First Time, First Love

By Miss Dincht

Balamb Garden

Squall Leonhart was trying to keep his attention focused on the television, but it wasn't easy. Seifer wouldn't leave him alone. Seifer had invited Squall to his room to watch a movie, but Seifer hadn't looked at the TV once since Squall's arrival. He'd been all over Squall since the moment little brunette got to his room. Squall didn't ever mind visiting Seifer, but he was beginning to think that Seifer hadn't invited him over just to make out and watch television.

"Are you ready Squall?" Seifer whispered in his ear. Squall felt Seifer's arm tighten around his waist.

"…….." Squall replied.

Seifer moved closer. "Remember what we talked about?" he whispered.

"……...." Squall said again. He blushed and looked down at his hands.

Something about the way Seifer treated him had changed in the last few months, and Squall didn’t know what to make of any of it. Squall had always believed that the blonde despised him, but now he had no idea what to think. Squall had had a crush on the larger boy for as long as he could remember, and although he couldn’t really remember how the crush came about, he supposed that he had always liked Seifer. Squall never thought that Seifer could like him back, but then Seifer was full of surprises.

Seifer had always been a difficult person to understand. At first Squall thought that Seifer had gone crazy. One day Seifer was sticking Squall’s head in the toilet in the boy's bathroom, and then the next Seifer was being nice to him and trying to be friends with him. Then Seifer kissed him and things really got weird. Things got even weirder when Seifer asked Squall if they could have sex, but Squall thought the weirdest thing of all had to be when he answered yes. But that was almost two weeks ago, and Squall had thought that Seifer had forgotten about the promise.

"Squall, did you hear me?" Seifer said. He leaned in closer.

Squall blushed again.

"I want it now Squall. We're alone for the rest of the night. I've got the room all to myself."

Squall was silent. He looked into Seifer’s hungry eyes, and the blush spread from his cheeks up to his hairline.

"Well?" Seifer said.

"I – I, um…" Squall managed.

Seifer rolled his eyes and let out an exasperated sigh. "Shit, Squall, you said you would. You said I could have it if I wanted it. Haven’t I been good to you? Didn’t you like all the things I got you?" He said.

Squall sighed and nodded. "I just…. O – okay." He whispered.

Seifer grinned lecherously. He got up from the couch so fast he nearly tripped and fell. He leaned down and whispered in Squall’s ear. "Let me fix up my room, and then you can come in. give me two minutes. Don't chicken out on me either, Leonhart." He said. He turned and marched into his bedroom. Squall watched Seifer march away and blushed again.

After what seemed like an hour, Squall shakily got to his feet. Squall chewed on his bottom lip as he wondered what he should do. Running away was foremost in his mind, but curiosity – and his growing lust – prevented him from honestly entertaining that idea. He sighed heavily and headed for Seifer's bedroom. Squall couldn't feel his legs, and he didn't know how he managed the walk from the front room to Seifer's bedroom. Squall felt as though he was floating somewhere outside of himself, beyond all reasoning and time. Something that he’d both dreamt about and feared was just moments away from becoming a reality. Squall’s heart thumped wildly as he pushed open the door to Seifer's room.

Squall had been in Seifer’s bedroom a few times before. This was where the two teenaged boys had shared their first kiss, where they had fooled around for the first time, and it seemed that this was where they would have their first go at having sex.

Squall watched the bed as Seifer tried to shove a large heap of clothing into the closet. Last time Squall had been here Seifer had had a Chocobo bed covering, but now the sheets on the bed were some kind of leopard print. Squall turned his eyes elsewhere. When Seifer had finished throwing the clothing in the closet, he turned to look at Squall.

"You got any on you?" Seifer asked.

"What?" Squall said softly.

"Rubbers, dork." Seifer said. It struck Squall then just how deep Seifer’s voice had become. Seifer seemed to be growing up so fast, while very little about Squall had changed.

"I didn’t have any…condoms." Squall said.

Seifer shook his head. "Fuck, Squall. What kind of teenager are you? I think my roommate has some. I’ll be back in a sec. Take your clothes off." He said.

Squall nodded.

Seifer rushed past him and disappeared into the other room.

Squall sighed and removed his T – Shirt. He still wasn’t sure if he really wanted to do this, but at the same time, he wanted nothing more in the whole wide world.

Squall gingerly began to unbutton his pants. He kicked off his boots and then climbed out of the baggy pants. It would be years before he would finally grow into them. He quickly removed his white briefs, tossed them under Seifer’s bed, then climbed beneath the covers.

Seifer grinned when he came back and saw that Squall was already in bed. Seifer placed the condoms on the nightstand beside the bed then unbuckled his belt. Squall watched intently as Seifer removed his pants. The blonde was large for his sixteen years and already somewhat muscular. Indeed, Seifer was already taller and stronger than many adult males, while Squall was barely the same height and size of the average fifteen year old. Squall chewed on his lip and wondered what Seifer would think of his scrawny little body.

Squall’s eyes widened when Seifer removed the Pu Pu boxer shorts. Squall had never seen Seifer completely nude. He had never had enough courage to shower with the other boys in the garden, always preferring to shower late in the evening so he could be alone, and even when he and Seifer had made out they had kept their clothes on. He had heard that Seifer was like a grown man in that way too, but the rumors had fallen far short of reality.  Squall again wondered what Seifer would think of his smooth, adolescent form. The change had only recently started to happen to his own body, and he was no where near as developed as the blonde. Squall closed his eyes and buried his face into one of Seifer’s pillows.

For the first time, it hit Squall what it really was that he was about to do. He may have been only fifteen, but he knew something about sex. He knew what people could do with each other. He didn’t quite know how, but he knew that at some point Seifer’s "thing" would have to go inside of him. The thought both terrified and excited Squall, and the idea that two boys doing this was considered forbidden only intensified his desire. It also increased the apprehension he felt, but he so wanted to please Seifer. He'd do anything to make Seifer happy.

Seifer slid into the bed beside him. Squall readied himself for whatever might come next, but when he felt Seifer’s hand touch his thigh he still jumped. Squall clutched the covers around him, and Seifer had to pull at them for a good five minutes before Squall would let them go. Squall mewled slightly when he felt Seifer move over him and kneel between his legs. Squall turned his head and blushed. He placed a hand over his genitals as Seifer grabbed his smooth thighs and carefully lifted and spread them.

"Hyne in Heaven, you’re so pretty Squall. I knew you’d be pretty. You’re just like I dreamed you’d be." Seifer whispered as he trailed his fingers lightly down Squall’s white stomach.

Squall chewed on his lip. His back arched slightly at the touch.

"Move your hand." Seifer said.

Squall shook his head.

Seifer grabbed Squall's slender hand and tried to pry the vice – like fingers from between Squall's thighs. Squall finally gave way and lifted his arm. He had never been so embarrassed. He turned his face as far away from Seifer as was possible and stared at the closet door. He wished to Hyne that he could jump in the closet and hide.

Seifer admired Squall’s naked form a few minutes more before reaching over to the nightstand and grabbing one of the condoms. Squall couldn’t resist turning his head to watch as Seifer fumbled with the tiny package. Squall waited and watched intently as Seifer tried tearing the package from every side, but to no avail. Squall reached up for the condom to give it a try himself, but Seifer pushed his hand away. After a few more minutes of cursing and yelling at the small piece of foil, Seifer finally managed to open the package with his teeth. Seifer slowly unrolled the condom and Squall stared at the strange, slimy object in wonder. He’d never seen an unwrapped condom before, and he wondered if the small tube of plastic would fit over Seifer’s dick. Seifer licked his lips and began to roll the condom over his cock. He was having a hard time of it, so Squall reached up and tried to help him. It seemed like the right thing to do, but his clumsy ministrations only seemed to make Seifer more frustrated.

"Ow! Shit, Squall, what the fuck are you trying to do?!" Seifer roared.

"S – sorry." Squall said. "I – I was trying to h – help."

Seifer’s features contorted in pain. "Ahhhhhhh, shit! You got my fucking pubes caught!" he cried.

Seifer pushed Squall’s hand away and tried to remove the condom. After another bout of screaming and cursing, most of it directed at Squall who just lay there mortified, Seifer managed to peel the condom off of his hardened tool.

"We don’t need this fucking thing." Seifer said. He tossed the piece of plastic aside.

Seifer grabbed Squall’s thighs and pushed them open as far as they would go. Seifer’s hardened dick bounced as he moved, and Squall stared at it in wonder and fear. The brunette whimpered slightly when he felt Seifer’s weight on top of him. The blonde’s dick brushed up against his belly and Squall closed his eyes tightly.

Seifer began to kiss Squall’s neck, and Squall slowly wrapped his arms around Seifer’s shoulders. Squall always felt faint whenever Seifer kissed him. He'd never kissed anyone at all before Seifer, and Seifer was so good at it. He liked kissing Seifer. It was wonderful and familiar, and it made some of his apprehension fade, although Squall couldn't help wondering if he was going to be able to keep up with the older teen. He’d never thought a kiss could feel so good, and Seifer had never before kissed him so wonderfully. Squall would have been satisfied just kissing, their naked flesh touching, but soon enough Seifer wanted more. Seifer began to push his cock against the brunette's hole and Squall squirmed beneath him.

"Ah! Seifer! It h – hurts!" Squall cried.

"Shhhhh. Shit Squall! Not so fucking loud! I didn't even do anything yet." Seifer whispered against his cheek. "Just relax. It won’t hurt as much then. I promise." Seifer said.

Squall whimpered softly as Seifer rose to kneel between his legs again. Seifer lifted Squall’s legs, draping one slim limb over each of his shoulders. Seifer positioned his cock at Squall's opening. Squall gazed at the hard, drooling organ with wide eyes. He couldn't fathom how it was going to fit into his body.

Seifer leaned over him, and Squall clutched Seifer's shoulders. The blonde groaned with pleasure as he guided the head of his cock into the tight opening. A small sound of distress escaped Squall’s lips.

Seifer chuckled. "You're such a fucking baby, Squall. Just relax." he said.

Squall nodded, and tried his best to relax, but he was terrified. There was pain too. Seifer was pushing into him too hard and too fast, and the pain was like nothing he could have ever imagined. Even the cuts he’d gotten from the Grats during his first session in the Training Center hadn’t hurt this badly. Seifer stopped briefly to catch his breath then began to push into him again. Squall wailed loudly as the first few inches slid into his body.

"It hurts! Seifer, it hurts!" Squall cried.

"Shut the fuck up, Squall! Hyne, somebody will hear you!" Seifer hissed.

Squall squirmed as he felt Seifer’s cock sink deeper. His back arched and his head thrashed wildly from side to side. "Uh! Ah! I don’t want to anymore! I don't like it! Take it out!" Squall yelled.

Seifer clamped a hand over Squall’s mouth as he continued to penetrate the writhing brunette’s body. Squall’s eyelashes fluttered and his eyes rolled up in his head as more of Seifer’s dick filled him.

"Shhhhhh, Squall. I’m almost in. Shit, you can’t make me stop now." Seifer whispered hoarsely. The blonde pushed his cock even deeper into the deliciously tight hole and the smaller boy whimpered beneath the blonde’s hand.

"Seeeeifeeeer! Ahh…….ah…..ah……ooooohhhhh……." Squall cried.

"Oh shit." Seifer groaned. His head fell against Squall’s hitching chest and his hand dropped from Squall’s mouth.

Squall clutched at Seifer’s arms and continued to squirm. "It hurts… Seifer, p – please…." Squall breathed.

He felt Seifer’s tongue flick at one of his nipples. "It’s almost in, Squall. See?" Seifer whispered hoarsely.

Seifer gritted his teeth and pushed forward until his cock was completely buried inside the slick warmth of Squall’s body. Squall moaned loudly. The pain was unbelievable, sharp and hot, and Squall didn’t know how long he would be able to stand it. Squall shivered and large tears rolled down his cheeks. Seifer’s head was still pressed against his chest, and he could hear Seifer breathing heavily.

"Ooooooooh, Squall. Oooooh, shit. Hyne, that’s so fucking good." Seifer moaned.

Squall sighed in answer. Seifer lifted his face from Squall's chest and kissed the brunette deeply.

Seifer then started to move as they kissed, thrusting slowly in and out of the youth beneath him. Squall moaned against Seifer's lips and clutched the blonde to him tightly. Squall's fear and apprehension vanished in the face of the new sensations that began to course throughout his body. It felt so good, even despite the pain, and Squall soon found that he was no longer able to control the reactions of his body. He buried his face in Seifer’s shoulder and hung on to the blonde as though his life depended on it.

Seifer's cock slid in and out of him, not harshly or brutally, but with enough force to make Squall's entire body tingle with pleasure. The sensations that Seifer was creating within him were beyond all comprehension, and Squall began to moan loudly. Squall’s cries grew louder and more frantic when the hardened flesh of Seifer’s dick began to strike something extremely sensitive deep within him, and sparks of electricity danced across his vision every time Seifer touched that sweet place. Squall squirmed beneath the blonde, and tightened his legs around Seifer's waist.

"Oh, Squall……." Seifer groaned.

Seifer grabbed Squall's slim thighs and began to thrust deeply into the younger teen. Seifer was moaning loudly now, and Seifer's every cry was answered with one of Squall's own. Seifer's dick continued to slide in and out of Squall, and soon the friction became too much for the little brunette. The pleasure became too intense, and Squall could feel his body trying to reach some new pinnacle, a new dimension of feeling and experience, he had no idea even existed. Then it happened. Squall came for the first time in his life and his mind and body nearly overloaded. The brunette wailed loudly, his back arching off the bed, and collapsed into a useless mass of flesh beneath Seifer's body. Seifer thrust into him a few more times and then he came - a huge grin on his face - filling Squall's shivering body with a rush of hot come. Seifer sighed heavily and collapsed on top of the younger teen. Squall held Seifer to him tightly.

Squall didn’t know how long he lay there, mind adrift, riding a high he did not want to come down from. Seifer went to sleep almost immediately, still on top of the brunette, his cock still buried deep within the younger boy beneath him. Squall couldn’t have slept even if he’d tried. He had no idea what would happen tomorrow, what would change or what would remain the same. He loved Seifer, he knew that now, but he was unsure of how the older teen felt about him.

Something in him knew that this time with his love was a stolen moment, a time of happiness and sunshine before darkness. It was a time of joy that Destiny had allowed them to share before their lives would change and the world demanded that they grow up. Squall didn’t care. He’d give his body and soul to Seifer for as long as Seifer wanted. He wouldn't worry about tomorrow. Squall remained awake for another hour or so, then he too fell asleep, thoughts of a beautiful blonde boy following him into his dreams.

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