Author's Notes: Okay even though I've played the game 10 times I couldn't remember how the dance went at the beginning so I made things up a bit. Seifer's a little OOC, I think.

First dance

By Purple Penguin

The Seed dance was the time that every cadet dreamed about that meant all the work had finally paid off. Squall was leaning on a pillar doing nothing, that guy was such a jerk sometimes.

Zells shook his head as the looked up at him, what was his problem? Couldn't he dance? That didn't matter neither could Zell, he was here to dance he was here to have fun, watch the others dance, drink champagne and congratulate everyone he knew as well as everyone he didn't know.

"Hey Zell!"

"Selphie! Great party isn't it?"

"Yeah it's great, listen I wondered if you wanted to help out on the garden festival that I'm working on."

"Err- I don't know about that- err- I have to go." He hurried away quickly.

That was a lucky escape, what the hell was with Selphie and her damn festivals? No one ever went to them things and if they did it was to cause trouble and spike the punch. He bit his lip remembering when Seifer and co had spiked the punch at the ball at the beginning of the year to welcome the new transfer Seeds, headmaster Cid drunk so much of that stuff, it was so funny.

He frowned and glanced up at the entrance to the balcony. He swore someone was watching him, he felt someone's eyes on him, but there was no one there now. He shrugged it off and took a step forward, walking straight into a girl.

"Hey Zell."

The girl appeared in from of him suddenly, a blonde Seed that he tried asking out every year but she forever turned him down because he wasn't a Seed and inferior to her.

"Oh hi Silvia." He went to move around her and she side stepped with him. "Want to dance?"

He stared at her. "You want to dance with me?"

"Yeah, why not? We're both Seeds now so why not?"

"Err- b-but I can't dance." He didn't do dancing he wasn't the dancing type.

"Oh I'm sure you'll be fine." She dragged him to the dance floor, he doubted she really thought that. Her little friends stood a little way away giggling and pointing at them.

They got to the dance floor and he tried, really he did to get it right. She put his arms in the right place. He fixed his eyes on how another couple were dancing well and copied everything the guy did. It started off okay, apart from when he stepped on her feet a couple of times, she must have skipped a bit or something because she moved into the bit where they have to let go of each other but the other couple didn't do that and a minute ago they were on the same stage in the dance.

They did different things, she stood on him the he stood on her and she fell over on the floor.

"You idiot!" She yelled.

"Me? You skipped a bit!"

"I did not, you just can't dance!"

"Well I told you that, but no you didn't listen!"

Her two little friends suddenly appeared at each side of him it was scary like in a horror movie when the dark strangers suddenly appeared in a dark alley.

The dark skinned one glared at him. "Don't make up stories, just because you don't stand up to our standards."

"Standards? You three have only been Seeds for two years and you never leave garden, you lot are useless."

"And what are you going to do then? Save the world?" She laughed and all three of them left to go back to their table, the coloured girl's boyfriend glared at him.

Zell turned round only just realized that the music had stopped and everyone on the dance floor was staring at him. "And what the fuck are you lot looking at?" They looked away quickly as he stalked through the dance floor to the balcony to get away from everyone. "And turn that fucking music back on!"

The music started up as he disappeared out onto the balcony. He sighed and leant on the cold rail. The night air was cold on his face and his breath was visible against the darkness. He closed his eyes briefly but he jumped and froze when a pair of hands landed on his hips, slowly slipping round his waist. Big hands not delicate female ones, he remembered the feeling of being watched from the balcony and cursed himself for forgetting and coming up here, probably straight into some looney.

A chin landed on his shoulder and familiar chuckle rumbled n his ear. "Saw your little dance Chickie."

He groaned. "Not now Seifer, I'm not in the mood for your crap."

"You're right you know, she cheated."

The little blonde turned his head to look at the blonde's face on his shoulder. "Really?"

"Yeah I saw the whole thing."

"You were watching me?"

"Yeah she's a bitch, don't worry about it."

"How can I not worry about it? You do realize that she will bring it up all the time now, her and her little friends."

There was a pause and the hands on his waist disappeared making him feel cold and he turned around to face Seifer. "I could teach you if you want, and you can go back out there and give it another shot."

"Teach me? To dance? You know how to dance?"

"Yeah but don't you tell anyone that ever, okay?"

Zell smiled and then chuckled. "Yeah okay, I won't tell on your little secret."

The tall blonde glanced back on the ballroom and shut the heavy black doors, turning to Zell who looked a little comfortable. "Wait-err- who gets to lead?"

The taller man smirked. "I do, because I know what I'm doing." He walked up to Zell and put the other man's hands in the right places. "Now we'll slow it down a bit." "Wait a minute, what's the catch?" Zell asked as one of his hands was placed on Seifer's waist and the other on his shoulder.


"Yeah what do you want for teaching me to dance?"

The blonde seemed to think about it for a minute. "Just a kiss from the blonde of the day."

He frowned. Blonde of the day? What the hell did that mean? He must have meant the blonde girl he had danced with but Seifer had called her a bitch, it didn't make sense. Could he really agree? He didn't think that girl would look at Seifer? He was a cadet for one and a trouble maker.

"I don't know."

"Come on Chickie."

"I'll think about it."

"Good enough for me." The tall blonde pushed Zell's feet apart a little with his own foot. "Okay now just follow me okay? If I step forward you step back and if I step back you step forward, okay?"

"Right, what if you step to the side?"

"Follow me, I'll talk you through the difficult bit."

"Right." Zell stared at his feet and gripped tightly onto Seifer as the other man stepped away from him and he followed like he had been told. It went quite well and he didn't step on his feet once, though this time the dance was slowed down a lot. Seifer stopped and looked at him. "Part one complete, now for the difficult bit."

The little blonde grimaced. "The pulling bit."

"The what?"

"You know the bit when you tug you partner around a lot."

Seifer frowned. "If that's how you do it you're doing it wrong."

"Well I know that or I wouldn't be here with you." He frowned slightly at the faint look at crossed Seifer face for a moment. "What?"

"Nothing." He shook it off. "Okay now for this bit it's like you're going to walk circles round each other but instead we only take a few steps each way."

Zell stared at him in confusion.

"I'll show you." The pair of them started to dance again, Zell went the wrong way a few times but he learnt it quickly.

Seifer stopped and put their hands in the right place again. "Okay from the beginning then, you ready?"

The little blonde swallowed hard but nodded and they danced together the whole dance almost perfectly. "See you can do it?"

"B-But out there, I don't know how to lead."

Seifer chuckled. "It's the same except you start like I did and instead your hands sit here…" He placed a hand on himself to show Zell. "And the other hand here." He placed the other hand on himself too.

"Okay, I got it." He went to step round Seifer but he got stopped.

"What about my kiss Chickie?" He smirked.

"Oh about that, I'm not sure she'll want to kiss you Seifer, sorry."

The blonde frowned in confusion for a minute then smiled. "No I don't mean her Chickie."

"You didn't? Then who did you mean?"

Seifer shook his head and leaned in quickly to the little blonde, one hand on his waist and the other on the younger boy's cheek, stroking gently with his fingers.

Zell froze in shock.

Very gently and slowly Seifer kissed him, closed mouthed to start with then slowly parted Zell's slack lips with his tongue, stroking the inside of his mouth gently like he was afraid he would break or scream and run away in terror. Zell watched Seifer's eyes flutter closed, unaware when his own eyes mimicked the action and he started to respond to the kiss, silently telling the older man he didn't have to be so gentle, he was going anywhere.

Seifer broke the kiss and pulled back too soon for Zell with a smile he had never seen before. He opened his mouth like he wanted to say something but whatever it was died on his lips and he stepped back to open the doors. "Go get her."

The little blonde glanced out at the dance floor then back at Seifer but the taller man nodded with his head. "Go on."

Slowly he left the balcony and headed back to the dance floor, he glanced back several times during the night but the feeling of being watched had gone so he knew Seifer was no longer there anymore.



Notes: Maybe sequel it with ‘Last dance' at the ball at the end when they save the world but I better finish some of those multi-parts first.

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