Chapter 7

By Purple Penguin

Irvine sat on the floor of the slave’s quarters watching the two blondes pace up and down in front of him.

“Okay so here’s the thing tonight we’re um- sort of- getting out of here.”

“Escaping? You know I’m not going with you right?” At Zell’s expression he added. “I’m not leaving Squall just to go home to no one and-”

Seifer held up a hand to silence him. “We know, it’s okay. The thing is we have today to get some things for our escape, we don’t know how long it’ll be before he reach land of we’re rescued.”

“What do you want me to do?”

The cowboy grinned at his lover, watching him walk backwards into the bathroom. “Sure you don’t want to join me?”

He smiled. “I told you I have to go speak to Zell before he starts work in the kitchen today.”

His lover pouted.

“I’ll be back though.”

“You’d better be, my first morning when I don’t have to rush and I can’t enjoy it with you.”

“I’ll be a few minutes if you’re still in the shower by then; I’ll join you.”

The brunette finally walked into the bathroom and shut the door. Irvine let out the breath he didn’t he was holding and walked into the kitchen. Zell owed him big time for this; he hadn’t missed a morning shower in ages. He removed the empty beer bottles he had been hiding and filled them with fresh clean water then went through the fridge. He took out the chicken leftovers from dinner and wrapped it in some paper. He snuck out of the room and down the corridor to the slave’s quarters. By then Kiros, Seifer and Zell had been put to work in different places on the ship. Laguna jumped up as he entered and moved the food boards to help he store the food and drink.

“Where did you get this stuff?”

“I stole it from Squall’s kitchen.” He jumped up ignoring the confused older man. “I have to get back before he gets out the shower.”

Laguna frowned as the younger man left. “Who’s Squall?”

Irvine slipped back into Squall’s room, smiling as he heard the sound of the shower running. He quickly removed his boxers, throwing them across the room and pulled out the tie in his hair before opening the bathroom door and slipping inside. The shorter man jumped slightly as Irvine stepped into the shower from behind but he welcomed the slave into his arms.

“That was quick.”

“Yeah I just missed him I’ll see him later.”

“Hmm.” The captain ran his hands down his lover’s body; his fingers brushed the red mark on Irvine’s thigh where the pirate had hurt him. He flinched away from his lover’s touch.

“Does that still hurt you?”

“No I’m fine.”

Squall gave a doubtful look.

“Really I am fine.”

The brunette gently ran a finger over the mark. “You want me to kiss it better for you?”

The cowboy smiled, thinking that his lover was kidding but he noticed the playful glint in his lover’s eyes. The shorter man lowered himself to his knees and pressed his lips to the mark on Irvine’s thigh; he then slowly ran his tongue out over the redness and lavished it in little kisses, licking it like a cat. He turned his head enough to breathe over his lover’s growing erection.

“All better?” He asked innocently.


“Why? Can you think of something you’d rather I was doing?”

He smirked and placed a kiss on the head on Irvine’s cock, watching him harden up completely. He flicked his tongue out wrapping it around the length on his cock, drawing it slowly into his mouth. The cowboy leant back on the tiles, leaning his head back and closed his eyes. Squall drew more of the other man’s sex into his mouth and started a rhythm, sliding his lover’s cock from his lips agonizingly slowly. He quickened the pace, feeling fingers tug on his hair and listening to his lover’s little gasps and moans. He took all of Irvine and sucked hard. The cowboy arched and released into Squall’s mouth. The shorter man rose to his feet, wrapping his arms around his lover to steady him. “All better?”

“Much better.”

Seifer glared at the pirate who had kicked him in the back of the legs. Dozens of crates stood on the deck in front of them. “Take these down to the storage room and unpack them.” One of the pirates ordered.

Both them both Seifer and Kiros carried one large crate of stuff down to the storage room. The blonde picked up a crowbar. “I wonder what’s in this thing, it’s heavy.”

He pried it open to reveal some heavy packs of what looked like sand and some more weed.

“Ooh more weed.” He pulled out the longest line of it. “Maybe could put this stuff in the water supply too.”

“How? I don’t even know where the water supply is.”

“What about the others?”

“Zell’s cooking, Rinoa’s washing dishes and Laguna’s doing laundry.”

“I’ll think about it.” He stuffed the weed into his pockets and into his pants for safekeeping.

Laguna hurried down to the slave’s quarters his arms full with two warm coats and a large animal skin, probably a behemoth. He ran down the halls afraid of being seen by pirate, as he had no excuse to be down there with the stuff he was carrying.

He pushed open the door and quickly hid the things under everyone’s beds. He breathed a sigh of relief and went back upstairs before he was missed.

Rinoa looked around the room that she was going to be working in; it was full of dirty dishes and scrubbing liquids and brushes. Nothing of use to them. She sighed knowing the others would say she wasn’t pulling her weigh, she hadn’t done enough. Rinoa looked outside for the pirate that had shown her how to do things.

“Excuse me?”

“What now?” He asked harshly.

“Um- I-err- wanted to know what that does.” She pointed to a machine in the corner.


“I forgot.”

He sighed and walked over to it. “This is the waste disposal unit, you put things on conveyer belt and it goes into the sea.”

“The sea? You’re sure?”

“Yes.” He said in a bored tone and turned to leave again.

Rinoa quickly picked up a frying pan and held to close by. “There was one more thing.”

He sighed. “Yes?” As he turned the girl swung the frying pan and hit him over the head with it. He fell to the conveyer belt, his eyes wide. She swung it again and he stilled. She didn’t know if he was dead she didn’t care if he was. Rinoa started to go though his pockets. She found a pistol, a wallet full of gill, a handkerchief and a half-full pack of cigarettes. There, now they couldn’t say anything. He pushed the disposal button and the man was disposed of.

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