Hetero Jizz

By Tabby

Squall Leonhart walked along the sidewalk of the busy streets. Cold nipped at his ears and it was snowing.


He had taken a year off before deciding he didn't want to go to college. His father, Laguna Loire, insisted he go. He even offered to pay for it all, but Squall just didn't want to go. He was sick of school, teachers, and books. He wanted to be out on his own.

Building forty-seven.

Laguna had set up housing arrangements for his son, even though he disagreed with Squall's decision. It was a small apartment at the request of Squall. He was the one who was going to be paying the rent eventually and he didn't want to be entirely broke all the time.

Squall trudged up the front steps, wrapping his coat around himself more. He gently knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" A voice asked through a small intercom near the door.

"Squall Leonhart - Loire." He stated plainly. His father always insisted the 'Loire' part be on the end.

A buzzer sounded and the door unlocked. Squall walking in, stomping the snow off his boots and onto the rug inside the door. A woman in her late forties walked up to him. "I'm Trisha Savernoy. You can call me Trish. Your place is up on the third floor, apartment five. I'll show you up there."

Trish headed up the stairs chatting away about the rules and other things Squall should know. She told him to keep the place clean, laundry room is open from six to eleven, and all those other halfway important things.

When they arrived in front of the door to his new home she handed him three keys. "You'll be charged if you loose these. Oh, and if you have any questions or need anything I live down on the main floor, apartment one."

Squall nodded and thanked her quietly. Trish smiled and headed back downstairs. Squall opened the door quietly, peering inside. It was almost as small as a hotel room. He walked in, shutting and locking the door behind him.There was one large room, the kitchen attached and one bedroom. The bathroom was next to the bedroom and there was a small closet near the couch in the main room. The place was very lightly furnished, a couch, bed, dresser, and a very small, old television he assumed had no cable. He walked into the bedroom and flipped the light on. He set down his suitcase and took off his coat.

The bed was actually a double and it looked inviting. He was tired from the long trip here and it was nearing ten. Squall changed into his sleep pants and a thin long sleeve shirt. It was cold so he slept with long clothes on. He slid under the covers and fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. Tomorrow he would look or a job.

Laguna had told him to look for a job that required people interaction; Squall chose grocery store inventory. They hired him almost on the spot and told him he'd start in the next two weeks. At least it was money, he kept telling himself.

Squall decided to get a coffee on the way home. There was and odd-looking van parked outside the coffeehouse, but Squall went inside anyway.

"CONGRATULATIONS! This is KMDR Radio 107.9!!! You have just won tickets to the Sex Guitars' concert in Central Square Park! How do you feel?!"

"I uh...." Squall was bombarded by dozens of people with microphones. He was shocked and a little terrified. "Won tickets?"

"Yes! You've won two tickets to the Sex Guitars' concert tonight!!!"

"Oh... could I get a coffee?" He said stupidly.

Two tickets? What do I need with two tickets? Squall sipped his warm, free coffee. He looked at the two official Sex Gutiars' concert tickets in his other hand. He scowled, putting one in his pocket. He tossed the other in the garbage. His longtime girlfriend had dumped him as soon as she heard he wasn't going to college. He had loved her... or had he? Squall wasn't sure of his sexuality. He thought he liked girls, but the more he thought about it, and the more he paid attention, he found more and more proof that he liked boys. He never indulged his urges unless it was Internet porn or magazines. He always looked at male porn, cowboys and tight-asses usually. Female bodies just didn't turn him on, honestly. He knew, though, he should like girls. He should find a nice girl and marry her. That's why he never dated men. He only ever looked at them.

The park was packed with people. There were seats set up but he doubted people would be sitting. Almost immediately as Squall showed his ticket, he was ushered up to the front row. He hadn't noticed the tickets were front row, center. He smiled inside, actually thinking he'd have a nice night. He sat down as he waited for the concert to start. He hadn't come very early and the openers were already tuning up.

The openers were pretty good but could never compare to what was going to happen next. Rob Ibanez and his Sex Guitars were the most popular band in the world at the time. They had five albums out, all which sold millions. Squall liked them, he admitted they were his favorite. The lights dimmed to black and Squall felt someone sit in the seat next to him. Hadn't I thrown that ticket away? The first song kicked off ant the crowd roared. Everyone stood as Squall predicted. Even he got on his feet.

Squall loved every minute of the concert. As the last songs were being played, Squall looked around. He wanted to remember this moment, his moment of pure luck. He looked at the man next to him, curious as to what bum found that ticket he tossed.

A blond haired, blue eyed Seifer Almasy stared back at him. Squall's old high school rival. The guy who picked on him and made his life hell since day one. This was the man who gave him his scar.

"Squall...?" Seifer half yelled, the music still blaring.

Squall shot a deathly glare at the tall blond. He turned his head back to the concert. Out of the corner of his eye he looked at Seifer. Seifer looked much the same, but he was pale, thin, and had bags under his eyes. Hadn't Seifer gone to college?

Seifer took out bottle of pills out of his jacket and looked up at the band. He slowly took the cap off and put the container to his mouth. He began swallowing the entire bottle.

Squall turned back to the blond. "What are those...?"

Seifer didn't hear Squall. He let the empty bottle drop to the ground.

"Seifer!" Squall screamed. He grabbed Seifer just as he began to fall.

Squall tried to revive Seifer, but the larger man was too heavy for him and Squall had to lay him down.

"HELP!" Squall yelled loudly from the ground.

He wasn't heard so he yelled again.

The music halted and like out of some teenage girls' dream, Rob Ibanez put down his guitar and hopped off the stage. People began to crowd, bodyguards keeping them from Rob.

"What happened?" The British heartthrob spoke to Squall.

"H-he swallowed a bottle of these." Squall handed Rob the empty container.

Rob looked at the label. "Shit, he needs medical attention immediately."

Squall got a lump in his throat. "Is he going to die?"

Rob looked at Squall as the medical team rushed in. "Your boyfriend might die, yes."

"H-he's not m-" Squall choked as Rob helped him up. He led the shaken up brunette to the ambulance where Seifer was being loaded in.

"Go with him." Rob helped Squall up into the ambulance.

It was all the blur to Squall.

When Squall finally came to his senses he found himself in a waiting room, curled in a chair.

"Hey kid." A British accented voice said softly.

Squall opened his eyes to find the rock star face to face with him.

Rob smiled, kneeled down in front of Squall. "You alright?"

"Yeah... I guess..." Squall didn't want to move, so he stayed down.

"He's stabilized and alive, asleep though. You can go in and see him."

Squall sat up and talked with Rob for a bit. Rob did most of the talking. A couple of hours went by and Rob had to get back on the road.

"Thanks, Rob." Squall looked at the rock star through his messy hair.

"No problem." Rob pushed the hair gently out of Squall's face, smiling. "Good luck." He turned and left, waving as he went.

Squall got up and found the room where Seifer was being held. He slowly opened the door and stepped inside. The lights were off, but the glow of the machines lit up the little room enough for Seifer's sleeping figure to be seen. He approached the bed slowly and softly. He was the only other person in the room. Seifer was even paler than before and he looked sickly. He was connected to an IV which was giving him food, food he hadn't had in months. Squall had found out from Rob that the doctors also diagnosed him with malnutrition. Squall pulled a chair up next to the bed. Sure, Seifer was his old rival but people change.

He eventually nodded off to sleep again, his head resting on Seifer's hand.

"Where ... Am I?" Seifer's hoarse voice whined. His head hurt and despite his normal rough attitude, he was scared.

He looked down at Squall who was still dozing on his hand.

"Squall...?" Seifer moved his hand, waking the smaller brunette up.

"Hmm?" Squall sat up and blinked, trying to wake up more.

"Squall... what are you doing here..." Where am I ...?"

Squall rubbed his face and woke up more. "You swallowed a bottle of pills..."

"Shit... fuck, I'm still alive." Seifer scowled.

"So it was a suicide attempt..."

"Yes and it would've worked too."

"But why?"

Seifer glared at Squall. "Unlike some people who found their father, a home, and an easy paid way through life, I've been living on the streets with no money and no job. I had a job, but was fired as soon as I graduated. My life is shit."

Squall was silent.

"Fuck and who the hell is paying for this?!" Seifer rubbed his face. He looked over at Squall. "Did you pay for it?" He asked softly.

"No... I don't have any money either..."

"Then who paid?"

"Rob Ibanez."

"Don't lie to me, Squall. What, did Pops Laguna pay?"

"No, Rob Ibanez did."

Seifer scowled, shocked. He laid there, letting everything soak in.

Squall got up and left the room for a coffee. He brought back an orange juice for Seifer as well.

Seifer was sitting up now but still looked sleepy. "Why are you here, Squall?"

Squall handed Seifer the orange juice. "I don't know... We know each other?"

Seifer sips the juice. "Well... thanks."

Squall stayed with Seifer the entire duration of his hospital stay. He did, however, go home to sleep and shower. Seifer was in the hospital for five days. Squall had gotten him to eat steadily, sneaking in doughnuts and other non-hospital food items.

"Where the hell am I going to stay? They're just going to send me off to get sick again, living on the streets." Seifer scowled, putting on his shirt.

"You're going to stay at my place." Squall munched on a bagel.

Seifer stopped. "You're letting me...? Aw Squall, you're becoming a softie!"

"Do you want to stay or not?"

"Your place is fine."

The rest of the trip home was silent.

"So this is where you live? Boy, Laguna is cheap." Seifer looked around Squall's tiny apartment.

"He only made the down payment and the first year of rent... I requested this."

Seifer looked at Squall oddly. "Aren't you in college?"


"Why the hell not?"

"I didn't want to go..."

"Didn't want to go?! What's wrong with you?! I'd kill to go to college!"


"Well it would be better than getting fired because you don't have a degree in something." He scowled.

"Oh..." Squall showed Seifer around. "Well there's only one bed, so is the couch alright?"

"A couch sounds wonderful." Seifer had no problem with a nice, cushioned couch. It beat park benches any day.

"You can use my second blanket. I don't have much money so it's going to be ramen noodles to eat for awhile. Oh and the shampoo is watered down..."

"That's fine." Seifer wasn't too picky at all.

"I'm going to run to the store to get some food and that... Trish is downstairs if you need anything..." Squall walked into the bathroom and opened his medicine cabinet. He took out the only bottle of pills that were in there and put them in his pocket.

Seifer pretended not to notice.

"I'll be back within an hour. Are you going to be alright?"

"I'll be fine Squall." Seifer sat down on the couch and flipped on the television.

Squall left, hesitant to leave Seifer alone.

Squall came back to find Seifer sprawled out on the couch listening to the news.

"I got a little of every kind. How's beef sound tonight?"

"Delicious. What are those pills?" Seifer's gaze never left the television.

"What pills?" Squall began making two packages of ramen, denying he had any medicine in the place.

"The ones you put in your pocket before you left."

Squall looked over at Seifer who was looking back at him.

"They are anti-depression pills." He went back to cooking.

"You? Depressed?" Seifer got up and walked over to Squall in the kitchen.

"Yeah..." Squall trailed off, focused on the ramen.

"Why?" Seifer pressed on.

"What do you care?"

"I dunno... we know each other?"

That's what Squall had said before to Seifer.

"You know, with Laguna and Sis back to my life... Rinoa dumping me... among other things..."

"Rinoa dumped you? Why?"

Squall winced. "Because I didn't want to go to college..."

"Oh..." Seifer stopped prying. "The water's boiling over..."

"Wow!" Squall turned the heat down quickly. "Oops."

Seifer smiled and helped Squall prepare the noodles. They both say on the couch and ate their scrumptious ramen. Squall cleaned up and headed towards the bedroom. "I'll grab that blanket for you then I'm going to bed." He walked in and grabbed one of his two blankets, the thick one.

"Here." He tossed it out to Seifer who was getting ready for bed himself.

"Thanks." He spread it out over himself and laid down. "You gonna be warm enough?"

"Don't worry." Squall got into his pjs and crawled into the bed. He was cold already. He left the door open, hearing the rustling of Seifer getting comfortable.

Squall drifted off into a shivering, whimpering sleep.

The next morning Squall woke to find himself wrapped up in the warm blanket he had given Seifer. He could hear humming from the bathroom as he got up and got dressed.

Seifer was in the bathroom, the door wide open, slicking back his hair.

"Hi." Squall walked over to him and looked at himself in the small mirror.

"Hey," Seifer smirked. He was having a good day already. He actually got to bathe in a real bathtub!

"How'd you sleep?" Squall messed lightly with his hair.

"Great Best I've had in months." He nudged Squall with his elbow. "I made breakfast."

"Really? What did you make?"

"Eggs and bacon," Seifer grinned and walked out to the kitchen. He had the food all set out. There was even orange juice.

Squall followed. "But- where did you get all this?"

"That woman Trish brought it up." Seifer sat down and started eating it, savoring the taste.

"She did?" Squall followed Seifer's actions, dumbfounded.

They both enjoyed the meal immensely. After breakfast was done and cleaned up Squall announced he was going for a walk.

"I'm just going to stay here and lounge. Trish brought us up her newspaper so I'm going to read it."

"Alright." Squall grabbed his coat and keys, leaving.

Squall was only gone a couple hours. He had called his father and was in a sour mood.

"So how was your walk?" Seifer looked up from the paper.

"Fuckin' Laguna!!" Squall hissed. He stormed into the bedroom, tossing his stuff on the bed.

Seifer got up and followed him. "What did he do?"

Squall paced angrily. "Asshole, asshole, asshole..." He mumbled.

Seifer sat on the bed next to Squall's things. He picked up a magazine that was amongst it. It was a woman's magazine about guys and as he flipped through it he also found nude pictures of guys. It even had dating advice.

Squall paced more, not noticing Seifer and the magazine. "And he calls himself my father!!"

Seifer flipped through the magazine, looking up at Squall. He wasn't stupid, he knew what was going on.

Squall stopped, his back to Seifer. "Well at least he's not here and he can't fucking call me because there's no phone." He turned around and looked at Seifer. He eyes became wide.

"You never told me you were gay," Seifer said calmly, looking at Squall.

Squall snatched the magazine, ripping it out of Seifer's hands. "I haven't told anyone..."

"You know it's not a bad thing, Squall." Seifer got up. "How long have you known?"

"I- uh since I was fourteen..."

"And Rinoa?"

"I didn't want people to know... It's not right... It's not natural..."

"Squall, being gay is not bad or unnatural at all!"

"How would you know?!" Squall snapped, getting defensive. He didn't want anyone to know and now Seifer knew. Squall was mortified.

Seifer ran a hand through his hair. "I know because I'm gay too."

Squall almost fainted. Seifer had always been popular with the girls and he always flirted back if not more.

Seifer walked over to Squall. "I always have been and like you, I thought that I had to like girls, that is was right to like girls. Eventually I just accepted it and I don't even try to be with girls any more."

Squall looked up at the taller blond man. He never would've guessed... Was this only a dream?

"Squall? Squall?!" Seifer caught the brunette just as he began to fall to the floor.

The bed was warm and the wet cloth on his head felt good against his skin. Squall opened his eyes to find Seifer sitting on the bed next to him, his back to Squall.

"Seifer...?" Squall reached out and gently touched the other man's back.

Seifer turned. "How are you feeling?"


He smiled softly. "That's good. You aren't mad at me, are you?"

"Just surprised."

"No shit..." Seifer touched Squall's cheek softly.

Squall blinked, Seifer was never gentle... "Do you like me?"

Seifer was quiet for a sometime. "Very much so... always have..."

Squall smiled.

"I would ask you out on a date but... I have no money."

"That's okay. You don't have to have money to date. Money isn't dating."

Squall felt Seifer kiss his cheek gently. "You're such a softie."

Squall opened his eyes. "So are you."

The next year went by like a blur. Seifer and Squall became a happy couple. Squall brought in most of the money, still working in inventory at Jack's Grocery. Seifer did odd jobs for Trish who in return lowered their rent. The men still slept apart, Squall in the bedroom and Seifer on their new Hide-a-Bed couch. Sex was never mentioned, hell they hadn't even kissed each other on the lips yet. They were both content on taking it slow... or were they?

"Seifer! I mean it! I'm tired and I'm going to bed!" Squall giggled, the large blond man followed Squall, tickling him.

"I've got work in the morning!" He backed into the bedroom, trying to push Seifer away.

Seifer grinned evilly and kept tickling his brunette boyfriend.

Squall giggled and fell back onto the bed. "Seifer! Stop it!" He laughed, trying to be serious. Seifer crawled on top of him and pressed his lips onto Squall's. Squall's eyes got wide and he thought of pushing away but instead he returned the kiss, his eyes closed slowly. Seifer, encouraged, slid a hand up the brunette's shirt. Squall's eyes snapped open. He broke the kiss and pushed away. Seifer looked hurt. "What? Don't you want to have sex with me?"

It's not that Squall had never had sex, it was that he never has sex with a man. It scared him. "No... I do... I just..."

Seifer sighed. "Squall... I want to show you how much I love you..."

"Seifer, I'm just not ready..."

"What is it? Do you hate my body? Do you not love me?"

Love? Squall went silent. Love was never mentioned before either. Did Seifer love Squall? Did Squall love Seifer?

"Seifer... I love you." Squall was shocked at the words that came out of his mouth. "I'm scared."

Seifer looked down for a moment then back at Squall. "You shouldn't be scared but I understand... We'll do it when you're ready."

Isn't Seifer supposed to say 'I love you' back?

"But Squall... Do you think we could at least sleep in the same bed now? I mean, we've been dating for a little over a year now."

Isn't he supposed to-

"Sure.." Squall cracked a fake smile. "But boxers stay on."

"Oh, that works. I wear brie-"

Squall glared at Seifer.

The blond laughs. "I know what you meant."

And for the first night since they'd been together, the two men shared a bed. Both were warm.

He said he'd be back at nine. It's 10:40... Seifer paced back and forth across the room. Squall had gone to work and he was supposed to be back at nine. Seifer was worried.

There was a knock at the door.

Seifer lurched at the door and opened it quickly. "Squall! Where have you-" Squall was not there, it was Trish.

"Seifer, you have a phone call downstairs. It's Squall. He said it was an emer-" But Seifer was already on his way downstairs. He picked up the phone.

"Squall! Where are you?!"

"Seifer...?" Squall's voice was soft and sounded like he had been crying.

"Squall?! What's the matter?!"

"Seifer... I think I was raped..."

There was complete silence which seemed to last for hours.

"Are you alright?" Seifer's voice finally spoke. He could barely choke out the words.

"I'm not injured or anything but..." Squall was quiet besides the choke of holding back tears.

"But what Squall?"

"W-when I came to... they said 'Welcome to the world of AIDS'..." The phone dropped and clinked against the glass of the telephone booth.

Seifer went cold and his skin grew pale. He couldn't even speak. He looked at the caller ID to get the address. "Squall... I'm coming...." He managed to choke out before hanging up the phone.

"We don't have the money."

"But you have to get tested." Seifer argued.

"It's pretty obvious I have AIDS, now isn't it?!" Squall yelled.

"You might not! It's possible you didn't get it!"


Seifer glared at the angry brunette. "Fine! Do what you want! I DON'T CARE!!!"

Squall got up, in tears. "That doesn't surprise me! You don't care about me or love me! You're just a cold, heartless bastard!" He ran out to the street.

Seifer sat there shocked, angry and hurt.It was dark and Squall couldn't see. He lost track of where he was and he was cold.

"Squall! Squall! I'm sorry!" Seifer had grabbed is coat and head out to find Squall.

Squall heard him getting closer. He would have to talk to him. He stopped, looking back the way he came, maybe he should go back and apologize. Maybe he should just take the test.

Squall was grabbed from behind and pulled into an alley.

Seifer heard a scream and ran towards him. "SQUALL!!!"

He found Squall a block away in an alley. His motionless body lay in a mass, a bloody baseball bat lay next to him.

"NO!!!" Seifer ran to Squall and pulled him into his lap. "No Squall... Don't leave me... C'mon buddy!" He yelled for help. "Squall... I love you..."

Seifer...? Where are you Seifer?

"Is that why you just let me go?! You're a stupid fag!"


"Yeah, I thought you liked chicks. Why were you holding back on me man?"


"So that's why you never dated before Rinoa. Why did you date Rinoa in the first place?!"


"I thought I know you better than that. You know it's wrong to be gay!"


"You're so gross! We can't be friends with you anymore!"


"I can't even call you my son anymore..."

Lagu- dad?!

Can't you hear me?! I'm sorry!! I'm sorry everyone!!! Please help me!! I'm right here....

"Squall?! I'm right here Squall! Oh god, don't die on me!! I love you Squall!!! I love you!!!"

Squall gently opened his eyes. He was in the hospital. He didn't remember...

"Squall!!! You're awake!!" Seifer stumbled up from his chair over to Squall.

"Seifer... what happened? Why am I here?"

"Oh god, you were attacked... You've been in a coma for weeks but you're alive now!! You're alive..." Seifer was crying.

"What's the matter Seifer?"

"Squall, I love you so much!"

Another year went by. Squall's wounds healed and with the help of some plastic surgery, there were no visible scars but one, the one Seifer had given him so long ago.

Squall agreed to go to college only if Laguna would spare some of his wealth to put Seifer through too. Squall had told Laguna the truth about himself and Laguna took it very well. He told his son he was proud of him, which almost made Squall cry.

They had reported the attack and the police recognized it as a group of 'gay bashers' and they were soon caught and sentenced for life terms. Seifer and Squall found out that they hadn't been the only victims, two men were killed a few months before. They were thankful.

"That was nice of Trish to help us move." Seifer set up the new computer Laguna had given them for college. They decided to move closer to campus and to a place that was bigger.

"Yeah... I don't think that goes there Seifer."

"It does too." Seifer growled and tried the power. It didn't come on.

"I told you." Squall laughed lightly.

Seifer fixed it and it booted up perfectly. "If you're so smart then why didn't you set it up?"

"Because you wouldn't let me." He pouted.

The blond smiled. "You're so cute when you're pouting."

"And you're cute when you're not being an asshole. Oh, wait, that means you're never cute!"

Seifer's smile fades. "Oh, is that so Lion-butt?" He gets up and picks the smaller brunette up, cradling him. He leaned down and kissed him.

Squall kissed back, closing his eyes.

"I love you Squall..." Seifer broke the kiss and looked into Squall's handsome blue eyes.

"Seifer... I'm ready..." Squall whispered back.

"Are you sure?"


The blond took the brunette into the bedroom and laid him gently on the bed. The two began to kiss, Seifer gently began removing Squall's clothes. Squall was scared, he's never done this before. Soon after the attack he was told that he hadn't been raped after all but that he was just drugged and spooked.

Seifer cooed soft words of encouragement to Squall as their clothes became scarce. Squall was shaking nervously. He'd read how much it hurts your first time. Seifer tried to get Squall to relax, touching him gently and urging him to touch back. Squall did touch back and it drove Seifer wild. Once Squall was finally relaxed, Seifer hopped off the bed and grabbed some lotion out of the bathroom. He rubber it on his large member as he walked back into the bedroom. He smiled up at Squall who shakily smiled back.

"It helps with the resistance..." Seifer explained. "I'll make sure it doesn't hurt much."

"Much?" Squall squeaked. His eyes got wide as Seifer got back on the bed with a lotion-dripping finger.

"I can't guarantee it won't hurt a little. It's your first time." Seifer slid a finger slowly into Squall's entrance.

Squall gasped, not watching Seifer. "S- so is that it? Is it in?"

"My finger, yes. Boy Squall I hope you think I'm bigger than that!"

Squall chuckled uneasily. "What are you doing then?" He'd only seen porn before.

"I'm stretching you out so I can enter you." Seifer breathed, sliding in another finger. He gently stretched Squall out. Squall whimpered only a bit. He tried to relax as Seifer had instructed.

"Okay, I think you're ready..." Seifer gently turned Squall over. "Get on your hands and knees, baby."

Squall turned beet red in embarrassment as he got in his hands and knees, exposing his rear to all. Seifer moved above him a little and reached around to Squall's own member. He began stroking it and pumping it gently. Squall didn't have time to ask questions. He felt so good. Seifer gently pressed against Squall's tight entrance, still pumping him. He didn't want to upset Squall so he made sure Squall had something else on his mind. Seifer pushed in more, being slow and incredibly gentle. Squall felt it, now couldn't he. He whimpered. It hurt him some. Seifer waited a moment for Squall to adjust before pushing in more. He kept doing that until he was entirely in. Squall was crying by that point. It hurt... It hurt a lot. Seifer pulled out and then pushed back in, his hand still on Squall. Soon all Squall could feel was pleasure. He moaned and asked for more. Seifer grinned, he kissed Squall's back.

Almost at the exact same time, they came. Both men thought only of their love for the other. They were one, how they always were meant to be.

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