Author’s notes: This is a silly little fic with no real point to it. I wrote it in collage when I was bored.

Gotta Study

By Purple Penguin

Zell paced up and down the dorm hallway. He had so much studying to do and Instructor Zeal had very kindly set him two essays to do both of which had to be at least eight pages long, so he had to go straight to his dorm but he’d already made plans with his lover. So now he had to go in there and tell Seifer that he had other things to do. The only problem being his resistant disappeared completely when Seifer was around, so it was likely if he went in there now he wouldn’t come out until tomorrow.

He swallowed hard, knocking lightly, pushing open the door.


The room was dark, he flipped the light switch but it didn’t work. Shutting the door behind him he stepped inside.


He was just starting to think he wasn’t in when a pair of strong arms wound around his waist and Seifer’s lips were on his neck. He gasped in shock and tried to pry the hands from his hips.

“L-look S-Seifer I’ve got a l-lot of work to d-do tonight.”

He spun round so he was face-to-face with the tall blonde who had a feral look in his eyes. Seifer didn’t respond he simply started backing Zell into the wall.

“You can do it tomorrow.” He said as he started to undo Zell’s shirt buttons.

Zell swallowed hard as his back hit the wall behind him.

“I can’t I’m going to Dollet with Selphie remember.”


As Seifer’s fingers trailed down his body heading south Zell began to think he was losing this battle.

Just then a miracle happened and the phone rang. Zell ran to answer it.


“Hey Zell.”

“Hi Squall.”

Is Seifer there? Selphie needs some help with setting up the Christmas garden festival for tomorrow and I thought you two might help out.”

Zell grinned evilly. “Well I’ve got to study but Seifer not doing anything he’ll be glad to help out.”

“Great. Tell him to come down to the quad A.S.A.P.” He hung up.

Zell smirked. “Seifer, Squall wants you to help Selphie in the quad now.”


“I volunteered ya.”

“WHAT?! Why?!”

“So I can get my studying done.”

The tall blonde scowled. “I’ll get you for this chicken wuss.”


As Zell left, he realized he was hungry. He decided to quickly get a hotdog from the cafeteria.

“Hey Zell.” He turned to see Irvine sitting alone at a table.

He nodded in greeting.

“Hey, come sit with me everyone else is busy.”

“I can’t Irvine I’ve got to study, sorry.”

“You can study anytime. I don’t want to sit here like a loner.”

“You’re a sharpshooter you should be used to it.”


Zell sighed. <I guess 10 minutes would be okay. I can study after. >

“Okay, just for a little while.”

Irvine nodded.

“So... What are you studying?

“The mating habits of Behemoths. I was gonna look on the Internet. If I can figure out how to use it.”

“I could help you. I’m on the Internet all the time. Got some great sites. He smirked evilly.

“Irvine, I don’t wanna know the kinda sites you visit.”

“Don’t knock it before you’ve tried it. I might like it.”

“I doubt it for a start I’m gay remember.”

“There are sites for that too.”

“How do you know?”

“Hey I’m addicted to sex not women. I like variety.”

Zell shook his head. He should have known all the conversations with Irvine no matter what the topic somehow the subject always ends up about sex. He had heard the rumours that Selphie had dumped him because she’d caught him with a guy. It wasn’t difficult to believe as Irvine flirted with anything human and much to Zell’s cringe he’d come on to Seifer more than once. It never worked through.

When Zell had shared a dorm with Irvine, he had found hundreds porno videos and magazines. In fact Irvine had given Zell a gay porno video for his birthday. He had made a show of being disgusted but he had watched it.

Looking at his watch he noticed he’d spent a whole 15 minutes having idiotic conversations with Irvine.

“Okay I gotta go study now.”

He left the cafeteria, heading for his dorm. As he neared the elevator he heard someone call out his name. He groaned. <What now? Why does everyone want something now? >

He turned to see Quistis running towards him.

“Hey Zell, can you do me a favour?”

“Sorry, I gotta study.”

“Oh please Zell. I’m really busy and I’ve five new junior class men to show around. Can’t you do it please?” She batted her eyelids at him knowing Zell was a soft touch.

He sighed. “Okay but It’ll be quick.”

“Thanks Zell.” She smiled.


An hour later. Zell had finally finished showing them brats around. <Hyne that was horrible. One of them wouldn’t stop crying and another two kept fighting so it had taken longer. I hate kids. I’m so glad I’m gay. > He sighed. <At least it’s over so I can finally study. >

Zell practically ran to the elevators desperate to get there before somebody stopped him again.

“Zell!” He froze cringing inwardly.

<What the HELL?!”> He turned to see Selphie. <Good she’s busy so she won’t bother me. >

“Hey Selphie, How’s the festival setting up going?”

“Slowly. Zell I wondered if you’d help put the main sign up as I’ve only got one guy working on it.”

“Selphie I’m busy I gotta...”

“... Study?”

“Yeah how’d you know?”

“Seifer told me. Plus you’ve said it hundreds of times during this fic already. Please it’ll take 5 minutes tops.”

“You swear 5 minutes?”


“Okay.” He said in a defeatist tone.

They walked with Selphie chatting away but Zell wasn’t really listening.


As soon as he entered the quad he glanced round in awe. The trees were decorated with tinsel and streamers, there was a huge Christmas tree in the corner with fake snow on it. There were tables laden with nice things to eat all of which were covered with bowls and tea towels. Students hurried everywhere fixing things and setting up decorations.

“Zell over here.”

Selphie dragged him over to where a long banner made out of thin fabric lay on the floor between two stepladders and two long poles with hooks at the top to attach the banner to.” Zell walked up to one of the ladders.

“Selphie. Who’s helping me with this thing?”

“I’ll go find someone.”

Zell stepped back gazing around they’d done a good job so far. He didn’t notice the shadow that had covered him from behind and he yelped as someone grabbed his ass. He spun round quickly ready to punch some dirty pervert. He lowered his fists as he came face-to-face with Seifer.

“What are you doing here?”

“Working. Someone volunteered me remember. I thought you had studying to do.”

“I do I hadn’t had a chance to get to my dorm yet. Everyone seems to want something.”

“Come on you can help me put this banner up.” Seifer said.

They took a ladder each. Zell stood on the top step on his tiptoes stretching to reach the hook failing miserably. Seifer on the other hand being 6:2 could reach it with ease.

“Zell stand on the top step.”

“I am.”


“Hey, who’s stupid idea was it to put this fucking thing up so high anyway?!”

Zell watched as Seifer left his side of the banner hooked up and came round to his side standing on the top step his feet along side Zell’s. He reached past Zell and hooked the banner up. The small crowd below them cheered.

Seifer smirked. He was going to get down but decided that the position they were in was too comfortable. He slid his hands down to rest on Zell’s hips.

“Seifer get off me and get down!”

“Don’t wanna.” He smirked evilly.

When Zell turned round to argue he was quickly pulled into a kiss with Seifer’s hands cupping his ass so he couldn’t escape without falling off the ladder.

The crowd below them echoed with whoops and wolf-whistles.

“Hey Selphie maybe you should make this the main attraction at the festival it’ll definitely draw a crowd.” Someone shouted.

Zell hastily pulled away embarrassed pushing past his lover and running down the ladder. He kept repeating ‘ Gotta study, gotta study.’ under his breath to remind himself.

Making his way to the entrance of the quad he was just thinking he was home free when an arm pulled him into a nearby hedge.

He spun round startled, shocked and anxious that he’d never get his studying done.

“SEIFER! I’VE GOTTA STUDY!” He yelled. Hoping to be discovered by Selphie who would tell Seifer to get back to work.

Seifer clamped his hand over Zell’s mouth.

“Shhh...People will hear you.” He whispered into Zell’s ear.

Zell struggled but Seifer had him pinned to the trunk of the bush his hands pinned above his head.

Seifer moved his hand from Zell’s mouth knowing another way to shut him up. When Seifer tried to move his tongue into his lover’s mouth Zell clamped his mouth shut refusing to co-operate. With his spare hand Seifer cupped Zell through his pants he could feel Zell was getting hard. Seifer squeezed lightly causing Zell to gasp, seizing the opportunity Seifer forced his tongue into his lover’s mouth. Zell refused at first then relentantly kissed back. As Seifer moved his hand into Zell’s boxers Zell broke the kiss.

“I can study tomorrow.” He surrendered.

“Good boy.”



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