Author's Notes: This was written for my sweetie, Demon’s Gate, to mark the occasion of his 18th birthday. The story itself evolved from some very hot rp sessions with Acid Rain, the only person I know who can coax me into submission. Shades of non-con in this one…consider yourself warned.

Forced Need

By Pixie518

You make me sick
Because I adore you so
I love all the dirty tricks
And twisted games you play... on me

-- Muse, Space Dementia


Zell collapsed into bed gracelessly, the day’s events finally catching up with him. The SeeD ball had been a success and a good time was had by all. Well, almost all, considering Zell hadn’t danced one dance and Squall had decided to make a spectacle of himself with that…hussy. It didn’t diminish the irrational anger and surge of jealousy, but at least he’d only had the one dance. Zell had watched him, stumbling clumsily around the dance floor for a few seconds before his innate grace had overpowered his shyness, and Zell’s heart had almost melted. He was so beautiful to watch

Zell burrowed under his blankets, pulling them up around his shoulders and sighing happily. He thought of Squall briefly, of how he’d looked tonight, moving so gracefully, and almost smiling when the dance had ended. He would have felt a little jealous but then he remembered all the times he’d coaxed a smile out of Squall. Zell smiled faintly and comforted himself with the knowledge that Squall Leonhart was his, had been his since the night he’d chanced to discover Seifer amusing himself at Squall’s expense.

Zell knew the sight of Squall like that, tied up, broken down and so very helpless would remain a permanence in his mind forever. The way his eyes had silently pleaded, how he’d made no move to conceal his naked, bleeding body. It haunted Zell still and he felt the familiar anger well up inside as he fought the memories. It didn’t matter. It was over and Squall never mentioned that chapter in his life, which suited Zell just fine. It wasn’t something he liked to think about.

The fireworks had ceased to illuminate the night sky and Zell could hear the last of the partygoers dragging down the hallway and into their rooms. Muffled voices and laughter that were receding fluidly as Zell gave himself over to exhaustion. And he slept.

Seifer watched the last of the lemmings toddle off down the hallway before he made his move. Striding swiftly to Zell’s door, he paused once, listening for any telltale signs that Zell might still be awake. He knew Leonhart wasn’t with him and that was the most important aspect of his objective. Zell was quite alone tonight and that fact alone gave Seifer the green light.

He tested the door handle, turning it gingerly, grinning to himself when it turned easily.

Too trusting…and I did warn him…

He opened the door a fraction and peered in, his eyes lighting on Zell’s still form immediately. He slipped inside silently, the bulky leather bag he carried on his shoulder doing nothing to make his movements awkward.

Letting the bag slide to the floor, he reached behind him to switch the lock on the door. Grinning wickedly, he moved stealthily over to Zell’s bedside. He stood there, illuminated somewhat by the moonlight that streamed in through the window over Zell’s bed, head tilted, feet apart, he was commanding even when he didn’t have an audience. He swallowed once as he stared, enjoying the sight of Zell so sweet and still. He could see the clean line of his body beneath the thin blanket that covered him from the shoulders down. Seifer surmised that he probably stripped on the way to bed and simply collapsed. The trail of clothes from the door to the bed was confirmation of that, and Seifer felt sorry…just a little…that he would have to disturb Zell’s peaceful state.

Zell stirred then, his lashes fluttering as though he were trying to open his eyes. Seifer smirked and shook his head.

"Not yet, chickie." He murmured and cast double sleep on Zell, watching the bits of stardust sparkle over him lightly. Zell’s head lolled heavily against his pillow and Seifer nodded. Almost as an afterthought, he relieved Zell of any spells he might have with him and grinned as he felt a couple of the more potent spells flowing into him effortlessly.

Seifer went to his bag and unzipped it, revealing several compartments and flaps that rolled out. He pulled a mass of cables and straps out and turned to face Zell’s bed, contemplating his options. It was fortunate for him that Zell slept in a four-poster bed or he might have had to get creative this time. Shrugging once, he set to work in getting the restraints in place, careful where he stepped, one foot on either side of Zell’s body as he reached over his head to secure the cables in place. Humming to himself as he worked, he looked down at Zell, lying so peacefully between his feet, and felt the small rush of pleasure at the scene he’d set.

Using belt winches to tighten the cables so there would be no marks on the furniture; Seifer stepped back, pleased with the result. Praising himself for his consideration of Zell’s belongings, he sighed and looked up toward the ceiling. Zell’s bed was going to look like it could hoist an engine, that ought to frighten him just a bit. Shame.

Whisking the blanket away from Zell in one sweeping movement, Seifer moved to retrieve the wrist and ankle cuffs from his bag. After he had them tightened precisely the way he wanted them, Seifer ratcheted the pulleys and made sure Zell was secured. Fastening the ankle cuffs to a length of iron bar wide enough to keep his legs very widely spread, he grinned and consulted his watch. Pretty damn good timing.

Seifer slipped out of his coat, leaving his arms bare in the vest he wore. His choker glinted in the moonlight and he realized that while he liked the darkness, he was going to require just a tad more lighting. He had no intention of missing even the tiniest expression that might cross Zell’s face.

He moved to the light switch and turned the dial to a very intimate dimness. Lighting a few of the candles he’d brought with him, he glanced around and watched his own shadow flicker on the wall. Perfect.

Satisfied that all was in order, Seifer moved to his bag to extract a silvery surgical tool. It sparkled in the dim lighting and Seifer caught the flash of one green eye reflected in it as he held it up for inspection. He moved to the side of Zell’s bed and turned his face aside gently. Pretty little chicken

Calmly and with a grace borne of lots of practice, Seifer punched a hole in Zell’s septum big enough to fit a 10 gauge wire through and, with his other hand, popped in the nose ring he’d chosen and snapped it shut. He’d have one hell of a time removing that one. Ah well, let the little chicken struggle with it, all the better.

As he snapped the ring closed, Zell’s eyes opened in surprise and he let out a little shout of pain as consciousness returned. He moved his head and found himself locking eyes with Seifer Almasy. He clenched his fists instinctively and tried to bring his fists up, only to look down at the thick black cuffs on his wrists in abject horror. Seifer watched his angry blue eyes follow the intricate web of cables and wires that he’d fashioned and settle lastly on the bar that held his legs apart. He raised his eyes to Seifer’s once more and tried to struggle.

"What the fuck are you..?" He demanded, his words halting when Seifer slapped him across the face lightly.

"Hold still." He ordered firmly. Zell grew still, but shock was slowly giving way to a cold dangerous anger.

"What the fuck are you doing to me?" He demanded again, his nose throbbing painfully, his voice not quite as hysterical as before.

Seifer smiled blandly. "Marking you." He responded matter-of-factly.

"I’m bleeding, you motherfucker!" Zell strained against his bindings and Seifer promptly slapped him again, a bit harder this time.

"You’re tied up. I have other toys. Don’t make me so eager to use them all…not yet anyway." He advised Zell.

Zell ground his teeth and breathed deeply in an attempt to level out the throbbing pain in his nose.

"Seifer…" Zell began but Seifer rose abruptly, clearly exasperated.

"Why do I always have to state the obvious to you, Dincht? Is it some kind of compulsion? And is it mine or yours?" He pretended to ponder his own question before offering Zell a Gallic shrug and grinned. "Oh, well, no time for self-analysis when I have a date with a chickenwuss."

And as an afterthought, "You can’t say I didn’t warn you."

Zell shook his head, confusion clearly written on his face.

"You’re fucked up, Seifer. I don’t have a fucking clue what you’re talking about."

Seifer scowled at him darkly before moving to lean threateningly over the bed, his muscled form blocking the light over the bed.

"Not as fucked up as you’re going to be if you don’t learn to keep your fucking mouth shut when someone has you at their mercy."

Zell glared. "I could yell, Squall would hear me, he’s right next door."

Seifer smiled sweetly and promptly cast silence on him.

"I don’t think so, Chickie. Puberty Boy still hasn’t come back from the party." Seeing Zell stiffen, Seifer went on smugly. "Saw him talking to that pretty dark-haired girl earlier. Maybe she had something else she wanted to talk to him about…whatcha think, Chicken?"

Zell ground his teeth and began clenching and unclenching his fists that were held over his head quite snugly. Seifer grinned and continued speaking as though he hadn’t seen Zell’s little display of temper.

"I did want to hear your sweet little clucking when we get to that part where I tread you like a hen, but if you’re going to holler for help like the chickenwuss I knew you were, I’ll just take care of that now.

Zell narrowed his eyes and relaxed slightly as he realized the game.

"Ahh, comprehension! Yes, ladies and gentleman, he can be taught!"

Zell unclenched his fists, his eyes still sparking blue fire. Seifer observed him, head cocked, arrogant sneer spreading over his face.

"If you stop threatening to scream, I’ll take the silence off of you. Or if you want to keep hollering and threatening to holler, I’ll be sure and give you a good reason. I was thinking of piercing your ears and nipples."

Zell swallowed almost convulsively and shook his head slightly.

Seifer raised an eyebrow. "No? Going to be a good boy, then?"

Zell nodded jerkily, the tension in his body causing his muscles to tremble the slightest bit.

Seifer leaned over to straighten his legs, tugging on the bar just a bit.

"Because if you change your mind, I will, if I’m caught, insist that you invited me. Which, in a way, you did, after all."

Zell narrowed his eyes and cursed Seifer wordlessly, but Seifer pretended not to notice as he went on almost happily.

"Because if I get washed out for this, you’re coming with me." He paused, smiling that secret, wicked little smile that always took Zell’s breath. "I’ll tell them you had the hooker’s conscience, it became rape when I wouldn’t pay."

Zell felt his nails digging into his palms as he bit down on his tongue and still Seifer went on.

"…led me on…got me into your weird sex game…" He lifted one hand and the silence effect was gone.

"…then tried to jack me up for cash. We don’t want that little rumor getting around."

Zell shook his head, disbelieving. "Bastard."

Seifer nodded, sniggering. "Oh, yeah, definitely."

"You sick fuck…." Zell growled.

Seifer made a small disappointed sound and shook his head. "Mmm, now that’s gonna cost you a nipple." He picked up a clean tool and twirled it slowly.

"No…Seifer." Zell whispered.

"Better convince me you’re sorry." Seifer suggested.

Zell closed his eyes slowly, the realization of being completely at Seifer’s mercy overwhelming him.

"What? You getting all girly over one little nipple piercing?"

Zell looked up angrily; his usual happy smile replaced with a dark, forbidding look. "Fuck you, Almasy."

Seifer looked almost relieved. "Ahh, there we go. Yes, one nipple for another "Fuck you, Almasy."

Zell glared at him. "I hate you."

Seifer smirked and sat down beside him once more, rummaging through a small black tote. "I’m hurt."

"You have to let me go sometime, just remember that."

Seifer looked happy. "Well, that’s hardly fair, chicken, I mean, how am I supposed to defend myself when I’m laughing? You might actually get a hit."

Zell struggled against his restraints, years of Seifer’s petty abuse reaching its culmination within Zell like a pyre. "You fucking bastard."

Seifer continued searching through the bag and finally found a ring that he liked.

"What, you want the other nipple done, too? Is that what I’m hearing?"

Zell glared but fell silent, one lock of hair falling down into his eyes from his struggles and the heat of his body.

"You can say what you want, but if you say ‘fuck’ you better be doing it nicely."

Zell regarded him intently. "Why are you doing this?"

Seifer met his gaze directly, no hint of amusement in them at all.

"Because I can."

Seifer lay the bag down and resumed his place beside Zell, his bedside manner strangely reminiscent of a television doctor.

"Now, you might feel a little pinch. Then a sharp stabbing pain."

Zell turned his head, the slightly ill feeling in his belly growing in leaps and bounds.

Seifer smirked faintly and pierced Zell’s left nipple deftly, again popping in one of those rings that, once set, is not really removable without a lot of work.

Zell bit his lip and let out a strangled cry, tasting blood on his tongue.

"Goddammit, Seifer." Zell panted, the pain radiating outward from his nipple all along his chest.

Seifer cast cura on Zell, putting away his tools and frowning.

"I’m gonna let that one go because I’m feeling generous. You didn’t flail much, it’s a good piercing."

"I hope you’re enjoying this, you sick fuck." Zell muttered from between clenched teeth.

Seifer looked hurt. "Now, see? That’s what I get for rewarding you before I’m done punishing you."

Zell met Seifer’s eyes defiantly, wondering if he could simply wait it out and make Seifer go away. Somehow he doubted it.

"Let’s see…other nipple, your ears? Maybe that tongue that keeps getting you into trouble?"

Zell remained silent, not trusting himself to speak without making Seifer angry.

"Scrotum? That’s a nice one."

Zell shook his head slowly, beginning to wonder if he’d underestimated Seifer’s intentions.

"No…please, Seifer." He whispered.

Seifer patted him before rising from the bed. "That’s better. See? You don’t always have to call me a fuck."

Zell flinched at the touch, earning him one of Seifer’s knowing smiles.

Zell blinked rapidly, his long bangs tangling with his eyelashes and Seifer reached over to gently brush them back.

"Don’t you remember me telling you that your turn would come? You volunteered, Zell."

Zell licked his lips, the faint metallic taste of blood lingering on his lips.

"But I know it’s him you want." He protested.

Seifer smiled a strange, unreadable sort of smile. "I’ve spent most of our time here in this place paying attention to you, Chickie, don’t be silly."

Zell’s lips parted slightly as his eyes widened. "But you…you hate me." His voice held the tiniest hint of wonder.

Seifer laughed, his laughter triggering the throbbing pain in Zell’s nipple.

"If I hated you, Chickie, I’d have found a way to get you killed off during that mission."

Zell shifted slightly on the bed, his muscles beginning to cramp.

"You love this shit." He accused.

Seifer leaned in closely, letting his nose brush against Zell’s as he whispered softly, tauntingly, "I love seeing you wear my jewelry. It is mine, you know. My name is on there. Teeny tiny, but it’s there."

Zell only glared, his stormy blue eyes promising retribution even as he lay so helpless. Seifer shook his head.

"Hmm. Martial artist and pain. This isn’t going to work out quite right."

Zell looked apprehensive, not sure he wanted to know where this was going. Seifer went on. "After all, you parry with your friggin’ hands and arms."

Zell spoke quietly then, needing to know. "Do you want to hurt me so badly?"

Seifer shook his head, his eyes sincere. "Nope. I want to see you when it stops hurting and starts hitting that spot in your brain that makes your pupils go wide and dark and your breath come in little gasps, not because it hurts, but because it doesn’t."

Zell’s breathing quickened and he bit his lip, trying to ignore the sharp spiking lust driving up into his belly. Seifer flashed his tiger grin.

"Yes, like that. You do like image and symbolism quite a bit." He observed, running one finger down the tribal tattoo on Zell’s face.

Zell closed his eyes and exhaled, listening to the almost hypnotic quality of Seifer’s voice and wondering briefly if he’d already lost this battle.

"I’ll have to switch tactics, it seems, you’re not much on bellying up to pain."

Zell opened his eyes to find Seifer staring at him as if he were made completely of chocolate. Zell was struck by the seductive, forbidden beauty that Seifer possessed. It intrigued him even as he despised it. The anger faded slowly from Zell’s eyes and he spoke softly, entreating, "What do you want, Seifer?"

Seifer looked at him as though he were an idiot. "Submission. Complete and utter control."

"What are you waiting for, then? You came here to see me break."

Seifer tilted his head, considering. "Yes, that would be fun. But I’d rather see you bend, Chickie. Once the toy is broken, you can’t play with it anymore."

Zell lifted his chin defiantly, not quite ready to give in so easily.

"Bend me then." He challenged him.

Seifer grinned, moving around to tighten the winches, a rather rack like effect. He continued to move and tighten things until Zell was half resting on the bed with his ass elevated up some several inches off the mattress.

"There we go…uncomfy?" He asked, ever the perfect host.

Zell grunted. "What the fuck do you think?"

Seifer tugged off one glove and ran his hand up Zell’s thigh, stopping a few inches from where his thigh met his crotch. "Just like to make sure." He assured him.

Zell inhaled sharply at the contact of Seifer’s fingertips on his skin and Seifer let his gaze wander over Zell’s body, lingering over his cock and his nipples. He met Zell’s gaze and wiggled his eyebrows.

"That’s promising. I might not have to get out the whips after all."

Zell licked his lips, his breathing becoming ragged and uneven.

Seifer traced Zell’s full bottom lip with the tip of one finger.

"Do you know how beautiful you are when your face registers that ‘holy shit, that felt good’ expression?"

Zell stared, entranced, comprehension slowly dawning. It made Seifer smile sweetly.

"Ahh…there it is…"

Zell shook his head, spoke quietly. "I can’t believe you’d go to these lengths just to get me off."

Seifer paused, amused. "You still don’t get it. This isn’t about getting you off. It’s about control. You don’t want me and I can make you want me."

Zell gave a short bark of laughter. "Your arrogance is unfuckingbelievable. I think you just want to see me hurt."

Seifer leaned down and raked his nails lightly over Zell’s balls, just hard enough to hurt without damaging him.

"There are a lot of ways for me to hurt you that won’t make your little peepee hard, Chickenwuss."

Zell curled his lip and wished for about the hundredth time that night that Seifer was within his reach.

Seifer shrugged. "You invited me here when you took it upon yourself to take Squall under your protection and I’m going to make sure that at least one of us has a good time. Now lemme see where I put that remote…"

Seifer hummed to himself and picked up something sort of gelatinous looking and shaped rather like a short, fat, penis with a wide base. He looked around the night table and nodded to himself.

"There it is. Wouldn’t want to lose that." He added conspiratorially, as though he were imparting trade secrets to someone. Zell shook his head as his brain grasped what his subconscious already knew.

"Nuh…uh…no, Seifer, no way. Untie me dammit."

Seifer looked at him as though he were nuts. "What? You think I hauled your ass up here just so I could peer at its ivory surface?" He smiled sweetly.

Zell shook his head, Seifer’s intentions becoming crystal clear.

"I don’t care, I want out."

Seifer smirked, leaning against one of the bed’s posts.

"Not until you beg." He said simply. Zell snorted in amusement. Seifer looked affronted.

"I promise you Zell, the minute you beg me, I’ll let you go."

"In your fucking dreams." Zell growled. Seifer grinned.

"I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me."

Zell tugged uselessly at his restraints, but his struggles were pointless. Seifer knew what he was doing and he’d trussed Zell up like a carthorse, there was no way he could free himself.

Seifer slapped him fondly on the flank and began greasing up the Object of Male Horror.

"So, tell me, Chickie, were you always a faggot or did Squall work his wiles on you?"

"Wouldn’t you like to know." Zell deadpanned and Seifer flashed him a superior look.

"Well, yes, I would. Why else would I have asked?" He rolled his eyes. "Little slow on the uptake tonight, eh Chicken?"

"Fuck you, Almasy." He returned angrily.

"Again with the potty mouth…such a bad boy."

Zell smirked, a faint imitation of the one that was aimed at him.

"You’re just jealous ‘cause I’ve got him all to myself now."

Seifer flopped on the bed and peered at Zell from between his legs.

"Who cares about that? I’m the one he calls Master."

Seifer picked up a bottle of clear liquid and began greasing Zell up rudely.

"Don’t want this to hurt, ooooh, no."

Zell squeaked, unable to prevent the noise from escaping him.

"Aaah, music to my ears."

Seifer paused, savoring his moment, testing Zell’s resistance before he pushed the toy against Zell’s tight entrance.

"Knock, knock…oh, I guess I can take the tag off that says ‘exit only’, eh?"

Zell tried to twist away, to avoid Seifer’s invasion.

"Seifer, please don’t…"

Seifer laughed, gave the toy a little push and then paused.

"Beg and I’ll stop." He told him. Zell remained silent, the words flowing easily through his mind, but unable to form on his tongue. Seifer shook his head.

"Silly boy. They’re just words." He reminded him.

"Not to you." Zell gasped and Seifer managed to reflect a look of regret.

"No, not to me. No going back then…"

Zell braced himself; ashamed at the way his body responded to Seifer’s humiliation, hating the way he simply could not clear his mind of it all.

Seifer shoved harder then, not rough, but firm and steady, a smooth push until it was deeply planted within Zell’s body. Up until that moment, Zell hadn’t understood the need for the other bits of harness that had hung slack around him. They suddenly made sense as Seifer used the straps to buckle the thing in place to a ring attached to its base.

Zell groaned, "Oh, fuck, Seifer…"

Seifer looked exasperated. "What now? I just got it in you for Hyne’s sake. Should have brought one with a horse tail on the base."

Zell whimpered and tried to turn his lower body, crying out once when his movements only succeeded in making it worse. Seifer grinned.

"I should give you a little slack now but I think that would probably make you break the bed. And I do like to see the leg action."

Seifer strolled to the dresser and picked up a camera. He grinned when he heard Zell choking slightly.

"Physical pain isn’t getting the responses, but damn, you’re good when I bring out the psychological torture…you ready to beg yet?"

Zell moaned faintly. "Stop…please..."

Seifer cupped one hand to his ear and flashed him the ‘come on I’m listening’ look.

"Please…" A little louder.

Seifer shrugged regretfully. "Can’t hear you, Zell. Say my name. Tell me what you want. And beg."

"Just…please…Seifer." Zell cringed at his own weakness, evident in his voice and he moaned low in his throat when Seifer leaned over and stroked his cock roughly.

"Please touch you? Sure."

Zell began to pant, punctuating his ragged breathing with soft little moans. Seifer’s touch gentled considerably.

"Ahh, nice noises…I like that." He rubbed his palm over Zell’s pubic hair and tugged sharply. Zell hissed between his teeth.

"When I make you wiggle, you’ll feel that. But you’re not going to wiggle, are you?"

Zell shook his head rapidly, wincing slightly.

"Because you don’t want to feel it rubbing inside you, all stretched and full…do you?"

Zell whimpered and shook his head again, unable to find his voice.

Seifer leaned over so that he could whisper in Zell’s ear.

"Making you pretty damned hard pretty fast. I like that in a slave."

Zell closed his eyes, willing himself to just fucking beg and get it over with, unable to quite make himself do it.


"Yes, little chicken? I’m listening."

Zell shook his head and took deep, steadying breaths. Seifer went to the nightstand and put the camera down.

"Damned martial artists." He murmured, looking disgusted. "All that self control bullshit."

Seifer picked up a remote that vaguely resembled a radio controller for a little toy car.

"Wha-What’s that?" Zell asked, his voice low and husky. Seifer felt a small stirring at the tone, he’d never heard it from Zell before, and oh, the first time was always sweet.

"This?" Seifer gave Zell an angelic smile and flicked the remote’s switch, causing the toy buried deep inside of Zell to vibrate, a very low buzz. Zell arched his back and moaned helplessly. Seifer looked quite pleased with himself.

"This controls the ass-fucking toy I put inside you." He offered, a belated explanation, but sweetly spoken all the same. He watched Zell writhe, obvious pleasure displayed in the arch of his back.

"Oh, that’s very pretty." He purred.

"Oh, Gods….Seifer." Zell moaned again, his voice breaking once.

"Getting closer to what I like to hear." Seifer told him and flicked another switch, setting the toy to a very slow grind. Zell cried out uncontrollably, gyrating his hips in an almost obscene display of self-gratification.

"Fuck…Seifer…." He managed to pant. Seifer shook his head and smiled wickedly.

"No, no…fuck Zell…" Seifer corrected him, his voice a deep, rich purr.

Zell rolled his head back and forth mindlessly and moaned, low and steady.

"No…" He whispered tortuously.

Seifer nodded again, inordinately pleased.

"Oh, yes. You’re going to come and I’m not even going to touch you." He whispered.

Zell’s body jerked, the muscles in his stomach clenching, but Seifer wasn’t done.

"…the straps holding you, the bar holding your ankles apart like a little boyslut just waiting for his Master’s cock, and you’re just being filled by a toy. One that I control, not you."

Zell’s head thrashed back and forth, his body pitching convulsively and he cursed his own weakness. His inability to beat Seifer at this, his body…betraying him. He moaned repeatedly, almost chanting, "No…no…no…" He began to whimper, feeling the rush, feeling it riding swift on the tide of his blood.

"Seifer…oh, fuck…"

Seifer grinned wickedly and turned the vibration and the grinding up as high as it would go, wanting this to be memorable. Zell arched his back, his hands clawing at…anything as he leaned his head back, displaying the white flash of his neck.

Seifer watched him fight it, valiantly he fought it, but he simply could not hold it back, it was too powerful.

"That’s my good slave, come for Master, I give my permission."

Zell jerked once, his muscles flexing, a thin layer of sweat gleaming in the dull light. He began to moan Seifer’s name as he pitched back once more, his movements stilling for one long second, his mouth open in a silent scream and he whispered.

"Seifer…" He ended Seifer’s name on one long moan and Seifer closed his eyes briefly.

"Oh, I do love that sound…" He uttered softly, although he doubted Zell heard him, as he’d fluxed the controls so that the vibration stilled to a faint tingle. He watched with cold pleasure and a faint smile, feeling Zell’s orgasm rip through him as well.

"Beautiful…" He praised softly.

Zell’s body jerked uncontrollably and then he relaxed, one perfect tear streaking down his cheek. Seifer turned off the toy and lay the controller back on the nightstand, moving to sit on the bed and stroke Zell’s hair.

"That was so beautiful…" He murmured and he leaned down to catch the tear on the tip of his tongue, licking it up lightly. Zell made small whimpering noises as the aftershocks of his violent orgasm shook him. He whispered Seifer’s name, oblivious to Seifer’s state of satisfaction and Seifer leaned down to drop soft kisses on Zell’s eyelids. Zell turned his cheek to rub smoothly against Seifer’s. Seifer closed his own eyes, then.

"Very beautiful." And he licked Zell’s lips gently, almost hesitantly, chuckling softly when Zell rubbed his lips against Seifer’s. He took Zell’s jaw in his hand, squeezing roughly, prying his mouth open and he slanted his mouth over Zell’s, raping him with lips and tongue.

"Now you know why Squall did it. 15 seconds made you a believer, Zell. For 15 seconds you belonged to me, you were my slave."

Seifer shook his head, grinning ruefully. "And I do love the way you scream my name." He took a small sip of water and lowered his lips to Zell’s, offering him a taste. Zell licked at Seifer’s lips, catching small droplets on his tongue and Seifer smiled against Zell’s mouth, making it a gentle kiss without seeming to do it deliberately. He chuckled when Zell moaned softly, more pleased than he imagined he would be.

Seifer stood then, testing the various bonds that held Zell captive and nodding to himself. He pulled off his remaining glove slowly, laying it aside when his hand was free. He uncapped a bottle of lotion that smelled faintly of honey and began rubbing it into his hands, then applying it liberally to Zell’s shoulders.

"So, what’s the big objection to what Squall and I played at anyway, Chickie?"

Zell didn’t answer right away, considering the question and enjoying the long, sure strokes of Seifer’s hands. He sighed softly, his words slurred.

"What you did to him was wrong, it just wasn’t normal." He explained, not sure if he could articulate exactly why it was wrong seeing as how he was still weak and trembling from the release that Seifer had allowed him.

"Oh? And what do you think I did to him? I want to hear it." He prompted, continuing on to Zell’s chest and moving fluidly to his sides, then his belly, rubbing in the sweet smelling lotion in firm, relaxing strokes.

Zell was beginning to drift, his mind rapidly beginning to occupy an entirely different plane. "You liked to hurt him," Zell murmured, "Just for the sake of watching him hurt."

Seifer smiled faintly and watched Zell become so much putty in his hands. Zell’s eyes were closed and he was making soft, purring noises of contentment, apparently oblivious to the toy that was still wedged firmly within him. Seifer continued rubbing the cream into Zell’s body, down his legs and ending in a hard, firm massage on his feet. Zell’s muscles were relaxed and he lay, practically boneless and completely unaware as Seifer capped the bottle of lotion and rubbed his own hands together once more. Zell’s head lolled to one side as he lay, not sleeping, but not quite awake.

Seifer leaned over and released two of the hooks on the complex wireweb above Zell and pulled the cords, drawing Zell’s hands tightly to his throat, which was hidden by the sturdy collar. Zell’s eyes widened in shock and suddenly he was back in his room, and it wasn’t over yet.

"What the fuck?! I thought you were gonna untie me!" Zell objected hotly, only succeeding in coaxing an amused grin from Seifer. He looked at Zell almost pityingly.

"But you haven’t begged yet." He told him neutrally.

"But…I…you…" Zell sputtered, his mind unable to grasp what was going on.

"But what?" Seifer asked, one perfect golden brow arched in amusement as he clipped the lines to more d-rings on the bed’s complex wirework.

"Fuck, I don’t know!" Zell’s voice rose in bewilderment and he heard chains rattling softly.

"You made your point, dammit!" Zell yelled gruffly, beginning to panic when he realized that he couldn’t move his hands away from his neck.

Seifer looked disappointed. "Zelly, this isn’t about points." Seifer moved some of the cables and chains and pulled Zell upwards with them, supported by the body harness until he was more or less sitting up. Everything about this made Zell nervous, his inability to move, the position Seifer had him in and his determination to reduce him to begging, all of it. Zell knew Seifer well enough to realize that once he’d decided on a course of action, he saw it through to his satisfaction. No exceptions. And that was what caused the chill to crawl up his spine. The unknown brought with it no small amount of fear and it was certainly not lost on Zell Dincht.

"You’re not going to let me go until you’re satisfied." He said resignedly.

Seifer nodded, "That’s right. Well, or until you’re unable to continue." He offered helpfully, not bothering to explain what state Zell would have to be in for such an occurrence to take place. Zell was positive that he didn’t want to know.

"I just thought…I thought that you felt something for me…just now." He sounded shy and vulnerable and Seifer was hard pressed to name which side of Zell he preferred. This one, or the wildcat whose eyes threatened a slow painful death. That he got to experience them both just made it all the more sweeter. Seifer leaned down and smiled into Zell’s face.

"I always have, Chicken. What does that have to do with anything?"

Zell shook his head, growing weary of the complexities of Seifer’s mind games.

"I don’t get you." He admitted, almost sadly.

Seifer didn’t smile. "That much is obvious, but you will, Chickie, you will."

"It doesn’t matter what I think, anyway, you’re going to do whatever you want to do."

Seifer smiled then and kissed Zell on the nipple as he changed some of the clips around.

"Now you’re getting it, Chickie. Smart boy."

Zell flinched and felt his throat tighten at his complete restriction of movement. He watched Seifer as he continued to fuss with things and then suddenly he was upon him, hands gripping Zell’s ass as he offered him a polite smile.

"Okay, Chicken, here we go." And he moved him completely off the bed, suspended by the harness and putting just the slightest pressure on the toy that was still embedded within Zell.

Seifer moved away, seemingly satisfied, and turned on some music, subdued with a slow heavy rhythm. He smiled, almost shyly and shrugged slightly.

"I always like a little music when I’m working." He explained.

He moved Zell a little so that his feet were planted firmly on the ground and then arranged him so that he resembled a big X. Zell’s arms and legs were spread apart, the bar at his ankles providing the means to keep them apart.

"Looks like you’ve thought of everything." Zell observed quite miserably.

Seifer gave a little half-shrug, looking pleased with himself.

"Well, I have been doing this awhile." He confirmed modestly. "I mean, this is a time-consuming hobby." He added as he began rubbing more lotion over the back of Zell’s body.

"Not time-consuming enough." Zell muttered. Seifer seemed to consider his words.

"Hn. Well, I’ll try to take longer with you then, Chickenwuss…just to make you happy."

Zell’s legs tensed despite the long, sweeping strokes of Seifer’s palms.

"That’s not what I fucking meant, and you know it." He growled.

Seifer smoothed lotion down Zell’s legs and gave the harness a little tug, moving the dildo inside of Zell and lifting him up onto his toes.

"What was that?" Seifer asked lightly. Zell didn’t make a sound.

"Nothing." He managed.

Seifer slapped him on the ass, a stinging little pat, and Zell swayed, biting back a curse.

"Good boy." Seifer praised him and moved over to his bag, retrieving a length of red satin rope nearing nine feet in length, folding it over and wrapping it around his hand, leaving two four feet ends trailing from his hand.

"Now." He began. Zell’s breathing quickened and Seifer felt it immediately. There was nothing he enjoyed more.

"Now we start a little scourging. Your job is to stand there and feel it."

Zell swallowed, his blue eyes like beacons, even in the dim lighting. Seifer could see the thin layer of sweat forming on his skin and he acknowledged it with the tiny thrill in his heart. Zell’s beauty was nothing short of breathtaking.

"Try not to think too much of that dildo inside you, eh?" He instructed, his tone indicating that he wanted Zell to do just that. He gave it another gentle tug and offered Zell another big grin. Zell arched into it slightly, panting.

"I can hardly breathe."

"That’s good, Zell. Means you can hardly scream."

Zell glared at him, wisely keeping his comments to himself as Seifer stood back a little to deliver a stinging blow across his shoulders, letting the coil lick over his shoulder blades, smarting sharply as they curled around his ribs.

Zell gasped and swayed against his restraints, sucking air into his lungs audibly. Seifer smiled and dealt him another, the next blow falling on his lower thighs, closer to his knees. Zell’s legs wobbled uncertainly, threatening to give way, but he took a firm grip on his dignity and righted himself at the last second.

"Yep, no matter how many times you get bitten, shot, punched or frozen, there’s just nothing like a good whipping, eh, Chickie?" Seifer taunted him as he watched his knees buckle. "You can probably lift your feet up, don’t worry about fainting or anything, you won’t hit the dirt."

Zell closed his eyes against the swimming unrealities of his mind and shook his head to clear it.

"I appreciate the tip." He panted, bracing himself for the next strike. Seifer didn’t disappoint, laying the strap across Zell’s lower back, raising a red welt and Zell moaned. Seifer continued to ply the whip, striking in time to the music, humming contentedly. Zell caught the rhythm, knew precisely when to flinch, precisely when to relax and that was when Seifer skipped a beat and walked around to face Zell, smiling once before he started applying the whip to Zell’s front. A constant, steady thrashing that flowed right into the music, raising a light sweat on his own body.

Seifer watched Zell flinch and imagined that each time he clenched his muscles, the hard little toy was most probably pressing up into him in wonderful new ways. After a few minutes of unrelenting thrashing and the insistent heating of his own blood, Zell gasped, trying to twist away from Seifer and biting his lip hard.

"Seifer…" He managed, and Seifer paused, swinging the rope within his grasp in a jaunty fashion. He arched an eyebrow and relished Zell’s internal struggle, oh, how he relished it.


Zell panted, his breath coming in short, sharp gasps.

"Enough." He said, his tone almost pleading…but not quite entreating enough.

"Then beg." Seifer told him, voice low.

Zell hung his head, slumping wearily, not sure if it was the struggle going on inside of him or the outward battle with Almasy that was wearing him down.

"Please." He uttered listlessly. Seifer pretended not to hear him and crossed his arms across his chest, the rope wrapped silkenly around his forearms.

"It’s very simple, you can stop it at any time, Zell. Just say it. That’s all you have to do."

Zell experienced a surge of rage unlike anything he’d ever felt before in his life and he strained against his bonds with the last vestiges of his strength.

"I said ‘please’, what else do you want from me?" He demanded, edging very closely to his boundaries, as Seifer knew he would, and he laughed, wickedly, delightedly as he danced out of reach.

"I want you to say ‘Please stop beating me’ and if you add ‘Master’ I could be persuaded not to start doing something else afterwards." He paused, looking pensive.

"Or you could ask me ‘Please’ to do something else…like fuck you."

Zell looked up slowly, his eyes tortured. "Please, Seifer, don’t make me beg…" He broke off, imagining Squall lying in the next room, totally unaware of what was transpiring on the other side of his wall. Zell moaned almost pitifully.

"He’ll hate me…" He whispered, soft enough that he could have been talking to himself. But Seifer heard him anyway and he leaned over a little to grab Zell’s hair, pulling his face up so that he could see his eyes.

"Why?" He asked him, not understanding the direction of Zell’s thoughts.

Zell’s face crumpled, but he did not cry, not one tear, as he met Seifer’s gaze.

"For wanting you." He stated simply, as though it were obvious.

Seifer laughed, thoroughly amused. "Oh, Chickie," He murmured, chuckling softly. "It’s okay, Zelly, everyone wants me. They just don’t want to."

Zell was very close to tears, but to his credit, continued to reign them in as he fought his body’s need. This terrible, wicked need that Seifer had forced him to accept and Hyne help him, it wasn’t so difficult after all. He almost embraced it, in fact, so great was the need to submit.

"He wants me too, you know," Seifer said quietly, "He’s the only one who kept on wanting me, no matter what." He sounded sad, then, and a bit disillusioned, but Zell watched him tamp it back down and his green gaze glittered hard and intent. Zell shivered.

"I never wanted you before, Seifer, not once." He told him resolutely, and it sounded believable, even to his ears.

Seifer growled and yanked Zell’s head back by his hair, kissing him softly under his jaw. He smirked at Zell’s little whimper.

"I always wanted you. Perky little chicken." He admitted easily.

"C’mon, chicken, tell me you don’t feel those welts tingle all the way through. Tell me that it doesn’t feel just as good as bad. I’ll believe you, I really will." He promised.

Zell shook his head, denying, wishing he could cover his ears and stop Seifer’s words from lancing him painfully, the truth in them ringing hollowly into him, the pain all the greater just because it was so very accurate.

"I…" The words would not come, no matter how he bade them to deliver him.

Seifer kissed him again, a tender kiss, gentle and yet invasive, as it was meant to be. Each move calculated and perfectly executed. Zell breathed lightly, unable to take deep breaths, panting shallowly and he groaned again when his attempts to struggle reminded him of his lack of mobility.

Seifer whispered his name and rested his cheek against Zell’s, his lips brushing his ear. "This is what Squall wanted when he came to me. This helplessness. This need. He couldn’t stop me from making him come."

Zell nodded miserably, feeling Squall in his mind, his presence, warring with the powerful energy of Seifer’s dominance and Seifer laughed, victorious at last.

"Then you surrender?" He asked, knowing the answer even as he asked the question. Zell met his gaze, his blue eyes shining.

"Yes." He whispered.

Seifer moved closer, riding the wave of lust that lanced through him at Zell’s sweet misery.

"Then call me Master." He ordered, triumph underlying his husky voice.

Zell chewed his lip briefly, feeling his cock harden further with each breath Seifer expelled. Seifer stroked over Zell’s chest to touch the ring in Zell’s nipple, letting it just barely be felt. And he laughed when Zell whispered raggedly.


Seifer closed his eyes and rubbed his cheek seductively against Zell’s, reveling in his soft, soft skin.

"Very good boy, Zell." He praised him, sincerely this time, as he reached for the remote and turned the toy on again, just the vibration, a very gentle buzz. Zell leaned forward, almost desperate to feel Seifer against him, in any way he could have him.

Seifer lowered one hand to Zell’s cock, massaging him gently while he tugged the harness, covering his mouth with his own and claiming him, dominating him even as he continued to stroke the welts on Zell’s back.

"Seifer…please…" Zell beseeched him, needing…something…anything to further his exquisite torment and he made a noise that sounded suspiciously like a sob. It went straight to Seifer’s midsection and he tugged on the harness again, loving the way Zell moaned and twisted like the most well-trained slave, his responses genuine and uninhibited.

"Shhh, sweet slave. Tell me what you want, baby. Beg for it. Call me Master."

Zell nodded, sniffling pitifully as he began to sob in earnest.

"I want you to touch me, Master…please…" The ‘Master’ rolled off his tongue as though he’d been born to say it and Seifer smiled cruelly, pleased beyond all meaning of the word.

"I am touching you…now beg me for it. Beg for exactly what you want." He instructed him.

"I want you to fuck me…Master." Zell whimpered, so very close to breaking.

Seifer jerked the harness and gripped Zell’s cock mercilessly.

"Say need." He corrected. "You’re a slave, sweet Zell, and your wants don’t matter one fucking bit to me, but your needs just might. Say please, ask nicely."

Zell lowered his head, his complete surrender close at hand as he was prepared to say anything, do anything to perpetuate this torment and he wondered precisely when he’d lost control. Easy. I never had it.

"I need you to fuck me, Master…please." He begged, his voice low and a little hesitant.

Seifer rubbed his thumb over the head of Zell’s cock and purred appreciatively.

"Much better…" He told him as he listened to Zell’s sweet, helpless moans and felt him thrusting up into Seifer’s hand.

"What a good boy," He murmured, "Such a good little pet."

Seifer patted him softly and sucked gently on Zell’s lower lip, removing the blood that was drying on its pink, slippery surface. He unclipped some of the chains and cables, quickly returning Zell’s hands to the collaring at his throat. Satisfied, he touched the ring in Zell’s nose.

"Whose is that?" He asked lightly, confident in the answer he would receive.

Zell winced a bit. "Yours, Master."

Seifer’s fingers moved to the ring in Zell’s nipple, twisting it slightly.

"And whose is that?" Seifer continued, pausing to let the force of Zell’s cry wash over him completely as Zell sniffled and rushed to assure him that he did indeed know his place.

"Yours, Master." He cried out.

Seifer lowered his hand to Zell’s cock once more and squeezed, cupping him delicately.

"And tell me whose is this?" He inquired silkily, causing Zell to sway against him and hiss.

"Yours, Master." He growled through clenched teeth, his breathing erratic.

Seifer rubbed him then, his palm and fingers stroking over him expertly as he held him steadily.

"Good boy. Now hold still, baby." He admonished as Zell tried to hold himself still even while he continued to beg.


Seifer flashed him a promising glance as he moved to the large, overstuffed chair beside his window. White as snow and as pristine as the day Zell got it, the symbolism was not wasted on Seifer as he effortlessly upended it, positioning it much the way he liked everything, over on its face and legs in the air. The chair had short, sharp legs, not bunfoot and Seifer imagined that destiny had just given him the go ahead.

Seifer kneeled before Zell then and unhooked one of his ankles, fastening a small length of cable there instead, removing the bar entirely and leaving his ankles restrained instead with about three feet of cable. He leaned over and placed a small kiss on Zell’s belly as he stood.

Unable to remain upright without the restraints to hold him, Zell slumped, swaying unsteadily on his feet and Seifer moved to his side immediately, sweeping him up into his arms and carrying him over to the chair. Zell tried not to squirm around as he worked out the possibilities of this angle in his mind. Seifer had placed a pillow and a couple of snap leashes on the legs and he lay Zell over the chair, ass in the air and legs down the back of it, hips between the chair’s back legs and shoulders draped over the bottom. He silently secured Zell’s wrists to the front chair legs and his ankles to a cord running under the chair’s back and Zell leaned his forehead against the chair’s smooth back and shivered.

Seifer stroked Zell’s ass and down his legs slowly, gently and chuckles with undisguised pleasure.

"That’s a good little slave." He whispered and he closed his eyes briefly when Zell answered him with a small, muffled moan as he didn’t have it in him to utter even one word.

Seifer moved up behind Zell, mysterious noises accompanying his movements and Zell grew curious when the touch wasn’t forthcoming.

"Seifer…?" He whispered and then he felt the vibration deep within him cease completely and he practically collapsed against the chair.

"Wha…what are you doing?" He panted quietly.

He felt Seifer’s legs brush against his once and then the contact was gone as Seifer began unclasping the hooks that secured the vibrator in place.

"I’m taking our happy little friend out and replacing it with something a little warmer and a lot bigger."

Zell whimpered and arched his back, unable to do anything else and Seifer grinned.

"Yeah, that’s what I thought you’d say."

Zell rested his cheek on the chair’s surface and breathed deep and even, the lust driving him on, eclipsing any apprehension regarding Seifer’s actions.

Seifer reached under him then, grasping Zell’s cock almost painfully, ignoring its slow pulse and the way it twitched within his grip as he pulled the toy out slowly.

Zell groaned, trying to arch his back, seeking, pushing back against Seifer.

"Seifer…" He sobbed sweetly and Seifer smacked him on the ass, hard and stinging.

"Call me Master right now, Chickie."

Zell arched further, crying out his pleasure, shameful though it was.

"Master…" High pitched and needy, just the way Seifer wanted to hear it.

"Thaaaaat’s a good boy." And he began to rub Zell’s lower back in hard even strokes, just the right balance of massaging and petting.

"Very nice. You were made for this, Chickie."

Zell responded with panting and low, throaty moans. "Please…" He begged pitifully.

"Tell me what you want, sweet slave." Seifer prompted, beginning to rub Zell’s shoulders, under the shoulder blades, smoothing out some of that delicious tension, listening to Zell trip over his own words.

"I…want…I need…need to feel you, Master, inside of me…please…"

Seifer moaned softly, low in his throat and had to cling tightly to his self-control.

"You’re so small and beautiful, Zell. Beg your Master to fuck you, pretty slave, beg him right now."

Zell whimpered, his cock responding immediately when his voice could not.

"Fuck me, Master, please fuck me…" He begged so sweetly, his lashes sweeping over his cheekbones, a beautiful sight that Seifer could only make out in profile. But it was enough, oh yes, it was enough and Seifer’s legs brushed against Zell’s as he braced himself on the chair’s back, guiding himself into Zell and penetrating him slowly. Zell felt himself stretching, achingly, tantalizingly as Seifer pushed steadily into him, larger than the toy had been, for Seifer filled him completely.

Zell moaned over and over, mindless with need and he felt his legs trembling beneath him even though he wasn’t supporting his own weight.

"Gods, Seifer…" He moaned, and Seifer laughed, slightly out of breath, as he slapped him on the ass again.

"Say Master." He directed. "Feel me inside of you and know that’s the man who made you call him Master filling you up, and say it."

Zell began whimpering, one long cry blending right into the next, his need becoming unbearable.


"Good boy. You’re mine. You belong to me…all of you." He thrust again, just a shallow little push and Zell rubbed his cheek against the chair, moaning like a whore the whole time.

"Tell me you love it, and don’t forget to call me Master." Seifer taunted him, thrusting into him just enough to drive him higher without satisfying him.

"I love it, Master, I love it…I need it." So surreal, as though it were someone else moaning and begging and pleading with Seifer Almasy to debase him any way he could. But it wasn’t someone else. It was him. It was Zell.

Seifer pulled back slowly and rubbed the end of his cock against Zell’s sweet spot, thrusting in hard and deep, wringing the cry from Zell, long and low and keening.

"Good boy." Seifer panted. "Again."

"Master, yes…fuck me Master, fuck me harder."

Seifer pulled back again and hesitated, reveling in the feel of Zell’s tight ass around him and he closed his eyes, focusing, searching for just the right spot and thrusting against it harder.

Zell arched his back as much as his restraints would allow and he began babbling incoherently, mindless with need, not giving one fuck who heard him crying like a girl and begging Seifer to fuck him.

"Master, please, fuck me Master, I love it so much…I want it so bad, Master…"

Seifer steeled himself against the pretty words, loving the need in Zell’s voice, loving the fact that he would do anything, in that moment, if only Seifer would let him come.


Zell tried to rise up on tiptoes and began grinding back against Seifer, urging him on, inviting him to get closer, deeper, harder and he kept right on chanting.

"Master, Master...yes...please, Master…please."

Seifer began sliding in and out, effortless, hissing, shaking in an attempt to keep control of himself and not to simply ram away mindlessly at Zell the way his body was convincing him that he wanted to. He ran one hand over the welts that marked Zell’s body.

"My pet, my slave…" He panted, his voice rough.

Zell moaned, Seifer’s words only serving to fire his blood that much further.

"Yes, Master, yours…only yours…"

"Good boy. That’s my little cocksucker. …broken in…try it again…another time."

Zell nodded, his cheek brushing the material of the chair, his hair fallen completely into his eyes, sweat sliding down the center of his back and he wanted…oh, how he ached.

"Yes, yes, Master…"

Zell’s words, his tone, the way his body bowed, it was getting too much to take and Seifer felt the already tenuous grip on his control begin to weaken further and he pumped away at Zell’s hips, pistoning into him a little faster than he would have liked.

Zell cried out hoarsely, nearing his completion and prepared to cry it out to whoever was willing to listen.

"Gods, yes, Master, just like that….unnh…fuck me Master, deeper…"

It occurred to Seifer that he might have done well to gag him, but he’d already hit his stride and just couldn’t bring himself to care if they were discovered or not. He had the right angle and was no longer afraid of hurting the sweet, vocal little piece of ass under him and he only thrust harder, filling him completely.

Seifer was edging ever nearer to the precipice, panting and moaning right along with Zell, their ragged breathing a perfect accompaniment.

"…fuck my pretty slave boy…" Seifer panted and Zell moved restlessly under Seifer, his body trembling, his hands clenching and unclenching as he lifted his cheek from the chair and screamed.

Seifer moaned, his voice a low pleased rumble. "Scream like a cat being fucked, that’s my pretty little chicken."

Zell moaned again, alternating between his purring little whimpers and full-throated cries, designed to pull Seifer down into the spiral with him, because he was falling fast and there was nothing to grasp onto any longer. He felt the chill beginning at the base of his spine and he twisted pitifully, trying to arch into Seifer but unable to move.

Seifer stiffened, his knees threatening to lock on him and he began to thrust quickly and roughly, pounding away at Zell, who was rubbing his own cock against the chair, the contact all that he needed to push him over the edge.

"Yes, yes, Master, please fuck me, make me come, Master, please…please…please…"

Seifer gritted his teeth and snarled between the panting breaths that he was being forced to take.

"…fuck my bitch…make you mine…when you come, you’re mine…pretty bitch."

Zell’s voice was growing hoarse from screaming and he clawed at the undersides of the chair when he felt Seifer pulsing inside him. He called out Seifer’s name, one final time, unable to help himself as the force of his orgasm rocketed through him…and he screamed mindlessly.


Seifer wasn’t ready to give it up, but the feel of Zell coming, tightening around him wrung the orgasm from him and he thrust rapidly, grunting hoarsely.

"Yes, Master, come in me…deep in me…"

Zell rested his forehead against the chair and clenched his teeth against the force of Seifer’s thrusts and he heard Seifer growl, jerking and filling Zell’s ass with hot, liquid lust. He nearly collapsed against him, his control close to being a memory, but he still had the presence of mind to hold himself upright, panting and moaning.

Zell’s eyes rolled back into his head and he collapsed, spent, not caring that he was tied to a chair with Seifer buried possessively inside of him. He shuddered once.

"Yessss…" He whispered as he continued to tremble. He heard Seifer sigh shudderingly and he whimpered, liking it too much.

Seifer withdrew slowly, carefully and Zell moaned in protest, wanting him back immediately. Seifer unbuckled most of the harnessing, leaving on the collar and wrist restraints. He made no move to restrain Zell further, simply liked the way they contrasted against his beautifully bronzed skin.

Zell attempted to stand, collapsing against the chair as he discovered that his legs simply could not hold him. He released the chair and slid to his knees, resting there on the floor, broken and unmoving.

Seifer returned to him, fully clothed. He picked Zell up like a child and carried him over to the bed. Zell didn’t lift his head. Seifer sat on the edge of the bed, hauling Zell into his lap and pulling at the blanket, noticing that his body was beginning to cool. He covered Zell’s shoulders and neck with small kisses and Zell turned instinctively toward Seifer’s body, seeking his warmth.

Zell didn’t speak, emotionally drained and physically exhausted, and he sighed. Seifer murmured faintly and hugged Zell to him tightly, kissing him sweetly, his heart thrilling when Zell whispered his name.


Seifer kissed his shoulder, his lips lingering. Zell tried to speak, sought his voice and tried again.

"I lied earlier, y’know…" He muttered softly and Seifer stroked his hair, watching the golden strands sliding through his fingers as a desolate look touched his eyes.

"About what, Zell?"

Zell smiled faintly, lips curving up sweetly and he snuggled closer to Seifer as he spoke.

"I’ve always wanted you…" He told him easily.

Seifer’s breath hitched and he forced himself to relax, chuckling softly.

"I know." He said, not arrogantly. He watched Zell as he drifted, exhaustion getting the better of him and Seifer knew he would do just about anything to stay and watch his beautiful boy sleep.

"I should go, Zell." He whispered and Zell raised his head, sleep evaporating rapidly.

"You’re leaving? Now?" He sounded surprised and attempted to extricate himself from Seifer’s arms. Seifer let him go, his heart reluctant.

"You have Squall, you don’t need me." He told him with a smirk, the arrogance firmly back into place.

Zell eyes were pained. "You’re refusing me?"

His words sliced into Seifer like a blade and he wasn’t about to let Zell watch him bleed.

When he didn’t answer, Zell pulled the blanket around him to ward off the sudden chill that had absolutely nothing to do with the temperature.

"You’re right. You should go before you get caught." He agreed against his true wishes, but knew he had no choice. They’d drawn each other into an impossible situation.

Seifer moved efficiently, gathering his toys and putting them away silently, avoiding Zell’s eyes, not looking in his direction unless it was necessary and when he was through, he hesitated, standing by the bed, looking as though his heart would break.

"Zell…" He whispered softly, and Zell looked up, hope shining in his blue, blue eyes.

"The collar." He said, his voice sounding strangled.

Zell looked wounded, not quite able to believe that Seifer could turn it off so easily and he reached behind him with shaking hands to undo the buckles before handing it over to Seifer, refusing to meet his eyes.

Seifer kissed the collar before placing it into his bag and looking up again.

"Zell…the bracelets." He prompted again and Zell realized how foolish he’d been. This was a game to Seifer, nothing more and now he’d have to be the one to explain to Squall how he’d been taken in.

Zell removed the bracelets and tossed them to the floor, wanting to watch Seifer stoop to get them and when he did, Zell cursed his graceful movements and the ease with which he retreated. Placing a small kiss on each bracelet, eyes directly on Zell’s face, he put them back into his bag and zipped it up with a small, final sound.

It was that moment, when the candlelight flickered over the planes of Seifer’s face and Zell could see the tension between his eyebrows that he realized that tears were streaking his cheeks. He made no move to hide them, simply turned his head away and allowed them to run unchecked down his face.

Seifer stood, hoisting the bag to rest over his shoulder once more. He moved to the side of the bed and reached one hand out to Zell, who, as much as he wanted to, couldn’t bring himself to pull away.

Seifer caught one tear on the tip of his finger and brought it reverently to his lips, closing his eyes when it disappeared on his tongue. Zell bowed his head.

"Don’t cry, baby. I’m not worth it." Seifer told him wearily and Zell kept his eyes averted.

"I know." He whispered. "You should just go, Seifer." He told him, voice shaking slightly and he sniffled once, again cursing his own weakness.

Seifer moved toward the door, struggling with his own conscience and the aching of his heart. It was never a good idea to start something you were unable to finish and Seifer Almasy was nothing if not thorough and in the end, despite the inner voice that called him a coward, he turned his back and opened the door to the outside world.

"I’ll see you later, chicken…. or not."

Zell nodded, the light from outside catching the trail of tears down his cheek and he drew in one deep, restorative breath as he looked up. There, in the light, was Seifer Almasy, caught in profile, unsmiling, eyes narrowed, one tear rolling slowly over his perfectly sculpted cheekbone. Zell closed his eyes and let the wracking sobs take him over, wishing he’d never lifted his gaze for one final glimpse of his tormentor.

The sound of the door closing echoed through him with the force of a bullet and he let the tears come. Rising unsteadily, he staggered to the bathroom where he flipped on the light, blinking against the invasive brightness. There, in the mirror, was exactly what Zell had always feared he would become if he allowed Seifer into his mind. A boy, small, broken, eyes red from crying with two perfect declarations decorating his body, both of which bore Seifer’s name. He knew he would never forget, and he vowed never to remove the marks that Seifer had given him. For now he could go to Squall, unburden his soul, and know that he was understood…in a way he’d never been before…

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