Notes: I ditched the 1st person bit, it was too complicated to switch between that and 3rd person so now it’s all in the 3rd person.


Chapter 2

By Purple Penguin

The pirate sent the blonde slave a swift kick. “Tend to his wound.” He orders, pushing the boy into the basement cell where the prisoner lay.

Zell glared at the back of the fat pirate as he left. He looked round at the tall unconscious man who lay on the concrete. This man would become a slave like himself.

Zell set down his bowl of warm salt water and his first aid kit. He knelt beside the man and gently brushed a stray lock of hair from the closed eyes of the golden headed man. Zell cocked his head, this stranger was very beautiful. He let his eyes roam over that muscled body and trailed his fingers over the tatters that was left of his shirt leaving a feathery touch on the bronze skin. He jerked his hand back as if stung when the man stirred to life, he drew in a deep breath and rolled on to his back. Instantly to flinched, a hand going up to his bloody hair.

“Try not to touch it.”

The man jumped and quickly tried to sit up at the sound of Zell’s voice, realizing for the first time he wasn’t alone. He swayed on unsteady legs, his vision fuzzy. Zell stepped forward to aid the man but he was pushed away.

“Where am I? Who are you?”

“I’m Zell. Don’t be afraid. You’re on board Griever.”

The tall man’s lips curled back into a snarl. “Pirates.” He hissed.

“I’m not your enemy, I’m merely a slave like you.”


Zell looked puzzled at the wary look the man’s eyes. The little blonde helped him to sit down and then busied himself with cleaning up the bloody wound on the back of the man’s head.

“Do you have a name?”

“....Seifer. How do I know I can trust you?”

Zell shrugged. He paused in his task to stare into the man’s deep green eyes. He quickly snapped out of it. Seifer was very beautiful and after ages with only pirates for company something stirred inside him.

“I guess you’ll have to learn to trust me.”

Seifer flinched as Zell dapped salt water into his wounds.

“Sorry. Did you live on that island?”

“No, my fishing boat was caught in the storm I’m from Balamb.”

Zell looked up in shock. “Really? Me too but I’m been here for years. My mother lives there. I didn’t even get to say goodbye.” He looked down, suddenly feeling sad. Seifer gazed into the familiar bright blue eyes. Zell glanced up; feeling a hand on his face.

“You’re Mrs Dincht’s son.”

“You know my mother? Is she alright?” Seifer dropped his hand to his side, almost regretfully, the younger boy had really bright eyes and Seifer felt like he could stare into them all day.

“She misses you. I stop by sometimes to see her as I know how lonely she is.” He paused and smiled. “She even make my lunch today for my fishing trip.”

“And now you’re here and she’s all alone again.”

“We have to go back to Balamb together.”

“What? Oh no, there’s no way back! They’ll kill us! Others have died trying and besides I’m not leaving without Irvine, we came here together.”


“No best friend.”

Seifer was surprised how relieved he was about that, he had only known the boy for a few minutes and this wasn’t the time for fuzzy feelings.

“So we’ll get that guy and we’ll all leave here.”

“I’m not sure he’ll want to go.”

“How can anyone want to stay here?”

Zell frowned. “It’s complicated. You’ll get the chance to meet him when I take you down to the slaves quarters later.”

Seifer leaned his head back on the wall with a groan and closed his eyes..

“What is it? Are you in pain?”

He opened his eyes and smiled at the look on concern on Zell’s cute face. “I just can’t believe it, I’ve seen the reward posters up for the ship and crew but I never thought I’d be here for real.”

“I know, I felt the same but you’ll get used to it.”

“I don’t want to get used to it, I want to get out of here and when I do you’re coming too.” He jumped when Zell grabbed his arm tightly.

“Please say you won’t try something. I don’t want to see another person die!”

“I’ve never been good at taking orders and I’m not about to start now.”

Zell felt the dread at the look of determination in Seifer’s eyes, knowing he wouldn’t give up until he was dead.

“Remind me not to get too attached to you then.”

“You’re too negative.”

“No I know what things are like around here and you don’t so you should listen to me.” He roughly grabbed Seifer’s head and wrapped the band aid around it, holding the bandage in place.

“Ouch, careful.”

Zell just frowned and packed up his first aid kit again.

“You should practice your bedside manner.”

Zell gave him a glare that shut him up.

Seifer followed Zell into the small room and looked over the two mattresses that were side by side with no gaps in between.

“Are you sure you’re just friends?”

Zell pointed to a couple of sofa cushions in the corner. “That’s Irvine’s bed, this was like this earlier I guess one of them is for you.”

Seifer eyed the sofa cushions. “Not much of a bed.”

“He doesn’t sleep there often.”

“Then where-?”

“He gets to share a nice bed with the Captain.” He voice dripped with disgust.

“OH! I thought he’d be keen to leave then.”

“It’s complicated.”

The door opened and a tall brown haired man with bruises on his face walked in. He grinned at Seifer. “I heard a prisoner was taken. Hi I’m Irvine.” He held out a hand.

Seifer frowned at the man’s cheerfulness but he took the offered hand. “Seifer.”

“What have you been?” Zell asked.

Irvine waved him off. “You sound like me mother.” He turned to Seifer. “I see you’ve meet Zell.” He leaned in close but so that Zell could still hear him. “He’s grumpy sometimes.”

The little blonde frowned. “Why don’t you tell Seifer what happened to your face? How you don’t know what the guy looked like, even though I think it’s pretty obvious.”

“Will you just stop?” You can’t blame people without prove.”

“Oh I have pretty of proof. He’s an asshole and all the proof I need.”

“Who?” Seifer asked.

“Captain Icy Prick.”

“Don’t call him that!”

Seifer nodded in understanding. Suddenly this complicated thing looked pretty straight forward to him.

He lay a hand on Zell’s shoulder to get his attention. “I don’t se what’s wrong with that. He obviously likes the guy. Is it mutual?”

Irvine nodded.

“Then what’s the harm?”

Zell gaped at him. “Am I the only sane person here? He’s the captain of a bunch of murderous wanted criminals.”

“Well since you’re so against leaving.”

“I’m not against it, but it’s impossible.”

“Well I’m making it possible, we have to go home to see your mother.” Seifer looked Zell in the eyes to show his determination.

Zell sighed and hung his head. He didn’t want to see anymore of his friends die.

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