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Now, presuming you are fully aware that this story contains YAOI, I also want you to know that this is a Seifer/Squall fic that does *not* contain rape (hallelujah!), and it is my first FFVIII fic. I haven't written any proper yaoi for a while, lets hope my brain hasn't gone rusty. Oh, and it's a bit PWP... hope you don't mind.

Impressive Instant

By Emerald Embers


Tonight most of Garden was out in nearby cities, towns, and villages, celebrating their last moments of freedom before the SeeD exams began. I, for one, was amongst them, and currently occupied the same club as Zell and several other people... not all of whom I could name. I had been enjoying myself reasonably, downing a few drinks and firmly refusing to dance - *ever*. I should have known that the reasonable amount of tranquility - aside from the loud music - couldn't last. Then the song changed. Hunting music. Dark music. Throbbing, music with a heartbeat.

I felt myself begin to hold my breath as he walked into the club as if on cue, his appearence speaking of danger.

"...whatever," I muttered to myself. His eyes closed on mine and I turned away, walked over to Zell, ignoring the feeling of *his* eyes burning into my skin.

"Hey, Dincht, don't look now, but I think you'd better get someone to dance with quickly."

"Why?" He made to look over my shoulder, but I punched him in the stomach.

"What the fuck was that for?!"

"I said don't look, now find someone to..."

"To what, puberty boy?"

I turned around and glared.

"None of your business, Seifer," Zell said for me.

"I didn't ask you, chicken-wuss."

Zell clenched his fists and yelled, "Fuck you too!" Before running off.

"So you're avoiding me now Leonhart?"

"The name's Squall," I growled.

"You expect me to give one?"

"From what I've heard, giving out fucks is one of the few things you *are* good at. How much do you normally charge?"

"The odd few thousand. But for you, it's free." He grinned, showing the dazzling white teeth. I felt my stomach twisting, making me feel sick.

"Just fuck off, Seifer."

"You're that certain you don't want me? It's only a one night offer."

"I said *no*."

Seifer shrugged, then laughed. I could smell the alcohol on his breath. Shit but he was dangerous!

"How's about a kiss then?"

I glared but before I could answer, he pressed his lips against mine and forced them open, slipped in his tongue.

I fought against him, punching his back so hard I could feel his muscles contracting in pain. He tasted heavily of alcohol, so much that I myself began to feel dizzy, and for a second I almost forgot that it was him kissing me. As soon as I realised though, I bit down on his tongue hard and he pulled back, touched his fingers to his mouth.

"You made me bleed, you bastard!"

"No, *you're* the bastard! Your mom probably dumped ya on a doorstep 'cause she didn't have enough energy to throw you into a river!"

Seifer snarled and punched me hard in the face, almost dislocating my jaw, and I grunted before returning the punch in kind. Normally Seifer would continue fighting, but he was so drunk he simply keeled over and fell on the floor.

"Right! That's it!" yelled the club bouncer, before grabbing me and Seifer by our shirts, chucking us out.

"And don't come back till your balls've dropped!"

Seifer looked at me after landing in the snow. "Was it good for you?"

I glared and made to stand up, but Seifer caught me around the waist and pulled me back onto the floor.

"You ain't goin' nowhere on your own at this hour, that's the easy way to get yourself killed."

I frowned and wrapped my arms around my knees.

"What's got you so bitter, anyway?" I didn't answer him, looked at his face. Why the hell couldn't he look insincere like he normally did, at least I could get angry with him then.

"If you're gonna keep asking me questions, I'll leave on my own." Back to the grin.

"It isn't polite to ignore people, Squall."

"Shut it Seifer. You make me wanna puke."

Seifer smacked me on the back. "You look like someone already did. Geeze, are you ever gonna cheer up?"

I turned to him. "Somehow, with you around, I doubt that I will."

Seifer laughed before standing up.

"Well, I'd better take you back. If I'm stuck with you for any longer I might get infected with depression!" He gripped my hand and yanked me up, almost ripping my arm out of the socket, started leading me back.

"Hold on," I said when we reached the edge of the town.

"What if I don't wanna go back to the garden? It's my night off, I want to enjoy it."

Seifer grinned. "That's more like it! Now, where'd you wanna go?"

I smiled bitterly, "Who said I'm going with you?"

Seifer made a big show of looking all around him, then said, "Well I sure don't see anyone else around!"

I glared for a while, then shrugged my shoulders. "Alright. But only cause I don't fancy getting eaten by a monster."

"Who says you won't?" asked Seifer with a wicked grin and I tapped my gunblade lightly to remind him which of us was armed.

Seifer and I managed to find another club quite quickly, and we entered it together. It seemed I was going to be stuck with him for the rest of the night. The club, while not being as pleasant as the other, was somehow more enjoyable. I think I have an addiction to the scent of danger which permeated this room, and which constantly surrounded Seifer. The thrill of never knowing what was gonna happen next. The smell of sweat and alcohol filled the air. I saw drugs being passed between a few people and moved closer to Seifer who was socialising with the help of a few drinks. I got one of my own and was in the middle of drinking it when a man walked over to me, put his hand on my leg.

"What's a pretty thing like you doing here on your own?"

I was about to answer when Seifer turned around, glared at the man in question.

"He's not alone," he said and the man glared back.

"Who the fuck are you?" Seifer dug his nails into the hand on my knee so that it withdrew and placed his own there.

"Who do you think? Now take a hike before I make ya." The man growled and walked off into the crowd, and Seifer turned to me.

"You've never been to a *real* nightclub before, have you Squall?" I shook my head honestly and he nodded, frowned slightly.

"You've gotta take more care. A pretty guy like you's liable to get hurt." I took another gulp of my drink and examined the bottom of the glass absent-mindedly.

"You gonna dance?" Seifer asked and I shook my head firmly.

"I don't do dancing. Ever."

"Sure," Seifer said with a shrug. "Doesn't matter. In all honesty, I'm actually knackered, but I'm hanging around 'cause I can't be arsed to get back to Garden."

"Well, we've got until ten tomorrow morning. I *could* pay for a hotel room, I suppose..."

"Lifesaver," Seifer grinned before getting up off his seat.

"What about your drink?"

"Fuck it. I wanna get some sleep."

We decided we couldn't risk going back to Garden at this time of night, and besides, I still had money to spend. I wondered if Seifer had money as well, but seeing as he had borrowed off me all night I decided that he must've spent it already. After paying for our rooms, Seifer and I started off upstairs, when he suddenly dragged me into a closet with him and shut the door.

"Seifer, what the fu..."

He clamped his hand over my mouth, whispered, "I saw Dincht walk past and he did *not* look very happy. I don't fancy giving reasons for staying out with you all night." He released my mouth and I whispered back, "But we've only been out clubbing!"

"The last thing Zell saw of us was me kissing you. I don't think that he'll be inclined to believe us."

I paused, then laughed, "What was with that kiss anyway?"

"Nothing. Just felt like it."

I looked off, repressing a grin. "Thought so. It wasn't that good."

Seifer glared at that point and grabbed my collar, pulled me right up to him.

"Say that to my face, puberty-boy."

"It. Was. Crap."

Seifer growled quietly in his throat and I suddenly began to sympathise with a rabbit facing a wolf as he moved in for the kill. His lips clamped over mine as though he was attempting to eat my mouth, and I felt his teeth against my lower lip, scraping it lightly. Then he bit down hard. Around the kiss I growled, "What was that for?"

"Repayment," he laughed, before running his tongue over the bite marks, soothing the skin. Although it was painful still, I found it... arousing, somehow. Even in the darkness, I could see a sparkle in Seifer's eyes as he registered this fact, and he pulled back, ran a hand up between my legs without causing much protest.

"I think we'd better get to a room quickly, don't you?" I opened one of his hands and closed his fingers around the keys I dropped in it.

"Hurry for fuck's sake," I whispered as he opened the closet door, looking around.

"Coast's clear," He said aloud before running down the corridor, and I followed him shortly afterwards, up the staircase.

The second Seifer had opened his door I pushed him in forcefully and slammed it behind us, locked it tight. Pushing me up against the door he kissed me again although it was becoming more difficult around my heavy breathing, and I growled aloud, "God's sake help me get these off," while unbuckling the belts around my trousers. They dropped to the floor with satisfying thuds and I unzipped my pants, forced one of his hands inside.

"Shit your hands are cold..."

"Shall I stop?"

I shook my head fiercely. "No, this is good shit..."

He continued and I relaxed against the door, giving in to his control.

"Good shit," I repeated in a whisper to myself as he relieved a little of the tension. After a while he stopped and finished undressing me, before virtually throwing me on the bed, ripping off his own clothing in a rush. Once he was naked I felt control flee my mind pernamently, and I gasped aloud when his cold flesh touched my heated skin.

"You're like ice," I whispered as I pulled him up for another kiss, pressing myself hard against him.

"Better warm me up then," he whispered around my lips.

When the kiss broke up Seifer reached underneath the bed for a bag, rooted through it until he found what he had been looking for. As he applied the cold substance with his fingers I laughed, "You certainly came prepared."

He nodded, grinned, and I suddenly felt worried.

"Do you really sleep around like they say?"

He shook his head. "Just a rumour. I've had about seven girlfriends, three boyfriends, and I've only slept with four people. Besides, you know the Garden is always screening everyone." I relaxed again and he finished preparing me.

"You ready then, Squall?"

"So I'm Squall now, rather than puberty-boy?"

Seifer laughed as he nodded, and lifted my legs around his waist, pushed into me with a grunt. Pausing for a second afterwards, he stated with surprise more than asked, "You're a virgin?"

I nodded again, my lips still painful as I had bit them when he entered me. He shrugged and withdrew slightly, thrusted again, settling into a rhythm.

I struggled to keep quiet but as Seifer's chest brushed against mine over and over again I shivered and let out a moan of pleasure, which he seemed to revel in. His skin was so cold next to my heated body, and I wanted to warm him up, so I gripped him by the shoulders and flipped him onto his back, moving on top of him.

"So you like to be dominant?" Seifer asked, but I merely smiled, pinning his shoulders down with my hands as I shifted up and down on his heated sex.

"You know," I said over both our gasps, "You really ought to have a check-up. Your circulation's crap judging by your skin temperature."

Seifer laughed, replied, "Believe me, my heart's making one hell of an effort at the moment. But thanks to you, all the blood's going to one place anyway."

I grinned, started running my hands down his chest, trusting him not to move from where I had pinned him, heard him groan aloud as I pinched his nipples. Suddenly he shuddered, and I felt his hot seed inside me, driving me wild so I reached my own orgasm.

A few moments passed and I moved to lie on top of him. He was warm now.

"It's cold. Shouldn't we be getting underneath these sheets before we freeze?"

Seifer laughed, "If you always warm people like that, I'm quite content to get cold."

I smiled and got up off him, pulled the sheets out from underneath his body and got beneath them. I lay on my side next to him, rested one leg across his own, began stroking his chest.

"You're absolutely gorgeous, do you know that, Seifer?"

He grinned. "Yup! You're not bad yourself. By the way, for a virgin? You were fucking incredible."

I raised an eyebrow. "Don't you mean incredible at fucking?"


I embraced him around the neck, kissed his shoulder, before asking, "What are we going to do in the morning?" He shrugged and I ran one hand up into his hair, felt it damp with sweat as I said, "I think this oughta be a one-night-stand. I mean, we're not exactly going to have a long-term relationship, are we?"

"Yeah, I guess. I'm gonna be having dreams about you for months now, you realise?"

"Hey, me too!"

He turned around and kissed me deeply again. "Well, there's one thing we have in common." He rolled fully atop me, straddling my hips with his muscular thighs.

"One more for a long time?"

I smiled and grabbed the hair on the back of his head, pulling him forward to kiss me. Only when I released him did I reply, "Yes."

The next morning I woke up feeling rather breathless, realised that Seifer was still lying on my chest, snoring away. I smiled, recalling the rapture of last night, and reached down, stroked his hair gently. He was so sweet-looking in his sleep.

"That was a night to remember," I said to myself quietly as I became aware of the ache in my hips, before I tried to sit up. His weight held me down however, so I had to wake him before I could get out of bed.

"Aw shit," Seifer made out between yawns, before getting up and searching with half-closed eyes for his clothes. His muscles kept tensing and I realised he was suffering from a hangover.

"Are you going to rant at me for taking advantage of someone who was drunk?" I asked as I buttoned up my trousers, and he turned to me.

"You mean, you consented? Oh thank god!"

I smiled, pulling on my T-shirt, and asked, "Why did you worry that you'd raped me?"

"Oh, it's just... the odds were about one in a million that you'd actually have sex with me willingly."

I laughed, looked in the mirror at my slightly blood-shot eyes while fixing my hair.

"You ever raped someone before?" He shook his head fiercely and I continued, "Anyway, I doubt you'd be able to take advantage of me without getting a few scars in the process."

He laughed and pulled on his coat, asked, "You going back straight away then?" I nodded and put on my jacket, walked over to him.

"I fancy another kiss. See what you taste of, apart from alcohol." Slipping my tongue between Seifer's lips, we spent a few minutes with our mouths moving against each other, before I pulled back.

"So, what do I taste like?" Seifer asked.

"Hmm. Mostly alcohol, still, but I think cinnamon sticks is quite accurate. What about me?"

"I'd say strawberries. You know, sweet but bitter?" I nodded, kissed him again.

When our lips parted, Seifer said, "We'd better stop kissing or all our honorable intentions about a one-night-stand will go straight out the window."

I nodded, licked my lips for any last taste of him, walked out.

"Stay in town a while longer, Seifer. It'll reduce any suspicions."

Seifer grinned wickedly. "You really think they'll suspect *us*?"

I paused. "Good point. But still,"

"Alright, I'll wait," Seifer finished before opening the door. I looked outside carefully, making sure no-one saw me leaving Seifer's bedroom. On deciding the coast was clear, I walked out and headed quickly for the lift.

"Forgetting something?" I heard a whisper, and when I turned around, Seifer was holding my jewellery.

"Thanks," I whispered as I took the ring and necklace back, kissing him once more before he closed the door. I was about to head for the elevator, when I heard a very irritated voice say to me, "What the fuck was all that about?"

When I turned around, I saw a very pissed off Zell standing at the end of the corridor, arms folded.

"Hi Zell," I said, trying desperately to make polite conversation.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing kissing Seifer?"

I tried to think of a decent excuse with no success, settled for the lame, "I didn't mean to." I cringed inwardly as Zell began to fume.

"You're telling me that your attempt to eat Seifer's mouth was an accident?"

I felt myself blush as I rapidly ran out of excuses."..."

Zell grew even angrier.

"He's like your fucking worst enemy! Did he drug you out of your mind or something?" I grew angry at Zell's suggestions and, after putting my ring and necklace safely in my pocket, walked up to Zell and made full use of my height advantage over him.

"Listen, if you say a word about me kissing Seifer, you'll wish you'd never been born."

"You had sex with him, didn't you?" Zell said, his face showing utter disgust. "You fucked Seifer!"

That made me blow my top, and I punched Zell hard in the face, immediately regretted starting the fight. After he retaliated with a series of combos, I took out the gunblade.

"Zell, I don't want to have to hurt you. You're the nearest to a friend I've got out of all the guys here."

Zell glared at me, but didn't attempt to hit me again.

"Just tell me one thing. Why Seifer?"

I racked my brain for the answer, but wasn't too certain myself. "Because he's dangerous. You know when you get a crush on someone, and you know you shouldn't have a crush on them?"


"Well, he was drunk, and he'd kind of... I don't know. We sort of just ended up doing it, y'know?"

Zell shrugged. "What the hell. I take it it's a one-night-stand?"

"Take it any way you want. I let Seifer fuck me, and we probably won't do it ever again."

Zell sighed aloud, threw an arm around my shoulder. "We'd better get back to Garden, or Quistis'll kill us." I nodded and told him that's what I'd been doing in the first place.

"Yeah, well, whatever. But tell me one thing."


"What's Seifer like?"

"I don't know about when he's sober, but when he's drunk, he's fucking fantastic!"

Zell grinned, then I suddenly had a strange thought.

"Zell... why are you interested in what Seifer's like in bed?"


"I got you didn't I! You fancy Seifer!"

Zell went bright red, resembling a blonde tomato. "Shut up Squall. Maybe a little."

"You were jealous, weren't you? I'd muscled in on your territory!"

"Shut *up* Squall! Alright, I was jealous, I fancy Seifer! Now are you happy?"

I started laughing. "Oh, I wish you'd told me earlier! At least then I'd be able to find out if he liked you while he was pissed. What the hell. Let's get back, Trepe's probably gonna impale me if I'm late."

"The only person impaling you is Seifer as far as I'm aware!" He patted my ass to add emphasis.

"Zell, one day that mouth of yours is gonna catch you out in front of headmaster Cid, and *then* you're gonna be in trouble. Oh, and Zell?"


"Smack my butt again and I'll kill you."



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