Chapter Fourteen

By Scarlet Fever

I moaned, slowly opening my eyes. The room was dark, and I couldn’t tell what time of day it was. I smiled as I felt Seifer’s arms around me from behind, wrapped around my bare chest. I remembered what had happened before I blacked out, and even thinking about it now, I became dizzy. Seifer must have felt me moving, for he held me tighter, placing light kisses on the backs of my shoulders.

"You’re awake?" I asked sleepily.

Seifer murmured incoherently in response.

I sat up slightly, frowning. I noticed that I felt absolutely no pain, and considering that I had been torn all to shit, that wasn’t a good thing. "Seifer? Why don’t I feel any pain?"

"I healed you."


I felt his laughter against my back. "A magician never reveals his secrets….." He kissed the nape of my neck. "Squall? Can I ask you something?"


"Why did you change your name? I mean, I’m flattered and all, but why?"

I sighed. "I’m not sure. I don’t think Laguna was too pleased. Leonhart was my mother’s last name and all….." I sighed, turning in his arms, pressing my head to his neck. "You’re more important to me, though."

Seifer began to say something protesting, but I stopped him by kissing him.

"….La Mer…." Seifer whispered dreamily. His voice soothed me into a trance like state. "Why did you drink from me while I died?"

I moaned softly. "I needed to take something of you with me…. I don’t know. It was the last part of you that had any life, and I wanted it." I sighed, sitting up. "Why does everything have to be rationalized?" I looked over at him. "Do you feel that you have to see everything through the eyes of reason because of what you are?"

"What is a good word to describe it…." Seifer trailed off. "But there is one good thing about it. I don’t have to worry about taking Lithium until the end of time."


"I’m not bipolar anymore. I guess vampirism has its upside."

I let my mind wander. There was a large part of me that thought that it had more than just an upside, but I didn’t really want to say this to Seifer. He’d only look at me with disapproval. I shrugged and rolled over, so that I was on top of him. "No more talking."

He held me tightly as we kissed, crushing my body against his. He made me feel so fragile. I wanted to have sex again, wanted him to hurt me again. I had to say that I was a little miffed that I wasn’t in any more pain.


"Mmm?" I muffled my own response by eagerly pressing my lips to his.

"Why are you such a masochist? I mean, I know that I’m an emotional masochist, but why are you such a physical one? It seems you’re getting worse…"

I sighed, knowing that we were going to have another theological discussion about things. "I don’t know. I think mainly it’s because I was so afraid of being hurt emotionally all my life, you know, after Sis left and all….. I guess I want to be prepared for emotional pain by putting my body through the paces. But I also like knowing that you’re using me for pleasure, that you’re getting such a high from doing things to me. And if it hurts, I’ll be able to feel it later, after it’s all disappeared….."

Seifer nibbled on my earlobe as I continued to think. I wrapped my arms around his neck, relishing the feeling of his body next to me. I was about to ask Seifer to fuck me when I heard something strange. Seifer must have sensed something, because he sat up slowly.

"Do you hear that?" I asked.

"You can hear it?" He sounded surprised.

I nodded. "It sounded like a gasp or a moan or something. And I can feel pressure in my chest….. What’s going on?"

Seifer narrowed his eyes. "You should stay here." He got up, pulling on a pair of pants.

I shook my head. "Yeah, right. I’m staying with you. I feel safer that way." I stood up as well, dressing hastily, following closely behind my reacquainted lover. "It’s coming from Selphie’s room," I whispered, placing a flattened palm on Seifer’s back. His muscles were tense.

"I know…." He stopped in front of her door, placing his fingertips on the wood. He was picking up things that I couldn’t. I just watched him, amazed. I was about to ask him if it was just her and Zell going at it, but something in his face told me otherwise. I heard a low growl in his throat as he opened the door. I hung back, almost frightened. The room was dark, but I could still see. There were two figures on the bed, tangled together. I knew one of them was Selphie, but the other definitely wasn’t Zell.

"Sephiroth!" Seifer cried angrily, flipping on the lights. "What the hell do you think you’re doing?!"

He looked at Seifer slowly. My presence seemed to startle him.

"Selphie, are you okay?" I asked. Her face looked very pale against her dark hair.

She shook her head, moaning softly, from both pleasure and pain.

"Sephiroth, I thought that we agreed not to……"

"I gave her exactly what she wanted," Sephiroth replied, interrupting Seifer. "Didn’t I, Selphie?"

She moaned again. The blanket fell away from her body, revealing that she was topless. A pair of red underwear covered her crotch. I went over to her, covering her, trying to save her at least a little dignity. I noticed the scar on her neck. "You drank from her?"

Sephiroth smirked, which caused Seifer to growl slightly.

The tall, silver-haired main waved his hand. "Oh, come now, Seifer sweetie. Don’t tell me you didn’t take a little drinky drinky….." He looked over at me, raising an eyebrow.

Seifer flushed. "Sephiroth….." He regained his composure. "Besides, you’ve done something to her!"

"What’s going on in here?!"

I turned, seeing Zell in the doorway. Seifer and Sephiroth must have sensed him, because they didn’t acknowledge him.

"What’s wrong with Selphie?" Zell pointed to his girlfriend. His sky blue eyes blazed angrily when they fell on Sephiroth. "What did you do to her?"

Sephiroth just smirked again. "Gave her what she wanted."

"You said that already!" I spat. "Stop being so cryptic!"

"I gave her the ultimate release, let her finally tap into all that has been wrongfully buried in her. I gave her an outlet into the thing that drives her. Her rage, vengeance."

I looked over at Selphie, who was now tossing on the bed. Zell went over to her, stroking her hair, his youthful face etched in concern.

Seifer covered his mouth with his hands, breathing out noisily. "Sephiroth, I have a bad feeling about this… Can’t you feel it?"

The slender man sighed, turning to face Selphie. "I agree, darling. I never noticed until afterwards."

I frowned as Sephiroth called my lover ‘darling’.

"What’s wrong?" Zell asked, almost sounding hysterical. His eyes were pleading with Seifer. My lover looked away, ashamed.

"Seifer." Zell walked over to Seifer, standing before him. "What’s going on?" He reached up, tilting Seifer’s face so that they were eye to eye. "Tell me. Please."

"Something’s wrong," Seifer replied lowly, sadly. "Nothing’s supposed to happen simply from drinking from a human. Sephiroth?"

"I don’t know what’s going on…" He trailed off. He sounded and looked sincere, but with Sephiroth, it was hard to tell.

"Holy fuck! What did you guys do?" Tifa cried, storming into the room. Her long hair swung loosely around her hips, a curtain of silken chocolate. She was still dressed in a black satin peignoir, which showed off her ample cleavage. Despite the severity of the situation, I couldn’t help but stare. Her brown eyes stared at Seifer and Sephiroth, blazing angrily.

"Don’t look at me!" Seifer cried. "I don’t even know what’s going on!!!" He quieted when Selphie moaned lowly, her voice shaking in pain.

Tifa went over to the bed. "Shhh. It’ll be okay, sweetheart." She turned to Sephiroth. "You should have known better. You should have tasted it…."

"Well, I’m sorry if I thought that the Succubus were only myth…." He didn’t sound that broken up.

Seifer massaged his forehead. "Myth? You figure you would realize that myths come true, considering everything…."

Sephiroth crossed his arms across his powerful chest. "I don’t know why you are all so upset. Really….. I gave her what she wanted. She can now truly revel in the existence she has emotionally made for herself."

Zell snorted. "No, what you did was let her buy into all the feelings of anger she has, made her think that’s what she wanted…."

"You assume too much. She was pretending to be something she wasn’t. Don’t you want the games to stop?" Sephiroth asked, almost asking Zell directly, accusing him of something.

"Look," Tifa piped up. "Maybe you guys should all leave. I’ll take care of her…."

"Yeah, right!" Zell spat. "Don’t you think you’ve all done enough?"

"Zell, please," Seifer whispered, placing a hand on the smaller man’s shoulder.

"No!" Zell jerked away. "You’re all fucking monsters, and now you’re trying to turn Selphie into one of you!"

Selphie cried out painfully.

"Leave!" Tifa commanded. "Do not worry, Zell. I won’t harm her." She shot an evil look to Sephiroth, who just smirked it off.

"Come on." I grabbed Zell’s arm, leading him out of the room. Seifer motioned for us to follow him. Sephiroth walked beside my lover.

"I honestly am surprised that she is a descendant of that bloodline….."

Seifer sighed. "So am I. Now, I wish that I had paid more attention to Tifa regarding the Succubus. I just sort of brushed it off."

Sephiroth shrugged, running a hand down Seifer’s spine, resting at the small of his back, which caused me to frown deeply. We entered a large sitting room. Seifer and I sat in an antique love seat, while Sephiroth occupied a large wing back chair. Zell just paced back and forth.

"What’s a Succubus?" I asked. "I know it’s a female demon, but in what context is Selphie one?"

Sephiroth cleared his throat. "A Succubus in the basic sense of the word is a female demon, driven by carnal emotions. They are said to fuck men while they sleep, but I think that was just started by men in olden times so that when they had extramarital affairs, they could blame it on a mystical she-devil. It’s different than a vampire. Only people descended from the bloodline can be turned."

"Do they drink blood?" Zell asked wearily.

Sephiroth shrugged lazily. "If they wish it, but it isn’t necessary. They’re more like demons, but they look like humans. They’re very rare. I guess something was awakened…."

I narrowed my eyes. Sephiroth just sounded so lazy about the whole thing.

"Well, what’s going to happen to her?" Zell asked. He sounded scared.

Seifer reached out, grabbing his wrist, stilling the small man’s pacing. "Please, calm down. Be patient."

Zell sighed loudly, squishing himself in on the love seat between Seifer and an armrest. He molded his body to Seifer’s side, closing his eyes.

"I don’t know about you guys, but I’m famished…." Sephiroth stood lazily.

"Glad to see you can make light of these things," I muttered.

He smiled darkly at me before leaving. We sat in silence for a few moments.

"Someone say something," Zell murmured, burying his face against Seifer’s bare shoulder.

"Like what?" I asked, brushing my hair out of my eyes.

"I don’t know…. Anything." Zell paused. "Have you guys fucked yet?"

"Zell!" I flushed, embarrassed.

Seifer just kind of laughed. "What do you think? We’re both half-naked and came from the same place. Shall I draw you a diagram?"

"Would you?" Zell asked. "So, what’s it like living here?"

My lover shrugged, reaching out to take my hand. "Okay, I guess. I wouldn’t really call it ‘living’ per say, but it’s nice. Most of the time….."

"You know what’s weird? That you’re our boss, not just our client," Zell mused.

"I guess sleeping with the benefactor of the Garden isn’t the most professional thing I could have done," I muttered.

"It’s not like I’m going to charge you with sexual harassment…" Seifer trailed off, running a hand over my thigh. "I missed you, you know?"

I nodded. "Yeah, I know…."

Zell groaned. "Now you got all mushy on me. I just want to talk about every day crap."

"But every day crap seems so far away…." I mused. "What about Selphie?"

"Tifa will take good care of her," Seifer said. "We aren’t all bad…."

"Tifa’s pretty hot for being two hundred, man…" Zell murmured.

"What about Selphie?" I asked.

"She’s hot, too…."

Seifer groaned. "So, how long has that been going on?"

"A couple of years," Zell answered, pressing his body tighter to Seifer’s. "But, now… I don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t think I’ll be able to compete with her endless rage…."

"Rage? From Irvine??" Seifer’s voice was filled with disbelief. "She hasn’t gotten past that yet?"

Zell shook his head, looking up at Seifer. He looked so small, so vulnerable. "I can’t compete with Irvine… I never could…." He sighed shakily, curling up closer to Seifer. "Sephiroth said that he gave Selphie the release, the outlet she wanted. So, does that mean her entire existence is based on residual anger, based on Irvine? And now, all she’ll be driven by is anger for him? He still has so much power over her. I can’t win against a man who controls every facet of her life."

"Zell…." I muttered, trailing off. I couldn’t think of anything comforting to say. I wasn’t the best person to ask advice for when it came to relationships, especially about getting past feelings for someone who controlled your emotions without even trying. I sighed, leaning against Seifer, pressing my body against his, so now Zell and I bookended him.

Zell reached out, grabbing my hand. "Maybe I just went with her because I wanted to settle….."

"You’re talking like she’s already dead….." Seifer muttered angrily. "At least she isn’t a vampire." He closed his eyes. I could feel his muscles tensing.

"You’re hungry, aren’t you?" I asked.

Seifer kept his eyes closed. "I’ll be fine. Tifa and Selphie should be a little while longer….."

"What’s going on with them?" Zell asked. I looked over, noticing that he was practically in Seifer’s lap.

"Tifa is the most educated when it comes to this sort of thing, so she’s probably getting Selphie…. Acquainted with her new self… And it’s easier without all of us around. Selphie now has a lot to deal with…."

"What I don’t understand, is how she was ‘awakened’ or whatever…" Zell muttered.

"Nobody really understands. It’s a big mystery. Even to their own kind."

I sighed. "There are so many worlds that I never knew existed."

Seifer made what was almost a snorting noise. I could tell he was repressing the urge to rip our throats out.

"Can you actually control it?" I asked.


"Your thirst, the bloodlust…."

"Not really. I can for a short amount of time, but soon, I won’t care if I kill both of you, just as long as I get to feed."

"Can the other ones control it better, because they’re older?" Zell asked. He was now gently rubbing his cheek against Seifer’s bare collarbone.

He nodded, kissing the back of my neck. I could feel his fangs, hard against my flesh.

"Then why do they let you control them?" Zell asked. He craned his neck, running his tongue across Seifer’s throat. "What am I doing?" He asked quietly.

Seifer turned to him. "What do you mean?"

"I mean my girlfriend is in serious trouble, and all I can think about is fucking you…." He nibbled gently on Seifer’s ear.

"You do realize that I’m still sitting here, right?" I asked, peeved.

Zell pulled away slightly. "I’m sorry. I guess we all have ghosts in our closets…."

Seifer let out his breath noisily, standing. He was about to walk away when Zell grabbed his wrist, pulling Seifer back down. My lover must have let him, because I knew Zell wasn’t nearly strong enough to manhandle Seifer. He craned his muscled neck, pressing in against Seifer’s mouth. He said nothing, silently urging the vampire to drink from him.

I watched, both with jealousy and awe. The look of utter need on Zell’s face reminded me so much of myself. Seifer’s hold over Zell was as complete as his hold over me. Seifer seemed to hesitate, not wanting to lose that last amount of control, but something caved in him. He bared his fangs for a moment before gently raking them across Zell’s throat. The small man shivered, adjusting his weight so that he was straddling Seifer.

Zell let out a hitched gasp as Seifer dug his teeth in. Zell’s whole body began to shake as he wrapped his arms around Seifer’s neck, pure rapture written all over his face. He moaned softly as Seifer continued to drink from him. I just watched as Zell slowly worked his groin against my lover’s leg. I probably should have been pissed off, but I found that I was totally turned on. I slowly reached my hand up, tentatively stroking the side of Zell’s face. He nuzzled against my palm, opening his eyes slowly. There was an actual look of longing in his eyes, beckoning me further. I shifted my weight, moving so that my face was millimeters from Zell’s. He slowly moved his cheek against mine, softly moaning as Seifer continued to drink. The tattooed blonde rubbed his cheek against my shoulder as I put my arms around him. I flicked my tongue out, catching Seifer’s earlobe. He sighed gently, reaching one of his hands into my pants. I gasped as his cool fingers touched my hardening shaft. I used one of my hands to do the same, hastily thrusting my hand into the confines of Seifer’s pants. While we jerked each other off, I moved my head so that my lips were hovering just over Zell’s. I breathed into his mouth, which was slightly hanging open in desire.

"Yes….." Zell whispered, creating a breeze over my lips. I leaned in, hushing any more words from him, kissing him gently. Our kisses weren’t as passionate, as wonderful as when Seifer and I embraced, but it was still nice. Zell’s mouth was very soft and sweet tasting. I was happily surprised at the fact that he wasn’t hesitant, and knew what he was doing, knew what he wanted. He parted my lips with his own, gently pushing his tongue into my mouth. I moaned softly in surprise, but followed suit, snaking my tongue around his, tasting his mouth. There was a part of my mind that questioned what I was doing, but it felt so good, knowing that both Seifer and I were deriving pleasure from this, from Zell.

I moaned as Seifer worked his hand faster, milking my erection. I pulled my mouth off Zell’s, opening my eyes to look at my lover. He removed his fangs from Zell’s neck, a trail of blood moving down his chin. I leaned in, lapping it up. Zell sighed, kissing my chin, my cheek. I smiled wickedly, moving my tongue to Zell’s wound, licking at the pair of holes in his flesh. Seifer watched as I drank Zell’s blood with great interest, kissing my temple. I could feel his fangs hard against my delicate flesh. Zell moved his neck under my mouth, craning so he could kiss Seifer, taste his own blood on those lips. I sighed at the sheer thought of it. I knew after this, I would want to get Seifer alone, and have him fuck my brains out. I pushed the tip of my tongue into one of the wounds, which tore a moan from Zell’s throat, but it was muffled by Seifer’s mouth.

"Seifer….." Zell whispered. I could feel the vibration of my lover’s name in Zell’s throat, feel it rattling my teeth. I frowned in disappointment at the fact that the wound was already closing, healing. Seifer must have done something to it. I pulled away, closing my eyes as Seifer’s hand brought me closer and closer to release. When I opened them again, I decided to content myself with the movement of Seifer’s hand, and just watching Zell and Seifer kiss. It was an extremely deep and passionate kiss, with far more emotion than had been in the kiss I had shared with the small blonde. I knew that this was it for Zell, that he was finally getting what a large part of him had always wanted: At least one embrace with Seifer. Even though I was getting jealous, I couldn’t help but feel a little happy for Zell. I watched as the two blondes kissed deeply, their tongues lashing against each other’s lips, into their open mouths.

As I worked my hand against Seifer’s cock, I felt Zell’s hardness press against the back of my hand. I began to move my hand in such a way as to give Zell some stimulation as well. I smiled, pressing my cheek to Seifer’s shoulder as I felt Zell’s hand join mine in Seifer’s pants. The tall blonde moaned into Zell’s eager mouth, voicing his pleasure. I tried to open my eyes again, wanting to further watch Seifer and Zell go at it, but felt the beginnings of an orgasm hit me. I moaned softly, bucking my hips against Seifer’s hand, which caused my throbbing shaft to become exposed. With a cry, I released, coating my lover’s hand.

"Fuck…." I panted, coming down from my high. Seifer pulled his hand away, breaking his kiss with Zell. He brought his hand to his mouth to lick it clean, but Zell grabbed his wrist, bringing Seifer’s fingers into his mouth, sucking my come off. As he licked away the white fluid, he used the hand that wasn’t down Seifer’s pants to get the rest of my release. After he was done with Seifer’s fingers, he licked his own clean, making sure to get it all. I sighed, moving my hand faster, wanting to bring Seifer to the brink. He moaned as both Zell’s hand and my own moved across his swelled genitals. He threw his head back, grinding himself against both of our hands, and Zell’s groin, which was pressing against his pants, making them tight across his hips.

As I kissed Seifer’s chest, I pulled at Zell’s pants, freeing his erection. The small blonde moaned in appreciation, kissing me heavily. It didn’t take much longer until I felt Seifer warmly release into my palm, coating Zell’s hand, as well. Zell made a hitched, high pitched gasp as he came, the fluid running down my wrist. Both blondes panted softly, waiting for their breath to come back as I licked my now fluid coated hand. Zell did the same, tasting Seifer.

"My God…" I murmured, cuddling up next to Seifer.

Zell blinked a few times. "I can’t believe we just did that…."

Seifer kissed him gently. "Do you regret it?"

Zell half smiled, tucking himself back in his pants. "Not for a second." He collapsed against Seifer’s chest, pulling my body against his as well. We held each other for a while, not saying anything. Zell was the first to break the silence.

"What about Selphie?" He asked. This was directed more at himself than at us.

I lazily caressed his cheek, saying nothing. Seifer kissed his throat thoughtfully, breathing in the smell of his blood. I smirked as I realized that my dick was still hanging out. I tucked it back in, which caused Seifer to raise his eyebrow in disappointment.

"Have you ever fucked Sephiroth?" I asked, out of the blue.

Seifer turned to look at me, which looked slightly difficult, what with Zell on top of him and all. "Where did that come from?"

"Did you?" I couldn’t keep the jealousy out of my voice.

"You didn’t mind that Zell joined us, so why are you so jealous about Sephiroth?"

"I don’t like or trust him. Did you?"

"Does my answer matter, really? Will your feelings change?"

I shook my head. "Not really. I’m just curious."

"Yes. I fucked Sephiroth. Many, many times."

I snorted angrily. "I guess I got my answer."

"Don’t. It’s the past. He didn’t replace you, he couldn’t replace you, if that’s what you’re worried about…."

I sighed, kissing him gently. "I was just curious."

Zell yawned. "Do you want me to leave so you can be alone?"

I looked over at him. The passion I had felt for him was ebbing away. I didn’t think I could ever truly look at Zell as anything more than a friend. "Sorry. It’s okay…."

He shrugged, cuddling against Seifer, who was looking at me with adoration. I smiled at him. Honestly, I was a little more than pissed that Sephiroth had had his slimy hands all over Seifer, but Seifer was in love with me, and that was the most important thing.

"Am I….. Interrupting something?"

We all looked over to see Tifa standing in the doorframe. She was still clad in the lacy black peignoir.

"Where’s Selphie?" Zell asked, climbing out of Seifer’s lap.

"In the dining room. Would you all like to come down? You must be hungry…." She trailed off, smirking at Seifer playfully.

We all followed Tifa down the stairs. Zell had become sullen, walking like a zombie beside the sensual brunette. I walked beside Seifer, entwining my fingers with his. He used his free hand to stroke my hair. He leaned in close to me, whispering "Are you okay with what just happened?"

I looked into his eyes. "Fine." I could have just stood there for an eternity, watching his eyes, not just looking into them, but watching them. The irises seemed to be moving, swirling in the orbs of his eyes. The green and the blue were two separate entities, conflicting with each other in their space, pushing against each other like oil and water, but at the same time, fusing beautifully, hypnotically. His pupils were so constricted, too. Little dark pinpricks in the sea of aquamarine. They were the only stationary part of his eyes.

I broke away from his wonderful gaze, noticing Selphie sitting at the head of a long table. A massive candelabrum sat on the table, its candles flickering brightly, adding softness to the lighting in the large room. Selphie’s emerald eyes were blank, staring at her hands, which were cupped in front of her on the waxed wood.

Zell sunk in a chair beside her. "Selphie, are you okay?"

She slowly turned her head. "As good as can be expected, I guess. It’s not every day you find out you’re a monster…." She looked up at Seifer and Tifa. "Sorry."

Tifa waved her hand, sitting on Selphie’s other side. "It’s okay, dear." She patted Selphie’s hand.

Selphie sighed. "Is it, really?"

I cocked my head. Selphie looked exactly the same, and sounded like her old self, only more sullen. There now was a light in her eyes, that glowed almost happily, brightly, despite, her mopey exterior.

"Will you need anything, Master?" A servant asked, directed at Seifer.

He turned to us. "I don’t know exactly what we have as far as food goes, seeing as how we don’t eat, but if you want anything….."

I shrugged, feeling indecisive.

"Just bring something…." Seifer murmured. "And the usual for Mistress Lockheart and myself."

The man half bowed at his waist. Before he left, I noticed the utter rapture in his eyes. I guess Seifer held sway over more people than just Zell and myself.

"So, what am I supposed to do now?" Selphie asked.

"What do you want to do?" Tifa asked. "You don’t have the limitations that we have. You can go about your daily life as if nothing has happened." She paused. "If that’s what you want…."

Selphie looked over at Zell. "I don’t really know what I want anymore."

Zell frowned sadly. "I know…."

Tifa smiled in reassurance. "You can stay here as long as you wish…"

"I think I’ll decide after our mission is completed. That way, I’ll have time to process everything…" Selphie looked up as the servant came back with a large platter of rolls and croissants. "Mmm, that smells good."

He placed it in front of us, along with a large wine bottle. "Anything else, Master?"

Seifer shook his head. "No, that’s fine. Thank you."

The servant beamed before leaving.

"I think you have another member of your fan club…." I murmured, raking my nails lightly over his thigh.

He looked at me, raising an eyebrow as he uncorked the wine bottle. I could faintly smell the metallic overtones. It was blood. A twinge pinged in my stomach. It was from hunger. Part of me would have rather had the blood than the food. I pushed it out of my mind, reaching for a croissant.

"Speaking of the mission…" Zell trailed off, taking a bite of a roll.

"Yeah, we kind of put that on the back burner, didn’t we?" Seifer asked. "What about Sephiroth?"

"He’s hunting…."

Seifer nodded. "He won’t be back for a while, so we may as well get down to business. Quite frankly, we don’t care if Esemono lives or dies…."

Tifa snorted. "I’d rather prefer his head on a pike and my teeth in a vein."

"But him bringing in Irvine complicates things…."

"Irvine just thinks he’s crazy," Selphie retorted, ripping apart her bread.

"That could work to our advantage. If he isn’t totally serious about his mission, he’ll be easily swayed away." Seifer looked at all of us, his eyes resting on Selphie. "That could be your job. How would you like to distract him?"

Zell frowned deeply. "I don’t like your tone, Seifer….."

My lover blinked a few times, taking a drink from his glass. He smiled at Zell, baring his long fangs. "What don’t you like about my tone, Zell?"

Zell sighed shallowly, saying nothing.

"Whatever," Selphie muttered. "It won’t be that hard to distract him. After all, Rinoa could do it fairly easily…."

"How is Rinoa?" Seifer asked. "I haven’t thought about her in a while…."

"She’s the same stupid ass cunt as she’s always been," the new Succubus muttered.

Seifer smirked. "I see some things haven’t changed."

"So, if Selphie already has a task, what should Zell and I do?"

"Neutralize Esemono…." Seifer began to say.

"Kill him," Tifa finished.

Seifer just looked at her, taking another drink. I just watched as he drank, fixated. I felt a deep thirst in my throat.

"So, what should we do tonight?" Zell asked.

"We don’t want to get involved in how you run your mission within your own ranks, so you can do as you wish," Tifa commanded.

"Selphie.. We can wait, if you want." Zell offered sweetly.

She shook her head. "No, I want to distract myself. Let’s go."

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