his erection pressing against me as his leather clad hands stroked over the tender flesh of my bottom.

“Seifer . . . dammit!” I panted when I was spanked one last time for trying to move closer to the erection that was poking me.

“So impatient.” Seifer mocked, but I could hear the breathlessness in his voice.

He was as turned on as I - no doubt about it.

Then his finger jabbed into me. With one quick movement he stabbed his finger into my hole with force that reminded me of him welding his gunblade. I gasped, half-wishing I could reach around and touch him - or something.

He waited for a few moments as I bucked back - trying to get him to move the finger, or impale myself further, I wasn’t sure. That was till the finger was removed.

I then heard the click of a plastic container and felt the finger return, but with another. I shifted and twisted my hips, I silently begging for more, which he gave me as another finger joined the first two - and then one more.

The pain was searing, but was mind-boggling in its pleasure. Every jerk of the four fingers caused a sharp pain to run up my spine, but as soon as he hit the sweet spot, it would turn to pleasure causing my erection to jump.

I knew Seifer would not do more than four. He never had and never would fist me. He feared hurting me too much and feared tearing me. As much as Seifer hurt me during love play, it was never really sadistic or vicious.

He always made sure that there was pleasure in his domination.

And there always was.

“You want me inside of you, don’t you? You want me to fuck your brains out? To be dominated?” Seifer murmured pleasantly in my ear. I simply moaned, shoving my face in the pillows, hoping to muffle some of my whimpers and whines.

Seifer laughed, but it was hoarse as he removed the finger and let it gently trace my balls. It was times like these I wonder I should have let his blade kill me. It would have been easier and lot less painful because if he didn’t do something soon, I was going to die.

Die in the middle of a fucking.

What a way to go.

“Seifer! For Hyne’s sakes! Fuck me!” I cried, wiggling my bottom back, bucking in hope to find him, his finger, his erection -  anything!

Then without another sound or word, he was inside of me.

I gasped in surprise and pleasure, feeling the cool leather of his pants against my ass. His hands - that were now bare - holding my hips tightly as I arched my body back, seeking more attention, but only received a tweak of the nipple.

“So demanding.” Seifer groaned, holding himself steady and not moving. I swear. As soon as he releases me, I will kill him. “Tell me, Squall. How badly do you want me to fuck you? Tell me who you belong to? Tell me what you are?” Seifer hissed, somewhat threateningly as his hands moved over my back.

Of course. He wants me to stoke his ego a bit more.

Why can’t he just fuck me?

“I’m you whore, slave and slut, master. And I want you to fuck me like there is no tomorrow, master.” I said sternly, hoping that would be enough for him to get going.

I got a couple of slow, tantalizing thrust for that which caused my to whine and give a small cry. My shaft also received a little relief because of the friction of the my pelvis area on the bed with his movements.

“Who do you belong to Squall? ” Seifer asked, his voice hot in my ear as he bit my shoulder. I struggled against him as he suckled my neck. I knew he was going to leave a mark - not that I minded.

“I’m yours, Seifer! I belong to no one, but you!” I sighed, angry as he moved no more. I could feel Seifer smirk against my neck as he wriggled his hips, causing his erection to twist inside of me.

That was different.

“That’s right, Squall. You belong to me. You are mine. You have been since the first day I saw you at the orphanage. Mine!” Seifer snarled with possessiveness as he started to pump in and out of me with force.

He had finally given in.

Thank Hyne!

I was shoved higher and higher on the bed as the silk sheets bunched around my chin and face as he thrust into me. I could feel the leather of his pants slap my tingle and still sore behind, but only made the fucking more enjoyable. The pain added to the pleasure.

I twisted my hand to grip the leather straps to give me something to hold on as I bucked back to meet him halfway as I clenched my muscles around him and he moaned loudly - almost primitively - behind me.

“Hyne Squall!” Seifer groaned and I turned my head enough to see his face painted with ecstasy that I knew that I only could give him. I smiled to myself through my panting as I felt his hand go to my erection and begin to pump it with his thrusts as we moved together.

Moved as one.

“Seifer!” I called, as I came into his hand. Panting for air as I came back down to earth feeling Seifer thrust into me a few more times before finding his release, also calling my name before relaxing and lying on me.

“My Squall.” He sighed and kissed my cheek with affection that I knew was more than lust, desire or any type of friendship could ever offer. It was times like these that I knew that he loved me as I loved him.

Even if he, not I, never said it.

Our love wasn’t normal, but we loved each other in our own little way. 

“My Seifer.” I replied, smiling as I clenched my muscles around the soft member that was still inside of me. He smacked my bottom and I gave a small yelp of indignity as he chuckled before reached for the ties around my wrists.

“You know - you’re the only one that says that. Ultimecia calls me her Knight, but only you call me as your own for whatever title. Aren’t I supposed to own you? Not you, me?” Seifer asked sounding tired as he pulled out of me. I whimpered at the loss, but was relieved when I could curl into him when I was released from the posts of the bed.

“Does it matter?” I asked in turn as he kissed my red, sore wrists and stoke my behind with his other hand.

“I suppose not. Especially since no one else own’s us. We may as well belong to each other.” Seifer yawned as my hands lazily drew trails along his back.

“It’s nice to be owned by someone.” I sighed kissing his neck and putting my head under his chin.


“Even nicer to be owned by you.” I continued and Seifer moved to look me in the eyes. I caught them steadily, to show my sincerity. He watched me for awhile longer before catching my slightly bruised lips in a kiss that left my reeling.

“Go to sleep, Squall.” Seifer commanded when he pulled away and yanked the sheets up around our bodies. I blinked for a few moments and opened my mouth to reply.

“But - !” I was interrupted again with a kiss.

“Sleep. I may wake you up for another round later.” Seifer growled, trying to sound threatening, but it was lost when he yawned. I arched an eyebrow and wriggled against him suggestively - my own libido not at all tired.

“We could go now.”



“Go to sleep!”“

I simply snuggled my body against him again, suggestively. Our bodies slide against each other from the earlier sweat from our recent fucking and caused him to moan before slapping my bottom.

“Enough, Squall.” Seifer sighed, sounding very tired. I was too, but I also felt frisky. I was trained to fuck at all hours of the night and even when I was half-dead.

Being sleepy wasn’t a problem.

Child’s play.

“Go. To. Sleep.” Seifer growled in warning. I pouted up at him, hoping that would make him give in, but he seemed to tired from earlier and the rest of the day’s events. “If you don’t stop and go to sleep, I’ll get the whip out.” He threatened lazily as I licked and traced the scar between his eyes that I gave him with my tongue.

“Promise?” I asked, hopefully.

The whip was fun.

“Squall . . .” Seifer sighed half in pleasure of my ministrations and half in warning. He was truly sleepy.

I gave up and cuddle against him, knowing that tomorrow was another day and he could easily wake my up later that night, or early the next morning for another round. I was more than willing, but my body was also giving out from the long, tiring day.

“Night.” Seifer whispered, kissing my scar as he held me close, knowing that I had given up, but was probably already making plans to wake me up later for fun.

“Night, my Seifer.” I murmured as sleep began to take me as we curled against each other - ignoring the sweat and sticky substances that were caked on us. We would worry about that later. We were too busy with each other to care.

Not even air could get between us.

Like I said, we loved each other in our own little way.




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