Author's Notes: Iím still working of Enigmatic Hatred but I had to take a short break. This is my first songfic so donít be too brutal. I also havenít played the game for a while so I might have taken a few liberties with the order of events. Something else I would like to point out is that this fic switches times periods and the order of flashbacks constantly. Yes, I meant to do that it might just be a bit hard to follow. I hope that doesnít change your opinion. Please review though but please, no flames. I can take criticism but flames help no one. I might be writing a follow - up songfic to this based on your reviews. I hope this isnít too disappointing to the few readers it might attract. The song is ďImpotencyĒ by Radiohead. It is a wonderful song by a wonderful band if you havenít already heard it.


By Rain

~ Impotency really sucks ~


I can't fucking believe this, Seifer thought as he stared at his limp cock. How could something like this happen?

"What's wrong?" Squall asked from beneath him. He was sprawled out across the bed, flushed and ready for Seifer's erection. The white sheets were wrinkled beneath his pale, lithe form, and his dark hair clung to his sweat-soaked forehead.

By all means, Seifer should've felt aroused. He had Squall Leonhart, his ultimate rival and fantasy, gazing up at him through heavily-lidded lashes. His rose-petal lips were red and swollen, glistening with saliva from the pressure of his kisses. High cheekbones were painted in a pink flush, and chocolate-colored hair fanned across the white bed-sheets. Even his slim form was slightly flushed. His smooth, cream-colored chest heaved from the pressure of arousal, red trail marks caused by nails raked across his taut stomach, and a hard, hard arousal stood between slim, milky-white thighs, dripping with pre-cum, begging for Seifer's attention. He should've felt aroused. He was aroused. But the source of his pleasure lay limp between his muscular thighs. Inattentive.

"Seifer?" Squall sounded worried now.

Before Squall could notice anything wrong, Seifer jumped from his position between Squall's legs, leaping off the bed and running into the bathroom. He slammed the door with a loud 'BAM!' and locked it before Squall could follow.

"Seifer! Seifer, what's wrong? Are you ok?" Squall pounded on the wooden door with both his fists. Alarm flooded through him as he tried the bronzed doorknob, not at all surprised to find it locked.

Seifer ignored Squall's pounding and backed away from the door. When his back pressed against the edge of the metal sink, he stepped to the side and pulled the cover down on the toilet. After hearing the 'clink' of the plastic cover slamming over the toilet-seat, Seifer sat down and stared at his limp cock.

This can't be happening, Seifer thought, over and over again. He wrapped a strong hand around the base of his sex, stroking the soft skin, encouraging it to engorge. But no matter how tight he made his fist, no matter how hard he stroked the limp cock, the skin remained loose and wrinkled between his callused hand.

With a loud sigh, Seifer leaned back against the toilet, pressing the back of his head against the wall. A painful throbbing began at his temples. He brought a hand up and pinched the bridge of his nose, taking deep breaths, telling himself that he shouldn't panic.

"You've gotta be fucking kidding me," he muttered mournfully.

From behind the door, Squall continued to call for him.

"Squall, just. . . give me a moment, ok?" said Seifer, not knowing what to say.

There was no way in hell he was going to tell Squall he couldn't get it up. As much as he loved Squall, as much as he knew Squall wouldn't hold it against him, he couldn't suffer such a massive blow to his ego.

Seifer Almasy, the God of Sex, was impotent.


~ I don't know why I can't get it up ~


What did he do today? Did he take any drugs? Drink alcoholic beverages? Try something that he never tried before? He remembered when he was fifteen, he took six tablets of Mini Thins. It was a cheap way to get high, but there was one downside to the drug. You couldn't get your dick hard after taking it. Maybe something similar happened to him today.

Think! Think! He commanded himself.

Earlier that day, Seifer had awoken to Squall's kisses, as he did every morning. They had made love, and Seifer's cock was working fine then. He could still feel the hot tightness of Squall's channel gripping his length, drawing him in, clenching around him like a vice. He could still hear Squall's moans as he clawed at his back, begging for more, harder, deeper, pushing his hips down to meet Seifer thrust for thrust. There was no doubt that Squall had felt his cock then, driving deep inside him, splitting him open, impaling him over and over again. And Seifer was certain of the hot fire that gushed out of his arousal, coating Squall's insides with the sticky essence of his cum.

So what happened after that?

He remembered taking a hot shower in their bathroom. While he had been washing his hair, Squall had joined him, and they spent half-an-hour moaning and groaning beneath the showerhead.

Again, there was no doubt that his cock had been working then. He had pushed Squall against the shower wall - face first - and rammed into his tight opening, over and over. If he closed his eyes, the memory was still fresh within his memory: Squall bent over in front of him, hands braced against the tiled wall, water cascading down his nude, pale form. Further proof was the bright redness surrounding the wrinkled skin of Squall's opening. The cherry-red entrance was still stretched from his earlier penetration, and some of his cum still rimmed the sides of his skin. When he took Squall in the shower, his cock had slid inside him easily, already lubricated from the stickiness still inside him. He had fucked Squall harder that time. Little mewls of pleasure burst from his swollen lips in strangled cries, a mantra of, "Seifer, harder! Fuck me harder!" on his lips. And once again, Seifer filled Squall with his seed, feeling some of the warmth seep down his lovers slender thighs.

After the shower, he and Squall had headed to the cafeteria for breakfast. Zell and the others had joined them, so that put a damper on Seifer's plans to throw Squall into the nearest bathroom and fuck him senseless. Instead, they had to listen to Zell's plans on a rally to demand more hot dogs from the cafeteria. And Selphie and Rinoa discussed plans for the next SeeD Ball. Quistis was engrossed in grading papers while she sipped her coffee, and Irvine was busy flirting with girls from another table. At least Squall was seated across from him, licking his spoon full of yogurt with hooded eyes. His moist, pink tongue trailed across the metal spoon, mimicking his incredible talent of sucking cock. While it had been a turn on to watch, Seifer had been painfully hard, which told him his dick was still working then - although he could remember his frustration at not being able to throw Squall over the table and take him right there in the middle of the cafeteria.

Breakfast had passed within an hour. Zell and Quistis had a class to teach, since both of them had gained their instructors license through Squall. Irvine and Selphie had left to their dorms. Why they went to their room, Seifer didn't want to know. But Squall and Rinoa headed up to the second floor. His lover was still Commander of Garden, and he had hired Rinoa as his secretary. And Seifer, he had gone to his classes, hoping to pass his written exams.

That was about it. He had headed to the dorm room he shared with Squall after class. There, he had found his brunette-lover sprawled across the bed, naked and aroused, writhing against the white-sheets as he stroked his cock. Seifer had stood there for a moment, watching as Squall drew his legs up on the bed, bending them at the knee and spreading his legs wide. The pink pucker of his entrance clenched and unclenched in pleasure. Beads of sweat covered his lithe, milky body. And his rose-petal lips were parted, eliciting mewls of pleasure as he thrust his hips up into his fist, gaining more friction.

From there, Seifer had removed his clothes and positioned himself between Squall's slim legs. And that was when he realized his dick was broken.

He hadn't taken any drugs. He hadn't consumed any liquor. And he hadn't done anything out of the ordinary.

Then why couldn't he get his cock up?


~ All of my friends make fun of me ~


"Seifer? Open the door, please," Squall pleaded from the other side of the door. "Did I do something wrong?"

Seifer blinked as the sound of Squall's voice brought him out of his thoughts.

How long had he been in the bathroom?

He looked down at the limp member between his smooth, golden thighs and cursed silently. In a last ditch effort, he wrapped his hand around his cock again, giving himself a few strokes before snarling in frustration.

He was still broken.

"Seifer," Squall called again.

Swallowing a lump that had gathered in his throat, Seifer stood from the toilet and opened the bathroom door.

A worried brunette greeted him on the other side.

"What's wrong?" asked Squall as he nibbled on his bottom lip, an action that always made Seifer hard in an instant - but his cock remained motionless between his legs, hanging like a deadweight. 

"I. . ." Damn his pride! He didn't know what was wrong with his dick, and if he ever wanted to have sex again, he needed help. "I. . . I'm limp," he mumbled.

"WHAT?!" A voice that didn't belong to Squall shouted.

Seifer looked up sharply, and for the first time, he noticed Zell and the others were crowded around their dorm room.

Zell had been the one who shouted.

"You were in there for a long time," Squall said in a soft voice. It was then that Seifer noticed the black, silk robe wrapped around him. Normally, Squall walked around the dorm room naked. His lover had come a long way from the innocent boy he had first met, but that was another story. What he was interested in now was getting his cock to work, and beating Zell Dincht into a bloody pulp.

"Seifer, you can't get a hard on?!" Selphie squealed as she stared at him disbelief.

The innocent, naÔve, side to Squall returned. A confused expression graced his beautifully-carven features, and he said, "What do you mean?" as he looked at Seifer, clearly puzzled.

"It means that your boyfriend can't fuck you anymore," said Irvine.

Squall fainted.

"Oh, my god! Why did you say that, Irvine?!" Rinoa shouted. She rushed to Squall's side and fanned his face with her hand. "You know that Squall can't live without Seifer's. . . thing!" The word 'cock' was far too vulgar for a proper young woman like herself.

"Get the fuck out," Seifer snarled as he glared into every one of their faces.

"Has your voice gotten higher?" asked Zell.

"I didn't lose my balls, you fucking moron." Seifer took a menacing step towards Zell, glaring daggers at the smaller blond. Zell 'eeped' and ducked for cover behind Quistis and stuck his tongue out.

"Whatever, man," said Zell, "At least my dick works."

"We'll see if that holds true by the end of the night," Seifer threatened.

"Squall, are you ok?" Rinoa said worriedly when Squall regained consciousness.

Squall slowly sat up from the ground and nodded his head. He looked up at Seifer and said, "What are we going to do?" His voice sounded strained. The worst-case-scenario had presented itself: he wouldn't be able to feel Seifer inside him.

"First, we're going to kick everyone out of this room before I fucking kill them!" Seifer growled.

With a slight tilt of his head, Squall managed to get everyone out of their dorm room.

Once the door slid shut, Seifer walked over to it and locked it. Then he turned around to face Squall, who looked pale on the tiled floor, his robe revealing his smooth, slender thighs.

"Now what?" asked Squall.

"Now we're going to have sex," said Seifer.

"But I thought--"

"No one turns me on more than you do, baby. If anyone can cure me, it's you." Seifer sat down on the double-bed and leaned against the wall. "Give me a show, baby."

A seductive smile graced Squall's still-swollen mouth.

Seifer's sex-kitten had come out to play.


~ Hard to ejaculate! Easy to pee! ~


Squall began to fiddle with the tie holding his robe together. He licked his ruby-lips as he gazed at Seifer through half-lidded eyes. Once he got the tie undone, he let it fall to the floor soundlessly, moaning a little when the silk fabric brushed his bared skin.

No one could be sexier than Squall, Seifer thought as pale hands moved across equally pale, delicious skin. The black robe split open down the center, revealing a few inches of enticing nakedness.

Seifer groaned when Squall ran his hands down the center of his chest. Fingers dipped beneath the black-material, before sliding down, open-palmed, across smooth skin.

Muscles quivered as Squall raked his nails across his stomach. Light-pink trails were left in its aftermath, circling around his indented naval. A small moan spilled from his lips as his erection twitched for attention.

And Seifer became aware of the limpness between his muscular thighs again.

"Fuck," Seifer cursed as he glared at his cock. While he was aroused and in need of fucking Squall, his dick just stayed there, unmoving. 

"Seifer?" Squall had moved onto the bed without Seifer noticing. He straddled his lovers thighs and cupped his face between his hands, leaning forward to place a kiss on his pale, enticing lips.

There was nothing that Squall wanted more than the man between his legs. It was hard to believe that Seifer would want him, but he made no complaints about his irrationality. As long as this gorgeous blond continued to want him, he would be with him for as long as he could. If he could make him happy, that would be even better.

At the moment, a frown marred Seifer's perfectly chiseled features. His blond hair was a disheveled mess upon his head, sticking up every-which-way, but only enhancing his natural good-looks. Emerald eyes were narrowed in frustration, and his eyebrows were drawn together, forming a small crease to his forehead. Every muscle in his body was strained in frustration.

"It's ok," Squall murmured against Seifer's lips. He leaned back and traced the outline of Seifer's lips with his index finger, causing a slight shiver to move through his body.

"It's not ok," growled Seifer.

A gasp passed though Squall's lips as Seifer placed his hands on his slender hips, gripping hard enough to leave bruises.

In hopes of gaining an erection through touch, Seifer trailed his hands up the length of Squall's body, pushing back the black robe and letting it fall from slender shoulders. A string of kisses followed the robes descent. Seifer leaned forward and kissed Squall's shoulders, while his hands gently massaged the muscles of his lovers back.

Tremors passed through Squall from Seifer's touch. Little mewls of pleasure escaped him as strong hands cupped the rounded curves of his bottom. He felt heat rise to his cheeks like the desert sun bearing down on him. He felt tingles flash up his spine like the pinpricks of icicles. And when Seifer kneaded his bottom in a firm, yet gentle, manner, he thrust his hips forward, rubbing his erection against the firm muscles of Seifer's stomach.


~ I'm flaccid and limp, I can't get an erection ~


With his cock still unresponsive, Seifer moved his right hand closer to Squall's passage. He used his middle finger to rub against the wrinkled skin in circles, earning a pleading moan from lips that were still swollen from hard kisses.

As he watched Squall's face twist in pleasure - his storm-colored eyes sliding almost completely shut, shaded by his unruly bangs, and his mouth parted in quiet moans - he pushed his finger into Squall's channel, groaning as his lovers long eyelashes fluttered.

Hands clamped on to Seifer's broad shoulders. Nails dug into his golden-skin. And hot-tightness gripped his slender finger, reflexively clenching and unclenching around the digit.

"Look at me," said Seifer as he halted the movement of his middle finger. The slight intrusion was buried deep inside Squall up to the second knuckle. Moist walls surrounded the digit, and muscles worked as it tried to gain friction. Squall forced his eyes open, gazing at Seifer through his slightly curled lashes. An unspoken plea begged him for movement, or some sort of attention to distract him from the sensation inside him.

Once Seifer had Squall's attention, he captured his parted lips and thrust his tongue into the warm crevice.

Tongues dueled as they slid together, fighting for dominance. A sweet, honey flavor coated Seifer's mouth - a taste that was completely ŗ la Squall. Moistness moved between them as their tongues twisted and tangled around each other. Saliva slipped between their mouths as their lips parted for breath. The contact between their tongues remained even when they tried to breathe. Their lips were millimeters apart, but their tongues slipped out of their mouths to connect in the air.

As they continued their open-mouthed kisses, Seifer began moving his finger inside of Squall. The moist tightness that gripped him should have made his cock ache with need, but it still remained limp, even though fire was rushing through him. While he couldn't get his dick to respond, the desire to have sex hadn't left him.

Seifer forced himself not to think about it. Maybe, if he forgot about it, it would start working again.

"Seifer," Squall gasped as he pulled away from Seifer and sat with his back straight, "More, please." His head tilted to the side, resting on his shoulder, and his nails dug deeper into the skin on Seifer's shoulders.

A second finger joined the first, stretching Squall's entrance further. Seifer rested the pad of his thumb against the soft, smooth skin right above his lovers opening. The skin surrounding the two digits stretched open, clamping down on the intrusion, sucking them deeper into the lithe, willing body. The wrinkled skin had smoothed out some, and a light shade of pink began to blossom around the stretched hole.

Squall moaned and pushed his hips down, driving the two fingers deeper inside him. It wasn't as good as Seifer's cock, but it was enough to have his arousal twitching.

Pre-cum had gathered at the tip of Squall's erection, slowly dripping down the solid length. The urge to lick it away pounded through Seifer, but he held himself back because it would cause an uncomfortable angle. Instead, he removed his hand from Squall's hip and rubbed his thumb across the swollen head of the brunette's cock. Then he brought his thumb to his lips and licked the clear fluid with a long swipe of his tongue.

Squall whimpered when he watched Seifer lick his thumb. The blond had held eye-contact with him, slowly extending his tongue to swipe across his thumb. Emerald eyes slid closed his savored the taste, his thumb still pressed against his pale lips. When Seifer opened his eyes again, they were burning with his lust. Squall felt excitement rush through him, flooding him with the power of Leviathan.

Seifer continued to watch Squall as he worked his fingers inside of him. His short blond hair had been matted down from his sweat. His eyes were gazing at Squall intently. His mouth was formed in a straight line. And his free hand had returned to Squall's hip.


~ There must be something wrong with me ~


"Seifer," Squall sighed, gripping his lovers shoulders harder. It felt so good to have Seifer's fingers working inside him, stretching his opening deliciously. The only thing that was missing was the sweet, burning sensation that only Seifer's cock could bring.

At the thought of Seifer's cock, Squall dropped one of his hands from Seifer's shoulders and wrapped it around the flaccid dick. As he worked his hand up and down, the flesh remained unresponsive, frustrating not only Seifer, but himself.

In an attempt to turn himself on further, Seifer added a third finger to the stretched entrance. All three fingers bunched together, sliding in and out of Squall with delicious friction. He could feel Squall's muscles working, trying to adjust to the new intrusion; they clamped his digits tightly together, squeezing them each time they thrust into him.

"Mmmm, harder," Squall groaned as he continued working Seifer's cock. He lifted his hips up and down, meeting Seifer's fingers thrust-for-thrust, pushing them in deeper, driving them in harder. Pleasure clouded over his mind. Tingles traveled down the length of his body. He was gasping, and moaning, tilting his head forward until his chin pressed against his chest.

Chocolate-colored hair clung to the back of his sweaty neck and fell forward, shading most of his perfectly chiseled face - the only feature visible was the heart-shaped mouth that was swollen and glistening with saliva. Every muscle in his lithe, naked body was taut with pleasure, and his slender thighs tightened each time his body rose to drive the fingers deeper inside him.

All Seifer could do was watch as Squall's body arched, his head falling back, allowing dark strands of hair to tickle his spine. The smooth curve of his throat was exposed, enticing Seifer to lean forward and clamp his teeth against the soft skin. Squall moaned as lips latched on to his throat, followed by the sensation of teeth biting into him. He encouraged Seifer to suck on his pale throat by tilting his head to the side, moaning as each swipe of a tongue caressed his skin.

Wanting to be closer to Squall, Seifer brought his knees up, forcing Squall to slide closer to him. His thighs were pressed against Squall's back, and he spread his legs slightly, enough to move his fingers within Squall.

Squall moaned as his bottom slid forward and his erection rubbed against Seifer's stomach. He was forced to release his lovers cock, and his hands landed on broad shoulders, once again.

"Squall. . ." Seifer drove his fingers hard and fast within Squall's tight entrance. "There must be something wrong with me." He impaled Squall on his fingers deeply, brushing against his prostate with every thrust. He should have been painfully hard by now, but he wasn't. Even though he had a gorgeous boy seated on his lap, and he had his fingers buried in his tight entrance, his cock remained limp and unresponsive.

"Seifer." Squall gripped Seifer's shoulders. Hard. "I'm. . . I'm almost there. . ." He couldn't hold back the orgasm building inside him. The fingers buried inside him were moving at a fast, hard, and deep pace. Each stroke sent him to a new height of ecstasy. He could feel the digits stretching his inner walls and rubbing inside him. It felt so good. And when he looked at the blond seated beneath him, covered in a sheen of sweat, and leaning against the wall, he lost all rationality and started slamming his hips down on the thrusting fingers.


~ I will never get laid; I've got a penis infection! ~


Seifer knew that Squall was close to orgasm. As much as he wanted to see Squall cum, the selfishness within him refused to let that happen.

He withdrew his fingers from Squall, and a small moan of protest came from the brunette. It took a moment for Squall to focus his pleasure-muddled mind, but he soon shot Seifer an annoyed and questioning look.

Not bothering to offer an explanation, Seifer lowered his legs to the bed and forced Squall to turn around.

On instinct, Squall placed his hands on Seifer's thighs and rubbed his bottom against his limp sex. Upon feeling the unresponsive cock, Squall blinked and frowned in disappointment, while Seifer growled and pushed him forward.

Squall landed on the bed with his cheek pressed against the mattress. His hands were tucked beneath his chest, and his head, down to his midsection, was trapped between Seifer's spread legs. His own limbs were straddling Seifer's lap, but when he had been pushed forward, his bottom had raised high into the air.

Seifer groaned as his cherry-red entrance was exposed. He placed his hands on the firm globes of Squall's rounded bottom and spread the creamy cheeks a part. A quiet moan of appreciation came from Squall as he felt his cheeks spread wide, deliciously exposed, and his inner muscles clenched in excitement.

Seifer moved forward and swiped his tongue across the wrinkled skin. His lover cried out and pushed his hips back, needing more of that wonderful sensation.

Moist bitterness coated Seifer's tongue as he licked Squall's entrance. He shoved his tongue into the tight, moist hole and groaned, wrapping an arm around Squall's waist before grasping his erection.

The double sensation made Squall scream in pleasure. He could feel Seifer's hot, thick tongue stroking inside him, and his strong, callused hand stroking outside of him. Tendrils of fire wrapped around his loins. Every stroke made him gasp with need. It felt so good to have Seifer's hands on him, to feel Seifer's tongue penetrating his opening. He wanted Seifer's cock so bad. He wanted to feel it split him open. He wanted to feel it moving inside him. He wanted to hear Seifer growling as he took him. He wanted to feel Seifer's hipbones slamming against his bottom.

He wanted to be fucked harder than he had ever been fucked before.

"Seifer, please!" Squall pleaded, unaware of the situation. All thoughts were tossed to oblivion as Seifer stroked him. The only thing Squall could think of was getting fucked hard and fast. He had completely forgotten about Seifer's situation. Which, from the look of things, was lying limp between his legs.

"Fuck!" Seifer growled in frustration. This couldn't be happening to him! It wasn't possible! His greatest fear had become reality.

He was never going to get laid.


~ There must be something wrong with me! ~


"Squall," Seifer whined, "It's not working!"

"What's not working?" Squall moaned as he pushed his hips back, searching for Seifer's tongue which had left him feeling horribly empty.

"This! My cock! Everything!" Seifer removed his hand from Squall's cock and sat back on his knees. "There's something wrong with me!"

The only thing that was wrong was Seifer wasn't inside him. In his pleasure-flooded mind, reality hadn't settled in yet.

"Squall!" Seifer's voice had reached a pitch Squall had never heard before. It was high and shrill, resembling a woman's scream. "Are you listening to me?!" Tears began to gather in Seifer's emerald eyes like a little boy who had dropped his ice cream cone on the ground. A feeling of helplessness began to gather in the pit of his stomach. He felt nauseous, and weak, and beyond rational thought.

This can't be happening to me! Seifer thought frantically, looking down at his flaccid cock desperately. C'mon now, boy, you know how good it feels! Why would you do this to yourself? You have a willing prize set out in front of you! You can do it! You know that chicken-wuss won't let you live this one down! Be a man!

Seifer's dick remained motionless even after his mental pep-talk. Squall was still squirming on the bed, but rationality began to settle in.

The two men stared at each other for endless moments, unable to conjure any words. Neither one had ever experienced something like this before. The thought had never even entered their minds. But now that they were faced with it, it was as if a blanket of darkness had enveloped them. As much as they loved and cared for each other, they enjoyed their sexual encounters as much as their cuddling.


~ Impotency! ~


"I'm fucking impotent," Seifer said with a large intake of air. "I'm only twenty years old and I'm fucking _impotent_." He fell back against the bed and stared at the water-stained ceiling. "I managed to piss off the god of sex. Either that or he's just jealous that I'm actually getting some."

"It's not permanent, is it?" Squall asked timidly. He was seated between Seifer's spread legs, looming over him. One hand pressed against his upper thigh and rubbed in a soothing manner, trying to offer a source of comfort. But Squall knew his lover, and he knew he wouldn't be satisfied until his condition was remedied. 

"I'm gonna see Dr. Kadowaki," Seifer announced.

Squall watched as Seifer stood from the bed and threw some clothes on, biting on his lower lip. When Seifer walked out of the door, he reached under the bed and pulled out a vibrating dildo.

Just because Seifer couldn't get some didn't mean Squall should suffer too.


~ I went to my doctor the other day ~


"I'm surprised to see you here voluntarily," Dr. Kadowaki said when she found Seifer seated in front of her desk.

"There are some things you just can't ignore," Seifer said bitterly.

Dr. Kadowaki raised an eyebrow as she studied him critically.

"Let me guess," she began with a lecturing tone to her voice, "you picked up an STD, regardless of the fact that I warned you a million times to wear a condom." She shook her head as she scowled at Seifer. "You're so irresponsible! You've probably infected half of the Garden."

Even in his current state, Seifer was flattered by Dr. Kadowaki's remark. It reminded him that he was every girls wet dream within Garden. Those who weren't interested in him wanted Squall, and he didn't mind at all, since Squall belonged to him.

"Don't flatter yourself," Dr. Kadowaki snapped. "You're no Casanova."

"You're just jealous that I've never hit on you," Seifer said lazily, gaining some of his self-confidence back.

"What's wrong?" Dr. Kadowaki said, choosing to ignore Seifer's remark and get down to business.

Seifer's self-confidence deflated like a popped balloon.

"Um, well . . . I, uh," Seifer looked down at his lap, feeling incredibly stupid, especially after his cockiness earlier. " . . . Ican'tgetmydicktowork," he said in a rushed mumble.

Dr. Kadowaki stared at him for a second, trying to put his sentence together. Then her eyes widened and she straightened her shoulders, determined to maintain a professional appearance.

But inside, she could barely contain her laughter. Seifer, the walking sex organ, could not get an erection.

"Has this happened before?" Dr. Kadowaki said in a neutral tone.

"No," Seifer snapped.

"Have you taken any drugs? Have you eaten anything strange? Have you consumed anything out of the ordinary?"

"No, no, no."

"Are you sure you just haven't lost interest in your partner?" Dr. Kadowaki scribbled notes on her clipboard, determined not to smirk at the pathetic-looking-blond seated in front of her.

"Of course not!" Seifer said vehemently. "Who in the fucking world would lose interest in the ice princess?"

Dr. Kadowaki dropped her clipboard and stared at Seifer, blinking rapidly.

"I . . . Ice Princess . . . ? You don't mean . . . Squall, do you?"

"Of course I do," Seifer said with a smirk on his face, regaining his footing on familiar territory. He always felt satisfaction when he managed to shock others.


~ He asked me if I was straight or gay ~


"You're gay?" Dr. Kadowaki was unable to keep the shock off her face. "I thought you were as straight as an arrow."

"I am straight," Seifer answered. "I just happen to enjoy fucking Leonhart's tight ass."

Dr. Kadowaki fought hard to control herself. It was never good to lose your professional demeanor with patients, but Seifer always managed to shake her professionalism.


~ That's not the problem, can't you see? I've got a condition called, "Impotency" ~


"But me fucking Leonhart is not the point," said Seifer. "I'm fucking impotent! Why am I impotent?! I'm only twenty!"

Dr. Kadowaki took a deep breath to steady herself. After a minute, she sat up straight and picked up her clipboard.

"When was the last time you had an erection?" she asked.

"This morning! So I can't understand why it'd break all of a sudden!"

"How often do you engage in sexual activities?"

"More than I can count," Seifer muttered. "But if I had to guess . . . I'd say . . . at least five times a day."

Dr. Kadowaki sputtered. "Five times a day?! How long have you been doing that?"

Seifer shrugged. "For the past two years."

"Two years! No wonder you've become impotent! You need to give yourself a rest!"

"But I don't want to rest!" Seifer shouted, staring at the doctor in disbelief. "Are you crazy? I want a cure!"

"It would be better for you to rest! If you don't rest, it might become permanent. I think if you wait a couple of days, everything should return to normal. If it doesn't, come see me again. I'll prescribe you some medication that might help." [1]

"Could you give me some of that medication now?" Seifer pleaded, sliding off the chair. "Please? I need it!"

"No, you don't," said Dr. Kadowaki. Her voice was firm, leaving no room for argument. "I won't prescribe unnecessary medication. I'm almost positive that with a little rest, you'll be better."

"Please? Could you at least give me a small amount? Just a small amount! Just enough to get me through the day! I won't abuse it! I just need it once or twice a day!" Seifer was seated on his knees, begging the doctor. "Please? Please? Please?"

"Get out, Seifer."

Seifer wilted like a flower. If he was a puppy-dog, his tail would've been tucked between his legs.

No sex for god-knows-how-long, Seifer thought with a pout on his face. I don't even remember what it feels like to cum . . .

And somewhere in the dormitory, a pleasure-filled cry bounced off the walls as a certain brunette found ecstasy with a vibrating dildo.

~ Owari ~



[1] I don't know if that's accurate or not. I was too lazy to do research, and I wanted Seifer to suffer. ^_~

AN: Finally! I've made Seifer impotent! *cackles from a safe place, hidden from trigger-happy gunblade specialists*

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