I Need To Know

By Angie

I searched for a cause
I run away cause I'm
scared that you might leave
there's nothing wrong
but that's not what I believe
just tell me it's alright
and tell me I'm okay
and tell me that you're
staying here tonight

I feel stupid saying
words you've heard before
the way I feel today
is all I know for sure
and if I scare you
I'm only scaring me
I've got so much to say
why won't you speak with me
I need to know

what you're feeling
do you feel like I do
let's talk about everything
I want to share my life with you
and tell me that you feel
the way I feel with you
and tell me that
you love me like I do

you're in my life
well I want to be sure
I'm not wasting time
I've been through this before

- "I Need To Know" - Goldfinger


His hands blindly reached over, cold, white grasping hands. His breath caught in his throat until he felt what he searched for: the warmth of his lover, his friend, his Zell.

He sat up, looking lovingly on the childlike face, the sleep-mussed spikey hair, the nose crinkled in sleep.

"Kawaii...." He whispered. His fingers trailed lightly over Zell's face, mapping the delicate bone structures and soft skin.

Irvine bent close to Zell's face, breathing in his scent, filling himself with his lover's aura. He softly kissed Zell's moist lips, loving the sleepy response, the slight, sleepy groan.

Snuggling closer, Irvine's head pillowed on Zell's bare chest, arms wrapped around his small waist.

Just as he was falling asleep, he felt Zell move under him, pulling his face up. Their eyes met, and Zell grinned broadly.

"Ya aren't stoppin' there, are ya?" Zell's grin grew, his eyes lighting up. "I was hopin' for a bit more...."

Irvine grinned, running his long fingers through his loose hair. "I didn't want to wake you."

"I wasn't sleepin', I was thinkin' about wakin' you up." Zell grinned sheepishly, before capturing Irvine's lips in his own.

Irvine was drowning in Zell, who for once seemed to have taken the lead. Usually the smaller blonde was the more submissive one, allowing Irvine to take the lead.

"Zell...." Irvine groaned, as Zell moved his mouth down, mapping the bare flesh of Irvine's graceful neck.

Zell's mouth left Irvine's moist flesh; he looked up. "Yes?"

"Don't stop that..." Irvine closed his eyes, throwing his head back as Zell continued his trek down Irvine.

The first touch of lips closing over one pink nub caused him to arch his back, pushing his chest up, and groaning. His arms reached for Zell, knotting in messy blonde hair, and holding the small blonde to his chest.

Irvine almost sobbed as Zell lifted himself up. For a few tense moments, Irvine lay clenched on the bed, willing Zell to return to what he had been doing. Just as he was about to open his eyes and beg the small blonde, he felt Zell's fingers at his entrance, stretching him gently.

"Is this okay?" Zell, ever concerned, asked. His body was humming with anticipation, he didn't know how long he could wait.

Irvine sobbed, tears leaking from his eyes. "Gods yes!"

Zell grinned, sheathing himself in one deep thrust. He waited for Irvine to adjust, lips nimbly attacking Irvine's groaning mouth.

Irvine thrust his hips up, groaning in a combination of pleasure and pain. The pain only heightened the pleasure of being filled so completely by the one he loved.

Zell, hurried by both Irvine's rocking thrusts, and his own impending orgasm, sped himself up, thrusting harshly into Irvine's body, reaching between their straining bodies for the evidence of Irvine's arousal, stroking it harshly.

Irvine sobbed, unable to even form coherent thoughts. He felt his pleasure reaching a pinnacle, the rush of it all colliding with his senses in one amazing crash.

Irvine sighed Zell's name, too consumed in his orgasm to even speak. Zell followed right after, thrusting in one last time before spilling himself into Irvine. He collapsed onto Irvine's body, his head resting on a tight chest, rising and falling with the force of Irvine's breathing.

"Oyasumi, koibito..." Zell said to his sleeping lover, before nuzzling into pale flesh and closing his eyes.

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