Author's Notes: Based off a currently unfinished story. (I'll finish it eventually)

For Everything

By The Wandering Englishman

The darkened room illuminated as he pressed his hand to the switch. He looked around, taking in the now familiar surroundings of his lovers room. The small pile of clothes at the end of the bed in a crumpled heap, the deep green walls of the slightly modified SeeD issue dorm room, the mirror on the roof above the bed (Though whatever possessed his boyfriend to put one there, was beyond him). In his mind, the room was perfect. It even had his smell; the light, sweet musk that came from everywhere.

Zell looked up ay the ceiling, taking in his new looks in the mirror that hung there mockingly. He sighed and sat on the bed.

I’m not going to cry…I’m not going to cry…

The constant mantra going through the tattooed blondes mind as he placed his head in his hands, letting the tears escape the sides of his eyes, sobbing lightly.

“I thought I’d find you ‘ere” Came the calm yet commanding voice from the door, causing the moping figure to look up and rubbing his already reddened eyes. He glanced over the armoured body, trying to look past the heavy helmet and see the face behind.


I’m not going to cry…I’m not going to cry…

Zell’s face returned to his hands as he began to sob frustrated.

Why the hell is everything going so wrong? Just when everything was going so right? I finally manage to speak up and…

“Penny for your thoughts?” The man next to him asked. Somehow, Seifer had managed to sit next to him without him even noticing. Zell looked up at the man that had stolen his heart. Sure, he wasn’t the same man he had fallen in love with, on the outside (Understatement of the year) but he was still in love. He felt safe around him, but so safe he felt afraid.

“How can you even bear to look at me?” The smaller blonde choked out.

“I could ask you the same Question.” Came the quick response, followed by Seifer’s trademark smirk. In a short time, both men had changed.

The Virus released in Esthar that had infected he and Seifer had changed both of them into Behemoths; creatures found in the plains, unthinking monsters, completely instinctual. It had taken a while for Zell to deal with the prospect of being like that for a long time…Seifer was the one who helped him through it.

And then, when there was a chance for one of them to be cured, Seifer chose to cure him. He didn’t like being a behemoth; but the thought of being human while His lover was still like he was, was unbearable. And now…

“It doesn’t matter to me what you look like. I love you, it’s just….”

“Just what?” the blue half-behem asked, looking down at Zell, wrapping an arm around the smaller boy.

“Well, look at me!” Zell stood up, so he could stand in front of Seifer, giving the blonde a better look. Seifer smiled a pleased look on his face as he looked over the new features of his love. The tattooed blonde was gorgeous, no matter what he looked like. He just happened to be in the shape of a woman. (A little gift from a piece of Magicite)

“I don’t see anything wrong.” Seifer said sincerely.

“You’re lying!”

Seifer stood up and took Zell’s shoulders, tilting the smaller mans head up so he could gaze into Zell’s eyes.

“Am I?” Seifer smiled, trying to ease the blonde before him. Zell tried to look away.

“Sweetie, Maybe you could tell me what I should see wrong? And then tell me why you don’t walk the other way when you see me.”

Zell chewed his lip for a moment, deep in thought, keeping Seifer smirking the entire time.

I really love this man…

The tattooed blonde looked back up at his companion, a mischievous smile appearing on his face.

“You see.” Seifer cooed, his smirk becoming a toothy smile as he let his hands glide slowly down his lovers back, Zell leaning into the cold metal that made up the newly formed armour and hugging the tall blonde in return.

After what seemed like hours, the pair let go of each other, just looking into the eyes of the other, seemingly hypnotised by what they saw..

“You know, instead of staring at me, you could help me out of this tin can.” The soft English accent came, shaking Zell out of his reverie.

“You’re right, I could. “  Came the mocking reply, Zell’s grin getting broader. Seifer growled playfully before lowering his head to kiss his boyfriend, only to knock the hyper blonde with the lower part of his helmet. Zell stepped back, giggling lightly as he rubbed his head. Seifer just sighed and sat back down on the bed; it was his turn to feel sorry for himself.

“Maybe it’s for the best…It’d be wrong in more ways than one.”

“What would?” Zell asked confusion and curiosity passing over his delicate features as he sat beside Seifer, the mood well and truly destroyed. Zell brought a hand to his fringe, moving the locks behind his ear before placing the hand on his friends’ knee.

“I’m a monster Zell. I can’t even…” Seifer looked down. When he was down, he didn’t do it half heartedly.

Like a lot of things. Zell mused, a smile creeping back onto his face.


The taller blonde looked back at the now grinning features of his consort, a look of surprise crossing his own.

“Let’s just start by getting you out of that helmet.”

It took longer than either man thought it would. The Helmet, obviously made for a human, took several goes to remove. Each angle they tried was worse than the last. Seifer was sure that he’d have a bruise from one of them. Zell’s small, soft hands made it more bearable though. Each feather light touch calming the larger blonde as the helmet slowly slipped off.

All that remained of the armour was the chain mail and the thick material underneath it, although, Seifer felt as if he were wearing the thinnest of cotton now that most of the thick metal had been removed.

“Free at last.” Seifer smiled before looking back over at Zell, who returned the smile before stepping up and placing a hand on his chest, resting his head against it to listen to the heartbeats.

“Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.” Zell said, lifting his head to look again at the face of the man he loved. Without warning, he snaked an arm around the taller blonde’s neck, bringing it down and kissing the stunned mouth chastely. Seifer blinked at smaller woman-shaped man for a moment before the blonde before kissed him again, deeper and more passionately than before.

Tongues wrapped around each other, dancing across teeth and fangs and a deep moan sounded, though it was hard to tell from which person it had come. Seifer suddenly stopped, pulling his head back.

“Zell....I’m a monster.

Zell answered by removing the vest-jacket and pressing his lips back onto Seifer’s. Any fear or trepidation would have to wait, the need for the other overwhelming them both.

Seifer growled low in his throat as he moved his hands, trying to touch every part of Zell’s still hidden skin, reaching up the back of the sweatshirt and unthinkingly letting his claws dig into the pale flesh a little. The smaller blonde winced and Seifer pulled back, his senses seemingly returning

“Shit, Zell…I didn’t hurt you, did I?” Fear evident in the taller man’s voice. The tattooed blonde shook his head with a seductive smirk before his nimble hands made short work of the cords holding the chains and the hide covering

his lovers’ chest, leaving only the loose cloth of the pants remaining as the metal slid to the floor.

Zell placed his head to the now bare chest, reviling in the warmth and the softness that was always Seifer, the fur making it even more so.  He sighed in utter pleasure as the blue behemoth tickled the side of his face with the long whiskers that poked from the stout muzzle of his companion.

He closed his eyes as the sound of material ripping reached hies ears, attempting to undo the thick buckle that remained the only obstacle between him and the object of his desire. As Zell stepped back to get a better look, the shirt he had been wearing floated from his body and too the floor, exposing the lean female form that was his own.

He looked down at himself and blushed, ashamed at what he saw before Seifer’s mouth found the nape of his neck, not letting the doubt settle into the martial artists’ mind. Zell’s head fell back and he moaned, trying to keep himself from falling as the tongue of his mate left trails down his neck and onto his breast, causing the small blonde to shiver. Seifer continued to taste every new part of his partner as he lowered him onto the bed, helping the small hands that now gripped his waist tightly to undo the clasp and remove the now constricting fabric.

Once the heavy clothing had been removed, Zell lifted his hands and pulled Seifer’s head to his own, wanting to taste the wet organ that had been giving him the pleasure he could never have imagined. The larger blonde pulled away and once again began to make his way down the lithe frame, pausing to nibble lightly at each of the now hardened nipples before moving further down across the toned stomach, trailing a line down the faint etchings of the Six-pack before reaching the well-worn jeans; which despite all his transformations, the tattooed man had not lost.

Seifer looked up at the bliss-covered face of his boyfriend, whose breathing had become noticeably shortened.

“Are you sure you still want me to…”

“Fuck, Seifer….please…” Zell cursed. 

He needed Seifer. He needed this. Seifer needed this.

Zell took a sharp intake of breath as he felt his baggy shorts removed, the cool air causing Goosebumps to form over his body. He closed his eyes and arched up as his boxers were removed with ease, leaving him naked underneath his world; his Seifer.

Seifer moved over the small frame, placing his large paw-like hands either side of the petite blondes shoulders, nuzzling the tattooed cheek lovingly with his own. From deep in his chest, Seifer could feel something building: a deep bass sound, reverberating off his chest. It was soothing, filling his ears as much as Zell had filled his other senses.

He was overpowered by the young man he was straddling in every way; His scent was potent and sweet, his taste exquisite the very feel of him. The feelings Zell stirred within him were bestial, yet at the same time it was love in the purest form, and Seifer was going to show the martial artist just how much.

Zell opened his eyes and looked deep into the still emerald eyes of his lover, seeing something within the orbs that he hadn’t noticed since the first time. It was predatory, like the look of an animal. The realisation that Seifer was speaking caused Zell to shake his head, forcing himself to listen, but there weren’t any words…

Is Seifer…purring?!

He almost complained as the purring softened, but he didn’t have time as a bolt of pleasure shot up his spine, causing little while dots to form behind his eyes. He moaned loudly as he arched his hips up, wanting more of the delicious electric pleasure, a practiced tongue obliging as it rubbed over the spot again. He tried to grip the sheets to keep from moving, but to no avail.


As much as Seifer enjoyed the sounds coming from the man beneath him, he had to stop; his groin so tight it was painful. He lifted his head from the tangle of dark blonde curls and slowly began to crawl back up the beautiful body that lay before him, flicking his tongue back into the mouth that waited, opened wide in sinful pleasure.

He sucked on the fleshy invader without thought, as if it were a warm lollipop meant only for him.  As he continued to try and memorize the feeling in his mouth with his own tongue, he felt a point in an unfamiliar, but by no means undesirable, place on his new body. 

“This might hurt a little…” the now husky voice whispered as Seifer let his hips push forward into Zell. Zell yelped and his breathing quickened the combination of pain and pleasure, topped with the sensations of his new anatomy made him numb. Seifer held himself there, letting the fragile creature beneath him get used to the intrusion.

“Did I hurt you?”

Zell shook his head as best he could, his bangs clinging to his sweat drenched face.

“…More…” He breathed airily and smiled when the purring became louder, almost deafening to his ears as Seifer began to rock his hips.

Each time he pulled out, the larger blonde went deeper, increasing the pleasure his lover felt exponentially.  Every movement sent more electricity though both of them. Each gasp and whimper Zell let escape making Seifer go harder, go faster and deeper into him.

In his mind, hours had passed, but Zell could let this go on forever. He loved the feel of Seifer in him, but this was incredible. This was Heaven. It was absolutely perfect. He never wanted it to end.

Zell looked at Seifer’s face. His deep green eyes covered by thick blue lashes, his face contorted into one of absolute bliss. He looked like an angel. So pure the emotions on his lovers face that his caused his breath to hitch as wave after wave of ecstasy passed over him, as if a dam had been broken.

He lifted from the bed, forcing Seifer deeper still as he came down from his high, his companion still thrusting, the pace quickening for a few moments before he stopped. Zell cried out again, his cries drowned out by the guttural roar that bellowed from Seifer’s throat, as he felt the white hot seed coat him inside in a far different place than he was used to. But he felt no less complete.

Mere moments passed before Seifer pulled out of the smaller blonde, collapsing to his boyfriend’s side with a sigh of contentment; the soft purring continuing lightly.

“Thank you.” Zell spoke, shifting over to rest against Seifer’s chest, leaning on the outstretched arm as a pillow as the other large arm folded over him.

“That was incredible.”

 Before Seifer could reply, Zell’s head became heavy. The tattooed blondes slow, rhythmic breathing causing a smile to cross his face.

“Thank you, my love….” He whispered, breathing in the lingering smell of sex and the coconut of Zell’s shampoo.

“…For everything…”

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