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Heartbreak and Second Love

Chapter 6 - Moving In

By Redrum


"Try not to break anything this time, will ya?" I scowl. What the hell is the point of volunteering to help move our things if they're determined to break half my fucking stuff?! Idiots.

"Squall, come help me move this bed."

Last night we decided we'd sleep in the same bed; more comfortable that way. So we went out and bought a king sized bed. There's no way we were going to spend our nights on the puny SeeD standard beds.

I'm shaken out of my thoughts when I feel the bed hit my knees lightly. "I think you have to pick it up in order to move it Seifer." I chuckle and grab the railings.

Lifting the heavy bed up with the help of Squall, we make our way to our new dorm. I make sure to go slowly so he doesn't trip while walking backwards.

"We'll put in the middle of the bedroom. It's about five paces to your right, behind you." He nods and follows my directions. We make it into the medium sized bedroom, and I slowly guide the bed to the middle of the room. He slips out from behind it and comes over to help me push the heavy bed against the dark, navy blue wall. We stand back and take a break. Who knew beds could be so heavy?

"It's nice."

"What does it look like?" I frown and look the bed over.

"It's large enough for two men," his lips curve into a small grin; "the sheets are black. The comforter is thick and black with small red crosses, similar to the ones stitched on my coat, along the edges. The body pillow goes from one end of the bed to the other and is a dark crimson. The headboard is cheery red wood and of medium height. And unfortunately, the bed has no wheels." He smirks, nodding. I smile, proud of myself for giving a clear description to him.

We spend the next two hours walking through the medium sized dorm: me describing what it looks like; while Squall gets used to the placement of everything. The dorm isn't that bad actually.

The living room is mostly done in black and crimson, with hints of wood to add a certain touch to it.

The bathroom is white and ice blue, and the bathtub is quite large. Big enough for two people...

Most 'couple' dorms (any room with only one bedroom instead of the usual two for room mates) have a kitchen, but we thought it be more convenient to just go to the cafeteria. Well... neither of us can cook, so it makes sense. Besides, Squall doesn't get out much, so every little bit helps. He's still not totally familiar with the Garden, but he's getting there.

We don't have a lot of furniture in the living room (to avoid clutter), but we do have a medium sized TV and a couch and table. We also have a large bookcase shoved into the corner, that way Squall won't hurt himself on the sharp edges.

I offered to move the rest of the stuff up against the wall, but Squall got pissed off. He said he could walk around the middle, avoiding it basically, until he gets his grounds of where everything is.

Until then, I'm hoping he can avoid hitting his knee on the coffee table. Especially if he ends up knocking the portable stereo we have there off. He's always loved music, so he would be pretty mad at himself if he accidentally broke it.

He has a collection of CDs in the drawer in his nightstand. He only has three CDs at the moment, but he does keep them in alphabetical order so he knows which one is which.

"Seifer?" I shake my head, trying to clear it. I guess I'd been so quiet that Squall couldn't hear me and started thinking that I'd left the room.

I walk over and plop myself down beside him on the black faux fur covered couch (Squall and I both enjoy the sensation of the fake fur on our skin, so we decided to splurge last night when we got the bed and other furniture).

"Why do we only have one pillow?" I shrug.

"We sleep so close together that I figured we only needed one big pillow." He frowns. I smile when I spot the dusting of red on his pale cheeks. "You don't mind do you? If you do, I can always go out and get another pillow." He shakes his head.

"No, it's okay. What you said makes sense." I nod, smirking. Common sense always did work well on Squall.

I look over at the slim brunette and notice his rapid blinking. Someone's tired.

"You want me to get one of your CDs?" He nods, shoulders already slumping in weariness. "Evanescence, right?" He nods again, a small smile on his face. Squall always listens to that CD when he wants to go to sleep. He said it helps to relax him.

I get up and grab the requested CD. Coming back, I smile when I see Squall lying down on the couch, head resting on the comfortable arm rest, feet almost reaching the end.

Crouching down near the stereo, I put the disk in and turn down the volume. "Mind if I join you?" He smiles and shakes his head. Standing up, he waits for me to get on the couch first.

I make myself comfortable and pat the sofa for him to come closer. He shifts around, trying to find a comfortable spot. He finally stops moving, so I wrap my arms around his small waist. I smile and rest my chin on top of his head. Hooking one leg over his, I take one final glance at the clock resting on top of the TV; 12:00 AM. I guess it's later than we thought. No wonder he's so tired.

I sigh and close my eyes. I guess we'll just have to break in the bed tomorrow.

"G'night." Squall whispers, his voice already husky from sleep. I smile and tighten my grip.

"Night Squall."

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