I Kinda Like You

By Kumaguro

The credits started rolling. The movie was coming to an end. Seifer nudged Squall awake. The brunette groaned as he opened his eyes, sitting upright again, slowly opening his eyes.

“I almost made it through the movie...”

“Yeah, but you can’t tell me how the movie ended.”

Squall stretched.

“Oh, well. I wasn’t that interested in the movie anyway.”

“So, why did you ask to watch it?”

“Same reason Zell did, I guess, free movie, free chips... nothing better to do on a Saturday night.”

Seifer pushed Squall. The younger man stood up from the couch. He gently kicked at Zell’s legs. A sleepy grumble was all the response he got.

“I’ll get ‘im. He’s not staying the night.”

“Alright. Well, I guess I’ll go.”


The two young men went to the door.

“So, you wanna get together for breakfast?”

“Yeah. Sure.” Squall agreed.

Seifer opened the door and his young friend left.



Seifer closed the door and headed back to the TV where Zell was crashed in front of. He kicked Zell in the side a lot less gently than Squall had.

“Get up, Chicken Wuss. You’re not staying.”

“Leave me alone.” Zell muttered as he rolled away from Seifer.

The older man huffed and leaned down. He reached for his hand and pulled him to the sitting position. Then he hauled the sleepy boy over his shoulder.

“Did they get married?” Zell’s sleepy voice inquired.

“No.” Seifer replied as he brought Zell to the door.



“Can I please stay on the couch?”

“Why can’t you go to your room?”

“It’s relaxing here. And it’s so warm.” Zell drawled.

Seifer smiled. He brought Zell away from the door.

In Seifer’s bedroom, the older man lay the tattooed boy on the queen size bed. He took Zell’s shoes off and left the bedroom.

The next morning, Zell woke up, smiling and refreshed. He stretched and rubbed his eyes.

“Where did I...”

In the cafeteria, Squall and Seifer sat opposite each other, eating scrambled eggs and ham. Squall took a sip of his orange juice.

“So, Zell stayed the night, I presume.”

“Yeah, I couldn’t get rid of the little shit.”

“You leave him on the floor?”

“No, I brought him to my bed.”

Squall looked at Seifer strangely.

“And I slept on the couch.”

“Are you getting soft?”

“No... I just... I dunno, I just did it. So what?”

Squall smiled.

“Oh, geez, that must have really amused you for some reason.”

Seifer caught Zell entering. Squall’s attention was also drawn. He looked at the entrance.

“You were distracted by Zell? Seif, what’s wrong with you, man?”

Seifer blushed and looked back at Squall.

“I just wonder what he’s gonna say.”

“I think you’re smitten.”

“Quit harassing me.”

Sure enough, Zell passed the bickering pair but only nodded a good morning to them as he went to sit with Nida.

“Did anything happen... that I shouldn’t know about?”

“No. He was asleep in my room the whole time and I slept on my couch and left before he woke up this morning.”

“You’re sure?”

“Are we dueling today?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Good. Because I’m going to kick your ass.”

Squall smiled again.

Later in the afternoon, Seifer went to relieve himself in the public washroom. Zell was already at the left urinal. Seifer took the one 2 sets over.

“Sleep well?”

“Better that ever.”

“So, why didn’t you come and say hi this morning?”

“I didn’t know if you wanted me to.”

“What, do you think I’d be ashamed of you?”

“I don’t know... Maybe you didn’t want to let on to Squall that I stayed the night.”

“He knows.”


“He’s cool with it. Not like anything happened.”




“Zell, I think you are so cute. And I want you to come and visit me again. But only when you want to.”

“And this couldn’t wait so bad you had to ask me this in the men’s room?”

“Seemed as good a place as any. As good a time as any.”

Zell leaned himself further into the urinal and his face cringed.

“Something wrong?”

“No! No, no... Just... had a... tingle.” Zell said as he pulled away from the urinal and tucked himself back into his pants with his hand covering himself from Seifer who was attentively watching.

“A tingle or a tinkle?”

“Columb a, columb b.” Zell said as he walked past Seifer, zipping his pants up.

“So, do you think you’ll visit?”



“Tonight. If that’s okay.”


Zell washed his hands. Seifer pulled away from his urinal and put himself back into his pants, putting his hands in the sink with Zell’s. The younger man looked at Seifer with a questioning look. Seifer looked back, smirking. Zell pulled his hands out of the sink. Seifer grabbed them before the young man could wipe them off on his pants. He pulled them onto his chest and licked his lips. Zell began panting as he let his hands glide down Seifer’s chest. Those muscles were so well defined even through that royal blue shirt. He licked his lips and looked up into Seifer’s hungry eyes. Zell found Seifer’s nipples through the shirt and let his fingers focus on them. A rumble of pleasure emerged from Seifer’s throat. Zell moved his mouth up, closer to Seifer’s in a vain attempt to capture that sweet tenor sound.

“What time do you want me over?”


“Why so late?”

“I want to make you wait.”

“For what?”

Seifer wrapped his arms around Zell and pulled him in for a gentle kiss. Zell moaned and pulled Seifer in timidly. Seifer hooked the young man with his tongue. Zell moaned louder. Seifer did the same as he chuckled. Then he pulled away and licked his lips.



“So you’re really gonna make me wait?”

Seifer tucked his face along the side of Zell’s, whispering in his ear.

“I’m gonna make me wait, too.” Seifer swooned as he pulled away, looking into Zell’s eyes one last time. “You’ll wanna to do something about that hard-on before leaving.”

“What about yours?”

Seifer scoffed as he chuckled.

“I’m a big boy. I know how to control my excitement.”

Then Seifer walked away. Zell watched the wall as he heard the door open and close.

Seifer finally launched Squall onto his back. The young brunette smiled again as he stood up.

“You’re awfully spry today. I don’t think we’ve ever had a duel that intense.”

Seifer took deep breaths and helped Squall to his feet.

“Sorry if I hurt you.”

“You didn’t.”

“But speaking of unusual things... You’re smiling an awful lot lately.”

Squall smiled again.

“I’m just happy for you.”

“What do you mean?”

“That you found someone.”

Seifer lunged at Squall and brought them both crashing to the ground. He held Squall down.

“You’d better not be implying what I think you are!”

“You mean you don’t like him?”

“I like him the same way I like you.”

“....In what way is that?”

Seifer leaned down and slowly seized Squall’s lips with his own. They closed their eyes and Squall accepted the kiss. Seifer slowly pulled away and pecked at Squall’s lips. The two opened their eyes and licked their lips.

“...But you like him more?”


“I guess that works out good. I’m not interested in men.”

“Then why did you let me kiss you?”

“It doesn’t mean I HATE them. Besides, I know you’re hot for Zell. Not me.”

Seifer pushed up and stood, allowing Squall to get up by himself this time.

“I think we’re done sparring for today.” Seifer said as he left.

After dinner, Zell went to the pub in Balamb, accompanied by Nida.

“So, what are you up to tonight, Blondie?”

“Seifer wants to watch a movie, I guess.”

“So, you’re gonna watch it with him?”

“Yeah... He invited me.”

“Maybe he likes you.”

“Maybe...” Zell agreed as he swung back his shot glass.

At 8:00, there was a knock at Seifer’s door. He opened it and smiled. Zell walked in and smiled.



“You drink on a Sunday?”

“Nida wanted to go.”

The two went to the couch. Seifer sat on the right hand side.

“So, you always do as you’re asked?”

“Since I can remember.”

Zell sat on the left hand side of the couch. Seifer patted the spot beside him, suggesting to Zell that he sit next to him. Zell moved in with little hesitation. Seifer pulled him onto him as he forced the two of them to lay on the couch.

“So... what’s the movie tonight?”

As Zell’s head fell back, Seifer rested his lips by Zell’s ear.

“Who said anything about a movie? I just wanted you to visit.” Seifer soothed as his busy right hand snuck down the front of Zell’s jeans.

Zell gasped and moaned. Seifer kissed under Zell’s ear.

“Oh, god...” Zell whispered.

“Just tell me to stop.”

“No, no, don’t stop.” Zell replied breathlessly.

Seifer took his left hand and snuck it into Zell’s shirt, massaging his chest. Zell moaned helplessly.

“It’s so quiet.” The younger man observed quietly.

“No movie, no music... No distraction.” Seifer seduced.

Zell mewled as Seifer pleasured him, licking his neck. The young man became fully hard in Seifer’s hand. Seifer teased the tip of the shaft at the bottom of that velvety piece.

“Uhg! How did you find that good spot so fast?”

“I have one, too... remember?”

Minutes of endless bliss took over Zell’s body as the two remained moderately quiet.

“Zell, you’re getting wet.”

“I know...”

Seifer ran his finger over Zell’s tip and pulled his hand out of the young man’s pants. He brought his finger to his lips and sucked on it.


Zell heard Seifer swallow. The older man brought his mouth back up to Zell’s ear.

“Damn, you taste good.”

“Thank you.”

“No, thank you...” Seifer drawled as he slid his hand back down to Zell’s pants.

“How long will you do it?”

“Until I make you come.”

“I don’t want to get my clothes dirty.”

“Then take them off.”

Zell moaned.

“I don’t want to be the only one that’s naked.”

“Then I’ll take my clothes off, too.”

Seifer let Zell up from the couch. Then he stood and took the young man’s hand, leading him into the bedroom. He dropped Zell on the bed. Zell was about to remove his jacket when Seifer stopped him, silently protesting so that Seifer could strip the younger man of his clothing. Zell complied. Seifer leaned down and took off Zell’s jacket and ran his hands down Zell’s arms. He took the bottom of the tattooed boy’s muscle shirt and peeled it upward. Zell raised his arms and Seifer whipped the shirt off. Then he went straight for Zell’s pants, undoing the catch and pulling them over his behind. Zell had his socks and boxers left. Seifer removed them in that order, leaving Zell naked and shy.

“Now... I’m naked... all by myself.”

Seifer just smiled and looked at him hungrily.

“Do you want to undress me?”

Zell promptly nodded with his mouth falling open. Then he closed his eyes and shook his head.

“No, I want you to striptease for me.”

“Okay.” Seifer said as he stepped back.

Zell sat off the side of the bed, watching anxiously. Seifer tossed his grey coat to the floor and secured his eyes on Zell. He reached his hands to the zipper on his shirt. He licked his lips as he slowly... slowly began bringing the zipper down. Zell’s breathing became laboured as his blood raced. Seifer just smiled at him. When his shirt was open, Seifer carefully slid out of it, dropping it with his coat. He got out of his shoes and started at his belt. He removed it from the loops in one clean swoop and held both ends in his hands. He approached Zell and secured the belt behind the young man’s neck. He pulled his face in. Zell held the sides of Seifer’s body and kissed between Seifer’s pecs. Then Seifer pulled away and continued removing his clothes. He opened the catch of his pants then stopped. He reached for his bottle of water on his dresser and opened it. Zell breathed out loudly, being turned on by the mere idea of that water running down that hot muscular build. Seifer took a sip of water and pour it over his head, shaking it off as droplets remained on his face and trickled down his torso.

“Do you like it?”

Zell swallowed hard and nodded. Seifer chuckled and went back for the front of his pants. He very slowly pulled them down and stood up. Zell blushed furiously, trying vainly to control his hard-on when he looked at Seifer’s red leopard, string thong. The older man approached Zell and leaned over him. He growled sedutively past Zell’s open lips.

“You didn’t take it all off.”

“But you like them on, don’t you?”


“Do you know why you like them on?”

“If you’re not naked, we don’t have to have sex.”


“But I can have foreplay.”

Zell’s last words were seized by Seifer’s harsh kiss. The young blond was pushed onto his back and Seifer’s mouth ravaged his. They moaned happily while Seifer’s busy hands fondled Zell’s chest. Then Seifer started rubbing his groin against his lover’s. Zell cooed and wrapped his legs around the man towering above him. Seifer took one of his hands and wrapped it around the young man’s piece. Zell ripped his lips away and ejected himself. He panted hard until he was completely spent. Seifer grabbed Zell’s neck in his teeth. After a few seconds he let go and kissed Zell’s neck, moving his gentle kisses to his lips. Zell kissed back with the utmost appreciation. Then Seifer pulled away and licked his hand. Zell took Seifer’s hand and also tasted it. The two locked eyes. Seifer smiled and wiped his hand on his sheet. Then he hugged the young man, exhaling happily. Zell hugged back. The two fell asleep.

The next morning, Zell woke up with a weight on his chest. He leaned over and smiled. Seifer was asleep and had an arm over Zell as if to protect him. Zell looked at the clock. He gasped and nudged Seifer.

“Seifer? Hey, Seif, wake up.”

Seifer sleepily groaned but used that protective arm to pull Zell into a tight embrace.

“Seifer. It’s 8:00. We have classes in half an hour.”

“Let’s play hookie. I don’t wanna go today.”

“We have to. Otherwise people will get the wrong idea about us.”

“You mean you don’t want them to know about us?”

“What’s there to tell?”

Seifer opened his eyes and looked into Zell’s.

“You mean... you don’t wanna be mine?”

“I... don’t know...” Zell was taken back.

He got out of the bed and bent down to get his clothes. He started putting them on.

“I–I mean I like you... very much. I just don’t know what I want out of a relationship... Or if I want it to be with...” Zell was dressed and didn’t want to finish his sentence at the risk of offending Seifer.

Seifer got out of the bed. He was still wearing only that thong.


“Any guy.”

“That’s fine.” Seifer said, turning his head away. “You had to decide for yourself, anyway. I can’t make you love me.”

“...You don’t love ME, do you?”

“What I feel for you may take time to call love but it sure as hell feels like it.” Seifer said coldly, turning back to face Zell again. “Go on, get ready for class, then.”

“Are you going to be cold to me now?”

“No. I like you too much to ever treat you coldly.”

Zell smiled sillily. He wanted to walk up to Seifer and hug him but he was afraid of giving him the wrong impression. He waved shyly and left.

First class had started. Zell sat at the back of the class, worried because Seifer was late. He was never late. But then he saw the tall blond show up with a big plastic bag, obviously containing his art project on bristol board.

“Oh, yeah... We’re presenting our posters.”

“Seifer...” Quistis started. “Do you want to go first seeing as you showed up last?”

“Sure.” Seifer smiled.

He removed his poster from the bag.

“Now, before I show it off, I just wanna say that I had a change of heart and redid my project completely last night. I had a totally new concept and so I went with it. It’s definitely my pride. I’d never put so much heart into a painting before. I’ve certainly spent more time on them but my emotions were at their peak when I created this one. I also made it as a gift. Not only for myself but for someone very special to me.”

Then Seifer flipped the painting to show to the class. They all gasped in amazement and shock. Zell was shocked most of all. The picture was... him. Asleep and interwoven with the thin sheet, the nudity was tastefully modest but the implication of the endownment was a little less than subtle.

“To blend the flesh with the sheet, I used an oil-based water. I’d never used that technique but I’m really happy with the results. To give the effect of the moonlight kiss, I startched sparkle dust on the outsides of the beam of light. I hope my model doesn’t mind me drawing him without his permission. But the light captured him so poetically, I just had to paint him. Then one thing led to another and I decided when he rolled over that I wanted to share what I saw with everybody. This is my momento. I guess a momento of what could have been... Um...”

Seifer was destracted when he looked at the back of the class, seeing the single tear roll down the side of Zell’s cheek.

“...Could have been something special beyond imagination.” Seifer continued. “That explains why I put angel wings.”

The class began applauding. Zell put his hands together and slowly pulled them apart then clapped them together. Seifer smiled but Zell didn’t.

“Instructor, can I leave for a minute?” Zell requested.

“Okay.” Quistis replied.

Zell left. Out of respect, Seifer’s eyes did not follow like the other students’ nor did Seifer himself follow.

Zell made it to the Training Center without anyone noticing him. When he entered he saw a very exhausted Squall running out of the exit, panting.

“Hey, Zell. Don’t you have a class?” Squall managed to ask through long breaths.

“I do but I asked to be excused.”


“Seifer’s in love with me and I couldn’t face him.”

Squall sat on the ground.

“What were you running from?”

“T-Rexaur. I ran out of magic and my GFs fainted.”

“Oh.” Zell smiled at the thought of Squall being chased by a dinosaur.

“So, what’s up with Seifer?”

“Never mind. It’s just more than I could handle. That’s all.” Zell said as he began to walk away.

“Don’t leave just yet, Zell. Come, have a seat. Talk to me about it.”

Zell sighed. Then he turned back around and sat in front of Squall.

“What do you want to harrass me about?”

“Seifer. I want to harrass you about Seifer.”

Zell rolled his eyes.

“I know that he loves you. I knew before he did.”

“I didn’t even get a chance to warm up to him. And already, he has me on a pedastal. Sorry, a painting. Where I have an angelic wings and features. He sees me as some beautiful... I don’t even know. But he painted me naked and showed it to everyone in art class.”

“He didn’t show me yet.”

“I’m sure he will. He’s so proud of it.” Zell mocked.

“He likes you.”

“And I like him. But he’s taking things so bloody fast! I don’t have time to decide what I want with him!”

“You know, he’s probably vowed to himself to protect you forever. You know, ever since we all came back from the... war. He doesn’t have anyone.”

“Well, what about you? You lost Rinoa, right? Who do you have?”

“I’m happy by myself. Besides, a weekly visit with Seifer is enough social time for me.”

“Well, enough talk. I’m going now.”

“I didn’t bore you, did I?”

Zell began walking off.

“No... but just ‘cause you’re happy with your grades doesn’t mean that I don’t want brownie points.”

“Zell, you already graduated, what else could you ask for?”

“An answer from HIM! So much for a run in the Training Center.”

Zell returned to class. Another student was in the middle of her presentation. Zell quietly returned to his desk. Again, the students watched. But Seifer didn’t. Zell looked over at Seifer as the girl at the front continued talking. Seifer didn’t look over at all.

When class was over, Seifer waited casually for every one to leave. But half the students stayed behind to tell him what a great painting he had done. Zell could even hear bids being made over it as he left the classroom.

Zell looked cautiously into the washroom mirror, finally getting the eyelash out of his eye. The door opened and Seifer walked in, carelessly. He didn’t expect to see Zell here but was unphased regardless. Zell, on the other hand, stood up and faced the tall man.

“Don’t tell me that’s why you were crying in class; an eyelash.” Seifer said with a full voice, approaching Zell and pressing his body against Zell’s.

Seifer promptly raised a hand to Zell’s cheek.

“No, I was crying... trying to get an eyelash out just now.”

“Well, you got it out but you still have it on your face.” The older man said as he swept the soft lash from Zell’s cheek.

“Seifer, why didn’t you look back at me in class?”

“I didn’t feel like staring a hole into you like the rest of them.” Seifer seduced, holding Zell into him.

He stepped away and unzipped his fly, hiding himself in the urinal.

“I really liked your painting. I was a little mortified at first but it was really beautiful.”

“It was a gift for you.”

“You didn’t sell it? I heard offers.”

“No, I’m not going to sell it.” Seifer said as he put himself back into his pants and stepped away from the urinal and walked toward the sink. He washed his hands and looked over at Zell. “Not even for 4500gil.”

Zell whistled.

“Do you wanna come over tonight?”

“Well, I do... But I don’t know about... um..”

“I’ll be good. We can watch TV or listen to music... or do whatever you want.”

“I don’t know if I should encourage you by going over.”

“You don’t have to, Zell, it’s only an invitation. It’ll always be good. If you don’t want to come over today, you don’t have to. But any day that you want to, let me know.”

“How come you’re so sweet on me, Seifer? I mean, especially ‘cause you used to be such a jerk to me.”

“Well, things change.” Seifer replied, drying his hands.

As he walked past Zell, Seifer kissed the younger man’s cheek. Zell stared at the wall as the door opened and closed.

It was 9:00 when there was a knock at Seifer’s door. He answered it in a towel. He smiled.

“I’d expected you.”

“Just not right now, I take it?”

“Well, if you’d like to come in...”

Zell walked in. Seifer closed and locked the door behind him. Zell walked to the TV room and Seifer followed, taking the towel from the couch. He put it over his head and choked when he felt Zell’s hands snake around his torso. He held the young man and moved the towel off of his face. The two hugged.

“There’s a movie on satellite tonight. One that President Laguna did when he was younger.”

“Oh. So you wanna watch it here?”

“Yeah. Is that okay?”

“Yeah. I was just gonna read. But entertaining you is a lot more fun.”

Seifer sat on the left side of the couch in his pyjama pants. Zell sat on the right side. He was half asleep and the movie was only half-over. Seifer nudged the young blond awake. Zell grumbled.

“Hey, pecker-face, we’re watching this for you.”

“Don’t wanna watch movie. Just wanna stay with you.” Zell said, half-asleep.

Then he sprung up to face Seifer. He was already panting.

“Wh-what I meant to say was–”

Seifer shushed Zell calmly, touching a finger to his lips.

“Shh... sh.... shhh.... Don’t worry about it.”

Zell fell back into the arm of the couch.

“Seifer, how come you’re so good to me?”

“Because I want to take my time. I want to be patient. For you.”

“Why for me?”

Seifer smiled.

“I’m moved by you. Deeply.”

“Seifer... I think I...”


Seifer turned to see Zell who’d fallen asleep. He smiled and stood up. Then he took the sleeping boy to his room, laying him on the bed, removing his clothes, leaving only his boxers. Then he wrapped him in the blanket and went back to the couch.

A few hours went by and Zell woke up. Aside from him, the bed was empty. He went out to the TV room. Seifer raised his eyes from his book. Laying the length of the couch, he could see Zell without moving too far.

“Did you see the end?”

“Sadly, yes.”

“What happened?”

“Dragon died, princess cried, knight returned home to discover he was a prince. But he didn’t go back for the girl.”

“Why not?”

“He wanted to enjoy his life of freedom before taking over the kingdom.”

There was a long silence before Seifer continued.

“I’d come to realise that I should let you do the same.”

Zell sat next to the couch, looking up at Seifer.

“What if... I want to see life from the throne?”

“Are you saying... you want to be with me?”

“I think so. I’d been beating myself up all day because of that painting of yours and you know what? I like the way you look at me.”

Seifer leaned down and kissed Zell.

“This seems sudden. This change of heart.”

“Well, we can’t just all brood over what could be. I have to jump in and seize the moment, right? You may believe that your heart is so damn loyal to me but if *I* can change my mind so quickly, who’s to say someone else won’t sweep you off your feet?”

Seifer rolled off the couch, straddling Zell on the floor.

“You’re the only one who could sweep me off my feet.”

“And so I have.”

Seifer leaned down and kissed the gentle boy.

“Do you promise me eternity?”

“I do.”

“Do you promise me your virginity?”

“Hey, now.. One step at a time.” Zell stated sharply.

“I’ll give you mine...” Seifer offered seductively.


Seifer smiled and crushed his lips against Zell’s in a quick rush of thanks. Zell held him tightly, accepting the kiss, accepting Seifer.



“Why do you love me?”

“‘Cause I kinda like you...”

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