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Chapter 9

By Darksquall

All of the love we left behind
watching the flash backs intertwine
memories I will never find
Muse Falling away with you.


He found Squall out on the balcony, the afternoon sky a soft grey beyond him that seemed a perfect halo for the almost tragic figure he formed.

Squall was still beautiful, still breathtaking but even now he seemed to have a nervous air about him, a hyper sensitivity to the noises of the city beyond the railings that held him back safely. The cigarette between his lips flared red and a curl of white smoke escaped his mouth a few heartbeats later.

Seifer half wondered how the brunet couldn't be cold, clad in only a pair of leather jeans as he was, the pale skin of his chest exposed to the cool wind and the threat of rain without goose bumps. The other half of him believed it was pure stubbornness, rather than some gift the ice goddess had bestowed upon him before her removal.

With a sigh, Squall shifted the ice pack on his still injured shoulder carefully. He knew Seifer was watching him of course, but did not acknowledge the blond in the slightest.

"Hey, Squally," Seifer said, smiling. He couldn't help but love having Squall around, waking up to see him there, knowing he was in the apartment. "How's the shoulder?"

"Sore," Squall's slender fingers plucked the cigarette from his lips and ground it out on the iron railings of the balcony. "Better for the ice though."

Padding out onto the exposed concrete, Seifer felt the chill even through his thick socks and hoped Squall wasn't trying to make himself sick for some strange reason. He approached his lover warily, wondering how best to broach the subject of his boss calling him for an extra pair of hands. Of course, Squall would want to be told straight, no fuss, no nonsense. "Hey, uh... that was my boss on the phone."

The brunet turned slowly in place, the bag of ice shifting with the clicking hiss of ice tumbling over ice as he moved it again, focusing on another area of pain that had remained after the potions. "Mm?" The cool breeze stirred his hair gently, tugging a few still too dark strands over his eyes like a lover's caress.

"I really need to head into work," it amazed Seifer, how quickly the ability to read Squall's body language had returned, as though it had never been missing. He could see Squall's nervousness in the tenseness of his shoulder; see the faint thread of fear in his blue-grey eyes. The hesitation as he nibbled his lip. He didn't want to be alone. If only Seifer had been able to recognise that four years before.

"Oh. Alright," the word was spoken in the most neutral of tones Squall could manage, his voice seeming flat and lifeless for a moment.

Unable to resist a moment longer, Seifer closed the gap between them, brushing Squall's cheek tenderly with the backs of his fingers. The blush that rose was almost instantaneous, a smattering of colour on otherwise alabaster coloured flesh. He could feel the heat of Squall's skin, and it bought another smile to his lips. "You want to go in with me? Should be an easy night."

There was a hopeful light in Squall's eyes at the offer, peeking at him from beneath dark, ragged bangs. "You want me there?" he asked, turning his head faintly so he could rub his cheek more surely against Seifer's hand. The contact seemed to soothe him, and a little of that tenseness that had racked his body subsided.

"It's just about the only way I can think of leaving the house right now. Yeah, I want you there."

Slender, pale fingers caught in the belt loops of Seifer's jeans and pulled him closer, until their bodies were almost pressed against one another. His gaze never wavered, cool and calculating with only the faintest need managing to shine through. "If you want me there, fine."

Wrapping his arms around Squall's waist, Seifer ducked his head to gently nose against his lover's pale neck, feeling the shiver that ran through him happily. He still smelt like sex, with that understated musk of leather and spice that was simply Squall, simply perfect. "We'll grab some dinner while we're out and then we'll come home so I can strip you bare and have my way with you."

"Mmm," Squall purred softly, tipping his head to expose more of his throat for Seifer's affection. His eyes slid closed as he hung onto Seifer, allowing the pleasure of the blond's touch to overwhelm him, wallowing in the tender affection that was encompassed in the gentle touch. "If I let you."

"Won't you? Hm, baby?" worrying at Squall's throat gently, and brushing his lips against the pale earlobe, Seifer kept his voice so soft it was little more than a whisper. The warmth of his breath against Squall's ear made the brunet shiver faintly.

"That all depends."

Seifer felt the smile curl his lips before he even had a moment to consider the question, littering soft, light kisses along the curve of his lover's throat. He fought the urge to mark Squall, bite that tender flesh and stake his claim to the young man in his arms. It somehow felt too soon, at least while Squall still had a mission left to finish. Afterwards, when he made the brunet rest and relax, then he'd take pleasure in leaving his mark on the beautiful boy. "On?"

"Are you tending bar tonight, or just working the door?" Squall murmured, his free hand brushing along his lover's side, light and gentle. It hurt to lift his arm with the swelling in his shoulder but at that particular moment, when he could feel he warmth of Seifer's skin close to his, he couldn't bring himself to not touch the blond. He didn't dare admit it of course; Seifer needed no help with his ego.

"Just the bar tonight. Said I'd help close up," Seifer chuckled softly, imagining taking Squall right there on the bar when everyone was gone, just so every time he returned to work he would remember what it was like when the brunet couldn't stay there with him. Of course, Squall would probably be horrified but there was no harm in trying, was there? "You wanna help me... polish the bar?"

"Better not leave prints," the younger man smirked at him, challengingly. "Do you flirt with the customers?"

Chuckling softly at the question, he hugged Squall tight again, feeling the smaller man's body mould against his own perfectly. With a brief, silent thanks to whichever god was watching over him, he kissed Squall's soft hair. "Just the really pretty ones."

He felt Squall's hand flex against his skin and curl into a fist. He could almost feel the jealous growl that Squall fought to suppress, and was relieved that he was not the only one that felt so intensely about the relationship. Squall was too serious for his own good, but Seifer found the prospect very interesting.

"I see you flirting too much, I take their heads. Deal?" the tone to his voice was meant to be light hearted but Seifer could feel the anger and truth behind the words.

It almost turned him on.

"I doubt that will be an issue, squirt. I'll be doing good if I can keep my eyes offa you for more than five minutes at a time," Seifer smirked at his lover, who punched him lightly on the shoulder and finally relaxed against him, as though he'd been waiting for that reassurance before he finally allowed himself to be held properly. "You don't believe me?"

"No, you called me squirt again," Squall grumbled softly, glowering at Seifer's shoulder even though he knew the blond couldn't see it. Sometimes he hated that name even more than puberty boy or the delightfully recent Pee Bee. He'd been squirt for longer than he could remember and he hated the memories it evoked, a Seifer before the war who delighted in his futile attempts at bullying. He'd loved the blond even then, he was sure.

"You are a squirt. Squirt."

Glaring even harder at his lover's shoulder, Squall struck him again.

"Love me?" Seifer asked, his voice soft and needy. He was so eager to be reassured that Squall did indeed care for him, love him even though he'd heard it twenty times or more since the brunet had returned to his life.

There was a faint smile on Squall's lips when he lifted his head. His dark eyes holding no secrets when it came to what he truly felt, the depth and perfection almost dizzying, he shrugged lightly. "Mm, sometimes" he murmured, his gaze flickering down to Seifer's lips briefly to inform the blond of his desire and hope.

The desire was acknowledged with a few brief, gentle little kisses as though just one was not enough to taste his lover, not enough to remind Seifer of why he was out in the cool air. He needed a hundred of them, perhaps even a thousand, and he didn't have the time to indulge himself any more. Taking comfort in the fact he had a lift time to take all those kisses he answered "All the time."

"Whatever," Squall murmured against his lips, reluctant to break the contact for even the chance to answer.

It was Seifer who, all be it hesitantly and unwillingly, backed away and pulled away from the kisses. "You always know the best way to distract me, cub," he whispered softly, unable to prevent the smile that curled his lips.

"Nine times out of ten it involves me on my back, naked," he responded coolly. Eyes glittering with his amusement, he straightened, turning them both so Seifer was the one trapped against the railings that edged the balcony. Resting his head against the elder man's chest, he listened to the steady, even thrum of his heart beat, the even pulse soothing him inexplicably.

"Don't forget 'on your knees, naked'."

"Against the wall, naked. On any flat surface generally, naked," Squall closed his eyes and permitted himself a brief smile as he nuzzled his cheek against the warm skin. His eye lashes fluttered against the soft skin that still smelt of sex and he could almost believe his world only extended as far as the railing his lover was resting against. It was pleasant to imagine for a moment that Seifer was the only thing in his life to concern him, no garden, no missions, no drug pushers to capture... but the illusion passed too quickly and the soothing touch of Seifer's fingers to his back reminded him of the injuries he'd sustained and the mission he had yet to complete.

"Actually..." Seifer kept his hands moving in a slow, even circle, soothing the taut muscles of Squall's back and, he hoped, easing his pain. The bruises were gone but he was still so tense Seifer feared he could snap. "It's those kisses of yours."

Squall rubbed his chin, faintly rough with the need to shave, against Seifer's chest firmly, one grey-blue eye peeking open to judge his expression. "Funny, I seem to remember you telling me it was my ass in tight leather about... five years ago."

"Kisses first. Ass second," Seifer nodded firmly, as though that would end the conversation there.

"Sex third?" Squall arched a delicate chocolate coloured eyebrow beneath still too dark bangs and pressed the softest of kisses to his lover's chest. "Obviously I need practice."

With a deep laugh, Seifer ruffled Squall's hair, an affectionate gesture that had once been the brunet's most hated action. Even though Seifer was adamant that his hair looked the same whether mussed by a quick ruffle from Seifer's fingers or after a rough tumble between the sheets. "Sex is tied with ass I think... Hm. We should practice, just in case."

"Where's oral on the list?" he asked softly, cuddling as close as he could to Seifer, as though he could crawl right under his clothes and hide. The need for rapture was still growling through his veins but he could control it now, the worst of his symptoms having subsided.

"Let's just say that you're number one on the list. Everything about you."

Lifting his head, Squall smiled faintly for Seifer as the blond kissed his scarred forehead. "So... what have you been doing since the war?"

"Working mostly." Seifer shrugged nonchalantly. He'd been keeping his head down, trying to stay out of the spotlight and out of too much trouble, after all he was still viewed as a criminal and he was sure that any time anything happened in Deling city, he'd be the first person to be arrested. If the authorities knew he was there, at least.

"Damn, Almasy. Enough details already," the brunet grumbled softly and poked Seifer beneath his ribs to demonstrate his frustration with the brief explanation. "How long have you worked for this place?"

With a smile he couldn't help, Seifer trailed his fingers through Squall's hair, feeling the tangles melt around his fingers as he pushed them out. Cupping the back of Squall's head, feeling him lean into the touch, his eyes flickering closed and a soft sigh escaping him, he answered. "Going on... three years I think."

"Forgive me for being a little curious about my boyfriend's shady past."

"It's not so shady, really," the blond replied, painfully aware of the blush that was staining his cheeks at the word "boyfriend" and hoping Squall wouldn't notice. Of course, his hopes for that particular outcome where quickly dashed when the brunet's lips turned up faintly in a smile before he scowled.

"You're blushing again," Squall whispered, his fingers grazing Seifer's flushed cheeks, feeling the heat of his skin. His eyes were dark now, masked by the shadows and all emotion hidden from Seifer.

"Yeah, so?"

"So it's not fair."

Seifer turned his head so his lover would no longer be able to see the colour staining his cheeks anymore, barely resisting the urge to force Squall's head back against his chest to be sure that that particular thread of conversation would not be followed. "Why's that?"

"No one's ever going to believe me when I tell them you blushed and looked..." Squall paused over the word before he spoke it, resisting the urge to smile as he uttered it. It was the most appropriate word, even though he knew it would either boost Seifer's ego or shoot it down in flames. "Cute."

"Aww, leave off."

Smiling to himself, Squall cupped his lover's cheek, turning his head back so their eyes met once more, clear jade green and the deepest of slate blues. Seifer seemed to relax a little when he saw the smile, tension melting from his jaw and a tentative smile rising on his lips to meet Squall's. "No way. I finally have something on you, and I can't use it."

"Good," the blond murmured, his fingertips teasing the shaggy locks at the back of Squall's neck and ruffling them up.

"You like the job?" the brunet asked finally, lifting himself on his toes to brush the briefest of kisses over Seifer's lips, gentle and loving, not lingering or trying to make it anything more than that. He was simply satisfied with that tender, loving touch and he enjoyed it.

"Yeah, I do actually. Keeps me out of trouble and I like the people," he watched as Squall nodded slowly, his eyes taking on an old, familiar, distant look as he slipped into his thoughts and drifted silently. Laying a hand against Squall's too dark hair, he smiled, whispering "still with me?" even though he believed he already knew the answer was no.

Squall blinked out of his brief reverie, watching Seifer from beneath dark chocolate bangs that had been stirred by the touch of Seifer's hand. "Will you drag me back if I say no?" he whispered, his hope apparent in his words.

"Damn right."

"No, then."

Seifer pulled Squall close to him once again, pressing their bodies as tight together as possible as he kissed his lover, deep and hot. As he though trying to put every emotion he was feeling into that kiss, his tongue threading between Squall's lips and filling his mouth. The brunet lost himself in the kiss, melting against Seifer and moaning weakly as he returned it, wondering distantly if the bag of ice on his shoulder had turned to water the instant Seifer's lips had touched his own.

Almost as though he'd read Squall's thoughts, Seifer took the bag of ice, holding it in place as his free hand tangled in Squall's soft hair, holding him as he tipped his head to kiss Squall as deeply as he could.

Squall wrapped his arms around his lover, his fingers trembling against Seifer's back. Where days before he'd been reluctant to give in to his urges and kiss Seifer, no matter how much he'd wanted to, now he suddenly wanted to keep kissing, never let Seifer go even for a heart beat.

"Ahh... Squall..." the older man pulled back reluctantly, resting his forehead to Squall's. "I have to get to work, baby."

"How long do you have?"

"About an hour. But I need to hit the showers before I go, I smell like I've been fucking for days," a somewhat sheepish grin manifested on Seifer's lips, a faintly smug air remaining around him as he stated that out loud. He had. He loved it of course, every single moment and every taste of Squall's lips.

"Seifer, love, you have been." The brunet arched an eyebrow at Seifer delicately with a faint smile. Rubbing his fingers in small circles against the small of Seifer's back, he tossed his hair out of his eyes carelessly.

"Yeah, but everyone else doesn't need to know that."

"I don't know..." Squall whispered, sliding one hand between them to rub at Seifer's half hard cock through the thin material of his pants, tracing the outline of his sex gently. "I kind of like it."

The unexpected touch to his manhood sent a shiver of pleasure through Seifer's body. Squall's fingers disarmed his thoughts and made him dizzy with longing and suddenly he wanted to call his boss back and inform him that he couldn't make it in after all, then drag Squall back to bed and claim him all over again. "So do I..."

Seifer found himself caught in Squall's hungry gaze for a moment before the brunet slowly sank to his knees. His pale fingers played along Seifer's fly briefly before tugging it down in one swift movement and coaxing Seifer's cock from the confines of his pants. Those pale, slender fingers wrapped around the shaft of his sex slowly, curling tightly against the sensitive flesh and working it in long, slow movements as Squall's dark gaze stayed on him.

Hands gripping the railing behind him, Seifer couldn't help but watch as Squall licked the tip of his cock, rubbing the flat of his tongue against it firmly. "Since we don't have time..."

"Yeah," Seifer whispered, chewing on his lower lip.

His tongue swirling around the head of Seifer's cock, Squall began to take the length into his mouth. Seifer's knees almost buckled at the pleasure that assaulted him as his hardness was sucked into the hot, wet mouth, distantly remembering a time when his lover hadn't been quite so practiced at this, almost chuckling at the memory of the quiet brunet scowling at him the first time he'd come into Squall's mouth. "So good... Squall," he whispered, his fingers tangling in Squall's hair, holding him there loosely.

Squall didn't stop, barely hesitating as he rocked his head, taking in more of Seifer's length easily, swallowing around his lover. Every touch of his tongue to the underside of Seifer's cock, shifting in random patterns and teasing pulled little noises of pleasure from the blond, made him tremble just a little.

"Can't last..." his lover whispered weakly, but Squall didn't want him to last. Bracing his hands on Seifer's hips to rock his head as quickly as he could manage, he just wanted to taste Seifer again. A sharp pain in his already throbbing shoulder bought him to his senses and he realised that in his pleasure, Seifer's grip had shifted and he'd chosen to steady himself by holding Squall's shoulders, but Seifer's body was tensing and he had no time to move the hand.

Pulling back, Squall sucked firmly on the head of Seifer's cock as the stroked him.

"Fuck, Squall!" Seifer gasped, coming hard. His release flooded Squall's mouth, his body trembling so violently he could barely remain standing. Too lost in the dizzying rush, he didn't notice how awkwardly Squall swallowed before pulling away.

"Time for a shower?" Squall asked softly as his lover knelt before him, sealing his lips with a hot, possessive kiss that Squall couldn't deny, couldn't help returning as he wrapped his arms loosely around Seifer's waist.

"Yeah..."The older man grinned breathlessly. "I think I still have time to return the favour." His smile softened a little, watching Squall with no hidden emotions, his affection and love and lust all as plain as day on his fine features. "I love you," he murmured, after a brief pause of appreciation, studying Squall as though committing every tiny yet immensely significant reaction to memory.

With the corners of his mouth tugging up in a faintly embarrassed smile, Squall ducked his head. "I love you, too."

The feeling returning to his legs, Seifer brushed a kiss over Squall's scarred forehead and pushed himself to his feet, helping Squall up after him. He noticed then that the skin was an even more violent shade of red, angry with pain and distantly remembered where his hands had been when he'd found his release. "Aw, damn. Did I hurt your shoulder, baby? I'm sorry."

"You can kiss it better for me, later," the brunet waved the question away. When Seifer touched the raw skin as gently as he could, his fingertips brushing the crimson flesh feather light, Squall couldn't prevent wincing at the pain. Even the gentle touch was enough to make his stomach roll warningly and it took every ounce of strength in his body not to knock Seifer's hand away. "It's just sore," he shrugged, trying to ignore the suspicious voice in the back of his head claiming that the injury was something more. "You know what potions are like with these types of injuries."

"Yeah, but still. Come on, I'll let you stand under the hot water."

Turning on his heels, Squall headed for the bathroom. "I've heard that before. Within three minutes, I'll be pushed against the wall and molested."

"That's three minutes of hot water. How can you complain about that?" Seifer tipped his head to one side to admire the curve of Squall's ass under the tight black leather of his pants. He was so caught up in gazing at that particular part of Squall's anatomy that he didn't realise the brunet had stopped, and crashed right into his back. "Hey!"

"Don't ever change. Okay, Seifer?" and wearing the most vulnerable expression Seifer had ever seen on Squall's face, the brunet lifted his head to look at him.

The words and the expression made Seifer uneasy. He didn't understand why Squall would ask such a thing; after all, he was no more the same person who he'd been at garden than Squall himself was. Suddenly afraid of loosing Squall, he frowned. "I've already changed, babe."

"No, you haven't," Squall smiled, his eyes staying firmly locked with Seifer's. "Not where it counts."

Tanned fingers brushing Squall's cheek gently, as though if he clutched him too tightly that pale skin would bruise or break, Seifer shuffled just a little closer to his lover. "Am I what you need? This very minute, am I what you want?"

"You were always what I wanted. Even when I didn't know that," the brunet replied, his cool hand folding over Seifer's, coaxing the hand to touch him more firmly, letting the heat of Seifer's palm cup his cheek. Oh Seifer had changed on the surface. No longer the egotistical, brash teenage boy he had once been, but inside, where it really counted and really mattered... he was just the same Seifer Almasy as he'd always been.

And Seifer smiled. A simple, really happy kind of smile that made Squall feel a little dizzy. "I will always be this for you. I love you so much; I can't imagine not having you, Squall."

Just as Seifer couldn't imagine not having him, Squall couldn't imagine losing Seifer again. He couldn't imagine being without him any more than he could imagine Zell coming out of the closet as a vegetarian. He was Seifer's. Just like Seifer was his. "I'm not going anywhere," the younger man whispered, leaning up on tiptoes to kiss his lover softly, which Seifer in turn could not resist drawing out.

"That's all I need to hear, cub..." Seifer murmured against the smaller man's lips softly, losing himself in the sweet, tender touch of Squall's mouth to his own. His obsession, his perfection, summed up into one caress, one gentle little action that made the former sorceress' knight as weak as a kitten in Squall's arms. Squall's kisses were all he ever needed. All he wanted to make things right.

As they parted once more, Squall touched Seifer's scar curiously. The rough skin felt different from his own some how. The path of the blade had been different, of course, the cutting edge moving up instead of down and Squall supposed that was the real reason, not some half dreamed idea that it was simply because it was his mark on Seifer.

In silence, Squall turned, catching Seifer's wrist and leading him to the bathroom.

"I love it when you get forceful, squirt," Seifer chuckled when Squall tugged a little harder than usual. He'd seen the possessive look in Squall's eyes and he'd liked it, although he wasn't about to admit that out loud to the quiet young man.

"Whatever. You're going to be late for work if I don't do something."

"It's your fault for being so sweet."

Squall paused as they reached the bathroom, eyeing his long legged lover in a faintly hostile manner. "Ice princesses don't get to be sweet. You know they still call me that behind my back, bastard."

Pushing the shower curtain aside with a brush of his hand and a clatter of metal rings on the rail that kept it suspended, Seifer reached in and started the water, smirking at Squall as he checked the temperature with one hand. "They've never been to bed with you. There's nothing icy about you, princess," his eyes strafed his lover with an obvious longing.

He declined to mention Squall's cold feet, which always somehow managed to find his legs in bed in the winter.

"I thought you started that nickname before you started sleeping with me? And..." Squall poked him firmly in the chest as Seifer stripped off quickly, baring tanned and distracting skin. He had to fight to keep his eyes above waist level, his thoughts away from the flesh that had just been in his mouth. He had a silly urge to feel Seifer grow hard against his tongue and it was difficult to ignore that. "Don't call me princess, firebug."

"Well I did..." the taller man kicked off his pants and stepped into the bath tub. "Just goes to show what a buncha sheep they all were."

When Seifer finally offered him a hand into the tub, Squall stripped out of his pants and took it carefully. "Remind me to kick your ass for that when I have my 'blade back."

"Promises, promises, puberty boy."

"Next time I fuck you, I'm going to make sure you feel it for a week," Squall grumbled softly, slipping under the spray. Closing his eyes as the thunder of delightfully hot water rained down upon his body, he sighed. The heat made a faint blush blossom on his skin but an enchanting shudder ran through his body as Seifer pressed up against his back, closing the curtain behind him.

"I liked you fucking me, cub," the blonde whispered, his voice husky. Nuzzling at Squall's ear, revelling in the sensation of Squall's wet skin against his own, he sighed contentedly. He wanted it all over again, his cock threatening to stir to life from just the sensation.

The anger was a front really. He knew deep down that if Seifer ever stopped calling him squirt he'd be worried and, most likely, insist his lover speak to a doctor. Even so, it was somewhat reluctantly that the younger man snuggled back against his lover, a small, smug smile curling his lips at Seifer's admittance. "Good. I plan on doing it regularly to remind you of your place."

"I know my place, Leonhart," Seifer smirked, palming the curve of Squall's ass appreciatively. Right there, that was where he belonged. Inside Squall, over Squall, taking him and making him mindless with pleasure.

"You're infuriating, I hope you know that."

Tipping Squall's chin up, trailing his thumb over the younger man's lips, Seifer smirked. "You've been telling me that for years. When did you get so bossy, anyway?" he asked softly, watching the blue-grey eyes open slowly in wonder.

"I had to learn something as commander," Squall pulled away to toss his hair out of his eyes, the sodden strands slicking back against his head. "And I'm going to be telling you for the rest of our lives, so it's a good thing you're used to it."

"Come here, and I'll wash your hair," the blond caught his lover by the arm and tugged him close once more, reaching for the golden coloured bottle of shampoo on a nearby shelf. The sweet, honey and almond smell was the kind of thing Squall would profess his hate for but secretly love, not over powering, just pleasantly understated. Of course, he was only using it because he loved the way it made Squall's hair smell. "Are you sure you're up for tonight?"

"A bar?" Squall tipped his head to one side in question, a small smile curling his lips. His eyes remained closed as the suds, just a little darker than they should have been from the dye that was now failing, rolled down his face. Every touch of Seifer's fingertips to his scalp sent a little tremor of pleasure through his thoughts, the possessive touch and the gentleness of it a distracting combination. "Sure. I could use a drink."

"Good thing you're sleeping with the bartender." Seifer replaced the first bottle, reaching for the conditioner and taking his time this time, massaging his scalp almost expertly.

The brunet very nearly melted against him, his arms looping loosely around Seifer's waist. "Mmmm, keep doing that."

"I think you're getting used to the pampering."

"Maybe I just like you touching me," the smaller man suggested, his fingers moving along Seifer's spine in smooth, firm strokes, tracing knots of tension cautiously.

Seifer brushed his lips against the younger man's scar, tracing the line down through pale flesh as he replaced the sweet scented bottle on the shelf. "I know you like that," he murmured, his tone somewhat pleased and content rather than smug.

"Not like that," the brunet replied, poking Seifer gently in the side to demonstrate his annoyance. "Well.... Not only like that."

Looping an arm around Squall's waist, Seifer dipped him a little, bending him until his head was under the spray, letting the suds wash down his back in soft waves of foam until there were no more. Admiring the sheen the water left on Squall's muscles, he set the brunet back on his feet and turned him away, to face the wall. With sure but gentle fingers, the elder man massaged Squall's good shoulder and along his spine, dropping a kiss to the back of his neck and the sodden strands of hair. "Speaking of that..."

Squall arched his back with a soft whimper, Seifer's fingers finding sensitive places that they hadn't dared to brush since they were both teenagers and still exploring one another's bodies. The teasing digits lingered over a very old scar, the rough flesh hypersensitive to the overly tender treatment. "Five minutes. New record."

"That's what you get for being so tempting," Seifer teased, brushing the lightest of kisses he could on the injured shoulder.

"Whatever," Squall replied, half turning his head to watch Seifer. He offered the elder man a small smile as he rolled his eyes in mock exasperation, but his cock was already stirring at the thought of release, especially with Seifer so close to him, feeling so good that he hardly dared breathe.

Pressing kisses along Squall's spine, slowly kneeling down behind him, he rubbed the curves of his lover's ass and thighs. "Best view, ever."

"You. Are. Obsessed."

"Can you blame me?" Seifer chuckled, kissing and nibbling along the water slicked cleft of his lover's pale ass. "Have you seen your ass lately?"

Squall couldn't still a moan as he braced one hand on the wall, squeezing his eyes tight shut as he shivered in pleasure. He knew what was coming and he could hardly breathe in anticipation, his longing and need throbbing through his veins and making his cock stiffen quickly. "No, Can't say that I have..."

"Trust me, it's something to write home about," the blond squeezed his lover's flesh slowly.

"No one to write to."

"Oh, I don't know. That's a letter I might enjoy sending to ol' chickenwuss."

"Dear Zell, Seifer's been fucking me into a coma every day. Please send lube..." his voice trailed off into a husky moan as Seifer's tongue lapped against his opening firmly. Leaning his head against the cool tiles, one hand braced on the wall as he spread his legs a little, Squall bit his lip to find the control to continue. "Fuck... And the hand cuffs I keep in my desk."

When Seifer's hands spread him again while he nibbled and sucked at Squall's tight opening, humming against the sensitive skin, Squall lost any urge to continue that he'd had. "Seifer..." he gasped, his free hand sliding down to curl around his sex gently.

It was then that he turned Squall, gazing up into his lust clouded eyes and easing his hand away. "Let me do that," he requested softly. Pleased when Squall nodded, he lifted one of the pale, smooth legs to drape it over his shoulder. He steadied the brunet with one hand on his ass. "I want you to watch me suck you."

"I'll watch," the younger man nodded as he leant back against the wall and slid his fingers through Seifer's hair, dark and heavy with the warm water.

Seifer trailed his fingertips along the cleft of Squall's ass, rubbing against his opening as he kissed and licked at the tip of Squall's already weeping erection, his green gaze fixed on Squall's face. "What's the quickest way to get you off, Squall?" he asked, although he already knew the answer. He wanted to hear that sweet soft voice saying what he needed, wanted to hear those dirty, lustful words spilling from Squall's lips.

"F...Finger fuck me, while you suck me."

He sucked on the hard flesh that filled his mouth as he pushed one wet finger deep into Squall. Then, pulling back so his tongue only barely flickered against the full, leaking head of Squall's erection he watched the younger man's reactions as he rocked his finger in and out of the tight muscle at an agonisingly slow pace. "Like this baby?" he asked, his lips brushing against the slick head of Squall's cock slowly. "Is this how you like it?"

"More, please Seifer..." Squall groaned softly, shuddering as he fought to keep his eyes open, watching Seifer move from beneath dark lashes. And as a second finger pushed into him, stretching him slowly but surely, making him long for something larger to give him that distant edge of pain and intense pleasure, he growled his lover's name. It wasn't enough. He wanted more; he wanted Seifer's mouth around him.

"Tell me you love me," Seifer ordered licking his lips. His eyes were dark and intent, clouded emeralds of impossibly vibrant hue.

"You're obsessed."

"Don't you?" Seifer whispered, brushing a gentle kiss against the weeping tip of Squall's cock and smiling wickedly.

"I love you," Squall murmured, nudging Seifer's forehead with his fingertips teasingly. "Believe me."

Only then, with that admittance ringing in his ears did Seifer move, taking Squall completely into his mouth as quickly as he could rocking and twisting the fingers as deep as possible inside Squall, moving them faster when the brunet eagerly rocked his hips to push onto them. Barely able to keep his eyes open, Squall watched his lover through cloudy slits of eyes, reaching out but reluctant to touch him, settling his fingers in the long strands of Seifer's hair, stroking lightly.

"Fuck, Seifer... don't stop."

He didn't. He couldn't. He wanted to taste Squall's release, wanted to feel that delightful pale body jerk against him in pure, primal pleasure. He sucked harder, the movement of his fingers growing ever more fervent as his supportive grip grew almost punishingly tight. Releasing Squall from that grip, trusting the brunet to remain standing he lowered his hand to his cock, already hard between his legs from just listening to Squall moan and whimper so beautifully. He began to fist himself roughly.

Squall no longer had the strength to keep his eyes open, or fight his release. Tossing his head, plastering dark strands of hair over his eyes he cried out a warning. "Seifer... I... Fuck, I'm..." he gasped, his body trembling violently.

Moaning low in his throat and stroking himself faster, Seifer pulled back to suck and lick at just the head of Squall's cock.

Throwing his hand over his head to tangle in his own hair rather than make Seifer stay there and take it, his body tightening around the fingers that manipulated him so perfectly, distractingly well, Squall cried out in pleasure as he came, hard. He didn't hear Seifer gasp as he found his own peak soon after Squall, didn't hear the strike of his release against the tiled wall after he'd swallowed Squall's seed. He only found his senses again when Seifer leant his forehead against Squall's thigh, panting softly.

With trembling fingers, Squall smoothed the dark blond strands of his lover's hair gently, unable to trust his voice just yet.

With a crooked smile, Seifer looked up. "I think I'm late for work."

"Go get dressed then," the brunet suggested as his fingers found and turned off the water.

He had to hang on to Squall's waist as he found his feet again, swaying a little and grabbing onto him as soon as he could. Squall felt warm, perfectly warm and it was going to kill him to have to let go of that taut, sexy body. "Mmm..."

"Too much?"

Seifer smiled, brushing a kiss over Squall's cheek and nuzzling against him. "Little over excited, maybe."

"I'll excite you again when we come back," the brunet smiled somewhat smugly; glad he had such an effect on his tall, beautiful lover. However, Seifer had a job to do, an obligation and he wasn't about to let him back out of that now. Besides that, he wanted to get out of the apartment for a few hours, remind himself that there were other people in the world. "You have to work."

"Wear something baggy," Seifer handed Squall a towel before snagging one of his own and stepping out of the shower to dry off.

Rubbing his hair so hard Seifer feared he'd rub it away, Squall strolled to the bedroom, still dripping and naked. The flush had started to bleed out of his skin now, the cool air of the bathroom negating the effects of the almost too hot water. Seifer half wondered whether Squall could even feel that temperature. He remembered the ice cold showers he'd caught the younger man taking when he'd junctioned to Shiva, remembered him being so cold his lips were beginning to turn blue.

He also remembered warming his lover up after that incident.

"No way."

Of course, he'd known Squall would say that. He had Squall's number, no matter what the perfectly gorgeous little brunet liked to think. Following Squall into the bedroom, he tried to ignore the way Squall wriggled into a pair of snug, gunmetal grey leather pants dug right out of the duffel bag he'd bought with him from the safe house. He also tried to ignore the way the leather clung to the perfect curve of Squall's ass. If he looked too long they wouldn't get out of the apartment that month, never mind to be in time for work.

He chose a black muscle tee for himself, and snug worn jeans. The bar was a friendly sort of place that wouldn't mind if he didn't turn up in his finest. In fact, he preferred to wear old, comfortable clothes in case things were to ever get out of hand. There was no point in ruing three hundred gil pants with someone's blood when he could get five outfits for that price so long as he knew where to look. When he looked at Squall again, he found his lover wearing a black shirt with red detailing.

One day, he swore, he would introduce mister monochrome to colour.

Squall seemed to ignore his lover as he dug through his open bag before straightening with a satisfied sound.

One perfect golden eyebrow curved in a questioning arc as the jade green gaze settled on Squall. The amusement was plain in his voice as he watched the brunet tuck a deck of triple triad cards into his back pocket. "You're telling me I'm sleeping with a card shark?"

"Some guy gave me a starter deck on the day of the exam," Squall shrugged nonchalantly, patting the deck in his back pocket, all of his strongest cards gathered together to be as effective as possible. "Suddenly my nights were free of tall blonds who liked me horizontal; I had to do something when I couldn't sleep." He tipped his head, letting the too dark chocolate bangs fall into his eyes as he stared right back at Seifer, challenging, waiting.

Seifer chuckled softly, sitting down on the edge of the bed to lace his boots, letting Squall win the staring contest just this once. "Day dreaming about me wasn't enough?" he asked, his voice thick with mock upset, though he was unable to suppress a grin.

"You're better in the flesh."

"I could say the same for you," Seifer grinned, grabbing the car keys from the dresser. "Wanna drive?"

Squall held out his hand for the keys, his eyes glinting with mischief. Seifer tried to find that alarming, but only found it so intensely attractive that he could barely resist pouncing on the dark haired man again. "Sure. So long as you don't distract me."

"Then..." he lifted the keys over his head and out of Squall's reach. It was an action that had always annoyed Squall to the point of actually pouting and this time was no exception. "You'd better kiss me now. Get it out of the way," he could see the hesitation in Squall's eyes before the younger man lifted his gaze to the keys dangling above his head. Finally, after what seemed like an age, Squall reached up on tip toes to kiss his lover, softly moulding his lips to Seifer and squeezing his hard cock through his pants. "Mmm, remember. Near the bar."

Squall jumped and caught the keys from Seifer's fingertips, leaning close to him briefly before heading for the door to the apartment. "Don't you trust me?"

"You I trust. Horny drunken bar hoppers, I do not."

"I can take care of myself," Squall murmured as he glanced back at his lover. Though the previous few days proved anything but that fact, he continued to hold Seifer's gaze. Neither of them blinked or spoke or even dared breathe as the gazed at each other for a few heart beats.

"I know you can, Squall. You just don't have to... all of the time."

Chuckling softly, Squall shook his head and rolled his eyes. "I'll stay near the bar if I can, and introduce anyone who gets too... fresh to my buff and jealous lover, okay?"

Seifer followed his lover down the stairs in silence. That was perfectly fine with him. The next person to lay a finger on Squall in anything other than jest was going to withdraw a bloody stump. Squall was his. Forever. If he could only last the night without proving that to all and sundry by taking the brunet in public hard and fast until he screamed with pleasure, all would be well.

It was going to be a long night.




Apologies for the lateness of this chapter. I won't make any promises on the next one because every time I do I break them.

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