Hear What I Don't Say

By Mistress Pluto

Pivot. Parry. Thrust. Block. Fake left. Spin. Thrust.

"Come one Squally. I'm sure you can do better than that!"

-Fight. Rage. Acknowledge me, Squall. Please.-

I taunt him and just see the reaction I can get out of him. Any glare, growl, or battle cry brings a smile to my inside face. I just want a reaction.

"Hit me! Come on! You're too slow today. You giving up on me?"

-React, Squall. Show me some emotion. Any emotion. Hate. Anger. Rage. ... Love?-

Block. Sidestep. Fake thrust. Overhead swing. I step back to catch my breath. Raising my left hand up, I motion for him to come and get me. He growls and we begin the dance again.

"Fight me, you pansy!"

-React! REACT!-

We dance, and I don't know how long it has been since we started. I don't know how long it will last but I savor ever minute of his burning eyes. Maybe I could... Maybe I could burn emotions into him. That's it! I cast fire and he falls back and glares up at me.

"You're pathetic, Leonheart."

-You're beautiful, Squall.-

I raise Hyperion high above my head and bring it down across his face. For a moment he just sits there stunned and in complete shock. Then the fire burns in his eyes. It's not the emotion I crave, but it will do for now.

He stands and drags his blade on the ground. In a quick sweeping motion, his gunblade slashes across my face. He swung before I could react. Blood trailed down my face in a mirrored cut.

I muttered to him before he fell to the ground, "Bastard..."

-I love you...-

I pick up his limp body and bring him in to the infirmary. Before turning him over to Kadowaki, before she sees us here, I place my lips to his and blood from our cuts mingle.

I lay him on the bed and leave before the doc can see my cut. I'll heal without a Cure and form a scar deep into my face. Proof that Squall has at least one emotion.

With one glance back, I whisper in a cracking voice, "Squall..."

-I love you.-

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