Not the best, but it still involves the fire and ice theme that I prefer to use in most of my writings. Sorry if it seems to be getting old or repetitive. This isn't completly based on Squall/Seifer. It's more about someone and myself. But the concept is the same. I'm sure you can quess who's POV is which. :)

Fire And Ice

By Redrum

Your touch ignites something in me
Your compliments sculpt my jagged heart
Your laughter makes me smile
Your caring words bring my emotions to the surface.
Your secret glances thaw my glares
Your fire melts my ice.

My touch sooths something in you.
My compliments ignite your heart
My laughter makes you smirk
My caring words soften your fiery expression
My secret glances freshens your spirit
My ice cools your fire.

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