Chapter Four

By Scarlet Fever

Two weeks had passed. The time was uneventful for the most part, as far as Balamb Garden went. However, our lives seemed to be spinning out of control. Quistis was becoming a bundle of nerves due to her suspicions about Irvine and Rinoa. Selphie seemed oblivious to what was going on around her, contenting herself with hanging out with Zell, Seifer, and myself. In the past two weeks, Selphie and Seifer had become quite good friends. It seemed to be such an odd pair, but they got along great. I knew that their friendship riled Irvine, due to the fact that he thought that Seifer was fucking the small brunette. I was sort of surprised that they weren’t, but there weren’t any sexual sparks at all. Selphie just wanted a platonic male friend, and whenever I had mentioned anything about the two of them to Seifer, he showed utter disinterest, mixed with slight disgust. The only sexual action that Seifer seemed to be getting was from Zell, who enjoyed flirting with him in my presence. Zell never actually came out and said it, but I knew that he had figured out that I had an infatuation. He would sit in Seifer’s lap, kissing the graceful blonde’s throat, smirking when he saw jealousy pass through my eyes.

As far as Seifer and me, we were actually getting closer, spending a lot more time in each other’s company, which made me quite happy. I wasn’t sure if he knew about how I felt about him or not. He didn’t really show emotion either way. I thought that I had given it away when he had come into my room looking for his sweater, and found me sleeping in it, but he hadn’t mentioned it since.

Today, the group of us was sitting in the computer lab, loitering as usual. Seifer had some gothic sounding industrial music softly playing as we sat around. Zell sat beside him, aimlessly typing something. Selphie and myself sat across from them, spinning aimlessly in our chairs. Quistis was in her room, resting.

"I’m too stressed out to socialize.." She had said. The former instructor was just happy that she didn’t have to worry today. Rinoa was in Deling City, visiting friends, while Irvine was in his room "studying." Zell and Seifer had both made jerking off motions as soon as he had left.

As far as the Seifer/Irvine situation, it was still a mystery. They didn’t get along in the least, but could be civil. Seifer preferred just to steer clear of him, an arrangement that also pleased Irvine greatly. Neither could put into words what exactly set them off, but they clashed, nonetheless.

"What’s another word for pervert?" Zell asked, looking away from the screen.

"Zell." Seifer offered dryly.


"Why?" Selphie asked, stopping her chair. She held a palm to her temple, a look of dizziness passing across her face. "I think I’m going to throw up." She went over to a computer, fiddling with the speakers.

"Well, that’s what you get for spinning around. God, what are you, ten?" Seifer asked, raising an eyebrow at her.

"I’m writing an email."

"To who, to who?" I asked sarcastically.

"Just this girl that I chat with…"

Seifer laughed. "Just a girl, eh?"

"How does Ashla feel about this?" Selphie minimized something.

"About what?" Zell asked, a confused note in his gravelly voice.

"You macking up to the Internet whores…" I trailed off.

"I’m not ‘macking’ up to anyone. And if she doesn’t mind me practically sucking Seifer’s dick, why would she mind me talking to a girl that I can’t even see?"

Seifer just sighed.

"Well, she’s probably not jealous because I doubt that the person you’re talking to is even a woman.." I stated.

"How do you know? Is there something you’re not telling me?"

I snorted. "Yeah, I’m secretly online now, making you look like a fool…" I began typing in the air.

"You don’t need to do that to make Zell look like a fool.." Seifer laughed, punching the smaller blonde in the shoulder.

"You are a prick, Squall.." He turned to Seifer. "That hurt, bitch."

"Oh, so I’m a bitch and not a prick?"

"Bitches were made to go down…" Zell trailed off, casting a look at me.

Seifer pretended to be outraged. "I feel…so used."

"None of you answered my question…"

"Which was?" Seifer asked. He looked over at Selphie, raising his eyebrow. "What are you doing over there?"

"Nothing." She spun around again. "Heyyy, a digital camera."

"I wanted to know another word for pervert!"

"I already told you!"

"I am not a pervert" Zell cried, leaning in towards Seifer. "Not yet, anyway." He raised his eyebrows seductively, which got my blood boiling.

"What about deviant?" Seifer muttered, craning away from Zell.

"Nah. That sounds too ‘I filled the soap dispenser with come’."

"Well, that would be perverted, Zell." I stated.

"That happened once." Seifer said.

"How do you know? Did you use it?" Zell raised an eyebrow. "You know, you could wash your hands in come anytime…"

"Uh, first of all.. Yuck. Second of all, if I were to wash my hands in come, it wouldn’t be yours, and thirdly, of course I didn’t use it."

"Then how did you know it was come?" I asked.

"Uh, I put it there."

Zell choked. "Now who’s ten?"

"I was fifteen!" Seifer protested, defending himself. "And everyone but Raijin knew."

"Ah, I see. It was still very childish."

Seifer snorted. "Childish?! Look who’s being a hypocrite."

"How am I childish?!"

We all just laughed.

"Now every time I use the bathroom, I’ll be thinking about that…" I trailed off.

"Oh, come on… You can’t tell me that the thought of being covered in Seifer’s come doesn’t excite you!" Zell cried, teasingly running his hand up Seifer’s thigh, millimeters from his crotch.

I blushed deeply.

"Look who’s blushing!" Selphie cheered.

"That’s ‘cause you’ve embarrassed me!"

Zell snorted. "Whatever."

"That’s my line!"

Seifer chuckled. "That’s my thing that I say…"

"Is this the untimely end of Milhouse?" I muttered.

Seifer mockingly choked back a sob. "So… This is what it feels like.. When doves cry."

"How do doves cry?" Zell asked. "And I still don’t have a word for pervert."

"Why don’t you just put pervert?" I asked.

"What’s with you?" Seifer asked Selphie. "You look like you’re doing something you shouldn’t be…"

"But we can see her hands…" Zell trailed off.

"God, why does everything come down to coming and creaming with you?"

"That would actually make a good name of a meal at a restaurant…" I mused.

Zell pointed at me. "See, see, I’m not the only one!"

"Maybe so. However, if that platter ever comes to fruition, I can just hear it now: "I have a hair in my food." Seifer wrinkled his nose, which made him look adorable.

"Holy fuck!" Zell burst out laughing, falling against Seifer. "That was great!"

"It’s too crusty. Would it kill you to make it fresh…"

Zell and I were both in hysterics. I looked over as Selphie brought up the window she had minimized earlier.

"What is that?" I asked. "Sound Forge!?"

"You didn’t record that, did you?" Seifer asked, raising his eyebrows.

Selphie laughed and clicked on stop.

"My fuck…" Zell muttered. "I’ll never be able to run for President if that tape gets out…"

"Uh, I was the one who incriminated myself with leaving my come in places…" Seifer looked at me.

"What are you looking at me for?" I crossed my arms across my chest. "Are you implying something?"

"No. What, I can’t even cast my gaze in your direction?"

"Oh, come one, honey, you know you were implying something about Laguna." Zell murmured.

I just rolled my eyes. "To think: this conversation is immortalized for all eternity…"

Seifer sighed, turning off the computer. "Well, this has been fun, but I must study."

"That’s all you ever do.." Selphie whined.

"Well, the exam is tomorrow. I’m so sorry if I actually want to do well, unlike some people…" There was a hint of disgust in Seifer’s smooth voice.

"Do you want to go in town with me?" Zell asked of Selphie. "I have to go to the music store."

"Sure. That way, I won’t be bothering Irvine or the nerd over there." She jabbed her ringed thumb at Seifer. She stood, brushing off the front of her black tank top. "Lead the way."

"See you later," Zell waved, making a lazy grab at Seifer’s ass. The small blonde looked at me before leaving, hidden meaning written plainly on his features.

"What was that about?"

I just shrugged, pretending like I didn’t know what was going on. "Do you need a hand?"

"With what?" Seifer asked as we walked to the elevator.

"Studying. I could ask you stuff. You know, to test your knowledge…" I trailed off, praying that he wouldn’t say no.

"Sure. Where?"

"Wherever. Your room? That’s where all your stuff is…"

Seifer shrugged. "Man, I’m so out of it…"

I smiled, just looking at him. I had thought that if I had spent more time with Seifer, my infatuation would simmer out, extinguish, and I would be able to get on with things, but it didn’t work out that way at all. Each moment I spent with him, I noticed something new about the way he looked, discovered something hidden in his personality that I had never seen before. And it was driving me crazy. Every night, I was plagued with dreams about Seifer, situations that I so wanted to come true, but figured never would. Seifer gently pressed his fingertips to his forehead, kneading the pale skin.

"What’s wrong?" I asked, feeling concerned. He closed his eyes at my question.

"Just a slight headache…." He yawned. "I’ve been so lethargic lately."

We walked into his room. He motioned for me to sit on his bed as he rummaged around on his desk, pulling out a large textbook and some papers. I took a strange liking to being on Seifer’s bed, my hands and fingers mingling with the black sheets. I couldn’t help but be disappointed when he sat on the floor, his back to me.

He handed me some sheets. "Okay, ask me." He closed his eyes and tilted his head upwards, waiting for me to begin. I hesitated, just watching him. My lust for Seifer was becoming consuming, eating me alive. I didn’t know how I actually felt about him beyond the lust; that sexual urge was all I could see, all I could feel.

For an hour or so, I quizzed him, purposely making them impossible, because when Seifer concentrated, he looked so cute. However, I wasn’t doing a very good job. Seifer quickly answered questions that I didn’t even really know the answers to.

"Man, the tests must be getting harder. Or I’m just used to the simple ass SeeD rank tests…" I trailed off.

Seifer shrugged, keeping his eyes closed. I studied him again, drinking him in. During the past hour, I had positioned myself on the bed so that I was lying on my stomach, my shoulder pressed against Seifer’s. I watched as his eyelids fluttered, as his lips slightly parted with breath. I then noticed that I was getting a serious hard on, which made me slightly embarrassed. At least I was lying on my stomach, so I wouldn’t be given away. I couldn’t believe that I had an erection just from looking at Seifer. He didn’t really seem to be paying attention to me, his mind elsewhere. I leaned in closer, just wanting to smell his shampoo, feel the heat of his flesh against mine, taste him.

"You’re not asking m…." He trailed off as he felt my breath on his face.

I pressed my mouth to his gently, just experimenting, wondering what he would do. The kiss only lasted a second, but it was so sweet. What made it wonderful was that it wasn’t provoked by need or a stupid game. His mouth was hanging slack with surprise against my lips. I didn’t try to make the kiss deeper, even though I wanted to. I pulled away reluctantly, the heat from his lips still hanging on mine. I felt like my blood was beginning to boil in my veins, bubble with desire and yearning.

Seifer blinked a few times, titling his head upward to look at me. "What was that for?"

"Because I wanted to…." I trailed off, the pounding of my blood becoming painful.


I paused. "Because I want you." My words came out as merely breath against his cheek as I softly raked my teeth across the side of his face.

He smirked. "I figured as much…"

I pulled away, looking at him. "What?"

"It’s not like you’re a world class sleuth, Squall."

"Then why didn’t you do anything about it?"

Seifer shrugged, leaning against my shoulder. "I wasn’t positive… I wanted to be sure…" He trailed off.

I smiled, feeling happier than I had in… ever. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, resting my forehead against the side of his neck. He reached up, linking his fingers with mine, which caused me to sigh. We just remained in that position for a while, in pleasant silence. I could feel the vein in Seifer’s neck throbbing against my cheek. Each time it moved, I felt myself get harder. Flashing images of Seifer’s teeth in my throat passed across my vision, making me dizzy. I placed a few feather light kisses on Seifer’s throat, ear and cheek, contented in just holding him.

After a while, Seifer lazily opened his eyes. "I should really be studying…"

"You already know everything." I traced the curl of his ear with my tongue, which caused him to shiver and smile dreamily.

"Then I should probably get some sleep. I don’t want to fall asleep in the middle…."

"But it’s still early." My voice was muffled against his shoulder.

He stifled a yawn. "But I’ve been so tired lately." He pulled away slightly so he could look at me. He raised an eyebrow. "I can tell what you have in mind.."

"Oh, and sex never crossed yours?"

He laughed softly. "I never said that." He disentangled himself from my grip so he could climb up on the bed beside me. "I just have more self control." He opened his arms to me, urging me to come closer. I didn’t hesitate, welcoming his embrace happily. "Unlike some people…."

I blushed, knowing that he felt my arousal against his leg. I closed my eyes, nuzzling against him, pressing the entire length of my body against him. I smiled, opening my eyes as he tilted my face up, meeting my eyes. I smiled again, just losing myself in that aqua sea, letting it wash over me. I stroked his hip lovingly, just looking in his eyes. I was surprised when I saw emotions actually stay there, not flit away like they normally did. We just looked at each other, memorizing each other’s features. He leaned in, kissing me. It wasn’t forceful, but I wouldn’t have called it gentle, either. It was wanting, yearning. Seifer rolled us over slightly, so that I was on my back and he was on his side, his body molded to me. His mouth was so warm, and the kiss was as sweet as the time we had kissed with the others around, but this one was more wonderful, more emotional, more meaningful. I pressed my tongue into his mouth eagerly, his taste driving me crazy. I moaned softly into his open mouth when he responded, massaging my tongue with his own. As we continued to kiss, Seifer flattened his palm over my stomach, making small, lazy circles. I arched my body up, pressing into his palm. I wanted him to go lower, touch further down my body. He must have sensed some of my urgency, because he moved his fingertips under my brown button up shirt. He undid some of the buttons, his fingers tickling my bare belly. He undid the rest of the buttons, running his palm across my entire chest. I sighed as he paid particular attention to my nipples.

"Seifer…" I trailed off, working my hand under his clothes, so that half of it was under his shirt, and the other half was under the waistband of his boxers.

He moved his mouth away from mine, lazily kissing my throat and collarbone. I got a healthy grip on his hair, pulling as his mouth moved across my exposed flesh. He groaned slightly in his throat, looking up at me. I must have been pulling his hair too roughly. At that point, I didn’t care. When his mouth touched my now sensitive nipples, I yanked on his hair harder. He responded by biting down. Hard. I cried out, letting go of his short honey coloured hair as my nerves seemed to shake, both from pleasure and pain. I looked down, noticing a bright red streak on my chest. Seifer had bit down on my nipple so hard that it had drawn blood. I sighed, arching my back painfully as he suckled, drinking down the blood. He lapped at it hungrily, which intensified my arousal. I wrapped my thighs around his torso, squeezing him in the vice of my legs.

He gasped. "Squall…"

I looked down, noticing that I was squeezing a little too tightly. "Sorry."

When I had loosened my legs, he pounced on me, covering my mouth with his own. The feeling of his torso brushing against the bulge in my pants ripped a low moan from my throat, which was muffled as Seifer stuffed his tongue in my mouth. I arched up further, suppressing my cries. I didn’t really want to get caught. Seifer’s hands moved down to unbuckle my belt, which caused his mouth to slide off of mine. I groaned in disappointment, catching his now moist bottom lip in my teeth, roughly pulling it back to my mouth. I was now the one that had drawn blood. Seifer’s hot, metallic blood poured into my waiting mouth. The cut I had made must have been worse than I had meant it to be because the blood was flowing rather freely. I sucked at it greedily, relishing the slightly bitter taste.

Seifer sighed and let me have my fun, his body totally slackening, relaxing, letting me dictate things. He lazily tossed my belt away and began to unbutton my pants. When my erection was freed, I bit down on his lip again, causing more blood to come out. He slightly grunted and bit me in response, drawing blood from my own lips. Now my own blood was mingling with Seifer’s. I felt like I was drowning in it. A few stray trickles went down my cheeks, streaking my face. Seifer lapped it up eagerly, replacing the scarlet trails with paths of his own saliva. I greedily sucked further, trying to swallow my moans as well as the crimson fluid as Seifer’s body rubbed against my now exposed cock. I hastily reached down to his pants, practically ripping at them as I drank more of his blood.

I couldn’t stop a strangled moan from softly passing by my lips when Seifer’s large, hard cock pressed against my own. My mouth slid across his face, leaving a bright red smear, as I lost myself in the throws of ecstasy. I knew that this wouldn’t be the height of sexual longevity for me, but I didn’t care, the sensation of Seifer’s crotch grinding against mine as we drank each other’s blood bringing me to the brink of orgasm. When Seifer’s hand reached down and gently touched my scrotum, I threw my head back, causing mine and Seifer’s blood to splatter across my face and throat, Seifer’s chest and the pitch black sheets. The dark, almost black scarlet contrasted with Seifer’s snow-white flesh greatly. I responded then by thrusting my hips heavily into Seifer’s, grinding my burgeoning erection against his, which got a strangled cry from the blonde. He eagerly kissed me again, trying to lap up the last of the blood before it clotted. I licked across the seam of the cut on the inside of his lip, the cut that I had made, but pulled away as the beginning tremors of an orgasm reached me, pulling at all the fibers in my body. I moved my hands up underneath Seifer’s shirt, wondering why he still had it on. I could tell, even through my shaking palms, that he was about to come as well. The muscles that ran across his back were tight and tense, and his breathing was becoming more of a panting.

"Squall…" Seifer trailed off, burying his face into my neck as he released against my groin, coating me in his ejaculate. This sent me over the edge, throwing me into a debilitating orgasm. I scratched across his back as my fluid splattered against Seifer, mixing with his. I slowly let out my breath as I came down from the dizzying high that I was experiencing. Seifer breathed heavily against my ear as his body began to relax as well. I closed my eyes, just enjoying this feeling, reveling in joy. After a few moments, Seifer propped his body up over me, reaching to his night table. As he craned his neck, I nibbled on the tender flesh, licking at a few drying streaks of red. He reached for a few Kleenexes, wiping the now sticky mess off of our bodies. After he was done, Seifer rolled onto his back, closing his eyes. I shifted my body so that I could look down at his face, watch him. I used my fingernails to gently trace the pale lines of blood that ran across his upper body. I leaned in, using my tongue to lick him clean, like a cat would do. He smiled absently, enjoying what I was doing. When I was satisfied that I had gotten it all, I let Seifer do the same to me, running his tongue across my cheeks and chest, lapping up the drying blood.

"So, was that you exacting your ‘self control’?" I asked playfully, my voice sounding happily weary.

Seifer answered by nuzzling against my cheek, reaching down to do up his pants again. I couldn’t help but be disappointed. I did mine up, too, feeling slightly strange with just my dick hanging out. I settled my body beside his, just content in watching him, noticing the way the sun came in through the window, caressing his skin, bathing it in a golden light, illuminated his honey coloured hair. It almost looked like he had a halo of spun gold framing his face. Or maybe it was just afterglow.

His aquamarine eyes opened slowly, sensing that I was looking at him. He smiled at me, a dreamy look on his face. His straight, brilliantly white teeth seemed to shine. One of his warm hands moved underneath my already unbuttoned shirt, while the other reached up towards my face, his fingers gently brushing my long, shaggy bangs out of my face.

"What?" He asked, his voice quiet.

"Huh?" I gave him a confused look, which caused him to smile again.

"You just gave me a strange look, like I startled you or something…" He trailed off, pulling my body down closer to his. He rested his head against my bare chest, stroking my hip aimlessly.

"Oh… Did I?" I thought for a second. "I’m just surprised, that’s all…"

"About what?"

"That you’re being so gentle."

He kissed my collarbone, finding a sensitive area. My fingers curled against the small of his back. "What did you expect? That I would just throw you down and fuck you raw?"

I couldn’t help but smile. "Maybe…" I grinned, kissing him softly.

"I’ll do that tomorrow then. I don’t have the energy to ravage you right now…" He yawned. "And I think I should study some more. I forgot everything…"

I snorted, raking my teeth along his jawline. "I doubt that. You’re not Zell."

"Well, all I can think about now is your dick, and I really don’t think that there will be a question on the exam about it…"

"There should be." I replied lazily, wrapping my arms tighter around Seifer’s lean body.

"Question….. What is the diameter of Squall’s cock?" Seifer kissed my collarbone again, slightly nipping me. "But I doubt that very many people would get it."

"Oh, you’d be surprised…." I joked, losing myself in the wave of emotion that hit me.

Seifer made a noise in the back of his throat. "I would never peg you as a slut."

I pressed my lips to his, ending our conversation. I really enjoyed just kissing him, knowing that that’s all it would probably amount to. It felt right, comfortable, comforting. I didn’t even bother using my tongue, happy to just explore, kiss him with sequential small kisses rather than one long one. His mouth was soft and warm, a contrast to his usually cold looking exterior. I broke the kiss first and looked into his eyes, wanting to see actual emotions passing through the green blue irises. The way the now mauve light of the setting sun hit his eyes, it made them look absolutely amazing. The light added a purplish tinge to the blue and made the green flash with sparks of gold. His pupils were mere pinpricks, lost in the moving scope of colour. He blinked a few times as he looked at me as I was at him. My attention was diverted from his eyes when Seifer parted his mouth in a mix of a smile and a look of longing. I kissed a trail down the side of his face, hastily capturing his mouth again. All the emotions that were passing through my body were becoming jumbled, mixed together, which made me lightheaded. It wasn’t really a sexual high. I had already gotten the fiery lust that had plagued me out of my system… for now. It was a total emotional high. I felt like I finally was where I belonged, where I was safe, protected.

We lay together in silence. I didn’t know how long it was, all time had ceased to exist to me. The sun was now gone, a small table lamp the only thing preventing us from being totally engulfed in darkness. The only motions we really made were to lazily pet or stroke each other affectionately. We were both more content to just lay there. I was glad that I wasn’t really tired, because I knew that if I fell asleep, I wouldn’t be able to feel Seifer’s warm body next to me, wouldn’t be able to hear his heartbeat until I woke up again.

The silence was finally broken by a knock on the door. It seemed to stun both of us, for I felt Seifer slightly jump at the noise. Before either of us could say anything, the door swung open with a noisy clatter. Selphie bounded into the room, holding a large orange road pylon under one of her slender arms.

"Hey! Look what I got! I stole it from…." She trailed off, her emerald green eyes resting on me.

"What’s going on? Can we go eat?" Zell asked, coming in behind her. "What…?" His pale eyes widened for a moment, but then he smiled knowingly.

Selphie just continued to stare, her grip slackening on the orange plastic under her arm. "Seifer…?"

He sat up slowly, one of his arms still slung around my exposed waist. He rubbed the heel of his hand across his eyes sleepily. I hadn’t even realized that he had fallen asleep. "What? Oh… Well, don’t act all surprised…"

Zell sighed, checking his watch. "Can we go eat?" He continued to smile.

Selphie began to stammer, "Well, it’s not that I’m surprised…. Well, I am… God, I’m sorry that we barged in on you…. Man… This is great!" A wide smile spread across her girlish face.

I waited for a second before saying anything, wanting to let Selphie go through the entire range of emotions. "We’ll come with you. Just let us….."

"Fuck?" Zell asked.

"Freshen up."

Seifer snorted. "Freshen up? What are you, Rinoa?"

I just looked at him.

"Fine, fine." Zell practically stormed into the hallway. "Just fucking hurry up…."

Selphie spun on her heel. "Yeah, what he said." She smiled again. "It’s about time…"

When we were alone again, I looked over at Seifer. "It’s about time….?"

He kissed my earlobe, slowly sinking his teeth into the fleshy tissue. He stopped when I moaned from slight pain. "Yeah. She’s had to hear me bitch and moan about you. Now I won’t have to bug her."

My hand traveled down his torso, stopping just above his crotch. "We could always stay here…."

He caught my hand with his own, intertwining our fingers. "Squall…. I was serious when I said we shouldn’t tonight. I want to do well…."

"I know. Okay, we won’t… But you have to promise that I can at least sleep with you tonight. Just sleeping."

"Of course. Come on." He offered me his hand so I could get off the bed. I held it for longer than I had to, squeezing his palm with my fingers. He reached up and buttoned my shirt, smoothing the front with his palms.

As Seifer was going out the door, I wrapped my arms around him, embracing him from behind. I just wanted to feel him next to me, because I didn’t know how long it would be before I could do this again. Even a few hours seemed too long for me.

He sighed in contentment, but still walked to the door, dragging me with him, seeing as how I wasn’t ready to let go yet. When we got in the hallway, I reluctantly pulled my arms away, knowing it wasn’t the best idea to be groping Seifer in a crowd. We walked with Selphie, Zell and her pylon towards Irvine’s room.

"I just want to check on him." Selphie explained, adjusting the pylon.

I looked over at Seifer as we walked, wanting so badly just to even hold his hand, but stopped myself. I knew how society worked. I then looked over at Zell, slowing so I could match his stride… and look at Seifer’s ass as he walked beside Selphie.

"What’s up?" I asked, noticing a far away look in his eyes.

"Huh? Oh, just hungry, I guess."

I scoffed. "Whatever. Tell me."

He lowered his voice. "It’s kind of stupid…."

"You say lots of things that are more than kind of stupid. Why are you hesitating now?"

Zell just shrugged. "Just… thinking."

"Fine, be that way." I shrugged as we stopped, knowing that Zell would break down and confess eventually. I had a vast more patience than he did.

Selphie didn’t even bother knocking. I figured she would have learned after walking in on Seifer and me. I blushed, thinking about what she could have walked in on. Seifer smiled at me knowingly, aware of why I was blushing.

"Hey, Irvine, how’s the studying going, hon?" Selphie boomed, bounding into the room. She stopped dead in her tracks, which caused Zell, Seifer and myself to bang into each other like a derailed train. "What the fuck?!"

Irvine clambered off the bed, and off of Rinoa.

"Holy fuck!" Zell cried.

Seifer’s jaw just dropped. He didn’t seem that surprised, though. Honestly, I wasn’t surprised, either.

"Irvine?!" Selphie’s grip on the pylon became fierce, her knuckles white.


Rinoa sat up. "Oh, Selphie…" She sounded truly remorseful.

"Shut up!" Selphie growled lowly.

Rinoa looked down, a flush of shame passing her face as she refastened her bra.

"How could you do this?" Selphie asked, her voice shaky. She rubbed her eyes. "I guess this isn’t my day for barging in, is it?"

Irvine looked at her quizzically. Seifer just glared at him.

"Answer me!"

"Look, I’m sorry, Selphie.."

She laughed mirthfully. "Sorry? You certainly are sorry, you fucking piece of shit!"

"Hey! That was uncalled for!" Irvine snapped, pulling on his white T-shirt. "What am I supposed to think about us, Selphie? Huh? You’re always hanging around that faggot." He jabbed a finger at Seifer.

"Whoa…" I commanded lowly, my anger rising. "You have no right to point fingers, Irvine."

"How were you supposed to know?!" Selphie repeated. She seemed to be in a sense of disbelief.

"It’s called talking…." Zell muttered, shaking his head disapprovingly at the reclining Rinoa.

"Shut up!" Selphie commanded, turning to Rinoa. "How could you? You’re supposed to be my friend…."

"Selphie, I didn’t mean to hurt you…." Rinoa stood, facing the smaller woman. "I am your friend…"

There was silence for a few minutes. Then Selphie began to laugh. At first I wasn’t sure if she was crying or not, but it became more gleeful sounding, which unnerved me. I noticed that Zell was slowly backing away towards the door, while Seifer just stared at her. The laughing became uproarious, which disturbed me further. She looked at Rinoa, her small body continuing to shake with giggles.

"Selphie….?" The taller woman slowly approached Selphie.

The laughing immediately stopped as the heavy, weighted end of the pylon came crashing down, making heavy contact with Rinoa’s stomach. She groaned loudly from pain, reeling backwards. The pylon came down again, this time against the kneeling Rinoa’s shoulder.

"Friend? FRIEND???!!!" Selphie now sounded hysterical. This much anger in her was totally frightening. Her normally cheerful disposition was now completely vanished. I then figured that it actually somewhat made sense that she would fly off the handle. Irvine and Rinoa did totally betray her, but Selphie’s always happy exterior must have been hiding some untapped anger that she could now justify and use.

"Selphie!" Seifer reached out, scooping up her now flailing body. She dropped the pylon, but began kicking at both Rinoa and Irvine. Seifer cried out as the heel of her combat boot made heavy contact with his shins. "Stop it!" He commanded.

"You fucking whore!" Selphie screamed. Her boot landed in Irvine’s gut.

"Hey!" Irvine cried, his hand coming down, slapping Selphie across the face.

Zell growled low in his throat. He shoved Irvine against the wall, hard. The wind must have been knocked out of the taller man, for he slumped down.

Selphie continued to struggle against my lover, trying to get out of his grip. "You stupid fucker! I hope that that stupid slut gives you Syphilis. Prick!" She began to kick and slash her arms again, but she was attacking Seifer more than anybody.

I rushed over, getting her legs in a tight grip. She seemed possessed, still struggling against both Seifer and me.

"Stop it." Seifer commanded again, his voice low.

"Thank you…" Rinoa whispered, looking totally dejected.

"Shut up, you stupid bitch. Just don’t even say another word…." Seifer’s eyes looked to Irvine, pure rage there.

"You stupid fucking CUNT!" The small brunette roared.

"Shut up, Selphie!" Irvine countered, rage also in his words.

"Don’t tell her to shut up, motherfucker." Zell punched Irvine in the jaw, which sent the long haired man sprawling. Zell’s rage was almost as frightening as Selphie’s.

I looked at Seifer. He motioned to start trying to drag Selphie from the room, knowing that the situation was already out of hand. We moved towards the door, using all our strength to calm Selphie’s movement. "Zell, let’s go."

Zell remained in place.

"Zell…" Seifer called lowly, his own anger starting to rise.

The small blonde looked back at Seifer, nodding, obeying the command.

"Yeah, run away. Run to that fag, just like you always do…" Irvine trailed off, wiping blood from his lip.

Seifer blinked a few times. Selphie gasped as his grip on her became so tight that she couldn’t breathe. Zell and I just looked at him, waiting for a messy explosion. "Now, whose fault is that, Irvine?" Seifer asked innocently, blinking a few times. I was highly relieved that he didn’t become really angry, that he was controlling himself. I could tell, noticing the frightening anger lurking beneath his eyes, the endless wrath that he killed before it could surface. I honestly didn’t want to see all of Seifer’s anger come out, for his was far more deadly than either Selphie’s or Zell’s.

After we had gotten her out of that room and into the hallway, Seifer gently shook her a couple of times. "What were you thinking?"

Selphie snorted, and began to say something, but Seifer gave her a look that made her shut her mouth pretty quickly. We both let go of her, but blocked her path to the door.

"Assault isn’t going to do anything! Do you want to get arrested?" His voice was low. He then turned to Zell. "And punching him wasn’t necessary."

"Oh come on!" Zell scoffed, sighing. "He hit her."

"I know. Don’t sink to his level. Now, let’s go cool off." He grabbed Selphie’s arm, not really giving her a chance to protest.

"I never thought I’d see the day when Seifer was the voice of reason…" I mused, giving him a teasing look.

"And you’ve learned an important lesson…" Zell trailed off, addressing Selphie. "Knock first."

She snorted mirthfully, almost amused. She then sighed, stopping. "Why? What did I do wrong?"

Zell wrapped an arm around her. "Nothing. It’s not your fault."

"I just feel so stupid!" She cried, a few vagrant tears flowing down her now red cheeks.

Seifer stroked her hair, not saying anything. There was a look in his eyes that I couldn’t really explain. He looked like he felt useless, that he couldn’t help in comforting her.

"How could I have not seen it?! I’m not blind…." She trailed off, choking back a sob. "It’s all so sudden…"

We all looked away, feeling guilty.

She noticed. "You all knew, didn’t you?"

Zell cleared his throat in response, while I became obsessed with my shoes.

"How could you have kept this from me?!" She asked angrily as we walked into the cafeteria.

I sighed. "We weren’t sure. Quistis…"

"Quistis?" Selphie slunk to the nearest booth, collapsing against the black vinyl seat. "And you purposely kept this from me?!"

"Don’t be angry," I replied. "Quistis has been driving herself retarded about whether to tell you or not. She didn’t want to go to you without concrete proof that something was going on…"

"But something was going on!" She exclaimed.

"We didn’t know that until now!" I cried. A few people looked at us. I sat beside Selphie, while Zell sat across from her. Seifer was on the other side of the table, which gave me ample time to stare at him.

Seifer just sighed, staring off into space, distracted. Under the table, I used my foot to gently rub against his ankle. He focused on me, smiling slightly.

"I’m glad that someone’s love life isn’t in the shitter…" Selphie rested her temple on the heel of her hand.

I patted her back. "Just calm down. It wasn’t your fault…"

"I just can’t believe this! Well, actually I can, but I can’t at the same time… You know what I mean?"

"I don’t, but I’m going to say yes." Zell smiled sadly at her.

"I mean, that I’m not totally shocked that Irvine would do something like that. I mean, it is Irvine… But Rinoa? How could she?"

"She seemed sorry.." Zell offered, obviously still trying to see the good in her.

"Don’t defend that skanky whore. She’s so swimming with disease!" Selphie growled. "If Irvine wants to give up his dignity to fuck her, so be it. I’m better than that."

Both Seifer and I cleared our throats.

"Oh, sorry. But you guys have excuses. You were young."

"Uh, I wasn’t young. We just recently broke up." I rolled my eyes. "But that’s alright."

"So, I guess you both don’t like me making fun of her…" Selphie traced circles on the tabletop.

"No, make fun. She deserves it." Seifer spat, a look of disgust passing across his face.

"Someone’s bitter," Zell muttered, casting a look to the man beside him.

"Let’s put it this way. I fucked Rinoa, and the next day I realized I liked fucking guys better." He smiled, looking over at me.

Selphie laughed. "That actually made me feel better."

"Tapping into anger always makes you feel better." Seifer’s reply sounded hollow. "What do you guys want?" He got up, waiting for our replies.

"I’m not really hungry," Selphie said. "Just something to drink. Milk or something."

"I know what you want…" Seifer muttered at Zell. He then turned to me. "What do you want?"

I smiled innocently. "I’m fine…."

He sighed, giving me a look. I watched him as he walked away.

When he was gone, Zell sighed. "Man, now I don’t have to flirt with him so much!"

"What?" I asked, confused.

"Oh come on. I was all over him to make you jealous, and now I don’t have to do it so much, although I’ve come to enjoy it…" He trailed off, grinning mischievously. "I think I’m developing a crush on him."

I frowned at him. "I’m sure Ashla would love that…"

He just shrugged, patting Selphie’s hand.

She let out her breath in one long sigh. "Maybe I’m better off alone…."

"Don’t get like that," I said.

"Well, I sure as hell am better off without Irvine. I can’t believe he would do this to me! Why didn’t he just break it off if he wanted to fuck Rinoa so badly?"

Seifer grumbled as he sat down. "Because he’s a fucking retard, that’s why." He placed a tray of hot dogs in front of Zell, milk before Selphie, and a coffee in front of me.

"You didn’t have to get me anything…" I trailed off. The coffee did smell good.

He opened a bottle of water. "I hope it’s the way you like it. I wasn’t sure…"

I sipped it. "Exactly…" I was surprised that he got it right: three sugars and no cream.

The alarm on Seifer’s watch went off. He groaned impatiently, pulling a small pillbox out of his pocket. He put one in his mouth, washing it down with water. I knew without looking that it was his Lithium.

Zell wolfed down his meal. "God, I’m hungry."

"God, you’re a pig…" Seifer trailed off, raising his eyebrow at the smaller blonde.

"Are you ready for tomorrow?" He asked after he had swallowed.

Seifer shrugged his broad shoulders. "I don’t know."

"I hope Irvine fails…." She sighed again. "You know what, I feel like being alone right now…"

Zell sighed softly. "You shouldn’t be, though."

Seifer yawned. "I need to get some sleep." He cast me a look.

"What?" I asked.

"Look, I’ll take you back to your room," Zell told the sad brunette. "You guys go."

Seifer looked at Selphie sadly. "Are you going to manage?"

She shrugged. "I don’t know."

Seifer stood, taking a drink of water. He waited for me to stand. I again had to resist the urge to take his hand. He leaned in, planting a friendly kiss on Selphie’s cheek. "If you need anything…"

"…I won’t barge into your room…" She smiled, trying to be cheerful, but her face fell again.

"Don’t I get a goodbye kiss?" Zell asked, wagging his tongue at the tall blonde.

"No." He gave one last sad look to Selphie before leaving. I took large strides to keep up with him. I reached out, grabbing his wrist.

"Slow down. Your legs are longer than mine…" I held his wrist for a couple of seconds, using my thumb to stroke the sensitive flesh. I reluctantly released, shoving my hand in my pocket, using the other one to hold my coffee.

When we got to his room, he locked the door behind us, tossing his keys on the desk. I put my coffee down carefully, then attacked him. I caught him in a very tight embrace, hungrily devouring his mouth with my own. He made a noise of surprise, stumbling as he lost his balance. When he caught it, he snaked his arms around my waist, crushing me against his lean body. I moaned softly against his lips, relishing their taste. My hands began to roam all over his body, touching his chest, shoulders, neck, back, hips and anywhere else they could find. I jammed my tongue into his mouth, whipping it against his.

Seifer gently ran his fingers through my now tousled hair, moving them slowly. His fingernails traced the lines of my cheekbone and orbital bones, tickling me, causing me to shiver. He slowed down our pace, pulling his tongue out of my mouth. I moaned in slight disappointment, but sighed when he gently began kissing my lips, just brushing his with mine. Changing the pace like this surprised me, but in a good way. To me, this gentle display was more intimate, deeper, more gentle than lustfully ramming each other’s tongues together. I trailed my lips away from Seifer’s hot mouth, kissing and licking my way to his throat. I ran the tip of my tongue along his jugular, flashes of scarlet passing my vision. I bit down on the throbbing vein, which caused Seifer to yelp in surprise. I continued to suck at the skin, noisily and roughly.

He pulled me away gently. "If you’re going to give me a hickey, give it to me somewhere where I can cover it up…"

I grinned, wiping some saliva away from my mouth. "I can think of a few places…"

"Squall…" Seifer trailed off, sighing impatiently as my hands explored the curves of his ass. "I meant what I said about getting sleep. I have to write the exam, and do my prerequisite field exam…"

"I know…" I muttered, failing to keep the disappointment out of my voice.

"Well," Seifer went over to the bed, leading me with him. "It’s not like we’ll never get another chance. I just don’t want to fuck things up again… Like I always do."

I settled my body over his, straddling his waist. I sighed, nibbling on his earlobe. "Don’t say that."

"It’s kind of true, though…. What is it with you and biting me? I never pegged that on you…"

"I just like it. I never really did it before…." My mind wandered, thinking about my dream, Seifer's teeth in my throat, draining the life out of me….

"What?" He asked, lazily running his palms down my thighs.

"Huh?" I bent over, kissing him lightly. "Did I space out?"

He nodded, nuzzling against my throat. "What were you thinking about?"

"Just this dream I had a couple of weeks ago." As I spoke, I began hiking up his shirt. A lustful smile crept across my lips as I looked at his navel, my fetish getting the better of me.

"What was it about?" Seifer pulled his shirt off, throwing away the now obtrusive garment. It landed in a messy pile on the floor.

"Us. We were in the quad," I moved my body down so I could lick wet, lazy circles around his bellybutton. "And…. You drank my blood…. Drained me." My answer came out choppy, as my mouth was busy.

Seifer murmured distantly, covering his face with the back of his arm. His belly shuddered under my mouth. "And you liked it?"

I moved up so I could rest my head on his chest. "Yes."

"It’s something to consider…." He gently pushed me off so he could stand up. "If you’re going to stay tonight, promise that you’ll let me sleep."

"I promise, master…" I murmured as he went in the bathroom. I stared up at the ceiling, feeling comfortable in Seifer’s bed. When he came back out, he sat beside my knees, removing his socks. I sat up, running my fingers across his shoulder blades. He tossed his watch on the nightstand, looking over at me. He smiled broadly, a look of giddiness passing across his face. I kissed him passionately, my mouth leaving a wet trail down the side of his face as he stood up. He began to undo his pants, which made me make a protesting noise in the back of my throat.

"Whoa, whoa…" I stood up, tripping slightly over the sheets, which were tangled around my ankles. I grabbed the waistband. "Allow me…"

I pulled them down slowly. As he stepped out, I kicked them across the room. "Boxers, too?"

He shrugged. "Why not?"

"You sound so enthused. Are you sure you can trust me?" I winked at him, nudging my fingertips under the waist of the black satin fabric.

He unbuttoned my shirt, pushing the brown fabric off my shoulders. It practically floated to the ground, like in a bad chick movie. When his underwear had followed the same suit as his pants, I felt a blush creep to my cheeks as I looked at his body. He seemed totally unashamed, watching me watch him. He was perfect, at least to me he was. His muscles were perfectly toned, rippling in just the right places, but weren’t overly built or defined. He still had a slender litheness about him. I let my palms trace the way his waist nipped in and gently flared out at his hips. My eyes stopped on his cock, just looking. I suddenly felt very insecure about myself. He was most impressive, and he wasn’t even erect. I hadn’t gotten a good look at him when we had messed around before, and was immediately sorry about that. As I continued to stare at his body, he slowly worked my belt out of the loops in my pants. Soon, my pants and boxers were gone as well, and we were just standing in front of each other, nude. I looked away, feeling embarrassed and on display as Seifer’s eyes followed every curve of my body. I knew I was flushing terribly.

Seifer’s fingers reached up, gently forcing me to look in his eyes. "Why are you embarrassed?" He then linked his fingers with my own, stepping back. He just looked at me. "You’re beautiful."

I raised my eyebrows. "Beautiful? How can you be impressed with me? Look at you…"

He scoffed. "You’re beautiful," he repeated, totally serious.

I just kind of shrugged, taken aback by what he said. Nobody had ever called me beautiful before. I sighed, closing my eyes as he pulled me close to his body, holding me. I was glad that he was holding me, holding me up, because the feeling of my bare flesh against his made me feel woozy. Seifer reached over, turning off the light, so now we were in complete darkness, except for the pale moonlight that shone through the window. I was so relieved when he led us to the bed, bringing my body down on top of his, kissing my temple. I adjusted my body so that I was still partially on top of him, but my legs were on the bed. All the lustful, playful feelings I had had earlier were now gone. I was more than satisfied to lay in Seifer’s arms, naked flesh pressed together.

"Seifer…?" I whispered after a few minutes of silence, after my eyes had adjusted to the dark.

He didn’t respond. He had fallen asleep.

I smiled at him, softly brushing the wisps of hair off of his forehead, my touch feather-light. The pale white light played on his cheekbones and forehead. I kissed him gently, not wanting to wake him up. He moved in his sleep, then slipping back under its veil. I pressed my forehead to his cheek, closing my eyes, the sound of Seifer’s steady heartbeat lulling me to sleep.

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