This is a humour/romance between Seifer and Squall requested by Marie.

Happy Camping

By Purple Penguin

Balamb Garden was parked in Esthar territory. Selphie sat in the quad, sunbathing. Esthar weather was brilliant much better then Balamb. It was the middle of summer; half the cadets had left to go home to their parents. Squall wouldn’t let any of the SeeDs go home he was such a spoilsport. Everyone was in the summer mood except him. Selphie wanted to go somewhere to relax and have fun. Irvine and Quistis had tried to get him to go out with them and Zell to a few bars in Esthar City, but he had sent them on a mission to get rid of them.

She closed her eyes and lay back in her Bikini; her eyes snapped open again when someone wolf-whistled her.

“Hi Seifer.”

He nodded in greeting. He leant on the railing with his head back and eyes closed feeling the sun on his face.

“Nice day isn’t it? Makes you want to go out and enjoy it.”

Seifer chuckled. “Commander ruining your fun is he?”

“He won’t let any SeeDs go home!”

“This is your home, why are you complaining?”

“I wanna go on holiday!” She raised an eyebrow at him. “You’re a cadet, why are you still here?”

“No family remember? And all my friends are SeeDs.”

“Maybe you could leave and hide me under your trench coat.”

The blonde smiled. “Who said I wanted to go with you?”

A wicked smiled spread over Selphie’s features causing Seifer to wince. “Uh oh. What is it this time?”

“I just had a brilliant idea!” She grinned and bounced up and down. “Kidnapping!”

Seifer frowned. “Excuse me?”

“We can all pack our stuff and something for Squall, THEN before we go we grab Squall and drag him out with us!”

“And you think that’ll work?”

“Of course it will. Have faith in me.”

The blonde opened the top drawer of the cabinet in Squall’s room. He was the lucky guy who got to pack for Squall and risked being caught and hacked to pieces by a gunblade. Selphie seemed to think Squall had a soft spot for him. That girl and her Yaoi obsession.

Seifer pulled out five pairs of black boxers and a pair with Chicobos on, he thought it might be fun to tease the brunette later on. He also packed five pairs of socks, three pairs of tight black leather pants; Squall always did look good in leather, four T-shirts and that famous leather jacket.

He meet Selphie downstairs, he smiled to see Zell loaded up like a donkey with the entire luggage. He left the bags with them and went to get their dear commander.

Seifer burst into Squall’s office without knocking; the brunette merely raised an eyebrow at him.

“Come on Squally!”

“Don’t call me that ever again.”

“Selphie, Zell and me are going on holiday....”

“What?! But-”

“....and you’re coming with us.”

Squall glared at him. The blonde sat casually on Squall’s desk. “There’s the easy and then there’s the hard way, and dare I say the word blackmail.”

Seifer removed the Chicobo boxers from an inside pocket to his trench coat and he waved them in Squall’s face. “I could always show these to Zell and Selphie.”

Squall gave him a wide-eyed stare. “When do we leave?”

“Right now.” Seifer grinned, putting an arm around Squall’s shoulders. “I knew you could come round to my way of thinking.”

Selphie had suggested sightseeing in the city of Esthar, the three of them agreed. They should have expected a catch, the bouncy girl thought it would be nice to walk to Esthar, it would take at least a couple of days. She rambled on and on about sleeping under the stars, she teased Squall about how romantic it would be.

“Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I’d want to be with either of those two losers.” He hissed.

Eventually they gave in and they all went happily to Esthar.

Two hours later.

“I spy with my little eyes something beginning with.... T.”

“Trees.” The commander said tiredly.

“Yeah, you’re good at this Squall.”

The brunette rolled his eyes. They were in a forest the only things around were grass and trees. He had just had a nice daydream about killing Selphie; it was almost as nice as his usual daydream that involved a naked Seifer and a pair of handcuffs.

The tall blonde smiled at Squall’s bored, near homicidal look as Selphie and Zell started to play word association.

“Eggs.” Selphie was picking the words.










“Awww, you have it bad.” She cooed. “I want to play with Squall.”

The commander looked terrified. He mouthed ‘Help me.’ to Seifer. The blonde grinned. “Selphie let me pick the words.”








Squall smirked. “Annoying.”

“Hey that’s not nice after all the effort I go to get you out of your office....” She continued to lecture him but he wasn’t listening anymore. They had left garden late so now it was getting dark.

“Can we stop soon?”

“Yeah Selphie, it’s getting dark.”

The girl put on her best in charge pose before settling down with her sleeping bag. Zell lay down opposite her. Seifer watched as Squall walked off a few feet and lay down alone, leaning on a large tree root.

The brunette shifted his pillow several times before he got comfy and closed his eyes.

“You know you’re got to be careful of monster. You lying alone, helpless, you make an easy target.”

The brunette groaned and opened his eyes to see Seifer leaning on the tree opposite him.

“I’m not afraid of monsters.”

“Really? Cause I remember a time when a little boy would crawl into my bed because he was scared of sea monsters.” He chuckled.

Squall covered his face with the top of his sleeping bag. The blonde sat down beside him and uncovered him again.

“You’re not going to let me sleep are you?”

“Nope, I’ve had an idea, as I know you’re hating this kiddies outing as much as I am, why don’t we just leave?”

That got Squall’s attention. His head turned to look at Seifer. “You mean escape? Are you serious?”

“Yeah why not? They’ll be asleep soon. We can find somewhere away from Selphie to sleep then head off in the morning. Well, you coming with me?”

Squall grinned. “Definitely.”

In the dead of night two figures half run, half stumbled through the forest. They had started at a full sprint, but Squall tripped over a root and grabbed Seifer pulling him down too. It had been a while since the blonde had heard Squall laugh, but it was a little insane. They couldn’t see where they were going as the trees blocked out the moonlight. Eventually Seifer announced between pants and gasps that he was too tired to walk anymore. They lay they’re sleeping bags side-by-side near a small river. The gentle sound of water flowing was soothing. Squall closed his eyes, this time no one interrupted him and he drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

The brunette awoke to the sound of splashing water. He opened his eyes to see Seifer’s empty sleeping bag. He smiled remembering how far away he was from Selphie, his smile grew when he realizing he was alone with Seifer.

“Something funny?”

Squall leant up on his elbows scanning the place for the owner of the voice. Seifer’s head rested on the surface of the water the rest of him was submerged.

Squall smiled. “It’s looks like you’ve been beheaded.”

The blonde swam closer to the bank. “The water’s warm. Join me?”

Hmmm, a nice warm cosy sleeping bag or swimming with a sex god. Squall considered the two for half a second before stripping down to his boxers. There was no way he was swimming nude. He shuffled the sleeping bag closer to the water’s edge, gingerly he stepped out of it. The cold air seemed to hit his skin like a ton of bricks, he hugged himself tightly.

Seifer watched as the shy brunette stood with his arms around himself. Squall’s pale skin shone in the sunlight, Seifer had always thought the commander was pretty but right now he looked beautiful. The blonde stifled a chuckle as the brunette lost his footing and tumbled into the water. Seifer swam up to help the damsel in distress. He smirked Squall would kill if him if he knew he had just called him a damsel.

Squall surfaced right in face of the blonde.

“I thought you said the water was warm.” He glared at his ex-rival.

“Well if I had said ‘come on in the water’s freezing’, would you have?” Seifer started to swim in circles around the brunette.

Squall swam away from Seifer and started to swim he length of the their little space. “Catch.”

Squall caught whatever it was that Seifer threw at him.

“It’s soap to wash with.” The blonde swam up close to the brunette. “Do you want me to wash your back for you?”

Squall eeped and quickly moved away. The last thing he needed was a raging hard-on in the water.

Seifer smirked. Squall was way too uptight, he was determined to help the brunette relax, he wanted to be friends but Squall was so jumpy and tense around him. When they had ran from Selphie, Squall seemed to relax around him, Seifer had hoped it would stay that way but the mistrust was already returning.

Seifer rose out of the water with a sigh. Squall had lapsed into silence and it looked like he was trying to make himself invisible. The blonde started to gather some firewood to build a fire to cook breakfast over. He had always been good at making food maybe he could charm Squall with his cooking skills. He smirked at the thought.

The blonde made sausages and bacon, Squall clambered out of the water when the food was ready. He sat on a log, cold wet and dripping. Seifer handed him a towel and his plate. The brunette muttered a quiet thanks and sat staring at the floor. They quickly polished off their food.

“Do you hate me?” The blonde just blurted out.

Squall stared in shock. “What? No of course not.”

“Do you trust me?”

“Yes, why are you suddenly asking me all these questions?”

“Why are you so jumpy around me? I only have to put my hands on you and you jump.”

Squall flinched when Seifer said. ‘Put my hands on you’. The blonde looked really good sitting in the sunlight wearing nothing but his boxers, Squall had to try really hard not to stare at his chest.

Seifer sighed when he didn’t receive an answer. He paused considering something before he moved to sit behind Squall, watching as the brunette jumped slightly.

Seifer gently placed his hands on the commander’s shoulders.

“Relax, I won’t hurt you.”

Squall frowned. Seifer thought that Squall was afraid of him. The brunette tensed even more when the blonde started to massage had shoulders and back. Those hands felt amazing on his skin. He closed his eyes and relaxed. He shuddered when Seifer ran his fingers up Squall’s spine. He had to pull away soon; he told himself that this was just a little minor indulgence.

The blonde worked his hands over Squall’s tenses muscles, he had felt the brunette completely relax when the massage had started. Squall’s skin felt warm beneath his hands, Seifer stared to imagine what it would be like to run his fingers down Squall’s strong chest and stomach. He stopped himself before his imagination run away with him. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea; he was enjoying himself too much.

Suddenly Squall stood and moved away from the blonde. Seifer watched him go; wondering what he had done wrong. It was probably a good thing, Seifer was close to pouncing on the brunette and that definitely would have blow away any chance of friendship.


They had been walking for a few hours; Squall had wanted to leave. Seifer knew the commander was dying to get rid of him.

“Seifer, I don’t think this is the way back top garden.”

“We’re not going back to garden.”

“What? Why not?”

“Like Selphie said, you work too hard. We’re going on an adventure.”

“You’re starting to sound like her now.”

“Lighten up Squall, it’ll be fun.”

Fun? Walking around the forest with the guy I try to avoid, yeah great fun that’ll be.

They were farther up the river than they were before, the little quite stream have turned into a gushing, rocky river. Squall turned to walk over a rickety looking log that stretched to the other side.

“Squall, I don’t think that’s very safe, there must be a better place up ahead.”

The brunette continued. “Looks fine to me.” Squall did a few little jumps to prove it.

“Don’t do that.” Seifer took a few little steps towards Squall is this thing did fall, he needed to be close to Squall.

A few bubbles rose in the surface of the water. “What was that?”

“Are you just trying to scare me now?” The brunette accused.

Squall was near the end when a giant Fastitcaston leapt from the water towards the brunette.

“Watch out!”

The commander spun round, lost his balance and plunged into the water.


Seifer instantly reached down and grabbed him. The log creaked loudly under the extra weight, Seifer knew it wouldn’t last for much longer, he used all his strength to pull the drenched brunette from the water. Squall lay gasping for breath when the blonde dragged him to dry land.

“T-Thanks.” He managed to say through pants.

The blonde rummaged through Squall’s duffel bag.

“What are you doing?”

“Checking to see if all you’re stuff was ruined.”

All Squall’s clothes were dripping, his sleeping bag was only damp but still too wet to sleep in. The commander was drenched and shivering.

“I’ll make a fire.” Seifer tossed his own duffel bag to Squall. “Get out of those clothes, you can wear mine” He said as he wandered off to get firewood.

Squall dug through Seifer’s bag, looking for something to wear, eventually he decided on a pair of black sweats that were too long and a baggy T-shirt. Squall knew that the T-shirt was not baggy on Seifer, but the blonde always was bigger than the brunette. When he was younger Squall was jealous of his rival, he always had a better height, a better build, all the girls and some guys wanted Seifer. It wasn’t fair. Squall’s skin was still damp, even with the dry clothes the cold air stung his skin causing him to shiver.

He watched as Seifer dumped an armful of firewood down and began building a fire. He lit it with his cigarette lighter. The blonde didn’t smoke but he carried it around with him for emergencies. Squall remembered Zell teasing him about being a Boy Scout.

“Clothes fit?”

“They’re too big, how am I supposed to walk in these?”

“You’re not going to walk in them, we’re staying here until tomorrow, some of your clothes must be dry by then.”


Night seemed to arrive far too quickly for Squall; he wasn’t looking forward to it. His sleeping bag was wet so he had to sleep on the grass with a pillow of moss covered rocks. The brunette crawled over to the fire, curling up beside it. He watched as Seifer laid out his nice warm dry sleeping bag.

The blonde saw the commander close his eyes next to the fire. Oh no, if Squall thought he was just going to let him lie there in the cold he must be insane.

Seifer’s sleeping bag was a double because he liked his space, he knew Squall would protest to having to share but he wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

“Squall, come here.” He folded back the corner of the sleeping bag.

The brunette’s eyes went wide when he realized what he meant. “No, no way.”

“You come here or I’ll drag you kicking and screaming!” The blonde’s voice was tired. He lay back and closed his eyes, waiting for Squall to get in the sleeping bag. The brunette lay down right at the edge of the sleeping bag; he pressed his body to the side, to put more distance between himself and Seifer. The blonde lay on his back with a hand behind his head, he looking like he was asleep.

The night air was cold, Squall’s hair was still damp and he shivered unable to get warm. He could feel Seifer’s heat on his back, it was tempting. He found himself wanting to curl up beside his ex-rival; he needed to be closer to the heat.

What if the blonde woke up before he did to find him lying too close?

He shivered again and turned to look at Seifer. Maybe it would be okay for a little while, just to warm up, he’d move right away as soon as he got warm.

Squall gingerly turned over and shuffled up to the blonde. Seifer’s skin radiated warmth, the brunette curled up beside him barely touching the other. He glanced up at Seifer’s face to see if he noticed the other man still looked peaceful. Carefully Squall rested his head on Seifer’s chest. Much better. The blonde acted like a giant water bottle, warm and comfortable. The brunette closed his eyes, he started to feel sleepy really quickly. just five more minutes he told himself. Five minutes later, Squall was asleep.

Seifer awoke to feel something heavy on his chest, he opened his eyes. The sun wasn’t even up yet it was so early. He glanced down and gasped in shock at what he saw. Squall lay half beside him, half on top of him; his head rested on the blonde’s chest. Seifer reached up a hand to check if the brunette was really there or if he was imagining it. He ran his fingers through Squall’s hair and the figure nuzzled into him even more. The blonde smiled, he had always wanted to hold Squall in his arms and now he could. Gently he wrapped his arms around the sleeping beauty and went back to sleep.


Squall awoke slowly; he stretched his legs but not his arms. He didn’t want to let go of the solid, warm thing he was holding. He felt strangely happy and for the life of him he couldn’t think why. He tried to get closer to the thing he was holding; he wasn’t quite close enough. He stopped suddenly when he heard a chuckle.

He remembered. He looked up into the sparkling blue eyes of Seifer. Oh shit. He had forgotten to move away and now Seifer was laughing at him. Squall wanted to run he was all ready to pull away when he realized that the blonde had his arms wrapped around him.

Why would he do that?

“Who would have thought the iceberg likes to cuddle?” He smiled a real smile at Squall.

He doesn’t mind? He should be appalled, disgusted, angry or something. Squall didn’t understand. He lowered his head back down to view Seifer’s reaction. The blonde sighed contently. Squall closed his eyes feeling the strange happy feeling returning. He was starting to realize where it had come from. Seifer made him happy, being near him, touching him. Avoiding and ignoring Seifer like he had been doing made him miserable. He knew what he wanted from the blonde was impossible but maybe being friends was within his reach.

Seifer didn’t close his eyes to go back to sleep, why would he want to when he had a pretty thing like that to look at?

He had it bad, before this he had wanted to be friends but now with Squall all huddled up beside him made him think that maybe the brunette wouldn’t be so against the idea of them being lovers.


Squall awoke this time to the smell of bacon and the sound of a fire crackling. He opened his eyes, he found himself lying on Seifer’s side of the sleeping bag.

“Good morning.”

He rounded over to see Seifer hand him a plate of breakfast.

The brunette smiled. “I get breakfast in bed do I?”

“Only cos you can’t get your lazy ass out of bed.”

Squall gave him a mock glare and the blonde chuckled.

Seifer wasn’t dressed he was still only wearing his boxers. It was late morning and the sun was warm, so Seifer didn’t want to get dressed he thought Squall might want to leave if they were dressed and he liked it where they were.

The blonde finished his breakfast telling Squall he was going to the little boy’s room.

The brunette stripped down to his boxers to sunbathe and stretched out on top of the sleeping bag. The sun felt nice on his skin, he wanted to enjoy it for a while.

As Seifer came back he froze; his beautiful brunette was stretched out in the sun almost naked, his skin shone in the light making Seifer long to touch him.

Squall had his eyes closed and his hands behind his head.

With a smirk he put on his best evil, bad guy voice and knelt down in the grass.

“Beware, beware the monsters!”

The brunette opened one eye. “I’m not afraid.”

“You should be. You never know when they may strike.” Seifer lay on his front and used his elbows to slither up to Squall.

 “One minute you’re just lying in the sun...”

The brunette watched Seifer with one eye as he slithered up Squall’s body teasingly.

“And the next minute they pounce!”

He slithered up until he was face-to-face with the brunette. “What are you doing?”

“Monsters attack and eat their unsuspecting victims.”

The blonde lowed his head to gently suck and nibble at the brunette’s neck. Squall’s eyes widened in shock. “S-Seifer...W-What are you doing?”

The blonde pulled back to look the brunette in the eyes before he leant down to kiss him. The kiss started off gentle, Seifer didn’t want to push Squall into anything and Squall was so shocked he could barely think. As soon as Squall recovered his wits he kissed the blonde back hungrily wrapping his arms around the other’s neck to pull him closer.

Seifer chuckled when the brunette’s legs wrapped round his waist.

“Bit eager aren’t we?”

The brunette pouted at him, unwrapping his legs looking as innocent as possible, as he nuzzled into Seifer’s shoulder. The blonde gently pulled Squall’s head back by the hair to kiss him again; carefully he pushed his tongue into the other’s mouth. Squall seemed willing enough, he happily sucked on it causing the blonde to gasp more in shock than anything, he had thought Squall would be more shy.

The happy couple lay together in the sun for the rest of the day, and Squall more than willingly agreed to share the same sleeping bag that night.

“Where are they?!”

“I’m sure they’ll be here.”

Zell and Selphie walked through the main gates of garden

“Squall’s probably hidden behind piles of paperwork again, everything back to normal.”

The girl stormed up the stairs to the lift to go yell at the commander in his office. She knew that he would probably just glare at her and continue signing papers but she had her heart set on telling him off for running away. She banged open the doors of his office and stopped dead in her tracks instantly. Her eyes nearly fell out of their sockets, her mouth fell open, she couldn’t move.

Seifer sat in the commander’s chair, Squall sat on his lap with his arms around his ex-rival’s shoulders and they were kissing passionately.

Squall turned his head round to smile at her. “Hi Selphie, was there something you wanted?”

Her expression didn’t change; she slowly managed to shake her head. She managed to back out of the room a moment later.

“Hmm, strange girl.” Squall muttered.

Seifer laughed and turned Squall’s head back towards him for another kiss.



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