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Enigmatic Hatred

Part 11

By Shade

Jade green eyes opened to the glowing numbers on the digital alarm clock. Morning already? Seifer went onto his back, ready to sleep again. He had every intention of staying in bed until noon or later, the latter being more probable. His head was killing him. Why was that? Seifer came. easily enough to the answer, remembering the events of the night before he realized he would get no more sleep.

Seifer groaned and sat up and put one hand to his forehead. “Idiot,” he muttered under his breath. Slowly moving from bed. Wincing slightly at a pang in his temples, Seifer stood. From there he said something inaudible under his breath before realizing there was nothing he could do. He might as well get a shower and then try to get the left-over alcohol smell off his breath.

With cautious steps, Seifer entered the bathroom, shed his shirt and pants and without bothering to grab a towel, climbed in. How could he do that? He thought over what he had done, adjusting the temperature of the water and closing his eyes under the spray. What’s the big deal anyway? It’s not as though you’re really together. He was trying to convince himself he wasn’t at fault but for some reason the “denial” only made him feel worse. Maybe you should go talk to him? No, that wouldn’t be the wisest decision. Seifer was reaching for the shampoo when a knock on the door sounded. Eyes widening he hurried from the bathtub, out of the bathroom. Taking a new pair of denim jeans from the top of the dresser he slipped them on and hurried to open the door. However it wasn’t Squall who looked back at him from the other side of the doorway “What is it?” Seifer grumbled, disappointed it was merely Zell.

“Mind if I come in man?”

Seifer quirked an eyebrow. Why was the Chickenwuss here, at this time in the morning, asking to come in. He looked serious. Suddenly a pang of fear hit Seifer and swallowing hard he stepped from the threshold, nodding.

Zell entered, not facing the other blonde until the door was secure behind him. Even then he made his way a few steps into the living room before speaking “It’s ah, Squall.”

Seifer panicked, rushing Zell, he settled his hands almost threateningly on the tattooed young mans shoulders “What happened!” he demanded.

Zell jumped at the unexpected touch but calmed quickly, reassuringly pulling Seifer’s grip from his shoulders “He’s okay...well kind see,” Zell lowered his head, looking quite saddened all of a sudden “She’s dead.”

Seifer relaxed a little despite himself but felt guild with those last two words. Rinoa? Was Rinoa dead? Certainly he didn’t like her but he had never wished her dead!

Zell raised his eyes a bit “Ellone,” he added “It was Ellone.”

“Huh?” Seifer tensed once more “W-what happened?”

“The well, attacked her. I guess it did. Some SeeDs found her lying dead in the hallway last night. There was broken glass around her...I guess she was helping Rinoa when...ah.”

“Hyne,” Seifer put his weight against the wall moving his hands to his face. He stood there a bit before uncovering his eyes and looking back to Zell “How’s Squall taking it?”

Zell swallowed “Not good. He’s angry with Rinoa. Blames her for bringing Ellone to all this chaos in the first place...and for letting Ellone help her that late at night...He’s staying with Selphie and me...won’t come out of the back room though...we haven’t seen him since we invited him in.”

Seifer shook his head and went to open the door again.

“Wait,” Zell grabbed Seifer by the arm and pulled him back “No, can’t see him...”

“Why not?” Seifer demanded in a loud tone, snatching his arm away from Zell.

“Heh-ah-when he mentioned Rinoa...he mentioned you too...He...blames you too Seifer...said-well what he said didn’t make much since-I mean-” Zell stumbled over his words, a hand began to rub absently at his opposite arm as he spoke “he had to have been pretty out of it or something.”

Seifer slid down against the doorway, slumping down against the frame. Idiot, it might as well have been your fault. He’ll never forgive you now. Neither will Ellone...she can’t...

“You okay?” Zell’s tone was becoming more and more awkward. He had never been any good with these sort of things.

“Fine,” Seifer lied badly, keeping his head down “You can go if you want.” Slowly he moved to the side, allowing Zell to walk out, again leaving Seifer alone.

“I hate them,” Squall murmured to himself “I hate them,” the Ice Prince had ignored the sofa and computer chair in the backroom and curled up in the open closet, disregarding that old name and allowing himself to cry. Indeed he was now. Squall hadn’t stopped his sobbing for hours now. His sides were already screaming in pain and his voice was beginning to leave him yet he showed no sign of slowing down.

“It’s her fault,” pale hands went to cover his face, taking hold of his hair in a painful grip “And he’s no better than she is,” slowly he rocked himself to beating of his own heart, subconsciously wishing above all else that he could fall asleep now and leave reality behind him. It was their fault, their fault! And his...he should have left Seifer when he had the chance...he might have been paying more attention to his big sister then “Agh!” Squall’s hands went from his hair to opposite arms across his chest, gripping his wrists so tightly that his knuckles became white “You idiot, selfish idiot,” Ellone was his family, she had been his world when he was little and not much less when he discovered her again. Now he had lost her. Who would he kill next with his carelessness? Laguna? No-Squall wouldn’t let that happen-Standing, Squall wiped away his tears and started across the room and towards the doorway.

Seifer hadn’t moved much from the spot where Zell had left him. He couldn’t bring himself to do anything, his mind was spinning too quickly. How was this possible? How could Ellone-Seifer swallowed. He wondered how Squall was doing instead but that thought brought little more solace than the last. Groaning, Seifer leaned down against the wall a bit more. Suddenly the door burst open, sending him into upright and ready to get to his feet if need be.

“Squall!” It was Selphie, she had flung the unlocked door open and skidded to a stop in the middle of the front room, looking around wildly. Spying Seifer on the ground she focused her attention on him “Seifer, have you seen Squall?”

Seifer held his breath and stood “What do you mean?”

“I-we-” Selphie looked ashamed “I was comforting Rinoa...a-and...Zell was explaining to the others what happened. When I got back he was gone. Rinoa said he might be here,”

“Hyne,” Seifer hissed, moving angrily past Selphie and grabbing his jacket and Hyperion. Without so much as making sure the door was so much as closed, he rushed down the hallway.

Squall settled himself beside the Balamb city boat dock. He couldn’t leave now the next boat was due early in the morning, it was dusk now and getting a little cold. Of course he had no intentions of leaving. He didn’t want to even chance missing the next boat out of here...nor had he brought along any money...Maybe he should have...he hadn’t wanted to go back to Rinoa’s though...someone would have surely dragged him back then. He had to leave now...he couldn’t face people like this...Squall sighed and dropped his face into his hands as the breeze picked up, sending his hair back and his shirt billowing. He was forced to pull his feet over from the side as the water began to splash and soak his boots. What next?


The hell? Squall looked over his shoulder, towards the familiar voice, and scowled. For the first time in several hours he stood and began walking down the stone road, away from the approaching blonde.

“Squall!” Seifer caught up with Squall anyway, panting as he snatched him back by the arm.

Squall winced slightly, stumbling backwards into Seifer. Pausing in surprise he stood there a moment, body pressed up against Seifer’s own. Then realization flooded back and he instantly pushed the taller man away and without a word began to again make his way down the street.

Seifer however, hadn’t let go of his arm “What do you think you’re doing?” he demanded, again pulling the brunette back.

Squall let out an accidental whimper, arm rushing to his shoulder which began to throb under the stress.

“Sorry,” Seifer loosened his grip on Squall’s arm.

Looking away, Squall pulled his arm back to his side and again began to walk away “Just leave me alone,” he muttered and without further argument continued down the road.

Why did he have to follow me out here? Squall cast an annoyed look over his shoulder. There was no one there but just to be safe he ducked into an ally. Hopefully Seifer would go home before morning...slim chance...Squall groaned at the entire situation and looked around. It was a small alleyway, only room for several trashcans, old newspapers, and several discarded cardboard boxes. Squall made his way to the end, against the brick wall. Squall winced, seeing the contents of the box at his side. It was just his luck to hide out beside a dead animal...a tabby at that...Guessing it was a dog or the like, he looked away, not wishing to keep his eyes upon the mangled feline any longer. It clearly hadn't been dead for long. In fact if he had gotten there earlier it might still be alive. He swallowed. That seemed to be the case with a lot of things these days. Dropping to the ground, he knew he was starting to cry once more. Why was he so damn weak?


Squall opened his eyes, tilting his head to the side to look back at the box.


Tentively he reached out and moved the corpse to the side, uncovering a litter of kittens. There were about four in count...though most seemed to be dead as well...Clearly at least one was left alive. Squall scooped the single, mewing kitten from the middle of the tiny pile. Eyes still sealed shut, the cat opened it's mouth wide to let out a fearful squeal, a pink tongue seen against the matter black fur.

Squall ignored it's protests, running a pale finger between its ears to run along its back and tail. The kitten ceased its crying soon enough and curled into a tiny ball as Squall dropped to his side, closing his eyes.

Seifer walked along the road, glancing worriedly in all directions. Squall had escaped from his sight a long while ago and despite how hard he looked he still couldn't find him. He'd been at it for several hours now. He was tired and it was getting cold though the idea that he might need wait for morning hadn't occurred to him "Squ-" Seifer stopped himself, remembering that his voice was the last thing Squall wanted to hear right now.

It was getting dark. Seifer looked up noticing a pair of headlights closing in on him. Casually he moved to the side, allowing the car to pass and backing up against the wall. Only there was no wall. Seifer stumbled back and looking about realized that he was between two buildings at the moment. Agh, keep moving, he groaned inwardly but was stopped as he head the sound of a slight whimper behind him. Seifer squinted his eyes in that direction, easily making out a human figure in the shadows.

Squall? He felt his chest tense. He wasn't hurt was he? Seifer rushed forward, kneeling near the sleeping brunette. He was fine. Seifer sighed in relief though frowned as he noted Squall's streaked face and the fact that he was shivering "That idiot," Seifer muttered sadly as he removed his white trench coat and draped it over Squall. Straightening, the blonde moved an exhausted hand through his air. Moving several yards away from Squall, he sank to the ground, propping himself against the wall and drawing his knees up. It wasn't long before he too fell asleep.

"Mmm," Squall opened his eyes. It was morning already? His hand moved down to touch upon the kittens who gave a hoarse meow and nuzzled its head against Squall's fingers. When had he fallen asleep? Eyes widened in realization. The boat would be leaving any minutes. Squall took the kitten into his hands and jumped to his feet, tossing the white coat to the ground...wait...Light hues lowered to find that familiar red cross. Shifting the kitten to one hand, he took the jacket in the other "Seifer?" Squall started down the alleyway, coming to a stop as he noticed the blonde sleeping against the wall. Arms were folded as his short sleeved shirt was clearly not suited for such cold weather.

Squall dropped to his knees, brushing a hand against his cheek to make sure he was all right. Seifer seemed to be fine, though quite cold. Did he spend the whole night out here? How long was he looking for me? “That idiot” Squall sighed and moved in beside Seifer, draping the coat over them both and wrapping his arms around his chest.





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