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His Wicked Ways

By Pixie518

He came awake gradually, the sun’s rays streaming through the partially open window, glaring and unsettling. He resisted, turning over to escape the evasive light. But as he turned, his eyes opened the tiniest bit and there he was, his regal beauty almost tender in repose. His full lips, slack and tempting, the sharp edge of his cheekbones, almost feline in their slant, the gentle slope of his neck. His chest swelled in the way that it did whenever he lay eyes on Seifer Almasy. His sooty lashes fluttered, brushing slightly against his cheeks as he slowly came awake. The green of his eyes was as blinding as the sun’s rays and Squall moved over him before he had time to focus his vision. Bracing himself over Seifer’s prone figure, Squall lowered his mouth and smiled against his lover’s lips when Seifer tightened his hold on his hips. He recognized Seifer’s desire almost immediately when his kisses became heated and he began to move restlessly against Squall.

Squall clasped Seifer’s wrists in his hands and raised them slowly over his head, pinning them to the pillow his golden head rested on. Seifer moaned against Squall’s lips, his desire rising against Squall’s thigh. He lifted his knees, cradling Squall between his thighs. More of an invitation than Squall needed. He claimed him quickly; driving into him mindlessly. Seifer arched his back, exposing his throat to Squall, his pale skin against the white linens serving to further inflame Squall. He felt Seifer’s legs slide against the backs of his thighs and it was enough. Leaning down to fix his mouth to Seifer’s neck, he sank his teeth into him, feeling as though he could feed on him. Seifer let out a low keening cry and Squall’s world spun in a haze of red mist when his body jerked over Seifer, spilling into him effortlessly.

Unable to open his eyes, or even to move from his position, spent as he was, he placed a small kiss against Seifer’s shoulder and tried to catch his breath.

"Good morning, love." The voice was teasing, sardonic, and Squall could only picture the knowing smirk that would be fixed to Seifer’s lips. He panted in response. He was simply unable to articulate at that moment. Joining with Seifer had turned out to be an almost holy experience. The kind of mating that was wild, yet precise and all encompassing. He doubted he’d ever again be touched in such a way.

He lifted his head to gaze down at him, brown locks tumbling into his eyes. Seifer reached up to casually brush them aside and trailed a thumb down Squall’s cheek. Coming from anyone else the gesture would have been tender, entreating even. Coming from Seifer, it was mocking and controlling. And it thrilled Squall deep into his heart. Seifer remained silent, but kept his eyes trained on Squall. His gaze was unnerving and Squall’s tongue felt heavy and useless, unable to form words. He didn’t look away, however, and in this way he proved himself equal to Seifer. Or so he thought.

"Well…I suppose." Squall began hesitantly, and he made a small sound of surprise when Seifer dumped him unceremoniously onto his back. He moved to his closet and drew out his clothes, dressing quickly.

"You suppose you ought to get going, you had a great time, you want to see me later, blah, blah, blah…stop me if I’m getting warm." There was no emotion in his voice when he spoke and it cut into Squall like a blade. He winced when Seifer punctuated his words by slamming his closet door.

Squall stood awkwardly, holding the sheet around his waist as he rose from the bed.

"Hey…Seifer?" He spoke softly, wanting to touch him but not quite daring enough. Seifer didn’t turn around, but paused at the entrance of his door, waiting. Squall searched his mind for the right words; he didn’t want to rouse Seifer’s temper.

"Don’t leave." Two words, very simple. Squall winced at the sound of his own voice. But Seifer seemed pleased by the entreating tone and he turned slowly, gazing in Squall’s direction from over his shoulder. He raised an eyebrow as if to say ‘I’m waiting’. Squall understood. He had to make this one count.

"I did have a great time. And you know very well that I want to see you later. But don’t talk to me as if I’m some transient lay you can kick out of bed when it’s done. There’s more to us than that, there always has been, and you know it. So don’t put up your walls with me Seifer Almasy, because you know that I’m the only one who knows how to knock them back down."

Seifer’s eyes narrowed and Squall licked his lips, prepared to do battle. It wouldn’t be the first time, and he knew what to expect. Seifer faced him squarely and his eyes leveled on Squall, not missing the set of his jaw or the look in his stormy eyes. Slowly he smiled, and when Seifer smiled, it was like stepping into the path of a sunbeam, warm and assuring and so much more. He moved toward Squall and held out his hand. Squall took it tentatively, beginning to rise to his feet. He didn’t quite make it. Seifer jerked him close, hauling him up against his chest and fisting his hands in Squall’s hair. He pulled back, not gently, and Squall elicited a small grunt of pain as his neck snapped back.

"Remember who you’re talking to, Commander. Just because I let you fuck me five minutes ago doesn’t mean you’re in charge." He released Squall abruptly and he staggered back against the bed, regaining his balance at the last second.

When Squall rose to his feet again, Seifer smiled at him. Squall’s gaze didn’t waver; he refused to exhibit any weakness. Seifer laughed, a short, mocking sound, and tossed Squall his jacket.

"You better get going. Cid’s gonna wonder where his golden boy is this morning."

"Well, maybe I’ll tell him where I’ve been. How’s that?" He smirked at Seifer, enjoying the way his stance grew even more rigid. He moved closer to Seifer, close enough to see the rise and fall of his chest, and he paused.

"I’ll tell him what you let me do to you last night and how you begged me not to stop." Seifer didn’t move and Squall lifted his chin and ran his tongue up the curve of Seifer’s ear. Squall smiled to himself when he felt Seifer shudder. He kissed his cheek softly and tightened his hold on Seifer’s neck.

"Don’t play with me Seifer, I’ll pull rank on you in a heartbeat." He released his grip on the tall blond and made his way to the door. At the door he turned to Seifer.

"I’ll see you tonight, leave the door unlocked."

Seifer felt the slow burn when the door slammed. His eyes narrowed as he looked toward the bed, already plotting the revenge he would exact there tonight.

Zell stood casually, one foot bracing him against the wall near the elevator. He watched Squall approach, his long legged stride eating up the distance between them. Zell slid his tongue along the edge of his full bottom lip as he watched Squall’s spare, purposeful movements bring him closer. His eyes rolled heavenward and he just barely managed to stifle the groan that had formed in his throat.

Squall lifted his head as he mounted the steps and Zell came into his line of vision. He smiled at him, genuinely glad to see him. Zell had a way of lifting his spirits unlike anyone else of his acquaintance. Something about the curve of his lips and the mischief in his eyes. For about the ten thousandth time in the past year Squall allowed himself to imagine what it would be like to pin Zell under him. Would he acquiesce? Or better still, would he fight? The thought of Zell fighting beneath him brought a sensual curve to his mouth. And as soon as the daydream began to materialize, Seifer’s image rose to the forefront. Damn.

He shook his head to clear the traitorous thoughts from his mind and by that time Zell was at his side, smiling easily at him.

"Squall! Baby! What’s up?" His blue eyes searched Squall’s stormy ones and he punched Squall playfully on the arm.

"Well? Why so serious?" At Squall’s raised eyebrow, Zell laughed to himself.

"That was a stupid question." Squall’s sardonic tone elicited yet another smile from Zell.

Zell moved into the elevator with Squall, making no move to choose a floor. Squall assumed that he’d be following him up to his office. Sometimes he did that, just to have someone to chatter to. He wondered why he didn’t have a girlfriend. But, come to think of it, Squall couldn’t recall ever seeing Zell with a girl, other than Quistis and Selphie. He and Rinoa pretty much avoided each other like the plague. Hell, since they’d broken up, she’d avoided all of them like the plague, which suited Squall just fine. He didn’t have the time or the inclination to be constantly dealing with her drama. Besides, she wasn’t all that great in bed, unlike…

"Hey, Squall! Third floor buddy!" He nodded toward the door ahead of them. Squall snapped out of his reverie. As they made their way into Cid’s old office, Squall wanted to ask Zell why he didn’t hang out with anyone. But he already knew the answer. No one really understood Zell the way he understood him. They’d been through some tough times together, and now, Squall could look at Zell and know what he was thinking. Or so he thought…

Zell followed Squall’s movements across the room. Watched him casually toss aside his jacket, grab a folder off the desk, and then ease back into his chair, stretching out his long legs to rest his feet on the corner of his desk. Every move he made was precise, controlled, and it made Zell want to drag him to the floor and make him relinquish the tight grip he had on his self-control. Instead, he eased one hip against the edge of the desk and quietly observed Squall studying the paperwork before him. After several minutes of silence, Squall finally raised his eyes to Zell.

"Did you want me for something, Zell?" Zell shrugged non-commitally.

"Nah, just looking for some company, I guess." Squall offered him a half smile.

"No training today?" He inquired teasingly. Zell shrugged again.

"If you’re not busy later, I guess we could…" Zell’s voice trailed off at Squall’s probing glance. He sat quietly for a second and then lowered his feet to the floor.

"Seifer’s probably not doing anything right now, and he can use the workout. His trial’s coming up in a few days." Squall was unprepared for the venomous look Zell shot him.

"I’m not training with that traitor. I wouldn’t turn my back on him for anything. He can’t be trusted. You, of all people, should know that." His words were forceful and Squall didn’t want to argue with him.

"He’s not all bad, Zell. Give him a chance, will you?" Squall’s voice was soft but insistent. Zell couldn’t look him in the eyes and tell him no when he sounded like that. So he lowered his eyes and nodded, pretending not to notice the smile that spread across Squall’s beautiful face. Zell rose from the desk and moved toward the door.

"Well, I guess I’ll go find something to get into." Zell sighed, a silly grin on his face. He was becoming a master at disguising his feelings, particularly from Squall. Squall smiled with him.

"Maybe you’ll get lucky in the cafeteria." Squall laughed, referring to Zell’s insatiable quest for the almighty hot dog.

"When has that ever happened before? I don’t expect it to start now." He walked toward the outer door, hands in his pockets. Looking over his shoulder, he called back to Squall.

"Maybe I’ll see ya later." It was a casual statement, and was taken as such. Squall lifted his head slightly in acknowledgment.

"Yeah, sure, I’ll see you later." He returned his attention to the papers scattered across his desk when he heard the elevator door open and close.

Zell waited for the elevator doors to close before he pulled his hands out of his pockets; one fist still tightly clenched. A secret smile played across his lips when he slowly opened his fist and gazed down at his prize.

Squall’s necklace lay still and small in his hand. It looked so much larger and important when it was fixed around Squall’s graceful neck. Now it looked more like an insignificant ornament than the talisman it would soon become.

"You should really pay more attention to people standing at your back, Commander." He spoke quietly to himself in a silky voice. "You never know what you might lose…

Seifer was lying on the bed when he heard Squall come into the room. He was stretched out on his back, ankles crossed, his upper body propped up on his elbows. His expression was mild.

Squall knew Seifer was waiting in the bedroom the second he entered the room. It was still, the lights were off. He eased out of his jacket and cast it aside; he didn’t look to see where it had landed. He had only one thing on his mind at that moment and the very thought of it caused the excitement to build slowly. Seifer knew exactly how to play the game and knowing he was playing it made it that much better.

He entered the bedroom and his gaze fell immediately to the bed. He was there, stretched out, totally relaxed, looking as if he couldn’t care less. He made no move to rise when he saw Squall. He raised an eyebrow and his lips curled up into their familiar smirk. He didn’t say a word. He wanted Squall to lose his temper or become impatient. He got off on other people’s aggravation. Not tonight Almasy…

He rested his hands on his flat stomach for just a second. He noticed Seifer’s gaze flicker and he almost smiled. He’d noticed all right. Noticed, and wondered what he would do next. Deciding to tease him just a bit, Squall gripped the edges of his T-shirt and lifted it slowly, exposing his chest inch by inch. Seifer swallowed but remained impassive. Squall pulled the shirt over his head and let it drop to the floor.

Seifer made no move toward him and so Squall stood where he was. He began to toy with the buckles on his belts suggestively. Seifer licked his lips. Squall watched him grip the blankets tightly within his fists. Just a little more, he thought, he won’t be able to hold back much longer.

Squall unhooked his belts with the flick of one finger and they slid down his hips to tangle at his feet. He stood in the near darkness, supremely confident, his leather jeans slung low on his hips. Seifer’s chest began to rise and fall with rapid, shallow breaths. His body began to tense and he could feel the sheen of sweat that had broken out over him when Squall had taken off his belts. He knew Squall was waiting for him to acquiesce, to weaken, and Hyne help him but he was close.

Squall’s pink, pointed tongue snaked out to wet his lower lip and before it could even dry Seifer was off the bed and pulling him into his arms, his lips moving over Squall’s in the way he loved so much. Squall fit against his chest as if he made to be there and for once he didn’t fight. Seifer felt as though if he let go of Squall, he would slide right out of his arms.

Seifer tightened his hold on Squall and was rewarded with those soft throaty whimpers that made him weak. As Seifer began to back Squall toward the bed, the entire room was suddenly awash with light, followed by the low rumble of thunder in the distance. They both raised their heads; eyes turned to the window. Still clinging to Seifer, Squall watched the lightening illuminate the sky before turning his face into Seifer’s neck.

"What’s going on?" He whispered. Seifer shrugged.

"Probably just a storm." He lowered his mouth to Squall’s neck and bit him softly. Squall moaned and pressed his body closer to Seifer’s but he couldn’t shake the feeling of uneasiness that had come upon him so suddenly…

Zell knelt before the small altar, candles flickering wildly. He chanted softly, his words unintelligible. Oblivious to the storm he had called up, he whispered feverishly, Squall’s necklace clutched tightly in his hands. The lightening zigzagged a wild pattern across the sky, clawing the walls and reducing the candlelight to nothing more than a few shadows. And still he continued his incantation solemnly…

Cover of darkness, Fury of night

Shadows that scurry, hiding from light…

"Do you hear that?" Squall’s voice was breathless and full of wonder. Seifer sighed in annoyance.

"No, I don’t. It’s nothing, just a storm." He attempted to silence Squall with a forceful kiss, craving blessed silence. Squall closed his eyes and relented for the briefest of seconds before struggling against Seifer once again.

"No, it’s not the storm." He shook his head, convinced of what he’d heard.

"Don’t you hear that voice?" He looked around, bewildered.

Seifer made a sound that sounded suspiciously like a growl and dragged Squall’s head back by his hair. His eyes glowed in the stormy light and Squall silenced again as the familiar pull of desire overcame his wandering mind. Seifer relaxed, satisfied, as Squall came to heel again, wrapping his arms around his waist and pressing his lips to the hollow of his throat. Seifer placed his finger under Squall’s chin and tilted his face up to his. He studied his lover’s face a moment before he returned his mouth to Squall’s, ravaging his mouth with his own as he tugged Squall’s pants off of him.

Squall didn’t resist and before he really knew what had happened, he was naked, on his back on Seifer’s bed, watching Seifer shed his clothes quickly. He felt as though he were watching the scene from far away, instead of being a part of it. He could see himself through someone else’s eyes and his breath began coming in short gasps. What the hell is going on? He watched Seifer as if in a dream, moving over him, his arms on either side of Squall, pinning him in. Nowhere to run.

Out of nowhere the thought came upon him. Run? Why would I run? Seifer was speaking softly to him, but he couldn’t hear the words. His ears were filled with an otherworldly high-pitched wail and he squeezed his eyes shut to ward off the hazy darkness he was rushing into.

Give to me what I most desire,

Burn the sky, flames and fire…

Squall shook his head, he could hear the words as clear as day. Who was that? He felt as if he were falling, weightless. Seifer was peering at him, eyebrows drawn together, but Squall couldn’t make out his words. He closed his hands over Squall’s arms and shook him, but Squall was not with him anymore. He was in a vaguely familiar room where shadows danced on the walls, and the sweet smell lured him closer. He could make out a figure crouched low to the floor, swathed in shadows and moonlight. Squall wanted to call out to the figure, but couldn’t make out an identity.

Give his soul to me, entrust his heart to mine

Wreath his love around me, this is my design

Seifer was shouting now, calling Squall back, not caring who heard him. His voice was lost amid the plundering storm and as it reached its crescendo, Squall’s breath halted once, twice, and ceased. Seifer was on his knees, cradling him tightly against his chest. He began to plead, with whatever spiritual entity may be listening. Give him back; bring him back…Squall…

Zell stood slowly, the necklace dangling loosely from his fingertips. He swayed on his feet, his mind not his own. He peered out into the storm and breathed his love’s name softly. Over and over, and as the necklace slipped from his grasp, he hit his knees once again, letting the power wash over him and breathed the final words.

Love me…Love me…

One single teardrop leaked from Zell’s eye; hung suspended from his lashes for the smallest second and then it was falling. And as it splashed onto the floor, the thunder crashed again, and Squall sucked air back into his lungs. Big, gasping breaths, restoring him to this world and Seifer touched his forehead against Squall’s heart; thankful he’d been heard. As the words he’d never spoken aloud to another human being formed on his lips, Squall opened his eyes and uttered just one word. Seifer felt his blood freeze as the sound reached his ears. His voice rose frighteningly in his denial and Squall’s eyes began to flutter closed again, his strength wrenched from him. He breathed the word again, the reverence in his tone driving into Seifer’s heart like a dagger.


Zell awoke slowly, as if from a bad dream. His mind was foggy and his thoughts a bit scrambled. He sat up reluctantly and the night came rushing back to him. The water still clung to his window screen, the droplets translucent in the early light. The candles had burned down to unrecognizable lumps of wax. The incense pervaded every corner, almost haunting with its lingering scent.

He was wearing the clothes he’d had on the day before. He shoes were still on his feet. Glancing down at them, he saw Squall’s necklace lying on the floor. It looked broken and useless. Zell couldn’t believe the spell had worked, given the appearance of the necklace. Luckily, Squall didn’t have to be wearing the talisman in order for the spell to work. If it had worked, he’d know right away.

He rose to his feet and walked to the bathroom. He splashed water onto his face and rubbed it back into his hair. He had to see him, couldn’t wait any longer.

Seifer rolled away from the sunlight. Dammit. Why did morning have to come so early? As he came awake, he became aware of the lingering feeling of uneasiness. Something didn’t seem right. Something was not as it should be. He shielded his eyes against the light and scanned the room. Squall wasn’t here, of course. Well, that was normal. He never stayed the night. What happened last night? Why couldn’t he remember anything? He could feel the silky sheets on his bare skin; he was still naked. They’d obviously made love, he remembered laying Squall on the bed, and then… nothing. He sat up in bed, rubbing his eyes. He’d go to Squall and ask him what the hell had happened last night.

Squall was in his office, staring into space. He stood by the window, his eyes taking in the aftermath of last night’s storm. He remembered it vaguely, the sound and the feel of the thunder. He had awakened in Seifer’s bed, the sheets like tangled silk. Seifer hadn’t stirred when he’d left the bed, and then the room. He’d been tempted to wake him and ask why he couldn’t remember the previous night, but he suspected that Seifer would only tease him for it. So, he’d refrained. He pursed his lips, thinking, trying to recall something, anything. It had been one of the strangest feelings he’d ever had. He couldn’t shake the feeling that something had happened.

He was pulled from his thoughts by a small rap on the door. He didn’t wait to be granted entrance, simply opened the door and stood in the doorway, silent. Squall’s line of vision landed squarely on Zell Dincht and he felt as if the air he breathed rushed out of him all at once. His lips parted, as if to speak, but no words came to him. He simply stared. Zell looked…different. He wasn’t smiling, wasn’t talking, wasn’t constantly moving. Squall’s knees buckled and he would have lost his balance if Zell hadn’t moved so quickly. He was beside him, pulling him close, holding him up.

"Zell…" he whispered.

"I’m here. Hold on to me. Please, Squall, hold on to me." He fisted his hands into Squall’s silky hair and buried his face into his neck. It felt like heaven. This is heaven.

Seifer saw Zell headed toward the elevator and knew at once where he was going. Sneaky little bastard…He was prepared for anything at this point but the sight of Squall clinging to Zell as though his life depended on it caused Seifer’s heart to constrict painfully. Angry with himself for being stupid enough to give his heart away, he kicked open the door and faced them down.

They looked up at the same time, Zell’s expression triumphant, Squall’s slightly ill. He held out a hand, beckoning.

"Seifer…" His tone was pleading. Seifer scowled at the both of them, his countenance making him resemble an avenging angel.

"Save it." He spat out. He turned his gaze to Zell, who was holding Squall quite possessively.

"You think he’s yours? Think again, Zell." His tone was mocking and Squall shuddered at the sound of it. Seifer wasn’t finished.

"He won’t love you. He can’t love you. You’re not enough to keep him; you have to know that. Don’t delude yourself, Zell. I don’t know what the hell kind of trick you’ve pulled, but it’s not going to work. He’ll be back in my bed before the week is up." He leveled a heated glance on Squall and then spun about, causing the door to snap against its hinges when he left.

Squall lowered his head, near tears. When had he fallen in love with Seifer? And why did he have to realize it too late? He looked up at Zell and felt a familiar stirring. How could he love Seifer and still feel this way toward Zell? And suddenly, it all fell into place. Zell. Seifer. The loves of his heart. Could they love each other?

"Zell, come with me." He held out his hand. Zell looked confused.

"Come with you? Where?" Squall stepped closer to him and pressed one finger against Zell’s lips. Zell closed his eyes, savoring his touch.

"We have a heart to mend." Squall continued to hold his stare. Zell blinked once.

"Whose?" He asked. Squall leaned into him and placed a soft kiss at the corner of Zell’s mouth.


Seifer slammed the door to his room and stood there for a minute, his chest heaving. That little bastard. I’m going to kill him. How could Squall do this to him? While they’d never promised anything to each other, seeing Squall in Zell’s arms had almost undone him completely.

He slipped Hyperion from its scabbard and drove it into the floor. The boards cracked and splintered around it. Damn. Like that’s going to help. He shrugged out of his coat and let it cover the floor. Fuck it. Who cares? He’ll be back…won’t he?

He sat down heavily on a chair and sighed deeply. Squall, his heart whispered.

He wanted to let go of his dignity and beg. He wanted to demand that Squall love him back. Goddamnit!

He jumped when he heard the knocking on his door. He stared at it for a second. He knew it was Squall, but he didn’t know what he would say. Would he look at Seifer and see his pain? Would he give him pitying look while he explained that he didn’t love him? Could never love him? His chest ached, and he wanted to ignore the knocking and wait for Squall to go away. But if he left, he’d take away Seifer’s chance to make him stay.

Deciding to take whatever came his way, he opened the door slowly, his eyes wary. Squall stood before him, and behind Squall, stood Zell. Seifer swore profusely and his eyes blazed. Zell’s eyes narrowed.

"I’ll kill you, you little bastard," Seifer growled. Squall stepped forward and placed a hand on Seifer’s chest.

"Seifer, wait," he began. Seifer braced his hand against the door.

"Don’t tell me to wait. How dare you bring him here? How could you do this to me?" He asked incredulously. Squall lowered his voice and stared into Seifer’s eyes.

"Because I love you," he announced quietly. Seifer paused, his heart beginning to beat faster. Could he hope?

"What do you mean? How can you love me and bring him here?" He demanded.

Squall pushed open the door and dragged Zell inside. He closed the door behind them and turned to Seifer.

"Hear me out. Before you kill him, just listen to me." Seifer crossed his arms over his chest and waited.

"Zell loves me," he began. Seifer opened his mouth to speak and Squall quieted him with a finger against his lips.

"I said, hear me out." Seifer nodded.

"Zell is in love with me, but I love you. I can’t belong to him." Seifer visibly relaxed. Squall continued.

"He needs to be a part of something, he needs someone to love him."

Seifer’s lips turned up in a sneer.

"What the hell am I supposed to do about that?" He yelled.

"Love him back." Squall reasoned. Seifer raised an eyebrow; sure he wasn’t hearing this right.

"Excuse me?"

"He needs us, Seifer, how can we shut him out? Why can’t we love him? What can it hurt?" Seifer stared at Squall, unbelieving.

"Are you serious?" Seifer’s voice dropped to an almost inaudible level. He glanced over at Zell. He looked lost. Seifer felt a little tug at his heart. He glanced back at Squall.

"What are you suggesting?"

Squall cast a look at Zell who was saying nothing. Would he go for it?

"We can be together. The three of us. We can belong to each other."

Seifer’s head was spinning. Squall was suggesting this as though it was the most natural conclusion. And was it? Could he do it? Allow Zell into his bed, into his heart? He looked at Squall.

"And if I don’t?" He countered. Squall sighed. He’d bluff his way out of this if he had to.

"I don’t want to leave you Seifer, I love you. You know I do. But if you can’t open yourself up to this, I have to wonder whether or not you really love me."

Seifer remained still, impassive. He couldn’t believe Squall would really go, but he didn’t want to risk it.

"I’ll try, but I can’t promise anything." His tone was petulant and Squall could see how he resisted the urge to pout. He wrapped Seifer into his embrace.

"That’s all I ask."

Seifer swept him up into his arms without another word and carried him to his bed.

"We’re going to finish what we started last night," he glanced at Zell. "Before we were so rudely interrupted," he finished, glaring at Zell. Zell’s eyes widened. He couldn’t know….

Seifer deposited Squall on the edge of the bed and he stared down at him, licking his lips in anticipation. Squall offered him a small smile, a reminder, so to speak. Seifer called out to Zell.

"You coming or what?"

Zell entered the room tentatively, swallowing nervously. He was unsure of what he should do. Seifer decided for him.

"Come here." It wasn’t a suggestion. Zell moved toward him cautiously. Seifer smiled his predatory grin and thought that maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all. Zell wasn’t hard to look at. He grabbed Zell’s collar and pulled him close, so that he could feel his breath.

"What do you think, Zell? Wanna give it a shot?" He raised an eyebrow at him.

Zell nodded, his blood thickening at the sound of Seifer’s voice. Seifer smirked at him.

"All right then, kiss me." He said it softly, making the hair on the back of Zell’s neck stand up. He stood on tiptoes and pressed his lips to Seifer’s. Then he stepped back. Seifer gave him a blank stare.

"You call that a kiss?" And before Zell could answer, he had him in his arms, punishing his mouth with his kisses. Zell’s head swam and his knees gave out. Never had he experienced such pleasure. Squall knew he’d been given his cue and he moved to stand behind Zell, pinning him between he and Seifer.

Seifer was drugging him with his kisses and he felt as though he might slip into unconsciousness. Until he felt Squall behind him. He’d been wrong before. This was heaven…

Squall was pressed against him tightly, his erection pressing into Zell’s lower back. Oh Hyne…He felt Squall’s hands searching under his T-shirt, caressing his chest. Zell moaned into Seifer’s mouth and it was then that he felt Seifer’s erection against his leg. He thought he was going to die. There was no way he could endure the two of them and still be sane. He was losing his mind at that very moment.

Squall pulled Zell’s shirt over his head, breaking the kiss for a moment. Zell took the opportunity to suck air into his lungs; he couldn’t catch his breath. He only had a moment for Seifer had spun him around to face Squall while he slid his shorts off. He stepped out of his shoes and Seifer wrapped his arms around his waist from behind. Zell licked his lips. Squall moved in and pressed his body close. His chest was bare and he began to work on his unbuttoning his own pants. When they fell open, Squall gestured to them and Zell knew what he wanted. He slid them down his hips, revealing Squall’s beautiful form to him. He whispered brokenly…Squall

Squall kicked his pants and shoes aside and stopped to study Zell. He was really going to enjoy this…Seifer was out of his clothes in record timing and they moved in on Zell again. Sandwiching him between them, Seifer and Squall kissed over his shoulder. A slow, mind-numbing kiss that Zell could almost taste. When Squall broke away, he turned his attention to Zell; his eyes alight with something Zell had never seen before. Desire. For him. It was inconceivable.

Seifer was grinding his hips against Zell’s back in a slow, taunting rhythm. He grunted once when Zell pushed against him.

"Slow it down." Seifer commanded. Zell pushed back harder. Seifer gasped.

"Get on the bed."

Squall pulled Zell toward the bed and laid him down. He smiled reassuringly at him when he moved over him.

"Don’t be scared," he whispered. Zell stared him, eyes wide.

"I’m not." And he wasn’t. What he was, was incredibly turned on and he didn’t want to wait anymore.

"I can’t wait, please, take me, Squall. Make me yours."

Seifer moved behind Squall, getting on his knees, kissing Squall’s spine. Squall shuddered and Zell felt the shiver run through his own body.

Finally, finally, Squall kissed him softly, their tongues mating in a dance older than time. He sighed against Squall’s mouth and didn’t notice Seifer covering Squall’s erection with his fist. He worked it back and forth, coating it with lubricant, Squall’s moan vibrating against Zell’s mouth.

Squall slid his hands under Zell’s lower back and lifted him slightly. Zell knew what was about to happen and he closed his eyes, his heart racing. He entered him slowly, stretching him as gently as he could. Zell cried out, his voice husky. Seifer’s cock jumped and strained at the sound. He couldn’t wait anymore and when Squall slid into Zell, he seated himself to the hilt into Squall.

Seifer picked up the rhythm and rocked into Squall, causing Squall to move fluidly within Zell. Zell was out of his mind with the pleasure and thought he was complete until Seifer reached between Zell and Squall and touched Zell’s erection tenderly. He made a noise of appreciation.

"Not bad," he ground out. Squall said nothing, only closed his eyes and picked up the pace.

Seifer worked Zell’s throbbing erection up and down and Zell’s hips began thrashing wildly. Squall gritted his teeth and groaned.

"Seifer," he panted. "Seifer, I’m really close." He moaned again, sending a chill up Zell’s spine.

Seifer smiled, still in control.

"It’s okay baby, so is he." And with that, Zell jerked once, spilling himself into Seifer’s hand. Squall looked down at that very moment and what he saw was enough to send him over the edge.

"Ohhh…Zell…here I come, baby, here I come." He was pounding into Zell, spurting into him hotly, making Zell call out his name once, twice…

Seifer was fevered, his body covered in a fine layer of sweat as he felt the imminent rush. He knew he was close.

"Ohh…Squall, arch your back, now, NOW…arch…." He couldn’t form any more words as Squall had already obeyed, rocking back against him and wringing the orgasm from him. Seifer called out Squall’s name, and then Zell’s name and then Squall’s name again before he collapsed against Squall’s back, utterly spent.

Squall leaned onto Zell; they weight of the two boys not unwelcome. At that moment, he loved them both more than he ever thought himself capable.

Seifer reached a hand out to Zell and stroked his cheek gingerly. He placed a kiss on the back of Squall’s neck, smiling slightly. Squall sighed and moved beside Zell to lie down. Seifer looked down on them for a moment before he pulled the blanket over them and took his place on Zell’s other side.

Entwined together in Seifer’s bed, the only sound their quiet breathing, Zell smiled up at the ceiling and closed his eyes. He wouldn’t think of the spell anymore. He didn’t care if it had worked or not. He was here, and it was enough. Seifer’s husky voice broke the silence then, startling Squall out of his dreamy state.

"Hey, Squall…where’s your necklace?"

Zell closed his eyes….

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