This is a PWP, yaoi, lemon, NC fic featuring Squall Leonhart and Seifer Almasy from the Squaresoft game Final Fantasy VIII, taking place during the time Squall is holed up in the D-District prison after the failed assassination attempt in Galbadia. Squall gets hurt (well, not too much) in this one. :) I know this scenario has been done to death, but this was written as a special request for someone. You know who you are. :)

If anyone missed it the first time, this fic contains YAOI! That means M/M, two guys in the sack. If that kind of thing bothers you, you shouldn't be here. Then again, if you are here anyway after reading the description of the fic from my main page and still insist that you don't like yaoi, then I'll begin to worry about you.

Needless to say, if yaoi is right up your alley, read on!

Disclaimer: All characters and names appearing in this work of fiction are property of Square Inc. This is a fan project, and no profit is intended guys. The money you'll get out of me is not worth the petrol it'll take to ship me off to prison.

Falling Apart

By Kaoru

He has come again.

I hear him, treading across the hard floor of the corridor outside of the cell, the steel tips of his boots tapping out an unmistakable rhythm on the metal grating. That smooth, easy step he now uses to make his presence known to me resounds though the cold walls of the holding room, louder and louder as he enters, sending the Moombas scurrying with that cold hard glare.

Seifer Almasy... my rival, Knight to the Sorceress Edea.

The crimson crosses on his sleeves bleed though my blurred vision, stark against the warm grey of his overcoat as he steps up to me, his sneer inches away from my own face. I can't remember how long I've been here. Hours, days, weeks... it could have been an eternity for all I knew, losing track of time between frequent blackouts, caused no doubt by the repeated doses of static charge courtesy of Edea's flunkies. My arms feel like lead, my own dead weight suspended from them for far too long. I hurt all over.

His voice brings me out of my stupor, sharply barking out orders for all to vacate the cell. I hear hurried footsteps, the noise drifting farther away until the loud bang of the bolt slamming home reduces everything to silence, leaving me alone in the cell with him. He lifts my chin up roughly, his icy glower delving into my eyes, searching for the answer he wants from me.

"What is the purpose of SeeD!" His fingers, calloused from his gunblade, tighten on my chin, his nails digging deep enough to leave thin red marks on my skin. In the dim light of the cell I can make out his scar, a fiery, angry slash across his face between his eyes, making him seem so much more cruel up close. It burns into me.

I remain silent, making my hatred known to him with a glare that rivals his own. He seems to flinch, but the emotion is quickly covered up again by his steely mask. I feel his fingers release my chin, then the stinging pain across my cheek as he forcefully slaps me, snapping my head to the side, leaving my vision awash with stars.

"Mercenary soldiers... employed... by Garden..." I can hardly make out the words. My cheek burns from the impact of his blow as my head hangs limply over my chest. I hear his breath catch, a frustrated reaction to that same answer I have given him time and time again. I barely have time to think as I feel his fist slam into my gut, a strangled gasp escaping my lips as I reel from the impact, pain radiating from my abdomen. I struggle not to throw up as he sheathes his fist with his other hand, hiding the knuckles that have turned white from his grip.

"That's not what I wanted to hear, Leonhart!" He spits out my name with such disgust that I am forced to flinch in spite of myself. "SeeD exists for a reason! And you must know! Headmaster Cid must have told you when you became a SeeD!" I am surprised that he still addresses Cid with such respect.

"Now tell me!"

He grabs the fur trim of my jacket collar, lifting me up and away from the wall to which I have been chained, chafing my already sore wrists against the rough shackles. I whimper softly, and he hears me, his lip curling in disgust at my pathetic form. He draws my face to his, his eyes narrowing in the most menacing way, promising a terrible punishment if I did not give him the information he wanted. I repeat my answer, causing rage to colour his aquiline features. Does he not understand that this is all I know SeeD to be?

His expression changes as he leans into my ear. I cannot tell what it is through the pain in my stomach, but I feel his warm breath tickle my earlobe as he whispers to me, "You're stubborn, Leonhart. A trait I find most intriguing." A glimmer of apprehension flashes across my eyes as I detect a dangerous tone in his voice. We are so close that our chests almost touch, and I am afraid he can feel my heart racing against him, the smell of my fear.

He lets me go, and I slump painfully against the wall. I hear him move towards the control panel in the far corner of the cell, tapping at the buttons. It is the only warning I have before the shackles around my wrists snap open, and I drop heavily onto the cold steel floor in front of me, unable to move for the blood rushing back into my abused arms. Through the swimming sensation spreading throughout my body, I manage to crack my eyes open, only to come face to face with the gleaming steel of his boots as they make contact with my ribs, sending me tumbling face down onto the floor, pressing the bruise on my cheek painfully against the icy mesh.

I gasp as I feel my arms being pulled over my back, and the roughness of the rope or belt against my wrists as they are tied behind me. I cannot move. Then he is upon me, breath hot on my neck, his smooth tenor voice cooing into my ear in a manner that is anything but soothing.

"If you will not tell me, then I shall have to punish you. Severely." The emphasis on the last word sends a chill through me, the sensual undercurrent giving life to the germ of fear within my breast. I struggle against my bonds, but to no avail. I hear him chuckle behind me.

"You can't escape, Squall."

His arms are suddenly around me, lifting me up to a crouch, my face still close to the floor. His hands work feverishly at my belts, undoing them clumsily and throwing them somewhere far away. His breath becomes ragged, and I begin to feel something hard pressing against the back of my thigh as he continues to fumble with the catch of my trousers. I panic, summoning my strength to buck him off me, but my feeble attempt only serves to arouse him further. This cannot be happening!

He manages to unfasten my waistband, and I almost yelp at the cold air on my skin, unable to stop him as he slides the thick material and the thin cotton of my briefs down to my knees, binding me there. I struggle to get away from him, only to have him curl his fist around my hair and pull my head up to his. I cry out in pain, but he silences me by tightening his grip around my hair. He whispers, his voice roughened by the strain of his arousal, warning me that if I did not comply, I would soon know pain, pain beyond anything I had ever imagined. Tears begin to blur my vision as he slams my face down onto the floor once more, and I hear the sound of him undoing his own belt, punctuated by a soft gasp as he frees what can only be his erection from his trousers.

Large hands slide under the hem of my shirt, working slowly up my chest and drawing me close to him, enough for me to feel the heaviness of his body upon my back, and the stinging heat of his hardness against my buttocks. My muscles tense as he finds my nipples, pinching them and working them roughly with his calloused fingertips. I gasp as I feel my loins begin to tingle and fill with a an indescribable warmth, horrified that my body should betray me in this way when I clearly didn't want any of this.

One of his hands moves downwards to my belly, playing briefly with my navel before trailing further down to fold around my rapidly firming member, bring it to full hardness with a few gentle stokes. All my thoughts are negated by the rush of pleasure that streams from my centre as I throw my head against his shoulder, a soft moan fluttering from my lips. "You like this, don't you?"

My eyelids fly open at the question, whispered with such confidence that I am forced to hang my head in shame, guilty tears falling as I realize that I don't want him to stop, not now. I sob quietly, not wanting to answer him, to give in to my own desire for this feeling, this heavenly sensation that is being forced on me but... dear gods, I want so much.

I shudder, half in pleasure and the other in pain as he twists my nipples, wringing an anguished cry from my throat. He trails his lips hotly over my ear, clicking his tongue disapprovingly. The sound almost makes me come, but I don't, my mind in turmoil as I try to untangle my conflicting emotions, how on one hand I hated him for humiliating me this way, but at the same time loving it, wanting more. Why?

His hand comes up to cup my chin, robbing me of the bliss his ministrations were inflicting on my tortured body. I gasp as I catch my own scent on his fingertips, sending my mind into a frenzy as I desperately rock my hips against his, trying somehow to return to that paradise from which I was so cruelly torn. He laughs at my misery, the mockery in his voice causing fresh tears to spring from my eyes and stain the floor below. I hear him inhale before he plunges himself into my trembling body, thrusting deep.

Dear gods... the pain!

I almost black out from the shock, but his strong arms hold me steady, preventing me from collapsing. His fingers move upwards to slip into my mouth, letting me taste myself. I take in his digits reflexively, moulding my lips around them and sucking at them with an urgency I cannot hide, as he begins to thrust, slowly at first, then faster. His soft gasps become ragged, uneven as he loses himself within me. I close my eyes as the pain melts away to become the most incredible feeling I have ever experienced, his shaft reaching deep within me to brush against that place that sends pleasure in its purest form tearing through me.

In spite of myself, I begin to pant, the muffled sound blossoming into moans as I also begin to move in time with his thrusts, rhythmless and rough, pleasure, oh wonderful pleasure coursing through my veins, mingling with the pain of being violated like this. My heart races, the heavy pounding drowning out my thoughts, quickening with the rising heat from our pulsing bodies. A soft sheen coats my brow as the heat becomes too much for me to bear. He leans over me so that I can feel his breath cascading over the nape of my neck, and his scent as it rushes over me, strong and masculine. It drives me wild.

Pain... pleasure... heat... Seifer... oh Seifer...


I hear myself scream as I come, leaving a frayed streak on the floor, gleaming, pearlescent. He too, reaches the height of his passion violently, a groan hitching in his throat before finding freedom as he fills me with his warm seed. He sighs as he disengages from me after what seems like forever, a shuddering sound that rings through my ears.

I fall, spent, onto the floor. The shock of the cold passes like a jolt through my skin as land, unable to move. Through hooded eyes I see my own breath mist up the metal grating near my mouth, evaporating quickly into nothingness. I hear him hurriedly rearrange his clothes and I look up, expecting to see him gloat at how he has completely and utterly destroyed my pride, but what I see instead confounds me.

His face is coloured with anguish, more than anyone should deserve. His cold, aloof mask is gone, replaced by the deepest of sorrow, but for what I do not know. For a moment I see the face of an innocent child who has done something unpardonable and longs for comfort, but it changes to shock, then to shame as he turns away from me in realization that I am staring at him. He almost stumbles to the door of the cell, his trembling fingers reaching blindly for the handle. They stay there for a moment as he turns to me once more, the look in his pale eyes begging for forgiveness.

Seifer... I don't understand...

Then he is gone in a flash of grey and blonde, the sound of the door as it slams shut echoing through the suddenly empty walls, leaving me for the Moombas to clean up. His rapidly disappearing steps dissolve from my consciousness as I slip into darkness, succumbing to the velvety blanket of sleep.

And so we all fall apart.



For the record, this is the first yaoi lemon I've written and actually posted on my page. Please tell me what you think of it. I work a lot better with comments. :)

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