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Chapter 5

By LaughingWolfGirl

Looking into each other's eyes, was almost like looking into each other's souls, and they found themselves moving closer to each other unconsciously, their attentions now upon the others lips, when they were close enough to feel each others breath upon their lips, a voice called out and startled them apart.

"Yo Irvine man, what's up, what are ya doin' on the docks, I thought you were gonna go shoppin'" Zell's ramble suddenly slowed as he realized who Irvine was standing with and how close they had been standing. "Whoa did I interrupt something? I mean I can leave….." he asked hoping that what his eyes were telling him was wrong. He did not nearly just see Irvine kissing Seifer Almasy no that was wrong; Seifer was probably just being himself and was taunting his friend, ya that's right he was just taunting him. And Zell being the good friend that he was was going to stand here and give Irvine any help that he needed.

Irvine could have gleefully choked his friend; Zell had interrupted what could have possibly been a wonderfully passionate kiss. A kiss that would have led to bigger and better kisses; a kiss that undeniably would have shown Seifer and he their collective destiny. Looking over at Zell he could see what was going through the martial artist's mind, Zell thought that he needed support, that Seifer was attacking him verbally in some way.

Zell's pugnacious chin came up and out and his stance became slightly defensive. Mentally this made Irvine groan, because now Seifer felt they were both against him, his mask came up and he was all arrogance, his body stance taunting, his left brow raised, his slips slightly smirking. Irvine was at a loss, he didn't want lose all the ground he had gained, and didn't want to hurt Zell's feelings in front of Seifer. What the hell was he supposed to do? He was scrambling his grey-matter to come up with some kind of way to handle the situation when suddenly Seifer's eyes lit up and he turned to Zell.

"Well well well what do we have here; I do believe I see a Chicken-wuss standing here in front of me, ya know if you dyed your bangs slightly red, I might resort to calling you a rooster…hhhmmm…standing back and looking at you, no I don't think so, you're a natural Chicken and I think you should stick with it." Seifer smirked, but what was evident to Irvine was that Seifer really did get a kick out of teasing the diminutive blonde. Looking into those deep forest green eyes, he could see how it was a game to him, how there was no actual malice behind the verbal barbs. Irvine wondered how no one had ever seen this, and how many others Seifer played with in this way, with out the actual meanness that he was famous for. But he could see that Zell wasn't taking it this way, he was getting angry, feeling he was being attacked and was getting ready to retaliate when Irvine decided enough was enough, and spoke to Zell.

"Hey Zell, ya I was goin' shopping, but wanted to have breakfast first and ran into Seifer in the coffee shop. So we got to talkin' and ended up here. What are you doing here in town; didn't you and Squall have plans to do some training?"

The martial artist switched his attention from the larger and menacing (in his opinion) male to his friend and blushed slightly. This was interesting to Seifer, he could not remember when he ever saw Zell blush and he wondered what had caused it for a moment, and then it hit him, Squall. This was interesting, did the little chicken have a thing for the great Commander Leonhart. This might be more ammunition for his teasing of the smaller blonde.

Irvine watched Zell blush knowing exactly why he was blushing but then glanced over in Seifer's direction and realized that the he too had figured out what was making Zell red in the face.

"Well we decided to come to town, Squall needed to get a few things and I figured I could get some new clothes as well, though none of the girls were around when we left. So you wanna come along with us? Squall is over at the hotel making reservations for lunch, I'm sure we could always add to it."

Irvine could see it now, a third wheel with those two while they made, what they thought, was secret goo-goo eyes at each other, no thanks, he had much more important stuff right here on this dock. He just wasn't sure how to tell Zell that without it getting out of hand.

And knowing Zell it would, because he had already assumed that Seifer was there for nefarious reasons. The best thing he decided was to go with Zell and then before hitting the restaurant, leave for Garden.

"Sure thing Zell but why don't I catch up with you at the restaurant, I have to take care of a few things first," he could see Zell was going to attempt to balk, but he spoke quickly to forestall him. "I'll be there in a bit, probably in about 15 minutes ok."

Zell seeing the determined look in the cowboy's eyes knew when to keep his mouth shut and nodded and started to turn to leave, but turned back and glared in Seifer's direction, causing the taller blonde to smirk back. "Gotta problem with your eyes there Chicken, something in them, cause you sure are squinting funny there."

Zell huffed in annoyance and turned and stalked off, once again causing Seifer to start smirking and then he ended up chuckling. He turned to Irvine and caught the auburn haired cowboy looking at him very tenderly. He became flustered, not knowing what to say, or do or where to look, so he relied on his instincts and looked back directly into Irvine's eyes.

"I need to get going, but I would like to get together with you later if it's possible, will you meet me here say about 8:00 tonight?" Irvine asked Seifer with a hopeful tone in his voice. Seifer found himself agreeing, knowing that he would have agreed to nearly anything the cowboy asked at this moment, just to be able to see that look in the other man's eyes.

Irvine smiled and moved in close and pressed his lips to Seifer's kissing him softly yet wonderfully. Seifer felt currents of electricity running through his body, and could feel Irvine's reacting in the same manner and what had started out as a soft kiss, quickly filled with hunger, tongues dueling for dominance, hands sliding to each others waists, grasping for stability. Irvine's hands came up to hold Seifer's face within them and help him maintain the close contact, he wanted to devour the blonde, wanted to explore every bit of wetness within Seifer's mouth. They broke apart as explosively as they came together in that kiss and as they took deep breaths to attempt to normalize themselves, they looked at each other in awe.

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