Since a lot of people usual write something for Squall's or Seifer's birthday, I thought I'd give it a try ^^

Disclaimer: Squaresoft owns 'em.

Notes: The titles a little odd, but I couldn't really think of anything. It means; 'used to'. It'll make sense as soon as yu read the first few lines of the story.


By Redrum

He couldn't believe that after all this time, the Ice Prince was actually used to having a party.

Sometimes he would forget that it was his birthday, so it wasn't too hard for a surprise party to be successful (though he never actually showed he was surprised of course).

But today, he remembered. How could he not? The very friends that always planned it, were now dead. Selphie, Zell, Irvine and Quistis, all dead. And on this very day.

They'd been sent on a small mission, peace keeping. Who would have known that a timed bomb would have gone off? They were there for peace after all. But the bomb was an outsiders job, because everyone in the building died. Not just the war heroes.

The funny (well, not really) thing is; that should have been him. He should have died. He was supposed to go with them, but a cold forced him to stay home. A common cold saved his life. Ironic, ne? Seifer, had he have been SeeD, probably would have been there also. But he'd failed the field exam once again, and he was now to old to take them again. Squall was glad that Seifer failed. It was a cruel thing to think, but he'd rather have Seifer fail then be sent on that mission.

If Seifer had died... he didn't know what he'd do. He was already filled with guilt because that should have been him out there, but Seifer helped him through it. It wasn't his fault he got sick (or maybe it was, he did after all, spend all his time outside when it rained. Who wouldn't get sick?), and he never would have known about the bomb. So, really, it wasn't his fault. But that still didn't stop him from thinking about his friends and feeling guilt at the way he had sometimes treated them.

"Thinking again?" Warm muscular arms wrap around his naked waist. Squall let his head fall back onto a broad shoulder. The blonde dips down to place his moist lips on the exposed throat.

"Mmhmm." Seifer chuckles, and rests his head on the smaller man's shoulder. The pair watch the slowly passing scenery through a large tinted window.

"Sorry I couldn't plan anything." Squall lifts a shoulder in a small shrug.

"You know I don't like them." Seifer grins sadly.

"Yeah, I know." They fall silent again, just backing in each other's heat and solidarity. Listening to the other's breath, and the far off sound of children's innocent laughter in the small towns they pass.

Seifer squeezes the brunette, and lifts his head up to seek out the other's lips. The smaller man tilts his head towards him, and gladly wraps his dry lips around the blonde's. Tongues grace over moist flesh, but do not enter the other's mouth. They pull back for air after several minutes, or several hours, neither quite knows.

Seifer smiles and nibbles on his lobe, flicking his tongue over the small diamond stud. "Happy birthday, Squall."

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