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For His Love

Chapter 11

By Pixie158

Zell placed napkins on top of the small mountain of food he'd managed to stuff inside of the basket. Truthfully, he felt kind of silly lugging a big picnic basket around, but it couldn't be helped. He’d promised Squall lunch, and that's what he was getting. Well, that's not all he's getting, he thought with a little smirk.

Glancing up at the clock hanging above the window, he moved even faster. He didn't want Squall hanging around in the woods by himself. Zell smiled, amused with his own protective nature. He wasn't used to feeling this way toward anyone, least of all Squall Leonhart, who needed protection from no one.

Turning the lock on his door, he closed it tightly behind him and began the long trek outside, ignoring the curious stares he got from everyone as they passed by. Damn picnic basket…

Squall and Seifer parted company when the elevator reached the first floor; Seifer headed toward the training center, Squall on his way to the front gate. To Zell

His heartbeat quickened at the thought of him, and then he chastised himself for his impetuousness, not to mention his willing participation in the situation he found himself in.

But although it was weakness that made him unable to turn away, he rationalized that it was also loyalty to his own heart that made him need Zell so very badly. Squall knew that in order to be true to anyone, he had to first be true to himself. And in his mind, that's exactly what he was doing.

Not that the guilt over what he was doing to Rinoa wasn't eating at him day and night, quite the contrary, it just wasn't strong enough to eclipse the feelings he had for Zell. And pretending otherwise would not only serve to further complicate things, it was also a coward's way. He salved his conscience by telling himself that what Zell had said about Rinoa was true. She didn’t really need him, she needed someone; someone who would enable her to find her own identity, an identity that she had yet to uncover.

Squall hoped that when all was said and done, Rinoa would still look at him the way she looked at him now, starry eyed and trusting. But that was wishful thinking on his part. She would turn away, very likely she would be disgusted with him. She would never understand what he was going through, it was selfish of him to ask for her understanding. He would be content to have merely her friendship and her acceptance, for no matter which way his heart led him, he would always care for Rinoa. Perhaps a little more than the others because she had taught him about love and change, and how the two were a necessary part of everyone’s life.

As he took his first steps outside the garden, he was a little surprised at the way his thoughts had taken over the observing part of him. As much as Rinoa had changed him, it seemed as though his transformation was incomplete, in this regard, anyway.

His destination was in view now, the copse of trees plainly visible. He moved faster, his strides lengthening. Zell is waiting. Squall didn’t know how he was so sure of that, but somehow he was.

Pushing his wayward thoughts aside, he entered the forest, pushing branches out of his path as he headed deeper in, continuously glancing about for any hint of danger. Ducking under a low hanging limb, he came upon a clearing and he smiled.

Zell was seated beneath a lacy canopy of leaves and flowers. Small pink and white petals danced on the gentle breeze, drifting to carpet the forest floor and the white fur Zell was carefully spreading over the ground.

Squall moved into the clearing, rustling the leaves in his wake, causing Zell to glance up, his expression wary. The sun filtered weakly through the treetops, dappling the forest floor with uneven patterns of light. When he stepped directly into a ray of light, he appeared backlit.

Like an angel.

Zell began to rise; unable to tear his eyes away from the picture Squall made.

"Don’t get up." Squall’s voice was barely audible, but Zell heard him all the same.

He lowered himself back into a sitting position~and he waited. Squall reached the blanket and smiled down at Zell.

"So, what’s for lunch?"

Zell grinned wickedly up at him.


Squall sank to his knees before Zell until they were almost eye to eye.

"Well, in that case, I’m starving."

Squall’s eyes were the color of gunmetal, but the desire that flared in them was anything but cold.

Zell reached out and grasped Squall behind the neck with both hands, knocking him off balance. Not stopping there, he flipped him over onto his back and straddled his chest, pinning his wrists to the fur.

Squall’s eyes burned with challenge, but he uttered not a word. A mink colored lock of hair fell into his eyes, tangling with his long lashes as he lowered his eyelids briefly. When he raised them once again, he wasn’t surprised to find a very satisfied smirk on Zell’s pouty lips.

Unfortunately for Zell, Squall had been playing the commander all morning, and he wasn’t ready to hand over the reins quite so easily.

In one fluid movement, Zell found himself flat on his back; arms pinned over his head, surprised amusement in his eyes. Squall leaned above him, his legs on either side of Zell’s prone body.

"You’re not the only one capable of that move, you know." Squall explained in a low tone.

Zell grinned at him. "I never claimed to be. But you look as if you’ve done that one a time or two." Zell raised an eyebrow in question.

Squall blushed. "Never before…but I seem to be doing a lot of things I’ve never done before when it comes to you."

Zell lay on his back, staring up at his love, and his small pink tongue darted out to trail along his bottom lip. Squall’s eyes narrowed, knowing full well how calculated that was. He’s trying to make me lose control…oh to hell with it.

Squall lowered his head without hesitation, his tongue sweeping past Zell’s lips to taste his mouth. Zell sucked greedily on Squall’s tongue, wringing a little moan from the Lionheart’s throat.

Zell smiled against Squall’s lips and slid his wrists from Squall’s hands easily, or so he thought. As Zell tried to roll Squall under him, he was once again pushed onto his back, Squall’s forearm a bar across his chest.

"You’ve gotten too cocky, Zell. You let your guard down. That was mistake number one." His voice was low, but dark and smooth, like sin, like him. He pressed Zell’s body down into the fur with his own considerable strength and continued.

"You’ve somehow begun to think you can control me with my own desire. Mistake number two. Do you think Cid made me Commander because of my lack of self-control?"

Zell didn’t answer, but began to move restlessly against Squall, his head moving from side to side, his arousal hard and insistent against Squall’s belly. Squall resisted the urge to grind his hips against Zell in response and instead lowered his head slowly and with the tip of his tongue, traced the fluid lines of Zell’s tattoo, eliciting a high pitched whimper from him.

"You see, love, I can resist you if I choose to." His words were spoken matter-of-factly and Zell’s eyes were like blue fire, snapping flames at Squall. His voice softened at the hint of confusion in Zell’s eyes.

"Well, maybe sometimes. But I could definitely get used to having you under me like this. Nice change of scenery wouldn’t you say?"

Zell twisted against Squall, his defiant stare a stark contrast against his evident desire.

"Oh, come on Zell, baby…can’t you think of anything to say?" Squall’s tone had turned mocking, sardonic.

Zell never lowered his eyes as he raised his shoulders off the fur, his wrists still pinned. Squall lowered his head just a bit; his beautiful lips turned up in a small smile. Zell’s lips grazed Squall’s ear, sending a chill down his spine. Zell’s breathing was uneven as he whispered, "Shutup and fuck me."

And then Squall lost all interest in teasing as he hauled Zell against him, crushing him within his embrace. His kisses were ravenous, consuming and Zell found that he was helpless against them. Squall slowed his pace, biting gently on Zell’s lips, sucking his lower lip into his mouth. Zell was moving against him, restless in his frustration, his hips raising up, seeking.

Squall framed Zell’s face with his hands as he continued to ravage his mouth, his body pressed firmly to the fur. Zell’s hands wandered over Squall’s shoulders and down his back, tracing the graceful sloping of the small of his back before he ran his hands down to the back of Squall’s legs, grasping the backs of his thighs and pulling him into a kneeling position.

Squall gave a little grunt of surprise, but continued his assault on Zell’s senses, releasing his mouth to drop little kisses down the column of Zell’s slender neck.

Zell was panting, mindless with desire, as he reached between them to pull at the confines of Squall’s shirt. Unable to tug it over his head, he grasped the neckline with both hands and ripped it right down the center.

Squall gasped, his erection straining at the confines of his pants. With his shirt hanging raggedly on his shoulders, he reached between them to fumble one handed with the buttons of his leather pants.

Zell pushed his hands away and whispered brokenly, "Let me."

Squall rested his head against Zell’s neck and nodded slightly, his breathing shallow from his exertions. Zell had his pants open within seconds and was struggling to push them off his hips as Squall kicked off his boots, his movements hurried and uncoordinated.

Zell grinned as they worked together to free Squall from the leather. Pants kicked aside, Zell tangled his legs around Squall’s.

"What’s that you were saying a minute ago about being able to resist me? Hmmmm?"

Squall grabbed the edges of Zell’s tank top and pulled it over his head, ruffling the blond spikes in the process. Squall trailed his tongue along the rim of Zell’s ear and growled, "Shutup and fuck me."

Zell rolled Squall over onto his back and thanked Hyne once again that Squall seemed to always forego underwear. He began to slide his own shorts down his lean hips and muscled legs. Kicking them aside, he joined Squall on the blanket, kissing his way down Squall’s chest and further still. When his lips hovered inches from Squall’s hard cock, Squall stilled.

"Just relax, baby." His voice was like a caress and Squall felt it everywhere. His back arched up and he moaned, his shouts reverberating in the sudden stillness as Zell closed his lips over the entire length of his erection.

"Zell…hyne…please…don’t stop."

Zell teased him mercilessly, stroking him gently with his tongue while his lips pulled him further into his mouth. Squall was out of his mind with lust, so close to orgasm he began to shudder. Zell braced himself, ready for the sweet rush. It never came.

A piercing scream shattered the stillness and Zell moved over Squall protectively. What the…oh hyne…no.

He followed Squall’s horrified gaze to the origin of the heart-stopping scream. Rinoa…

She stood frozen, immobile with shock, her fist pressed tightly to her mouth. Squall moved to cover himself, but her back was already turned and she was running out of the forest as fast as she was able, her sobs echoing throughout the forest.

Squall pulled on his pants and shrugged into his jacket, his shirt still hanging in tatters from his arms, his pants hanging open. He looked down at Zell, panic in his eyes.

Zell stood and pulled his shorts back on. He pressed a hand to Squall’s chest to halt his flight after her.

"Let her go Squall, you have to let her go." His voice was insistent.

Squall shook his head, his hair falling around his face. "Not like this, it wasn’t supposed to be like this." He looked dazed. Zell moved to wrap his arms around Squall. "I know, baby, I know." He stroked Squall’s back, feeling his muscles tense beneath his touch.

"Come on, I’ll go with you. We’ll try to make her understand…together."

Squall nodded absently, staring into oblivion, unmoving. Zell began to gather their things and pack them away. He sighed.

"So much for lunch…"


Author's Notes: *okay guys, sorry if this sucked, I’ve just been so busy!!! Please don’t flame me too badly~I’ll make it up to you…

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