Author's Notes: A short PWP fic I needed to do in order to get rid of some lemony thoughts... ^_^ Have to stay shounen-ai in another story I'm writing - at least for a little while longer (it's not up on Noire Sensus yet - will be once I finish it... until then it will only be up on Boredom...). Hope you enjoy the fic!


By AeroKnight

The door to Squall's office went open and a few seconds later it was shut with a force that meant business. In stepped a very furious Seifer. His eyes shone with anger as he placed himself before Squall's desk, arms crossed.

"Sit down," Squall ordered.

Seifer glared at the chair nearby for a moment, then looked back at Squall, refusing to meet his request. It had been a long time since he had been in Squall's office. And under very different circumstances. It had been when he had come and asked to be readmitted into Garden as a student. He had been full of hopes and dreams then. All of which had slowly perished...

"You wanted to see me?" Seifer snarled, narrowing his eyes.

Why did Seifer always have to be so difficult? Squall had tried his best to make Seifer's presence at Garden bearable... he knew how Seifer had acted when they were both students, before the Sorceress. Somehow he'd hoped Seifer would have been more mature the second time around. And he'd even seemed like it at the time Squall had agreed to his readmittance. But over the past few months his presence had gone from unnoticed back to Seifer's old loud attention craving self. Squall sighed.

"Yes. You know why." Squall replied in his usual monotonous voice, lacking of even the slightest hint of emotion. "So... what do you think would be sufficient punishment?"

Seifer tensed at the word punishment, then walked away from Squall's desk, over to a window overlooking Garden. He felt his anger leave him momentarily. Instead sorrow and regret consumed him. He shrugged. "I don't know, Leonhart, I don't know..."

Squall turned in his swivel chair and let his eyes rest on the handsome blonde. Did Seifer just sound sad? He frowned. He hadn't expected that. He turned back to his desk and began typing on his laptop. "I think two weeks with three hours of extra study each day with an additional test at the end will do you good. I'll send a note to your instructor with the details. Report to him after training tomorrow."

Seifer shrugged. He didn't care anymore. He didn't care about his studies, about becoming a SeeD, about anything. It could all just go to hell. A smirk forced its way to his lips, a sudden realization coming to mind. He removed his glare from the window and placed it on Squall instead. To Squall, Seifer thought, this was just another issue he had handled, nothing more. He was probably already thinking about his next task at hand. Seifer wouldn't have it. He had to make Squall understand... to make him think, feel something... no matter the consequences. He walked over to Squall with a determination only surpassed by Squall's, when Squall had fought Sorceress Ultimecia.

Squall wondered who Seifer's instructor was. He couldn't remember. Damn, he hated the Garden systems, they were always so hard to look up things in. He hoped Seifer's 'punishment' would do Seifer some good. He sincerely hoped that Seifer would pass the next SeeD exam. He opened another window on his laptop, hoping he would at last find the system that held the student's profiles, when he felt someone stand close by. Too close.

"Rinoa?" he asked, disconcerned. It didn't occur to him that Seifer hadn't left his office yet and not much time had passed since he'd told Seifer about the penalty.

"No..." a masculine voice purred close to his ear, as he felt arms grab the sides of his chair and someone lean dangerously close in on him. His heart beat mercilessly as he felt something wet play with his earlobe and he recognized the clothing the person wore as Seifer's.

"Seifer..." he half whispered, as he hastily turned around and stood up. But just as fast, Seifer rose to his feet, and trapped Squall against Squall's desk, his hands on the desk on each of Squall's sides. Squall's chocolate colored bangs fell in his face as he looked at Seifer with surprise and felt himself tremble. He didn't understand Seifer's strange behavior. Seifer was grinning at him. Why was he grinning at him?

"So beautiful..." Seifer whispered and leaned in to kiss Squall.

"Stop!" Squall ordered, trying desperately to avoid Seifers lips. He tried to punch Seifer, but just as soon as his hands had left the desk, Seifer's had caught them, forcing them back down. "Hush... I'm not gonna hurt you," Seifer said and continued his quest to capture Squall's lips. Finally he reached Squall's mouth and felt Squall's body against him, tensed as hell. Seifer moved his mouth slightly away from Squall's but pressed his forehead against Squall's instead. "Relax... I just want to kiss you before I leave."

Squall looked at Seifer from beneath his lashes. Why did he feel so aroused? Rinoa was his girlfriend... or more a friend he called girlfriend to avoid others from coming on to him. But why was he aroused by someone forcing himself on him... and especially Seifer.

He felt Seifer gently press his lips against Squall's own, nibbling at his upperlip. It felt so right, every limb in his body warmed by Seifer's touches. He cursed himself for feeling what he did, but in spite of his inner turmoil, he opened his mouth slowly, breathed out, and began kissing Seifer passionately.

Seifer paused for a moment. Was Squall actually kissing him? With passion? This was too good to be true. Why the fuck hadn't he done this sooner?! He let his grip on Squall's wrists loosen, absorbed by the feeling of tasting and kissing Squall.

Squall didn't try to fight Seifer any longer. He wanted Seifer. More than anything else... he could feel that... along with hands sliding up beneath his shirt, caressing his back.

"Oh Squall, I want you..." Seifer whispered into their kiss. Squall closed his eyes, overcome by the experience of holding, wanting Seifer. Wanting someone at all. But in the absence of the passionate look in Seifer's green eyes, he soon opened his eyes again. He knew what he was doing was wrong, but at the same time more right than anything, so nothing could stop him, not even himself. His hands moved to embrace Seifer underneath the heavy cloth of Seifer's trenchcoat.

It had to be a dream. Squall embracing him, kissing him. It had to be a figment of his own imagination. Real; it couldn't be. It couldn't be the cold Squall with the non-existent emotional life he held in his arms, and so willingly returned his touches.

The desk moved sligthly as Seifer unvoluntaringly thrusted against Squall and a thud was heard outside the office as a couple of books fell of the desk. Laughs followed. One distinctly recognisable as Seifer's; the other hang odd in the air. Squall hadn't laughed in a long time.

An amorous look greeted Seifer, as he retuned to look at Squall after having been distracted by the books. Squall actually smiled at him. Squal smiled. Squall smiled at him. With a groan brought on by the longing, Seifer grapped Squall by his hips and placed him on the desk. Whilst pressing himself against Squall and kissing the soft skin of his throat, he removed Squall's jacket and shirt. When the shirt went off, he retreated a bit to admire the view before him. A half-naked SeeD commander, sexier than he had ever dared to imagine.

Squall blushed, noticing Seifer's admiration, then raised his hands to grap the top of Seifer's trenchcoat pulling him back down and kissing him. Seifer grinned wildly at Squall's incentive and gladly responded by removing his trenchcoat. Seifer's top soon followed, torn off by Squall, who had motioned himself to sit upright on the desk, to hold and kiss Seifer, his long legs wrapped around Seifer, their naked chests touching.

"Nnnnnn...This is nice" Seifer murmured into their continuous kiss, lowering them on the desk whilst rubbing his crotch against Squall's ass. "Whoa, not wasting any time, huh?" Squall said playfully as Seifer began tugging at his pants.

A shiver passed through Squall's body as Seifer pulled Squall's pants down to his knees, freeing his erection. Squall felt Seifer all over him, touching him, licking him, moving against him. Seifer left a small trail of moisture as he made his way down Squall's upperbody with his mouth. He almost couldn't breathe, thinking about the adventure his mouth would soon embark upon. Squall gasped and jerked as Seifer finally reached his tip. Although having been with Rinoa for four months they had never done anything sexual... nor had Squall ever before. Only when he was alone. And even then he didn't do much, so Seifer's sudden licking and sucking at the most sensitive part of him sent enormous jolts of euphoria through him.

The door to Squall's office went open, and a nervous Quistis entered. Seifer looked up in disbelief and in return of moving his mouth from Squall, began stroking Squall's arousal with his hand. Much to his dissapointment, Squall stiffened and grabbed Seifer by the wrist, forcing him to stop, pulled Seifer off to the side and hopped off the desk and quickly put his trousers back on. "What is it?" Squall asked, looking at Quistis.

Quistis stared blankly at the floor. "Um... I-I just came because... you know Zell set up the whole security system, right?" she paused, as Squall was beginning to grasp the meaning. Seifer was irritated to pieces by their interruption, and didn't hesitate to send Quistis a corresponding look.

"Yes?" Squall said.

" was today my class was to be shown the security system... so about 26 students was there when Zell said 'For instance, you can switch to see what's happening in the Commander's office' and switched the main screen to your... um... interaction..."

"FUCK!!!" Seifer cursed, knowing how Squall would react. Squall would probably be ashamed to death because of it. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!!!" he continued, then looked up to meet the alien sight of Squall's contemptous glare. What? Not seconds ago the beautiful lithe body standing in front of him had jerked underneath him in pleasure... and now... now Squall felt contempt?

"You did this on purpose, right? To hurt me, right?" Squall hissed, and then turned to stomp out of the room. "Well... you succeeded." he said in a low voice just before he was out of sight.

Everything went silent. Seifer couldn't hear anything but his heart beat. He replayed the past 30 minutes of his life, unable to comprehend the lot of it. How could so much happen, so many emotions consume him in such a short amout of time.

"Fuck." he stated. "I finally get Squall... the way I've always wanted him... so close... and of course it get's fucked up. God dammit, I love that son of a bitch. Why can't he see that?"

Quistis watched in awe as Seifer's body tensed and saw a tear slip out of the corner of his eye. This wasn't the Seifer she knew. Not like him at all. She wondered if Seifer had always loved Squall, and if that had been the reason for his odd behavior around Squall. Of course it was... she sighed as she followed Seifer with her eyes as he took his top and trenchcoat back on, tears slowly trickling down his cheeks.

"Ask him that, Seifer." she said in a low voice, wondering why she was trying to help him.

"The fuck I won't. If he thinks I could have planned anything as coldhearted as this, then so be it. I'm not able to change his perception. For a minute I thought I was, but I obviously wasn't." he stated coldly, wiped the tears away and walked out of the office, leaving Quistis.

Squall had retreated to his own quarters of Balamb Garden. He had been placed in a nice two bedroom flat on the second floor. It was where Cid had lived until he left to join his wife Edea in Centra. They were rebuilding the old orphanage. Squall had went straight to bed, feeling something tear inside him. Feelings.

A loud banging on his door penetrated the air.

"Squall, you in there?" a female voice known as that of Quistis Trepe asked.

"Open up!" she demanded.

Squall didn't answer, just drew the bedcovers up over his head, escaping reallity.

"Squall, open up RIGHT NOW!!!" she shouted. She knew he was in there and decided she wouldn't stop banging on his door before he let her in. He must've read her mind, because not long after, the door to his room was opened slightly. "Get in" he ordered. He looked dissappointed and angry.

Quistis went in, a bit reluctant because of the look that had greeted her. Inside she sat at Squall's table following his every move with her eyes.

Squall noticed Quistis' stare and felt even more uneasy than before. She placed his jacket and shirt on the table. Heat rose to his cheeks as he thought about the warmth Seifer's proximity had caused.

"I don't think Seifer had anything to do with what happened today... at least not the coincidence..." Quistis finally spoke, breaking the temporary silence that had settled.

"I just thought you should know that... and... I also think you hurt him pretty badly with that statement, before you ran off."

"What do I care?" Squall asked in a sour tone.

"Well, you seemed to care quite a lot before I interrupted you" Quistis said, smirking. "And knowing you, I know you wouldn't do anything like that if you didn't mean business."

The tearing feeling inside deepened with every word Quistis spoke. It was true that he had never felt anything like when Seifer had touched him today. Never wanted anything like it. But on the other hand he couldn't deny the deeply rooted distrust he felt towards Seifer after everything Seifer had caused earlier in his life.

It was always fun to watch Squall talk to himself. His glare froze and eyes went blank, it was like his soul left his body temporarily and went somewhere else to dicuss the matter at hand. Quistis watched Squall go through the motions and then suddenly snapped back to reality and went out of the room, determined.

Bare-chested the Commander of Balamb Garden, searched the halls. Giggles and probing stares met him everywhere he went. He didn't care. For once, he didn't care what others thought, only what one person thought. He had reached the dorms when he finally realized that he didn't know which dorm was Seifer's, which made his quest almost impossible.

"You there," he said, eyeing one of the younger male students. "You know in what room Seifer Almasy lives?"

"No sir," he said, staring at the desperate Commander. He gulped. "Try down the hall and then to the right. I've seen him there often."

"Thanks," Squall managed to say before he continued his desperate search.

It didn't take long for him to follow the student's advise. When he went down the hall and then to the right there wasn't any students he could ask for further guidance. "Damn" he said, knocking on one of the doors. He had to see Seifer.

The door opened and a confused female student stood in the opening, her eyes moving up and down the half-naked Commander. "Yes?" she asked.

"Do you know which number Seifer Almasy stays in?" Squall asked, hurriedly.

"I'd say no. 111... 113 or something like that... just over there" she said, pointing at a door a little further down the hall. "Yeah, no. 111, that's it". She kept her eyes on the Commander as he turned with a "Thank you" and headed straight for the door she'd pointed at. She wondered what Seifer had done this time, and secretly wished it was herself the Commander came to see half-naked. Despite his mood.

Squall's patience was running low when he finally reached no. 111. He took a deep breath, preparing himself for everything then slowly opened the door. "Damn," he breathed again, when he got inside. It was a double dorm. And both doors were shut. Now... which one should he choose?

"Seifer!!!" he yelled, confident that any student he yelled at would present themselves before him immediately. But there was no answer. And that was when Squall realised that he didn't even know what to say to Seifer when he found Seifer.

"Seifer, please..." he said. Nothing happened. A few minutes passed. "Seifer," he repeated.

One of the doors slid open. "What do you want?" Seifer asked standing in the doorway.

"...Can I come in?" Squall asked.

"Sure..." Seifer sighed "'s your Garden," and let Squall pass by him and into his room. What Squall wanted was beyond his comprehension. Maybe to take a swing at him to let go of some of the anger. That would definitely account for the fact that Squall seemed upset and hadn't put his clothes back on.

"So... what do you want?" Seifer asked again. To be in Squall's presence without being able to touch him was torturing him more than he'd imagined. Squall didn't answer. They just stood there for what seemed like hours, neither of them moving or speaking.

"I'll leave tomorrow... don't worry Leonhart..." Seifer finally said, trying his best to grin at the same time but failed miserably. Instead his eyes narrowed and he looked sad.

"What?" Squall whispered, looking up at the blonde.

"You heard me... first thing tomorrow morning..." Seifer said trying to understand why Squall looked so distant and frowned all of a sudden.


"No buts!" Seifer cut him off "Now get out before I tie you to my bed and have my way with you".

Squall swallowed and looked away from Seifer momentarily. "Ok." Squall said not moving an inch.

Silence filled the room until Seifer finally began to chuckle. "What?" he asked, grinning, the sparks in his green eyes reappearing.

"You heard me..." Squall replied, his frown finally fading and instead a sexy grin appeared as he let his eyes meet Seifer's. He went over to Seifer, stading only inches away from the tall blonde. He wanted to be kissed, waited to be kissed.

"B-But you just-" Seifer began.

"I know... I'm sorry... I wasn't thinking straight... I want you! Damn, I ran through Garden looking like this to find you..."

That was all Seifer needed to know. With a joy he hadn't felt in a long time, Seifer embraced the shorter brunette and kissed him softly.

"You really want me?" Seifer asked, insecure. Squall look into the depth of Seifer's eyes, searching his own soul for answers.

"Yes. I didn't know 'til today. But I realized the moment you kissed me. It felt like I'd always wanted it... I just wasn't aware of it... I've never wanted anyone..." Squall replied passionately and began nibbling at Seifer lower lip, a sudden hunger overwhelming him. A hunger only Seifer could sate.

Seifer frowned. "But Rinoa?"

"Please!" Squall exclaimed. "Don't make me think about her."

Seifer furrowed his brows in response and smiled at his love. He didn't understand how all this had happened, but didn't care, not as long as he had Squall. He moved his hands down to touch Squall's ass. He'd always admired the perfect shaped ass and wanted to feel it. Squall giggled slightly as Seifer groped his ass, massaging it forcefully with his fingers. It didn't take long for Squall to get hard. Seifer noticed the bulge forming in Squall pants and moved one of his hands down to stroke it. He then kneeled in front of Squall keeping eye contact whilst working on Squall's pants. Even though he'd only done it once before, it didn't take long for him to undo the belts and remove the pants. He grinned lecherously at the sight before him and playfully placed his teeth round the tip. Squall gasped and thrust his hips a little forward, demanding Seifer to get on with it.

"Naughty..." Seifer commented, getting up. Squall frowned. What was Seifer doing?

When standing upright, Seifer sweept Squall up in his arms in a fast motion. Squall was completely taken aback by it, but felt pleased as he was placed in Seifer's bed. He watched Seifer undress and finally get into the bed, too. Seifer placed himself on top of the seductive brunette, leaning down to kiss him. He felt Squall's arms encircle him, Squall's hands fondle the small of his back. He kissed Squall with an intensity built up over all the years of longing. He savoured Squall's taste, having relish for its sweetness. He let his hand move down to massage the soft skin of Squall's hip, and after a few seconds moved them to the much more interesting place of the inside of Squall's thighs, still kissing him passionately. Squall started slightly at the feeling of Seifer caressing his opening.

"Don't worry, you'll like it," Seifer said, motioning himself to sit up. Squall watched in amazement as Seifer covered his erection and fingers with saliva. He couldn't believe he was going to feel Seifer inside of him in a matter of minutes. Squall blushed... which in turn made Seifer grin.

Gently, Seifer lay down on top of Squall again and carefully probed Squall's entrance with his finger. Squall gasped at the penetration, but felt it somewhat pleasurable. Another finger entered whilst Seifer began suckling at Squall's nipple. He heard Squall moan loudly as a third finger went in. But in spite of what Seifer thought at the time, the moan came from pure pleasure and not pain. Seifer slowly removed his fingers which gained him a typical Squall frown. He laughed. Why did Squall have to be so damn seductive.

Squall breathed in in anticipation as he felt Seifer's tip press against his opening. Moments later his vision blurred and he felt every limb of his body tingle with the undescribable feeling of having Seifer inside him. Seifer began to thrust slowly into the lithe man beneath him He never wanted to have to stop, so instead of increasing the pace he kept going slow, driving the brunette crazy.

"Fuck....Se..ifer......c-come on....harder..." Squall let out between his stream of gasps and moaning.

Seifer couldn't resist Squall's request and thrust as hard and fast into Squall as possible feeling close to climax.

"Oh....Seifer..." Squall moaned as Seifer slowed the pace again "I-I'm die!!!"

A few more thrust and Squall's cum squirted out on both of them, seconds later followed by Seifer's orgasm. The feeling of Seifer coming inside of him made Squall feel more complete than he ever had. Seifer fell down exhausted on top of Squall, who nuzzled against his lover. Sated.

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