Imperfect Life

Part 1

By Sukunami

The small brunette was huffing slightly by the time he reached a large ledge of the cliff, the relatively narrow ridge far below where a white lighthouse stood tall.  Straightening from the hard climb down, he brushed aside annoyingly long bangs as he stared ahead at a huddled form of another young boy.  Blue-gray eyes narrowed in a vaguely threatening manner and pale lips frowned in a small pout as he placed a fisted hand against his hip.

"What're you doing here?"

The boy at the far corner of the ledge flinched, and then looked up from behind folded arms that rested on his bent knees.  Normally bright green eyes were blurred behind tears as the blonde stared bewildered at the younger boy.

Dark eyebrows scrunched at the unusual sight of the larger child crying.  "This is my spot."

Due to his face being partly hidden behind folded arms, his muffled "sorry" barely reached the other youth.

Blue-gray eyes glared for a moment longer before the brunette shrugged.  "Whatever."

With the blonde taking up that part of the ledge against the cliff face, the smaller boy moved to sit at the edge with his legs hanging off the side.  They sat like that for a long time without speaking, only the sounds of the ocean and an occasional sniffle kept pure silence away.  For that time, blue eyes focused on the expanse of salty water and hazy sky while green eyes never moved from watching the back of the dark-haired boy.

"Say, Squall..." the blonde started in an uncertain tone.

There was a long pause until an annoyed sigh sounded.  "Yeah?"

"Do ya miss yer parents?"

"No.  Why should I?"

The older youth sniffed and rubbed an arm under his nose.  "'Cause they're gone."


Green eyes glared at him.  "They're our parents, stoopid.  If they didn't want us, who will?"

"I've got Sis.  'n' Matron's okay."

"... You goin' tell everyone I'm a crybaby?"

There was only a scoff in reply.

After another long period of nothing but the sound of waves and the cries of birds, the blonde stretched out his legs as he leaned back fully against the cliff side.  Eyes dried of tears, he watched as the smaller youth shivered from a strong ocean breeze.

"You cold?"

"... ..."

Rolling his eyes, he then asked, "So why're you here anyways?"

"... Everyone's too noisy."

For the first time that afternoon, the blonde smiled with a vague curl of lips.  "That's just Chickenwuss 'n' Selphie.  Matron let's 'em have too much candy."  When there was no comment, he continued.  "Y'know, I am sorry 'bout taking yer spot.  I didn't know."

"... S'okay."

"Cool.  Um, I'm kinda cold, too, so if you wanna sit back here, that'd be fine."

The dark-haired boy looked back at the other youth, blue-gray eyes wary at the offer.  But after a strong gust of salt-hinted wind, he nodded once before crawling the short distance to sit next to the larger boy.  The few inches he had placed between them were closed when the blonde scooted over such that their sides were pressed against each other, warmth intermingling.  Frowning, the brunette looked up into green eyes that were once again bright with a challenging gleam that the aggressive boy more typically displayed.

"Isn't that better?"

Looking away from the smiling face, the dark-haired youth mumbled, "You're weird, Seifer."


I'm going to kill Seifer.  There's simply no other way around it.

"Alright class, settle down.  As you can see, we have two new additions with us today - cadets Seifer Almasy and Squall Leonhart.  As they are starting rather late in the course, please help them if they have any questions."

I clench my teeth at the sound of the highly amused "Yes, Instructor Avol" that comes from the numerous female students of the class, all of them standing beside their cooking stations.  Hyne, what the hell was Seifer thinking to provoke Cid, asking the Headmaster to get creative with his punishments for once.  While I'll admit that cleaning the training center for a week is certainly not one of my favorite tasks, at least I know how to do that.  And rather efficiently, too, given the number of times Seifer and I have done the chore.

"Why don't you two boys take the empty stations right here so that I can keep a better eye over what you're doing."  The small, redheaded woman directs us to the two islands in the front left of the classroom.  Seifer moves quick enough to get the second row position, leaving me in front and fuming.  The instructor smiles sweetly at us, clearly amused at the whole situation.  "Now, for today's recipe..."

I guess I can understand the relative importance of this course within Garden.  Along with the basic cooking technique are tips about how the flavor and color of the dish could properly cover certain poisons for assassination attempts.  And there's always the issue of how to keep yourself well fed while traveling half the world on a mission.  But everyone knows the main purpose of this course is to keep some of the female population within Garden happy, those girls still having dreams of a normal family life beyond the mercenary experience.  Whatever.

"... And that's all there is to it.  If you have any questions, just call me over.  Otherwise, I'll leave you to it."

As I glare at the assortment of ingredients (entirely too many of them looking like the same dark green herb), an odd sense of impending doom overwhelms me.

"It's alright, cadet.  This was a little much for a beginner.  Just try to remember a little less heat for next time."

"... ..."  I swear, if she continues to pat my back, I may have to hurt her, instructor or not.

Misunderstanding my scowl, she says, "Oh, chin up.  I grade on attempts, not outcomes, so no worries there.  I'll make a cook out of you yet."

Resisting the desire to glare at the instructor, I instead look at the sickly colored sauce within the pan.  I really haven't a clue what happened, though at least I can blame the burnt chicken breasts on not understanding the stove dial.

"Go ahead and clean up," the smiling woman says while moving back to Seifer's position.

I don't bother looking back at the blonde, knowing that he must be flashing his most irritating smirk at me.  I haven't heard him curse once all class period, which means that he had little or no problems with the assignment.  I'm rather surprised that he bothered cooking in the first place, Seifer seeming the type to blow this kind of thing off without a care.  And here I was hoping he'd somehow get us kicked out of this class.  With a deep sigh, I dump charcoaled meat into the trash.

"My, my," the instructor's voice coos with amazement from behind me.  "This is very well made for a beginner."  There's a brief pause before she speaks again, "Mmm, and you didn't follow the recipe exactly.  I like what you've done.  Mind if I steal some to show a few of the girls what I meant by moving beyond the simple recipe?"

"Help yourself," he replies, a smug smile clear in his voice.

While I busy myself with cleaning the mess I've made of the cooking station, Seifer is soon surrounded by several girls asking about his technique.  It's at that moment when I realize what the bastard is up to - we're in a primarily female class where he can easily round up more conquests for his bed.  This is so fucking unfair.  He was the one to ask for this 'creative punishment'.  Why do I have to suffer from this torment while he gets a free period to flirt?

I clean as fast as I can, hoping to escape Seifer's gloating, but obviously luck isn't on my side today.  Turning around to leave, I find Seifer alone and looking directly at me, victory clear in his smirk.

"A-aw, did the little ice princess have problems with such a simple assignment?"

"... ..."

"Don't get your panties into a bunch, Leonhart.  You can't be fucking perfect at everything."


He chuckles at my unhidden annoyance.  "Come on, wanna try something edible?"

I almost refuse the offered spoon of cream sauce, but my curiosity about the fuss over his cooking undoes me.  Ignoring his wide smirk, I take the wooden spoon and hesitate before sampling.  Instantly I'm overpowered by the flavor, my poor taste buds being too used to cafeteria food after all of these years.  Hotdogs simply can't compare to something like this.  Opening eyes that I didn't realize I had closed, I hand back the spoon.

"It's good," I mumble before meeting his gaze.

Looking at me with the most unusual expression, he mutters a "thanks" in return.

When he doesn't say anything more, I decide to make my escape while I can.  I really don't feel like hearing more insults about my ineptitude, and now knowing that Instructor Avol wasn't just being overly kind to the blonde about his skill, I can't bear to stand around here watching Seifer have his dinner while I'm stuck with the weekly special in the caf.  Though I should probably hit a restroom first - there must be something on my face for Seifer to stare at me like he did.


This simply isn't working.  Here I am looking up at a darkened ceiling with my head resting on a pillow that still smells faintly of that lovely SeeD I had last night, and yet all I can think of is a certain brunette that I shouldn't be imagining in such shameless positions.  Why in the world did I have to offer Squall a taste of that sauce?  I wouldn't be in such a pathetic state of mind if I had never seen him sucking on that damn wooden spoon.  Who knew that the heartless bastard could make such a sultry image.  Hyne, I was half expecting an orgasmic moan with the way he had his eyes closed and his hips pushed forward in a suggestive manner.

I don't think I've ever made the trip to the main dance club in Balamb so fast as I did that day, needing to prove to myself that only women do it for me and that I certainly wasn't wondering if Squall could suck dick as nicely as he cleaned off that spoon.  Six nights and three women later, I was confident that I had crushed the meaningless fixation.  It was a chance moment in an odd setting and never to be repeated, or so I wanted to believe.

Then I had to see Squall after an intense workout in the training center.  It wasn't the first time I've seen him drenched in hard earned sweat or heard him take quick ragged breaths, but suddenly they had completely new meanings and, sadly, I enjoyed the direction of my thoughts.  Rather, I enjoyed them too much as I had to bolt out of the center and head straight to a cold shower.  That was the moment I knew I was fucked.

With one last attempt, I had an exhausting night with a dark-skinned SeeD who knows the most amazing little tricks.  But even with Anca, I couldn't stop my thoughts from wondering how much different it would be if her body was more muscular, if her voice were deeper and softer, and if her hair would fall annoyingly over her eyes.

So here I am one night later and no closer to ridding myself of this random obsession.  I should just face it and realize that there is only one way to destroy this fantasy - have a night of fucking Squall, discover the horrors of being with a man, and then I can happily return to life as normal.  It's insane to even consider that option, but now that I am thinking about it, it actually sounds like a worthy challenge to land that lion in bed.  And hell, I have been curious about anal sex, which most women cringe away from before I can even finish the request.


So I'm going to do this...

Fuck, how in the world am I suppose to trick Squall into my bed?

Fate is such a teasing bitch.  After coming to the painful decision to have my way with the lion, I had spent nearly a week trying to figure out the best method to get close to Squall that wouldn't involve maiming each other in a sparring match.  Then came the next cooking period in which pretty boy was practically placed right into my lap.  Neither the redheaded instructor nor I could figure out exactly how it happened, but Squall managed to melt his grill.  I would have never imagined it possible, but he did something such that after a single hour, the grill was suddenly drooping downward into a bowl-like shape.  I am now a firm believer in the cooking gods, and damn, they hate Squall.

Because of that event, Instructor Avol finally took pity on the guy and handed him over to me with the implied message that he shouldn't be allowed to touch anything more complex than a spoon.  While perfect student Squall was obviously embarrassed by the whole situation, I suddenly had my chance at having his captive attention.  Instantly, I turned on my charms in the attempt to get some kind of reaction out of the brunette.  Typically it doesn't take that much effort, but this is Shiva's Lover I'm after who is apparently beyond clueless about flirting.  And so here I am, over a month wasted on such efforts, and I'm no closer to landing that lion.

"If I didn't know better, I'd swear that he was being difficult on purpose," I grumble while lying back on my bed.

Fujin snickers while Raijin stares at me blankly.  "Ya know, I still don't get why yer bothering with Leonhart.  I thought guys weren't yer game, let alone that guy.  He don't seem to like you much, ya know."

"Let's just call it a bit of temporary insanity wrapped up in some morbid curiosity.  Anyhow, it looks like it ain't going to happen.  He's denser than shit."


I growl out a sigh, understanding the logic of letting this obsession die, but I just don't think that's an option anymore.  Not after a month of sincerely watching Squall.  He's never been one for many words, so I've learned several of his signals over the years to determine if he'd be agreeable to a decent sparring match.  But only lately have I noticed the numerous layers to every base expression I've learned.  Aside from that, I can't make myself stop seeing this other side of Squall that makes me desire him.  My favorite imagery is when he somehow got a dollop of chocolate frosting on his nose.  After I had pointed it out to him, his stormy eyes crossed in an oddly adorable fashion just before he wiped the icing from his nose and promptly licked it from his hand like a preening cat would.  That damn tongue of his...

"Geez, Seifer, stop grinnin' like that.  It's disturbin', ya know."

"Then stop looking at me, idiot."

Raijin shifts uncomfortably in his sitting position on the floor.  "Ya know, you don't usually get this funny over a girl.  If yer gonna do it, why haven't ya done it yet?"


I glare at the one-eyed girl, annoyed that she has the guts to say that to my face.  "This is Leonhart we're talking about, Fu.  He'd happily cut off my dick if I make the wrong move.  I can't even tell where the guy stands on the scale between gay and homophobic, let alone if he'd give me a chance."

Fujin smirks.  "CHICKEN."

"Fuck you, Fu.  Fine, you want me to do something?  Then I'll do something.  But if I'm dead by tomorrow night, it's your damn fault."

The girl continues to smile, her conscience obviously untouched by guilt.

"So, um, if that's settled, ya know, can't we talk 'bout something else?"

For the first time ever, I'm flat on my ass with a practice blade pressed against my throat.  In a weird way, it actually excites me to look up at Squall from this position, his ice hardened eyes glaring at me from behind dark hair.  That's one thing I have to love about this boy - he never spars with anything less than full force.

"What's wrong with you?"

I blink, momentarily surprised at Squall's first words of the entire morning.  "Nothing for you to worry about, Squally-boy.  Just distracted."

He doesn't lower the sword.  "You've been weird lately."

Shocks of shocks, he actually noticed my attempts at flirting.  "Oh?  And how have I been weird?"

Biting his lower lip, he finally removes the blade from my neck while stepping back with a shrug.  "I don't know.  Just... weird."

Shit, never mind.  He is beyond obtuse.  Considering I've made it my goal to touch him as much as possible over the last month, one would think that he'd notice my invasion of his precious personal space.  Really, how many times can a person 'accidentally' brush fingers while taking items from someone?  Hell, I've even handfed the guy in the name of 'taste testing'.

With an exaggerated groan, I stand up from the ground and look down at Squall, the younger teen never one to be intimidated by my height over him.  I briefly consider asking him if he really wants to know what has been bothering me lately, but I don't want to chance him saying 'no' and walking off without another word about this matter.  Smirking softly, I decide to be a man of action and stop my ridiculous attempt at subtlety.

Gently taking his chin in my hand, I pause a moment to let Squall escape the contact.  His blue-gray eyes narrow in confusion, but he doesn't move away from my hold.  Amazing.  He trusts me this much.  That thought firm in mind, I lean down to brush my lips lightly against his.  He stiffens slightly at the move, but again refuses to retreat from me.  Already this far into the lion's den, I lick the dry flesh before slipping my tongue a bare distance into his mouth to run the tip of my tongue along the underside of his upper lip.

Pulling away slowly from the brief kiss, my eyes lock with his, the blue-gray orbs vaguely wider than usual for the pretty boy.  I take a large step back, dangerously allowing Squall the room he'd need to punch me if he wants to.  With any luck, it'd knock some sense into me.  Then there is the unlikely chance of him closing this distance between us and demanding for more than that somewhat teasing kiss.  Right, and Ifrit wears flannel pajamas at night.

Several loud heartbeats later, Squall is the first to break the staring contest as stormy eyes glance to the side and dark eyebrows scrunch in a confused expression that reminds me too much of a bewildered child.  Then without a spoken word, he abruptly turns his back to me and walks away with his typical stride.  For a long moment I simply stand in place and look at the exit he used out of here.  Well, then.  That was just a little anticlimactic.  ... Shit, what the hell am I supposed to do about this now?


Finished with sweeping my section of the room, I lean against the side wall while watching Seifer clean his area.  I don't bother being subtle about observing him since the blonde has been worse than distracted in this last week, thus he'd never notice me staring at him.  It's a bit strange with only the two of us in this large room, it being too quiet without the clanging of pans and chatter of girls.  Even Instructor Avol had to run off to some faculty meeting, her trusting us to clean the room properly without supervision.  A rather foolish placement of trust, but Seifer and I are used to cleaning messes with each other, thus it was a simple matter to divide up the room for our week to clean the classroom.

It's odd to me how much I feel comfortable around Seifer in moments like this, able to let down my guard when we aren't fighting each other.  I'd be tempted to call him a friend, but I don't really know anything about him.  I know his strongest fighting stance, his favorite gunblade models, and his love of women...  Given that last bit, I haven't been able to figure out what made him kiss me, but because of that event and his attitude since, I know that it implies two things.  First, he's gotten it into his damn head that he wants to fuck me.  If there's one thing I know, it's that Seifer Almasy doesn't do dates or relationships.  It's all about the fuck.  Second, he's obsessed about the matter.  Whenever something he truly wants doesn't go his way, he gets distracted like this until he figures out how to make things work for him.  Whether figuring out a complex maneuver, earning some rank, or getting out of trouble, it's all the same.  He's not going to give up easily.

With those facts in mind, I have few options.  I could just ignore all of this, let Seifer deal with his own stupidity, but in the end, I could lose the one person with whom I can simply be myself.  While everyone else badgers me into saying things that don't need to be said, Seifer is happy enough assuming the unspoken.  It doesn't mean he is right all the time, but it's better than being nagged to death.

I guess it should bother me that I'm sincerely considering to let Seifer do whatever he wants with me, but in truth, I simply don't give a shit.  Unlike my teenage counterparts, I'm just not interested in sex with anyone, female or male.  I suppose I should do it just to see what the fuss is about.  And at least doing it with Seifer, I know that it would most likely be a one night thing where he could never tell anyone about the event without also revealing his role in it to all of Garden.

Well, if my mind has been made up, I should just get this over with and hope that Seifer will go back to his normal self afterwards.  This sulking side of him annoys the hell out of me.  But of course, I should be allowed my fun first.

Seeing that Seifer is nearly done with wiping down the back counter, I push up from the wall and walk over to the large blonde.  He doesn't notice my approach until I'm only a couple steps away, which serves to my benefit.  When he turns to face me, I set my eyes on the smudge of powdered sugar that has been at the corner of his mouth since the end of the class period.  Not letting myself think too hard about it, I move in close to Seifer and raise up onto the balls of my feet in order to reach the spot of sweetness with my tongue.  The ending effect is better than I could have hoped for - the blonde jerks backward and smacks his legs into the counter, that causing him to lose his balance such that he lands hard on his ass and hits the back of his head against the cabinet doors.  Yes, payback is a beautiful thing.

I wait silently while he bites out a string of curses, and then abruptly quiets to stare at me with wide eyes.  It takes several more moments before he finds his voice.  "Leonhart...  You...?"

"You started this, Almasy.  Where do you want it to go?"

As he looks up at me, his lips slowly form a broad smirk.  "Well, well.  I didn't know you swung that way."

"I could say the same of you."

With a quiet 'hmph', he stands up to use his height against me.  "So, how far are we taking this?"

"As far as you want."

Bright green eyes widen at the offer, Seifer looking momentarily at a loss for words.  "And the conditions?"

I shrug.  "You'll owe me one."

He barks out a laugh.  "Shit, if I knew it was going to be this simple, I would've kissed you over a month ago."

An eyebrow raised, I stare at him.  A month?  I've only noticed him acting strange in the past few weeks, mostly because of the increasing hits I've been able to score on him.  When I actually won that spar last week, I knew for a fact that something was off about Seifer.  But, for over a month?

An assured grin on his face, he leans down to press his lips against mine, thankfully keeping his tongue in its rightful place this time.  "My room.  Eleven.  Knock once," he speaks softly against my lips.  Straightening, he brushes the back of his fingers against my cheek.  "See you later, Leonhart."

It takes some time before the door opens to my single knock, Seifer grinning far too broadly for my likes.  He motions quickly for silence, and then leads me into the dorm room.  Walking through the common area first, I look curiously at the two cadets sleeping on the couch and floor, but continue to follow Seifer without a word.  This is the first time I've been to his room in all these years, and the cleanliness of it surprises me for some reason.  Though I should assume he cleaned it recently for either tonight or a previous rendezvous.

When the door slides shut, Seifer codes in his lock before laughing lightly.  "I never would've believed it, but it looks like sleeping potions do retain their potency when baked within cookies."

I resist an amused smile.  Poor Cid, his attempt at punishment has merely handed Seifer new ways of tormenting the residents of Balamb Garden.

Suddenly green eyes are focused intently on me, the blonde smirking softly.  "Wasn't certain that you'd come."

"... ..."

"I know, I should've known better."  He steps up close and draws me into a testing kiss, his hands moving to my waist where they stroke downward to my ass.  "No belts?  Wow, Leonhart, I'm touched."

I try to lean back to glare at him, but he stops the move, twisting us such that I lose my balance and end up on the bed with Seifer looming over me.  Doesn't matter.  I can still glare at him from this position.

He laughs.  "Why do you wear more than one belt anyway?  It's like you're trying to protect your virginity or something."

When I don't answer, he decides to take it as a sign to move on with the main purpose of this meeting.  All I can think of as he rids me of clothing is how I never realized how warm his hands are.  It adds a sense of surrealism to this, making me remember that Seifer and I exchange more punches than friendly pats when we're in the same room.

An overly gentle touch at my cheek makes me open closed eyes and I look up at the blonde, Seifer bearing an odd expression that I don't recognize.  He had lost his vest at some point and I easily identify the scars on his body that belong to me.  Sixteen years old and yet he bears more scars than most people would receive in their lifetime.

"You're beautiful like this."

That instantly clears the growing haziness of my mind as I glare at him.  "I'm not a girl."

Looking surprised, Seifer blinks and then smiles vaguely before bending down to kiss my neck just below my ear.  Speaking between light kisses and licks, he says in a deeply toned voice, "Leonhart, girls are pretty or cute.  You are beautiful like a piece of artwork set out on display just for my pleasure."

Before I have the chance at a growled reply, he bites gently at a point just behind my ear, the action causing a shiver of pleasure to course down my spine.  By Seifer's chuckle, I know that he felt my involuntary response to his action, and that seems to give him more confidence about this matter since his kisses and the massaging of his hands grow firmer as he travels lower along my body.  I hate the quiet hisses and moans he draws out from me, every noise of mine pointing out weak points on my body that he doesn't fail to take advantage of.  Despite the fogginess of mind, I can tell he has set a boundary for himself, that he isn't truly ready to be fucking a man since he completely avoids that area of my body which clearly wants his attention.  But then, it's not like I'm taking an active role in this, so I shouldn't complain.

Suddenly the heat of his body is gone, making me move my gaze from the ceiling above to Seifer, the blonde quickly ridding himself of dark pants.  Then moving to a kneeling position, he places a hand at my hip.

"Roll over for me, baby."

Instantly I'm sitting up, a hand at his throat in a hold that Seifer should recognize as potentially deadly.  "None of that shit.  My name or nothing."

Though at first surprised and wary, he gradually smiles in a disarming way.  "As you wish, Squall."

I glare at him a moment longer, trying to determine if he is mocking me, but I finally release my hold and move onto my stomach as he wanted.  Instantly he is on me again with hard kisses and bites, but that isn't what steals my attention.  In this position, hardness presses at my ass, Seifer grinding his erection against me in tiny circles.  I almost laugh at myself then, for the first time realizing what exactly it'd mean to be fucked by a man.  By a large man, at that.  This isn't good.

Even so, it's hard to hold onto my worried state of mind as Seifer does the most interesting massage to my neck and back.  In time he encircles an arm around my midsection, pulling upward in the signal to move back on my knees.  From that, however, he brushes a hand against my erection, driving an odd whimper from my lips as I wildly think that I need more of that touch.  I'm vaguely aware of Seifer freezing behind me, but it doesn't matter because his hand slowly moves downward to gently stroke my arousal with a cautious touch.  Though better prepared for such a sensation, I still can't hold in a gasp at the strange feel of someone else handling my penis.  My body moves against me as I slightly thrust into his loose hold in a silent beg for more.  Laughing breathily, he doesn't disappoint me.

Lost in that unexpected pleasure, I almost don't notice Seifer moving behind me, but the press of thick hardness is difficult to miss.  With a quick thrust, he's suddenly within me.  We both inhale sharply at the entrance, Seifer from apparent pleasure, myself from extreme discomfort though only a fraction of him could be possibly within me.  Clutching the dark blue sheets, I press my forehead against the mattress and try to breathe through the pain.  Seifer whispers some nonsense to me, but I can't focus on the words, only hoping for this to end quickly.  He starts to pull out of me, my body relaxing at the thought of relief, but too soon he thrusts back in even deeper than before.  And so it continues like that, myself too focused on the silent mantra of wishing this were over with to bother wondering if Seifer was getting what he wanted.  Thank Hyne it's only this one time.


I pound for the third time against the locked door, more out of frustration than with hope to get a response this time around.  Given Squall wasn't in his class this morning, I'm fairly positive that he is hiding inside his room and currently ignoring me.  Fuck, I don't need this, not when I woke up in such a good mood.  Don't know whether to be upset with myself or not, but having sex with a man wasn't bad in the least.  Or rather, that should be sex with Squall.  While he seemed determined to play the passive role, something about those quiet moans of his really turned me on.  Maybe because such sounds went against his typically silent nature and stone-faced attitude, or maybe because of their innocently seductive tones, but either way, I didn't have any problems taking the gorgeous figure.  Hyne, and that pleading whimper of his...

But then he had to leave in the middle of the night while I was asleep.  Granted, I typically wouldn't mind such a move, especially since I do it enough times that it's practically a habit, but waking up to find spots of blood on my sheets bothered me greatly.  I had hurt him and the idiot didn't say a Hyne-damned word about it.  Talk about a blow to my ego that I was acting like a virgin, so lost in the pleasure of my cock in tight heat that I didn't notice him in pain.  What a way to ruin my morning-after buzz.

After a final glare at the unopened doorway, I turn my attention to the keypad lock.  A SeeD friend of mine has been giving me lessons about breaking into various locks, but I have yet to actually use those skills.  Well, what better time to get some practice in? 

It takes nearly ten minutes to figure out the lock, and only due to it being around lunchtime do I avoid being caught by anyone in the hallways.  Thus I manage to get within the common room of this suite, but I'm left with figuring out which of the three rooms belongs to Squall.  Fuck, no reason to get creative about all of this.

"Leonhart!  Get your ass out here!"  When there's no response, I say loudly, "I got into this room and I'll manage to get my way into your room, so cut this short and come out already."

It takes a moment, but then I hear the creak of mattress springs from the room to the far right.  Focusing on that doorway, I'm soon greeted with the sight of a highly annoyed Squall, the messed hair teen leaning heavily against the doorframe.

"Well, you look like shit."

Stormy eyes narrow dangerously.

"So, did you bother healing yourself once you crawled back here?"

He straightens at that, his wince almost unseen.  "None of your business."

"Stupid ass," I mutter while striding up to him.

Not giving him the chance to react, I grab his upper arm and pull him towards the bathroom, the brunette hissing in pain when moved away from the support of the doorway.  Knowing that he'd kill me before letting me carry him, I ignore the sound and continue to drag him forward.  Pushing him ahead of me in the small room, I then lock the door before meeting Squall's gaze.  His hands propped back on the counter in support, he glares at me with ice hardened eyes.

"Take off your pants."

That makes his eyes narrow further.

I smirk back.  "I promise not going to fuck you, Leonheart, so take off the damn pants and show me your ass."

He hesitates before his expression softens some.  Pushing up from the counter, he then removes what seem to be the same pair of pants from last night.  Of course he should have showered directly after returning to his dorm room, but the pants look too wrinkled to be fresh.  When the dark material falls and he turns to lean on the countertop, I sigh in annoyance that he didn't clean himself up in the least.

I step up closer behind him, pausing when Squall flinches at my approach.  Shit, I can't remember the last time he flinched from my presence.  Waiting for him to relax some, I reach over his shoulder to pull out the hand towel from its holder.  After wetting it, I kneel down behind Squall and quickly wipe away the dried blood smeared on his thighs and ass cheeks.  That area cleaned off, I then frown at the sight of his reddened anus.  Dropping the towel to the floor, I pull a potion from an inner pocket of my trench coat while standing up.

"Bend forward more and spread your legs a bit wider."

He glances back cautiously, but then follows the quietly spoken order.  Leaning over the counter top further, he turns his attention to the mirror in front of him and stares directly at my reflection.  Smirking at his look of uncertainty, I wink at him and then return my focus to that lovely part of this man's body.

Placing a couple of fingers against the inflamed skin, I carefully pour the potion down the slope of my fingers while gently massaging such that the liquid seeps inward.  Slowly I press my potion soaked fingers inside of Squall, him inhaling sharply at the move, but then gradually relaxing as the potion does its healing work.  After a time when the redness begins to fades, I chance a look at Squall's face in the mirror, witnessing a rare faint blush on his cheeks as he pants slightly with his eyes tightly shut.  Curious, I withdrawal my fingers enough to recoat the fingers with cool potion, and then push them in deeper than before.  He shudders at the action, the frequency of his breaths increasing as I stroke the walls of his anus.  Intent on his reflection, I'm soon gifted with the sight of slowly opening eyes, the stormy orbs hazed with pleasure.


Moving our bodies closer together, I ask quietly, "Should I continue or is this enough?"

His eyes quickly shift away from my gaze in the mirror as he mutters, "It's fine now."

Somewhat disappointed, I remove my fingers, but I don't move back from our close contact.  Seeing him in momentary bliss like that, I realize that I have handled the entire night wrong.  I had spent too much time focusing on how to get the brunette into my bed without ever thinking that there should be different techniques between anal sex with a virgin man and what I'm used to.  In short, he shouldn't have been hurt at my pleasure.

"I want another night."

His eyes snap open wide as he turns clumsily to face me directly.  "You don't do more than one night."

I grin widely.  "And I don't do men.  What's your point?"

He glares at me, obviously not amused.

"I'll have you know that I have had plenty of second nights, especially when the person interests me enough."

"You don't--"

I press fingers against his lips to interrupt him.  "You should have enjoyed last night as much as I did.  Let me make up for that."

"It doesn't matter," he mutters against my fingers.

"Like hell it doesn't."  Frowning, I move my hand.  "Why did you agree to do this anyway?"

"... ..."

"I'll warn you now, I won't let you escape this question, so let's try this again - why did you let me fuck you?  Shit, better yet, why did you let me hurt you like that?  I would've stopped, y'know."

He hesitates before a shrug.  "You wanted it and I wanted my sparring partner back."

"That's it?"

"... ..."

Sighing, I press a hand over my eyes.  "In other words, you pimped yourself to me so that I could go back to properly kicking your ass?"

"... ..."

Removing my hand, I look down at the lovely image before me, Squall's hair messier than usual as if we had just finished our romp in bed.  Placing a hand at his cheek, I brush fingers back through the thick locks and tuck some of the rebellious strands behind his ear.  Looking directly into his eyes, I momentarily lose myself in that perfect mix of blue and gray.  Too bad he'd probably punch me if I dared to mention that he has beautiful eyes.  Instead, I move in closer to him such that our bodies press together.

"Squall, I want to show you ecstasy," I say in a rough voice while I let my hand drop to lightly finger his penis.

"I... I don't..."

His hesitation makes me smile, but I don't stop the careful touch that he could easily knock aside.  "What are you doing during that break in a couple weeks?"

"... Nothing."

"Then you're coming with me.  Four days, three nights.  Just the two of us."

"... Where?"

Straightening with a step back, I smirk at the vague sign that he'll consider it.  "A surprise.  And we don't have to do anything you don't want to.  Though I think it's about time we bought you a proper gunblade.  I'm sick of using those pieces of crap practice swords, and if you have your own blade, we can spar all we want outside of Garden."

Tenseness I didn't recognize in the lithe body suddenly eases away.  "Sparring outside of Garden... sounds nice."

I can't help a laugh.  "You're such the masochist, Leonhart, already excited to have a real gunblade digging into your side."

He studies me for a moment before saying, "I haven't said 'yes'."

"And you haven't said 'no'."

"... ..."

"Think about it for the next time I ask." 

I turn to leave the small bathroom, not too surprised when Squall doesn't stop me for a 'goodbye' or even a word of thanks.  Well, it was my fault anyway, so I shouldn't expect that from the brunette.  Thus I leave his dorm room without a second look back, and it's not until I step into the elevator that reality hits me.  I had invited Squall to a weekend in complete isolation, to a place where I haven't even taken Fujin and Raijin despite them being good friends.  Running a hand through my hair, I try to figure out what the hell I was thinking to make such an offer to my rival turned lover.  But at the sudden memory of Squall whimpering in pleasure under my hand, I grin stupidly in the empty elevator and begin vague plans to make certain the pretty boy will agree to come.




Author's Note - Whee, and so the prequel begins.  It's very strange writing these two before they form the type of relationship I have well formed in my head about SxS in the rest of the Life Series.  For those confused, Seifer is 16 and Squall is 15 in this first chapter.  I'm thinking this prequel will be three chapters total plus a short epilogue.  Hope you enjoy.

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