By Anonymous

"Damn grats."

Squall Leonhart stalked down the corridor towards his room after three hours in the training center. His jacket was slung over his shoulder while his gunblade, Lionheart, was in his right hand. He was also covered in grat juice.

He wiped his hand off on a fairly dry spot on his leather pants then opened his door. Once inside, he was greated with strings of profanity.

"Fucking piece of shit!"

Frowning, Squall peered around the corner to see Seifer sitting at the kitchen counter with an angry look on his face. The grat juice drenched gunblader cautiously approached the blonde.

"What's wrong?"

Seifer jumped as he looked up at Squall.

"Oh, hey Squall."

"Are you okay?"

As if in response, Seifer pushed a crumpled piece of paper towards Squall. The brunette smoothed out the paper and quickly scanned over it.

"You failed your Seed exam?"

"Don't sound so suprised Squally."

Squall frowned.

"How could you fail this, we went over it Hyne knows how many times. You knew all of this Seifer."

The blonde sighed and rested his head on the counter.

"You're right Squall, I knew it up until a minute before the exams were passed out. Then it all just kinda flew out of my head."

"You can always retest."

Seifer scoffed.

"Squall, that was the retest for the retest."

Squall sat the paper down and hugged Seifer. Smoothing back his hair, he kissed him on the forehead. The blonde leaned into the hug and wrapped his arms around Squalls waist.

"Let's face it Squall, I'm never gonna be a Seed."

"Yes you will."

"Really, how?"

"You're going to retest."

Seifer frowned as he looked at the brunette.

"Somehow I don't think that'll work."

"It will, you'll see."

Seifer looked at Squall for a moment then burst out laughing.


"Looks like the grats had fun with you."

Squall scowled as he looked down at his clothes.

"I'm going to take a shower."

The blonde tried to keep from laughing at his lover, but it was all in vain. Squall glared at Seifer then smirked.

"Hey Seifer, you've got something on your shirt."

Seifer stopped laughing and looked at his shirt.

"Shit Squall, this was a new shirt!"

The brunette laughed as he watched Seifer trying to wipe the grat entrails off his shirt.

"You wanted to see me Squall."

"Yeah, I wanted to talk to you about Seifer."

Quistis Trepe sat down in the seat opposite of Squall, a questioning look in her eyes.

"It's about his exam."

"Yes, he failed it again for the third time."

"I'm aware of that. I was just wondering if you could let him try again."

She sighed.

"Squall, you know the maximum number of times he can take it in one year is three. I'm afraid he'll have to wait until next year to retest."

"I know Quistis, you know I wouldn't ask you  this if I thought he didn't know it."

"From what I can tell, he doesn't know it."

"He does Quistis, believe me, I've gone over all of the material with him many times. And every time, he knew it."

"Then how do you explain his failing grade?"

"What I think is happening, is that he gets so nervous during the test that he forgets everything he's learned."

Quistis thought for a moment.

"If I let him take it again, how do we know he won't fail it again?"

"I've already thought of that, I just need you to cooperate and trust me."

The blonde frowned.

"What are you planning?"

Squall just smirked.

Seifer sat nervously in the second floor classroom. While part of him was grateful that he'd been given a fourth chance, the other wanted to get the hell out of the room before the instructor came. That idea was quickly driven from his mind as the door opened.


"You sound and look suprised to see me."

"What the fuck are you doing here?"

"First of all, I was able to pull a few strings so you could take this test again. Then I convinced Quistis to let me give it to you. I'm also giving you unlimited time to complete it. You'll be able to walk around, eat, do practically anything as long as I'm with you."


"Within reason."

A grin spread across Seifers face.

"What would be unreasonable?"

Squall shrugged.

"Cheating, looking at the testbooks, notes, stuff like that."

Seifers grin broadened

"What is it Seifer?"

"Well Squall, I need a little incentive for this exam."

Seifer began to slink towards Squall as he said this. Squall, sensing what the blonde wanted, decided to play coy.

"Really, what kind of incentive?"

Squall backed up against the wall as Seifer towered over him. The blonde lifted Squalls head so he could see into his eyes.

"This kind."

Seifer claimed Squalls lips in a crushing kiss. His tongue explored the brunettes mouth for minutes until they came up for air. Seifer rested his forehead against Squalls and smirked.

"You know, I've always wanted to fuck you on a desk."

Squall smiled.

"Well, you have something to look foreward to when you finish your exam."

Seifer frowned.

"Uh un, you make me wait until afterwards and I won't be able to concentrate on this damn test."


"Yeah, besides, I don't think you can wait either. . ."

Seifer confirmed this by rubbing his hand against the growing bulge in Squall's pants. Squall moaned softly as Seifer massaged his crotch.

"Are you sure you wanna wait until I'm done?"

The brunette drew in a ragged breath.

"Damn you Seifer."

The taller of the two chuckled and swept Squall off the floor. Pushing papers out of the way, he layed his lover down on the cluttered desk.

"Seifer. . ." Squall moaned as his arousal became clearer and clearer through the confines of his pants.

"Hyne you're hot."

Seifer then began the arduous task of removing Squall's belts.

"Damnit Leonhart, why do you have to wear all these damned belts?"

Squall smirked.

"Don't tell me you don't like them."

"Oh I like 'em, just not right now."

Seifer was finally able to remove the last belt and let it fall to the floor to join it's brothers. Unzipping the leather pants, he tugged them down, freeing Squall's erection. Squall gasped as Seifer ran a finger down the underside of his length. Seifer then pulled Squall to him and kissed him as he began to pump his cock.

Squall arched away from Seifer and moaned as the blonde worked his erection. Moments later he began to whimper as he neared his release. Seifer smiled as his lover writhed in pleasure. He removed his hand and took Squall's length into his mouth.

The brunette screamed out in ecstasy as he released his seed into Seifers mouth. The blonde grinned down at his lover as he panted beneath him.

"Did you like that Squally?"

Unable to form words, he nodded.

"Well, it's not over yet."

Seifer removed his own pants and climbed ontop of Squall. He began to suck on his fingers, covering them with his saliva.

"Didn't bring any lube since it never occured to me that I'd be doing this, so this will have to do."

That being said, he slid two fingers into Squall's tight entrance. Squall was instantly hard again as Seifer began to move his fingers in and out of him. The brunette moaned and writhed like a bitch in heat as Seifer fingered him.

Unable to control himself for much longer, Seifer removed his fingers from Squall and coated his erection with saliva. The blonde kneeled over his lover and kissed him.

"What is it that you want Squall?" he taunted.

"Fuck me Seifer, please."

Seifer smiled as he positioned himself at Squalls opening and slowly pushed in. By this time Squall was in heaven and made it known with the noises he made. The blonde then began to pump in and out of his lover at a slow pace, relishing the pleasure he was in. The slowness of it just about drove Squall insane with need.

"Hyne Seifer, harder!"

The blonde smirked.

"What if someone hears us?"

"Let them, I don't care. Just fuck me until I can't walk."

Seifer didn't need to be told twice as he began to visciously pound into Squall's body. The brunette was practically screaming out in pleasure as he clutched the sides of the desk and for one moment, Seifer wondered if the rooms were as soundproof as people claimed them to be.

Squall wrapped his legs around Seifer to give him more leverage which caused the blonde to go deeper. Without warning, Squall wailed in ecstasy as Seifer nailed his prostate. Seifer grinned evily and began to pound against that one spot which caused Squall to yell with every thrust.

Moments later, Squalls muscles clenched around Seifer as he orgasmed. The added tightness caused the blonde to go over the edge as well. He then collapsed ontop of Squall. It took them a few minutes for them to relearn how to talk.

"Well, was that enough incentive?"

"Hell yeah."

Squall smiled and kissed the blonde.

"While I do enjoy being under you like this, you have a test to complete."

Seifer frowned.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot."

"Hey Seifer, I got the mail."

"My test grade in there?"

Squall quickly scanned through the envelopes. It had been three days since Seifer took his exam and they were both anxious to see his results.

"Here it is."

Seifer ran in and snatched it from his hand. He stared at it for a couple of seconds.

"Seifer, are you gonna stand there and contemplate the contents of the letter, or are you going to open it?"

The blonde frowned.

"I dunno Squall. What if I failed again?"

The brunette placed a hand on his shoulder.

"We won't know until you open it."

Seifer nodded and ripped the envelope. After scanning over it, he paled.

"Are you okay?"

"I passed."

Squall smiled.

"What the hell did I tell you."

Seifer picked Squall up and twirled him around.

"Sweet Hyne, I fucking passed!"

The brunette smiled as the blonde yelled in happiness.

"Where's Selphie, we need to tell her so it can spread through the garden faster."

Squall looked at him quizically.

"You feeling alright?"

"Never felt better in my life. Hey, you wanna go to Balamb and celebrate?"

"What do you have in mind to do in Balamb?"

Seifer shrugged.

"Oh, I thought dinner, watch the sunset, fuck each other like crazy all night. What do you think?"

The brunette smiled.

"Sounds good to me."


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