Author's Notes: I got the ispiration late at night, so I wrote down something, then I rewrote it on my PC... Hope you'll like it...

The Gift

By Forbidden Angelus

I touch the letters carved in the tomb-stone with my index finger.

I can feel tears running down my cheeks. It has been so long, since he died… Five years and I can still remember clearly that day, both the saddest and the happiest of my life…

We declared our love for each other one day, in September. He loved me and I loved him, just perfect.

But perfection isn't meant to exist.

The only thing that made me sad was that… I wasn't his first, everything he did, he'd already done it with someone else.

I told him about that various time. The last time he replied, saying that he'd have given something to me that he'd never given to anyone. He said that he was going to give me that thing on my birthday. I was so happy.

Time ran by, we enjoyed each other's company, I even told my Ma and my friends that we were together, they took it better than I first thought. Especially my Ma: she hugged him so tightly that she almost broke all his ribs… I guess all that crap about motherly love ('a mom will always love her children, whomever they are or whatever they've done' and 'a mom is happy when her children are happy') it's true.

Then the day of my birthday came.

After a private little party we made love.

Then he got up from the bed and disappeared into the bathroom. After a while he got out. He was smiling, he laid beside me on the bed and hugged me. He told me he'd have given me something that no one had and would never has. I asked him what was that thing, but he wanted to make love another time. We made it.

Then he told me what was the precious gift he'd given to me.

His life.

He'd poisoned himself.

I held him, our eyes locked together, until he closed them and his body went cold.

I buried him here, I told my friend what happened. I was desperate and overjoyed at the same time: I finally got the thing he'd never given to anyone else.


Then a night I woke up suddenly and I couldn't feel him beside me. I called for him. He wasn't there.

His precious gift had cost so much, too much.

Now I'm hanging around with Squall but we both know that there'll be always your shadow hanging over me.

You were… You are my true love. You'll always have a place in my heart.

Silent tears are still descending my cheeks.

It all happened a long time ago, but it feels like yesterday.

"I miss you, Seifer Almasy." I whisper.

If you were here, you'd probably say that I'm a crybaby or you'd call me Chicken Wuss.

I'm still happy because that day I received the proof that you really loved me.

But I'm terribly sad because you're not here holding me, my bed feels so cold, my life feels so empty without you, even with Squall with me.

Because where I was the Ying you were my Yang and my Ying where I was a Yang.

You were my soul-mate.

And I lost you.


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