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From the grave

By Purple Penguin

The brunette stood among the others, very few people had come, I never was well liked. The Orphanage gang were only there for Matronís sake. Edea and Cid were there and Rinoa.

They all bowed their heads looking sad but only because they had to. Rinoa and Zell looked up to make sure everyone else looked sad. Matron was genuinely sad, she was like a mother to me. I hoped I was like a son to her, an annoying, bratty, violent son. After this theyíd all get on with their little lives and forget me, they never liked me anyway. Zell will probably have a party to celebrate my death.

My coffin is slowly lowered into the ground and the vicar says some words that he doesnít mean. He must have known me, everyone knew me, knew me as the enemy, the sorceressí knight. Forever I would be the bad guy, go down in the history books as an evil person, Iíll never get to redeem myself.

I looked down on Squall, he looked sad. Itís rare to see Squall with any sort of facial expression so it was nice to know that he cared a little. I didnít think Squall with acting like the others, Iíd known him all my life, I knew he inside out, I cared about him, and I loved him. But of course he doesnít know that. How could I tell him? If the guy you always fought with suddenly claimed he loved you, what would you do?

But now in the long run, I would have rather told him and have got beaten up, than to be dead like I am and not be able to tell him.

I hear the others gasp, I watch in shook as a few tears fall from the eyes of the ice prince. His eyes donít left my coffin until it has disappeared from sight.


Every breath you take

Every move you make

Every bond you break

Every step you take

Iíll be watching you


I allowed a small smile, if he managed to cry, he must care a lot. Iíve never seen him cry before. I was caught off guard by the incredible urge to comfort him, to stop the tears. I suddenly realized Iíll never be able to hold him, to comfort him, to touch him, all I can do is watch.


Every breath you take

Every move you make

Every vow you break

Every smile you fake

Every claim you stake

Iíll be watching you


I felt my own tears well up in my eyes, I blinked and they fell. I always thought my life was worthless, that if I died it wouldnít really matter to me much, but.... Iíll miss him. I hope heíll miss me. I wonít leave him; Iíll always be there to protect him, to watch over him, to help make him happy.

I know Iíve been here too long when I feel a cool hand on my shoulder. I smiled gently at the woman. He smiled sadly down at Squall. She looked up at me with her blue/grey eyes and whispered to me that it was time to leave.

ďBye Squall.Ē I whispered.

She looked sad again.

We had something in common. We both loved Squall.

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