By Redrum

Adrenaline still on the high as he sheathed his gunblade in its holster, Squall Leonhart made his way out of the Training Centre. Sweat dripping down his face and into his eyes, blurring his vision, he failed to see a tall blonde of in the distance who had been watching him for quite some time.

Seifer Almsay stared in awe at the receding man's back. He had just been training off in the distance thinking he was alone until he heard war cries that sounded incredibly like the man he had been thinking of at the moment. He had made his way towards the T-Rex's familiar roaring to find the legendary 'Lionheartless' shirtless and dripping with sweat. He had stood there watching him for the past two hours, totally losing track of time as he stared in wonder at the man's motions. Graceful, quick, and deadly Leonhart had to be the best fighter to grace the Garden with his company. Excluding himself of course.

The man was serious to a fault, yet could easily beat the blonde in passion when it came to battles. He had always yearned for the natural talent and raw emotion that Squall possessed on the battle field. The gunblader made it look so easy when he was fighting Seifer. But they always seemed to come to a stale mate.

No matter how hard he tried he would never be able to defeat Squall. And if he could, he wouldn't take the chance of seeing the defeat in those grey-blue eyes that he had seen countless times when the young brunette thought no one was looking.

Envy would always be his downfall.

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