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Enigmatic Hatred

Part 9

By Shade

Seifer leaned against the door, pushing it open with his shoulder, and collapseing into the nearby chair “I may never walk again, I swear those SeeDs have eyes in the back of their heads.”

Squall smiled, entering and closing the door behind him. The last hour of patrol had been spent hurrying away from approaching SeeDs, many of which had tendencies to spastically glance over their shoulders causing several instances where Seifer was forced to jump down stairs, hop over banisters, or simply flat out sprint down a nearby hallway.

Carefully Squall leaned his gunblade alongside Seifer’s Hyperion “Thanks,” he said coming to a stop in front of Seifer, causing the blonde to look up a bit lazily.

“Oh, no problem...I didn’t really need my lower body anyway...” he grumbled, glancing towards the digital clock.

Squall wasn’t concerned with what time it was. He wasn’t tired in the least. If anything the earlier patrol had assured little sleep. He still had the adrenaline rushing through his veins and it was showing no sign of slowing down. Looking away from Seifer, Squall amused himself by looking over the dorm. It wasn’t as though he had never seen it before. He had spent a good while here by now. However he had never truly had time to look at it. He had always been either...well...a bit out of it when he had tried to let his surroundings sink in “You’re dorm really does-ah-”

Seifer opened one eye from where he was leaning back and then stood “Shut up, I know how bad it is,” stretching out, he removed his jacket first and then shirt, tossing both lazily over the back of the chair “I’m going to sleep.”

“Okay,” Squall muttered taking a step into the doorway of the bedroom and looking up upon a cluster of shelves.

Seifer didn’t seem to care. He had already dropped down onto the floor, pulling the blankets over his head and disappearing into the pillows.

Squall looked over the cluttered surfaces. There wasn’t much there, pocket change, more magazines, a few movies, and cds. Standing on tip-toe he was just able to peek onto the top shelf. Not much here either. Wadded up money, an CD player, and something that looked like a jewelry box though he suspected it wasn’t. Curiosity and restlessness getting the best of him, Sqaull glanced over his shoulder to make sure Seifer was still sleeping. With nothing to stop him, Squall reached up and nudged the box toward him until it fell halfway off the surface and he was able to catch it. Moving the small wooden chest to the lower shelf he undid the silver clasp and swung it open.

The inside of the box was rougher than the outside, chipped and course to the touch. Careful not to scrape the sides he shuffled through the items. There were a few clip outs of magazines in here. Squall moved these aside to find a photo. He smiled slightly as he saw what was on it. Fuujin, sitting on a sofa, a bowl of popcorn in one hand, the other rapping Rajin upside the head. Squall put the picture on top of the clips and looked through more. There were quite a few pieces of writing paper. One folded up seemed to be a numerical password to a computer. Under the other a ring. Squall picked the band up with the paper and looked at it. It was completely silver, save for a diamond set in what seemed to be the same cross from Seifer’s jacket. His mind lingered on the ring a bit longer but quickly enough he moved it into his palm so that he could open the second piece of paper. The words weren’t even in focus when it was snatched from his hand.

“Do you mind?”

Squall jumped and looked to Seifer. He looked angry “I’m sorry,” he said lifting his hands and dropping the ring, forgetting that it was still in his palm.

Seifer glanced to the floor and with another annoyed look, bent over and picked it up.

“What’s that?” Squall asked, hoping Seifer wasn’t too angry.

“A ring? What do you think it is,” Seifer snapped, straightening. Squall looked away, slightly embarrassed and Seifer’s expression softened a bit “Look, I’m sorry,” he said in a slightly apologetic tone before leaning forward and putting the paper back into the box.

Squall decided to speak up before the ring was packed away as well “Is that an engagement ring?”

Seifer paused before putting the ring back and looked at it “Yeah, I guess it is. Matron said it was probably my parent’s.” Seifer flipped the ring over in his hand, closed the box, and went to the bed.

“It’s nice,” Squall said, taking a seat beside Seifer.

Seifer smiled “Yeah, I’d rather have the person it belonged to though,” Before Squall had a chance to feel awkward he leaned in and kissed him “Do you want it?”

Squall at first felt tempted to say yes but quickly shook his head, eyes widening a bit “No, I mean, I couldn’t. It was your mom’s-at least I think it-well it-”

Seifer laughed as the brunette stumbled over his words “It’s not like I remember her. It’s not like I could wear it anyway,” he held up a hand as if to prove it “It’s a woman’s ring, too small.”

Squall gave the blonde an offended look “And what are you implying by trying to give it to me?”

Seifer laughed once more “Well-your not the biggest man in the world-”

The frown deepened.

“Ah, that is-I’m sure I had a very large mother,”

Squall smiled slightly and leaned against Seifer so that he could better see the ring “This isn’t some sort of commitment I’m making is it?”

Seifer chuckled softly and shook his head “No,” he said softly, taking Squall’s hand in his own and slipping the band onto his ring finger “See, it fits.”

Squall pulled his hand back and inspected it “I’m not sure if that’s a good thing.”

“Very large mother.” Seifer reminded him with a smile.

Squall returned the kind look and leaned forward to give him a kiss “Thank you,” he said once their lips had parted.

“Now if it‘s all right with you-” Seifer stood and walked to the side of the bed “I’m going to sleep.”

“Fine,” Squall watched Seifer settle back onto the floor. He supposed he was a little tired now. Slowly he crawled further onto the bed and climbed under the covers. His eyes closed for only a few moments before once again opening. He thought he was tired but he couldn’t sleep. Instead of trying to sleep again his eyes trailed down to the ring. He smiled studying it and at last worked up the nerve to lean over the side of the bed “Seifer?”

“Huh?” Seifer pulled his head off the pillow and looked up to Squall “What is it?”

There was a short pause as Squall thought over his words “Do you mind if I sleep with you tonight?”

Seifer looked surprised but quickly enough answered “I’m really not sure that bed can-”

“I can sleep down there,” he interrupted.

Seifer paused this time but moved over and pulled back a blanket.

Within moments Squall had slid down onto the floor and was settled under the covers. He sighed “I think this is more comfortable than the bed.”

“I think you might be right,” he said watching Sqaull, a soft smile on his lips. His hands moved under the covers to take Squall’s hands once more in his own, fingers running over the ring.

Squall lifted his hands from the blankets “Are you sure-”

Seifer rolled his eyes “Do you have to make such a big deal out of it? I already told you I don’t really need it. Besides-” he let go of Squall’s hands and moved his arm so that his fingers rested against the brunette's hair “Who else would I give it to?”.

Squall gave the taller male somewhat of a sad smile, watching as he closed his eyes. Who else would he give it to? Fujjin and Rajin were gone, he had no parents, the majority of the school wished him dead. Was he really all Seifer had? Feeling a pang of guilt Squall moved forward slightly, burying his face into Seifer’s chest and allowing his arms to circle around him. Within moments he had fallen asleep.


Squall opened his eyes to a kiss. Smiling he stretched his arms out, hands brushing against Seifer’s shoulders as they rose “Why so early?” he asked not bothering to sit up.

Seifer frowned slightly “Well,” he started, going to an elbow so that Squall could pull himself up if he wanted to “I’m expecting ‘you-know-who’ to come and get you this morning. She’s been determined to have you home.”

Squall sighed and moved closer to Seifer as though trying to go back to sleep. He was still quite tired “I guess she called then, huh?”

“How’d you guess,” Seifer said in a sarcastic tone, wrapping his arms around Squall and pulling him in close.

“When is she getting here?” he asked as Seifer pulled him over.

“What does it matter?” Seifer asked, leaning back as Squall settled himself on top of Seifer, head resting on his shoulder and legs on either side of him.

“What matters is I want to be prepared when-will you stop that?”

“What?” Seifer asked innocently, though he didn’t bother to pull his hands out from under Squall’s shirt.

The brunette sat up slightly, shaking his head though a smile still remained. Raising a hand he pushed a bit of hair from his eyes and dropped down to kiss the man beneath him.

Seifer closed his eyes, slipping his tongue in between Squalls lips and pulling him ever closer. Slowly his hands slipped from under Squalls shirt and towards the waist of his pants, working their way under the fabric until-

“Hah!” Squall broke away, covering his mouth and sitting up.

“What” Seifer looked over the man sitting over him confused.

Squall pulled his hand away to reveal the fact that he was trying to hide a smile “Sorry, that just tickled.”

“Agh,” Seifer groaned and fell back onto the pillows once more.

This of course only caused Squall to laugh a bit more “I’m sorry,” he said pulling his shirt down as he spoke “I really do need to know when she’s going to be here though.”

As if on cue a knock upon the door sounded causing Squall to jump a bit in surprise.

“Ah,” Seifer’s eyes darted to the door frame “Now?”

“No kidding,” Squall stood and quickly tried to make himself prestable before making his way towards the door. In sudden realization he slipped Seifer’s ring from his finger and put it into his pocket. A groan from behind him told Squall that Seifer had seen the motion. Without time to apologize Squall opened the door and much to his suprise was attacked.

“Squall!” Rinoa grinned and tackled the brunnete. Throwing her arms around his neck he was forced to catch her and stumble back into Seifer who caught Squall by the shoulders “Oh Squall! I’ve missed you! It’s almost like you’ve been avoiding me,” she pouted slightly but playfully ginned, kissing him on the cheek “It’s all right. I forgive you,” she sighed, moving from his cheek to kiss him full on the mouth.

Squall felt Seifer’s grip tense and fought to pull her away.

“Squall,” she hissed under her breath looking slightly annoyed. Quickly she pulled back, taking Squall along by the hand “Let’s go, Ellone’s waiting,” with a glance to Seifer she muttered her thanks. It was obvious she was still a little angry that Squall had chosen to stay with him.

“I have to get my things, you go on, I’ll be right there,” Squall pulled his hand from Rinoa’s grasp.

Rinoa looked back reluctantly then nodded “I’ll be waiting for you just out here,” she assured as Seifer closed the door almost in her face.

“Sorry,” Squall groaned, heading back into the bedroom to get his clothes.

Seifer cast an angry look towards the door and followed. Coming to a stop by sitting on the bed and watching Squall gather his things.

“Where did my jacket go?” Squall asked, having a hard time finding his clothes through the clutter. Not recieving an answer he glanced back to Seifer “Don’t look at me like that,” he groaned, notceing the annoyed look upon his face. Quickly he made his way to the blonde and lowered himself down beside him “I said I was sorry,” he moaned, leaning against Seifer, hoping for any sort of response. When none came the moan became a something more of a groan and he stood. “Fine, if you want to see me later I’ll be in my office,” spoting his jacket folded on a shelf he snatched it up and taking the rest of his things left the room.

Squall closed the door to his office and literally reenacted Seifer’s entrance into his dorm the night before. Collapsing into his office chair, Squall lowered his head onto his arms. Rinoa was clearly not happy with his course of actions ever since she had gotten back from her trip. She of course hadn’t said anything with Ellone in the room but Squall could tell by looking at her that she was going to have a word with him later. Unable to take anymore glares, Squall had retreated into his office as he told Seifer he would. He hoped Seifer wasn’t too angry with him not to show up. He could really use some company right now...a bit of company that wasn’t furious with him...Of course Seifer seemed more than able to hold a grudge.

With a sigh Squall closed his eyes as though to get in a nap before someone came to the office. Of course it was then that the door swung open, being unlocked and someone entered. Squall’s eyes darted open, though his hopes were shattered when he saw Rinoa closing the door behind her “Oh...hey...” Squall swallowed, straightening in his seat.

“Squall,” she wasn’t going to go into any sort of greeting. It seemed she was going to have that talk with him now “Why have you been avoiding me?”

“I thought you said you forgave me for that?” he asked hopefully as she approached his desk.

“So you admit you’ve been avoiding me!”

Squall’s heart sank. He’d fallen into that one.

“Squall, what’s going on?” Rinoa took a seat on a old fold-up chair near his desk “Don’t you love me anymore?” the young female leaned onto his desk so that he had no choice but to face her. Dark eyes glittered in a mixture of anger and nervousness and her hands tightened along the corners of the desk.

“Rinoa I-” Squall tried his best to find anything else to settle his eyes upon or another subject matter. He was stuck. There was no way out of this was there? “Rinoa, I didn’t mean to-I mean I didn’t know I-I-”

Rinoa stood and circled the desk, fingers sliding across the center until she came to a stop beside Squall. Moving her hands onto his shoulders she climbed into his lap and looked his in the face. After several awkward moments Rinoa wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a passionate kiss.

Squall felt his body tense at her touch. A bit reluctantly he returned the act.

At last Rinoa pulled away, though not by much. She kept her eyes locked with his and made sure that their foreheads touched as she spoke “You do love me right?”

“I-” Squall opened his mouth to speak but Rinoa could obviously tell he didn’t have an answer prepared because again she swooped in on him. She seemed to be afraid of what he might say and Squall was afraid not to allow her to kiss him. Of course it didn’t stop there. Rinoa obviously wanted physical proof if not verbal. Just as reluctantly as before, Squall allowed her move her lips lower and to take his hands, moving them onto her. Squall’s mind was racing so quickly that he didn’t notice the door open a second time.

So much for coming to apologize for this morning. Seifer felt his balance waver as he opened the door to find Squall with Rinoa. They were obviously too preoccupied to notice a new presence in the room. Seifer forced his eyes away from the two and stepped back, again closing the door. He didn’t feel so well anymore.

Finnaly Rinoa pulled away once more. Squall tried to think of how he should react to this but any idea of how to act eluded him. Rinoa however seemed content for the time being. Running her fingers through his hair she stood and left smiling.

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