Author's Notes: Do not read if you're easily offended by older men relationships.

NOTE: This fic contains shota and yaoi between two men. If offended by either or, ::gets down on her knees, begging:: please do not read. The charas and the song are not mine, but it is my story. I have changed one word in the lyrics but that's about it. Please do not sue for I have no money. Thank you and enjoy!

Father Figure

By Domino

Several years ago, the headmaster of the prestigious Galbadia Garden decided to make a change in his life. He was divorced and alone since his ex-wife gained custody of their only child. That's when he had heard of an orphanage deep within the Centra continent. Most of the children's parents were killed in the Sorceress' War, and they were alone just like him. One boy touched his heart more than the others, so he took the child into his home and establishment. The boy grew up within the halls of the Garden and became an expert sniper. His surrogate father could not have been more proud of him.

Shortly after his fifteenth birthday, Irvine Kinneas, Headmaster Martine's adoptive son, went away on a class trip, leaving his dad for just a few days. Martine spent his nights hoping for his son's safe return, but some strange feelings began to surface. These feelings made him yearn to hold his son close, to press his tongue between his lips, to kiss every inch of his soft skin, and to push something very special in between his legs.


That's all I wanted
something special, something sacred -
in your eyes
for just one moment
to be bold and naked
at your side


"(Why am I feeling this way?! I shouldn't be lusting after my own son! It's not natural!!)" Martine fought the impulsions with all his strength. "(This is disgusting.... Irvine's my son.... nothing more...! Think of what kind of damage it'll do to his mind... his future.... our future....)" the older man cried in his sleep at those lustful thoughts......


Sometimes I think that you'll never
understand me
maybe this time it's forever.....
say it can be


"(I must tell him how I feel.... I don't have a choice.... He has the right to know... That his dad's a sick person..... Irvine... I'm sorry....)" Martine cried to himself. Deep down he wanted his son to accept his feelings, and maybe even act on them, but he didn't want the stigma to ruin Irvine's life. Martine decided to tell Irvine when he returned from his trip.


That's all you wanted
something special, someone sacred -
in your life
just for one moment
to be warm and naked
at my side


The gun class was camping a few miles outside Deling City. Irvine managed to manipulate the sleeping arrangements and got a tent all to himself. As he pulled the synthetic cloth of the sleeping bag closer to his chest, something sparked. Thoughts of his dad, Headmaster Martine, entered his mind.

Irvine began to hope that he'd make it back to his dad in one piece, but he found his right hand slipping underneath the waistband of his briefs. The fingers wrapped around his firm sex, "(Mmmmm... This is what I wanted.....)" He discovered masturbation a year ago, and he practiced enough to become an "expert". As he stroked gently, his thoughts grew more risque, more erotic. Then he began to imagine Martine, his father, spreading his legs and thrusting his length deep into his young body. That's when his session stopped, "(What the hell was that...?!)" The sudden shock triggered his orgasm, staining his night clothes and sleeping bag a sticky white.


sometimes I think that you'll never
understand me
but something tells me together
we'd be happy


Droplets of come spilled down Irvine's hand as he ceased his impromptu handjob. "(Man, Dad would flip if I told him I jerked off to us having sex! But it felt so good... It's never felt that good before.. This is gross.... Havin' the hots for my dad?! What am I gonna do.....?)" Irvine brought his soaked hand to his mouth and immediately began to lick the come from his fingers. "(Better destroy the evidence)," He thought to himself. This time, though, his essence did not taste bitter, or even salty. It tasted surprisingly sweet.....


That's all I wanted
but sometimes love can be mistaken
for a crime
that's all I wanted
just to see my baby's
green eyed shine
this time I think that my lover
understands me
if we have faith in each other
then we can be


"Hey Dad!! I'm home!" The student's voice echoed throughout the house on Galbadia Garden's top floor. Martine heard his son and walked from his study room. Irvine ran up to his adoptive father and hugged him tight. "How was your trip, Irvine?" Martine asked.

"It was all right. All we did was camp out and stuff."

"Did you at least have fun?"

"Of course! I flirted with everyone!"

A wave of fear washed over Martine. His heartbeat quickened, "Um... Irvine, we talked about that. Your instructors have been after me about you flirting with your classmates."

Irvine grinned, "It's not hurting anyone. Better than sitting around and doing nothing." He felt his father's heart as they were in their embrace. "(His heart's goin' so fast....) You okay, Dad?"

"Irvine, we need to talk....." The moment of truth had arrived. Irvine disengaged before he straightened out his dark grey uniform and sat down. Martine took a seat across from his son, "While you were gone.... I started to pray for your safe return. But..."


"I began to envision you.... In a different way."

"Like how?"

"You know I'm just your adoptive father, but these images... these feelings.. aren't natural for me.... They're sick.... I feel it would be best for you to transfer to Balamb Garden.. and get away from me as quickly as possible."

"But Dad..! What kind of feelings are these?" Irvine stood up. He recalled his self-pleasuring session. He had his own fantasies about him and his father being together.

"These emotions want me to take you.... To hold you and kiss you... like two people do when they're in love... but you're my son.....!"

Irvine walked up to Martine's chair and leaned in. He gently pressed his lips to his father's, making them wet with each other's saliva. The boy brushed his tongue against his surrogate's lips, making him open his mouth. Irvine easily shoved his tongue inside Martine's hot mouth. They broke the passionate kiss after a few seconds due to lack of air. Martine stared into his son's eyes, "What was that....?"

"Dad.... You know I'll love you regardless.... But I've wanted you... as a man... I love you.. but I'm also in love with you...." Irvine flashed Martine his sexy smile. The older man reached up and untied his son's hair. He ran his fingers through the soft, auburn tendrils and kissed Irvine's delicate lips again.


If you are the desert
I'll be the sea
if you ever hunger -
hunger for me
whatever you ask for
that's what I'll be....


"Are you okay?"

"Yeah... Kinda hurts......."

"You want me to stop...?"


"You're.... bleeding...."

"It's okay.... You're my first..... I'm glad it's you..."

That night, Headmaster Martine made the most passionate love in his life to Irvine. They created a whole new relationship, one where they could love one another as partners and not as father and son. Soft cries of pleasure filled the suite for several hours.

Irvine snuggled close to his older lover, "Mmmmm..... That felt....."

Martine held the boy tight, "I know....." he pressed two of his fingers to Irvine's thin, soft lips. The young one kissed the pair of digits. "You know what we've done won't be accepted by your classmates or the faculty," The older man said in his fatherly tone.

"Why not? We're in love, right?"

"We are, but I am still legally your father. And I think it'll be best to keep this relationship in the confines of our house. Outside we are father and son, but inside, I am whatever you want...."


So when you remember the ones who have lied
who said that they cared
but then laughed as you cried
beautiful darling
don't think of me


Martine gently pressed his lips to Irvine's. He felt them quiver slightly, "What's wrong?"

Irvine whimpered as he pulled the sheets closer around his body, "I wish I could show you off to everyone.. just to show that someone does love me... and not just as some sniper or teacher's pet... Martine... I love you..."

"I love you too... no matter what....."

They kept their relationship for two more years. Then Martine got a call from Headmaster Cid Kramer of Balamb Garden. Shortly after the call Martine went back to his suite. He noticed Irvine's backpack on the table, "Irvine? Are you home already?" He searched for his son throughout the house, "Where are you? I have something to tell you." A few minutes later Martine stopped searching, "(Must've gone out with his friends. He's seventeen now... he's finding people his own age... I must be too old for him......)" The older man opened the door to his room and finds an unexpected guest......


Because all I ever wanted it's in your eyes baby, baby
and love can't lie, no...
(greet me with the eyes of a child)
my love is always telling me so...
(heaven is a kiss and a smile)
just hold on, hold on
I won't let you go, my baby


He saw Irvine straddling the bed wearing a blue vest, a ruby bolo necklace, a sheer beige garter belt, a navy blue thong with matching thigh-high stockings, and a black stetson with silver studs. "Hello, my love....," Irvine grinned as he leaned up to kiss his partner.

"Mmmmm.... vanilla flavored lip gloss....?" Martine commented as he licked his lips.

"I sorta went shopping. I wanted to surprise you," the younger man smiled when Martine clasped his hands around his lithe waist. "Irvine, I got a call from Headmaster Kramer..."

"The old fart from Balamb? What does he want?"

"Some of his students are headed towards Galbadia and..."


"They want an experienced sniper for their mission. I told Kramer I'd do what I had to... but I wanted to talk it over with you."

"Oh....." Irvine slumped back down on the bed, "You want me to join them?"

Martine nodded, "You're the best sharpshooter, but the mission requires you to transfer to Balamb Garden." He sat down on the bed and began rubbing Irvine's thigh, "I don't want to lose you..... But I don't want to hold you back from a promising future either."

"But still.... I like it here.... I love you..!" Irvine cried. Martine kissed his cheek, gently wiping away the forming tears, "I love you too. This isn't the end of our relationship.... Remember that.." The older man smiled and began to unfasten the plastic garter clips. "I like your surprise. You look delicious...." He slowly got on top of Irvine as he slid off the skimpy thong. "Thanks....," Irvine smiled weakly, "Um, Martine....?"


"Don't forget me...."

"I promise," Martine parted Irvine's legs and unzipped his own pants. "I love you too much.... I can never forget you...." For the last time Martine showed Irvine just how much he loved his surrogate son....


I will be your father figure
put your tiny hand in mine
I will be your preacher teacher
anything you have in mind
I will be your father figure
I have had enough of crime
I will we the one who loves you -
until the end of time.......



(To the tune of "Don't let the Sun go Down on Me". Hey, I was listening to George Michael's Greatest Hits CD when I wrote these. I thought they worked out nicely. ^_~)

Irvine went through a lot of hardships during the battle with Ultimecia, but in the process he found many childhood friends. Thoughts of Martine, however, never faded....


I can't light no more of your darkness
all my pictures seem to fade to black and white
I'm growing tired and time stands still before me
frozen here on the ladder of my life


"Squall? Could we stop by FH again?"

"Why Irvine? You want to see Seifer again?"

Irvine shrugs, "No. Just wanted to go back to Headmaster Martine. I wanted to tell him I'm okay and stuff."

"Sure," Squall orders Nida to head towards the environmentally- conscious island. Irvine disembarks, "See you soon, guys. Take care!"

"You too!" The brunette leader and the floating school drifts off. As soon as the Garden leaves his sight, Irvine runs toward the center of the island. There he finds Martine sitting by the Mayor's house.

The former Galbadian Headmaster looks up, somehow sensing his surrogate's presence, but there is nothing. He then finds a note riding on the gentle breeze. He catches and opens it gently:

Meet me at the FH hotel,
and bring your libido.....



It's much too late to save myself from falling
I took a chance and changed your way of life
but you misread my meaning when I met you
closed the door and left me blinded by the light


Martine blushes wildly, "(That was my nickname for Irvine.... He must've wrote this.)" He immediately gets up and looks again for the author of the note. "(But why would he want to...? I.. I mean... surely he's moved on to people his own age.... I would probably just weigh him down....)" the older man sighs heavily and puts the letter in one of his many coat pockets. "(Might as well meet with him.... and tell him it will never work....)" He walks up the many steps of the solar panel to the small hotel and asks for Irvine's room.


I can't find oh, the right romantic line
but see me once and see the way I feel
don't discard me just because you think I mean you harm
but these cuts I have, oh they need love to help them heal


The man softly taps on the door, "Irvine? You wanted to see me?" He jiggles the door handle and finds that it is unlocked. He steps in and experiences a deja-vu sight. His young "Muffin" is once again straddling the bed. He is dressed in his vest, stetson, bolo, garter belt and stockings. This time he has a long, sueded duster hanging off his shoulders. "I see you got my letter. Time for this cowboy to ride once more...."

"Irvine....." Martine closes the door behind him. The younger man sits up, "I recognize that tone.... You don't want me anymore, do you?"

"It's not that Irvine. I don't think this relationship can work anymore..."

"That's not true! I love you so much... it hurts me to be away from you!" Tears begin to roll down the cowboy's cheeks, "You still see me as your son.... Martine.. I need you..."

The former headmaster sits on the bed. Irvine crawls up from behind and wraps his strong arms around his shoulders. "Don't you still love me?"

Martine nods, "Of course I do. But I'm too old for you.... I saw how that brunette Squall was checking you out. I think he'd be a better companion for you.. not me."

"Martine, he's like a block of ice. If I fucked a block of ice, I'd freeze to death!" Irvine chuckles, "Besides, you kept me warm at night.. I miss that..... Please... Look past your age....."

The man stares into Irvine's green eyes, "Well... If you have no problems with it...... I guess I've been feeling useless since my Garden turned against me... and Irvine..."


"What have I told you about watching your language?" Martine smiles and turns around, holding the boy close. Soon they both lay down on the soft mattress, and once again their love is rekindled, physically, mentally, and spiritually....


Don't let the sun go down on me
although I search myself, it's always someone else I see
I'd just allow a fragment of your life to wander free
but losing everything is like the sun going down on me....



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