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Elevator Music

Part 2

By Drakon Sword

Squall's POV

Scratching my itching nose, I walk to the file cabinet to find the file I need. I want to finish the last bit of my paper work so I will be free for when Seifer comes home from his last mission.

We have a lot to talk about.

Or at least I do.

It's been 4 days since Irvine left to take Selphie's place on the mission. I was relieved that he had left the very next day, so I didn't have to face him after our little ‘excursion'. I didn't know what to say to him. I'm sure he wouldn't have known what to say to me either.

I don't know why I thought it would have changed.

It's simply awful when I have to go up and down that damned elevator. I can practically smell the stale sex in there. I can feel his hands all over my body. I can smell his musky sent, and feel him inside me. I can hear our pants, moans, and groans echoing of the glass walls.

Our own elevator music. 

I just can't stand it!

I walk in and out of that thing aroused, and horny as hell remembering us together. It's driving me mad! It was a passing fuck for him, but I seem to be having trouble getting over what happened.

I mean, I've always found him attractive. His long chestnut hair and bright violet eyes; his lean body and broad shoulders; his skin lightly tanned and that seductive smile. The hat he tips at you in greeting and if you're lucky he'll even give you a wink.

What's not to love?

Well, besides the fact than I thought he was straight.

It wasn't only that I thought he was straight, and Selphie' obvious attraction to him, which he seemed to return. I never pursued a my fascination with him any further, because I was already with someone.  Had been with someone since I was 16. Our relationship was just currently on hold. Mostly due to circumstances neither of us had much control over.

Yes, my lover was Seifer Almasy, my rival.

He still is, actually.

Or at least, I hope he still is.

I can't lie to him. I have to tell him what happened between Irvine and me. Our relationship before this was based on lies, manipulations, anger, frustration, and resentment. Unlike popular belief, I didn't find him and beg him to return. I didn't manipulate, threat, or use any underhanded methods.

 Actually ‑ he found me.

I was in Esthar when he found me. Simply walking down the streets on a cool evening, taking a break from Laguna ‑ my father, supposedly ‑ when I turned and ran smack into him.

To be totally honest, if I had seen him before we banged into one another, I would probably have avoided him. I didn't want to deal with him because I had realized how much the war had hurt me. How much he hurt me.

Not that anyone else knew.

I remember the shock on his face when we saw who we had banged into. His jade eyes widened in surprise ‑ those emerald orbs seeming to brake even as they held fast against a besieging army of pain. I could see the sorrow in his eyes, even though he held his body stiff and his head high ‑ the events had hurt him as much as it had hurt me ‑ if not more.

Out of all the towns he could walk into, it had to be mine.

I desperately wanted to leave, but Seifer wouldn't let me. I could hear the silent plea in his mocking voice, his eyes begging me just to listen to him ‑ even if it was for the very last time. He was still proud, and to anyone else he would seem the same arrogant proud Seifer Almasy, but since it was me, I could see what he really was.

 Damned if I could ignore him.

Never could, actually.

For privacy we went to a hotel, and that is where our lives finally stopped spinning and we found something real in each other.


I can see you rolling your eyes, but it is true.

At first everything was said and done in violence and anger. We argued, we hit, we spat, we punched and hurt each other in every possible way ‑ physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Luckily we had put our gunblades to the side, or they might have made an appearance, and we would have had more scars to add to our collection.

We knew all the buttons to push on each other and we didn't once let an opportunity slip by if it were possible to do some harm.

We soon ran out of jabs, to weary from the war and our own minds, which continually

reminded of our mistakes and failures. We were tired of fighting. Tired of hurting ‑ each other and ourselves.

We were tried of it all.

That is when we truly realized that nothing would ever be the same again.

Not that it was entirely a bad thing.

I sat at the table while Seifer lay on the bed on his back, staring blindly at the wall while he told me everything that had happened. He told me about all the horrors that he had seen, how he had almost gone insane with her in his head, how he had beat himself over and over again about our past and what he was doing to me in the present.

He never wanted to be the bad guy.

Just as I never wanted to be the hero.

Neither of us fit the stereotype we were placed in, and we were the only ones that could see it. Seifer felt a lot more than he let on. He cared, and things did matter to him, but sometimes even I forgot that. Sometimes I overlooked that, and he paid for it.

Maybe more often then I would like to admit.

Just like I wasn't perfect, and he knew that ‑ I sure as hell did. He loved to play on that, playing on my weaknesses, making me angry and vulnerable. My anger at my weaknesses and shortcoming came out in suicidal tendencies, and he saw that. I remember him bitching at me at various times for stupid moves that could have gotten me killed ‑ in exams, spars with him, and any other time. I never saw the concern, or fear. I didn't care, actually. If I wanted to end my life, no one could stop me ‑ not even my common sense or my logic. 

We were our own worst enemies.

We just played side kicks for each other.

Time passed quickly for us as we talked. I began to see Seifer Almasy for who he really was. The person that I longed for him to be, the person I knew that was hiding under all the bullshit, the one that I fell in love with. He was quick to tell me the same.

All pretences were lost between us, even if they stayed for everyone else.

That was all the mattered.

It was then he asked to start our relationship again because he loved me, and he now realized all his mistakes. I was hesitant, but he had changed. I simply feared trusting someone again. Especially him. It was silly, but he had the same fear.

Then it came to me. He was laying on the line for me. He did truly love me, and needed me. He had since day one. I then realized that I felt the same.

I needed him.

It was that night that we admitted all our greatest weaknesses and defeats that were actually in each other‑ our love. The union that was created that night was like none other. We shared pain, love, weakness, hatred, loss, frustration, and ‑ most important ‑ trust.

After all these years, I realized that I did trust him and I still do.

I always will, even after all the bullshit we went through to get here.

 Especially our past relationship, which wasn't something I didn't like to remember ‑ because it was an ugly time for both of us ‑ but necessary to remember to keep us grounded. Just so we never return to those dark days.

That time was over, and we were starting new. The foundation wasn't rivalry to dominate anymore ‑ even if we played those games for fun. Seifer and I both had a kinky streak that we were continually competing with.

It was fun instead of demeaning.

Unlike our cadet days.

Our dark relationship (both Seifer and I call it that now) was created and based on our shells. Mine of cold silence, and his of arrogant pride. A simple take and take relationship.

He takes, so you take more.

Simple? Maybe.

Fun? . . . never.

Those days were probably the worst days of our lives. We were all in pain of some sort, and we needed to find a way to release it. We found each other, and we directed our anger, pain, and frustration from the world at each other.

Our dark relationship was dominating relationship.

 Unfortunately, I was always the submissive one.

 Willingly or not.

It was always fuck on Seifer's terms. Pretty simply actually, fuck when he wanted to fuck. It never mattered where, when, or how ‑ I was simply just to do, or be done with as it were. We weren't lovers then. We were more like fuck buddies. He would appear in my room at random and I was simply his toy to play with. There was no love there. No affection or any other emotions, other than lust. The goal was only satisfaction and sometimes it wasn't only from me. As much as we were together and had somewhat of an understanding, he often went to other places for a fuck, but I was never allowed to. 

I remember I was hit‑on by a man at a bar when I saw Seifer screwing with another woman in an alley on the way. I was angry, jealous (even though I wouldn't admit it at the time), and overall displeased, so I ran into the arms of another to get my revenge. I flirted with the man for a while and then took me to the washroom where we exchanged pleasure till Seifer found us when we really getting down to business.

Let's just say he wasn't happy.

He promptly kicked the guy's ass (I think the guy got out okay. Just limping and in need of a lot of TLC and magic.), and demanded that I tell him what the hell I was doing. I had crossed my arms, and stared him in the eye, even though my pants were around my ankles. I told him what I had done and what I was planning, but never got to finish.

Seifer had growled and slapped me. Of course, we resorted to our old best friend – violence. Violence that hides our passion, desire, longing, jealously, and vulnerability. At the time, we neither knew nor cared why we resorted to it. All that mattered was that we were going to hurt the person that was causing our pain in a way that can't be mended with magic.

I remember that he had used his superior weight and height and we ended up having a rather violent episode of sex on the bathroom floor. I was tainted with a bit of blood from various markings he had placed on me, but the blood wasn't all mine. We both had wounds that disappeared with a Cure and we both walked away not looking back.

I made sure he was hurting as much as I was.

At the time, I couldn't understand why I didn't just leave. Give him the beating he so richly deserved and move on. There were many men and women that were willing to fuck me; even if it was just for a night. But still, I just couldn't seem to leave.

Now I know it was because I loved him.

I could go on and on about why, but I won't. He was there; he challenged me and my icy ways. He met my ice with fire and I found an equal in him. We were the only ones that ever stayed together out of all the kids from the orphanage.

We were just meant to be, I guess.

I know. Corny. Yet, that is the only thing that I can think of to explain this, because on all other extents we really shouldn't be together. I mean, we were deadly rivals for Hyne's sake! He gave me a beauty mark, and I felt just as giving! And those scars were not the result of our worst fight ‑ just our most memorable one.

Partly because it was our last fight as true rivals.

It was the ending of one part of our lives.

Best to go out with a bang, no? 

Then of course he met Ultimecia.

I gather that Seifer realized how he treated me those months they were together, because the relationship we had with her was a form of what he shared with Ultimecia. He gave her what she needed, and then she tossed him back till she needed him again.

He got to be on the other side of the fence for once.

I guess sometime during Ultimecia's control, he realized that I was more than a random fuck – that I meant more to him than that. I think it was during our episode at the D‑District Prison while he was torturing me. I was positive I saw him waver there. Especially when he commanded that I be electrocuted.

Seifer hated me, but he never wanted me dead, or to truly hurt me in such a manner.

Seifer may have been an asshole, but he was a honourable one.

A knight who knew chivalry.

Sort of . . .

Seifer did play dirty, but mostly because we never laid any rules down while we fought. We just played by the obvious rules and the ones that come naturally. The way we saw it, if we were going to take someone down, we were going to do it with our own two hands. We rather do it ourselves then send some lackey do it for us.

We do our own dirty work.

I think that's why Seifer never really obeyed anyone. He hated when people did his dirty work and refused to do anyone else's. No one was above anyone if they couldn't do something themselves. If they weren't going to do it, Seifer sure as fuck wasn't going to either. He only would if you had his respect, and then it was only if he knew you could do it.

Other than that everyone could go to hell.

I was lucky enough to be one of those he respected, somewhat. Fujin had his respect because she took three men on when they were harassing her. She lost an eye and had many other wounds, but beat them all sufficiently. That was enough to get Seifer's attention.

Raijin, already being a good friend with Fujin since childhood (they grew up together), got Seifer's respect when he told Seifer off. Raijin was new, and didn't put up with crap. Seifer then challenged him, and they fought hand‑to‑hand combat. Raijin won having the superiorly weight and being generally larger than Seifer, but he was surprised by Seifer ability and the two created a bond through the experience.

And so Seifer's posse was created.

I just sort of ran the fringes as the outsider and as his greatest nemesis.

"Thinking again?" A deep voice whispers in my ear as arms wrap around my waist. I jump, slamming the drawer of the cabinet with a bang and then sag instantly, but my heart is still beating like mad. There is only one person that could ever sneak up on me. Partly because he trained with me and partly because we know each other inside and out.

 "Seifer." I hiss, trying to calm my heart as he snickers behind me, enjoying his moment of power over me. It isn't often that we better each other like this, and we both like to enjoy it while we have the chance.

"Scared ya, did I, Leonhart?" Seifer asks, his breath warming my ear. I can feel the heat of his breath as he barely brushed my ear with his lips as I relax into him.

"You wish." I mutter, putting my hands over his on my waist. He simply spreads his fingers, chuckling, and I slip mine in between as we clasp our hands, the leather of his gloves smooth against my bare callused hands.

"You know, Squall. You can do a lot of things, but lyin' isn't one of them." Seifer remarks quietly as he rakes his teeth along my ear. I can't help, but give a small satisfied smile.

Seifer is home.

And horny as hell.

 "Not true. I can lie to anyone else just fine. You, however, can't lie to me, nor can I lie to you. Believably anyway." I murmur, titling my head to one side to let him kiss my ear, down my jaw till he's nibbling at my neck.

 "Hmmm." Seifer simply hummed in his throat.

"I take it you're happy to be home." I sigh, trying to sound exasperated, but his homecomings were always fun. I miss him for those few days that he's gone. Always have. Always will.

" . . . missed you." Seifer replies, his hands moving up my chest, under my shirt. I can feel the cool gloves on my heated skin. I murmur my pleasure as he works a knee between my legs without hesitation on my part.

I never said I'm not horny.

"Me too." I gasp when he gently bites the junction between my shoulder and neck. I let go of one of his hands and reach around behind me, grabbing his hip to force him closer so that I can feel his arousal pressing against me from behind.

Seifer says nothing as he gently unbuttons my navy blue shirt. His leather gloves touching my bare skin as soon as it is revealed. I can hear and feel the jingle of my Griever pendant time and again as he continues to caress my chest. He strokes my flanks, and his knee rubs at the constraining fabric of my crotch. I moan, mindlessly as Seifer pushes the shirt away from my shoulders to continue his way down.

"Did you lock the door?" I ask, breathlessly as I wiggle my derriere against his erection. He moans loudly before responding.

 "Always do." He assures me just as breathlessly. No one knows we're together like this and we haven't really done it on purpose. Our relationship has started at a bad time. He came back and I was in‑line to be Headmaster. We both knew rumours would start that he was giving me blowjobs to get good grades, which would be a farce.

Sure, he would be giving me blowjobs and I would be doing the same to him, but it wouldn't help him or me. We didn't need the trouble or scandal, so we decided to keep it to ourselves till a better time arrived, but we hadn't said anything yet ‑ partly because we believed it really wasn't any of their business.

We trusted each other.

Or at least, I trusted him.

"Seifer . . . we need ‑ " I start to say, remembering what I have to tell him. I'm not sure how he will react, but I have to tell him. We will get over it one way or another, but I have to tell him first before we can could start mending the wounds.

"Sh~h. Relax and enjoy." Seifer interrupts as he reached up to pinch my nipples. He moves his head to the other side of my neck, and starts to do the same as he has on the other side. I moan, arching closer to him.

"But Seifer ‑ " I try again, only to be jerked around to face him. His jade eyes are dark with desire as he interrupts me with a fierce kiss that leaves my knees weak.

His tongue slips into my mouth, swirling around and filling me with his flavour as I duel with my own tongue. I wrap my arms around his neck to bring him down further, since he is 6 inches taller than me.

I hate being short at times.

Though as Seifer always likes to say, ‘doesn't matter when you're horizontal'.

"I want you to shut up and let me do as I please." Seifer commands pulling away slightly. I begin to protest, wanting to try and tell him again, but he places a leather clad index finger over my lips to quiet me. "No words, Squall." Seifer whispers, his eyes narrowing.

I have no chance to try and protest again as he catches my lips in another passionate kiss. I give up for the moment as he tilts his head to get deeper, causing me to press against the file cabinets behind me. I can feel his chin‑length hair tickle my face as one of the handles presses painfully into my behind, but I lift my bottom cheek slightly so it isn't as uncomfortable.

I groan as Seifer begins to work down my chest with his lips. I flex my hips lazily, asking for attention down at the area that is throbbing mindlessly. Seifer is quick to oblige as he deftly (he has had years of experience) undoes my belts and I hear them hit the floor with dull thuds on the carpet.

 "Seifer." I sigh as I watch Seifer fall to his knees before me to unbutton my tan pants with his teeth and tongue. A talent he had perfected with me over time and one that I find very arousing. I then hear the hiss of my zipper as he undoes it in the same fashion.

 Unceremoniously, but still gentle as ever, Seifer pulls my pants and the blue boxers underneath down to reveal the erection that is currently giving me great pains. I start to curse at him as I thrust my hips toward him as he breaths leisurely over it.

"You're killing me." I growl, but it doesn't come out that way because of my lack of air. It sounds more like a plea, or groan. Seifer just chuckles causing puffs of hot breath to hit my straining cock.

"Said I would, didn't I?" He asks smugly, but his voice is just as husky as my own. He meant the various times we threatened each other with hollow threats that we never kept.

The main one being that we would kill each other.

I throw my head back to hit the cabinet with a bang. It doesn't hurt, but it lets out some of my frustration as I reach down to him, but he slaps my hands away.

"Let me." Seifer coos, his voice hushed. I gasp pleasantly when my pulsing shaft is enveloped in the heat that had been teasing it for so long.  I can feel the leather clad hands hold my hips to stop me from moving as I reach to thread my hands through his honey‑coloured hair; twisting it between my fingers as he held my thrusting hips.

His tongue is not only good for smart remarks, and I personally prefer it where it is at present. I watch through hazy eyes as his head bobs up and down while I fight for air, not having enough to moan or groan with.

I found enough to whine in displeasure when he pulled away, but he stands up and he nudges my hips to spin me around again. I place my hands on the cabinets as his hands stays on my hips.

He gently parts my cheeks, the cool leather of his finger pressing in, teasing me before he enters me swiftly, making me whimper as I lean my head forward, listening to Seifer fight for air behind me.

"God, you're tight. I missed you so much. I dreamed of this every fucking night." Seifer hisses, not moving as I clutch the edge of the cabinet, making my knuckles go white. I pant, loving the sensation of being full again. Being one with Seifer.

This was the only time I ever felt complete.

"Fuck! Seifer move!" I snarl and Seifer gives a groan as be pulls out. He then pounds back in. For the first few thrusts it is slow, and getting deeper and deeper every time. It became rather frantic and fast, since we both need it and haven't seen each other for more than a week.

I don't care, and moan loudly as I meat him halfway. He reaches around to stroke my erection with his leather gloves. His saliva acting like somewhat of a lubricant as we move together. His hands on me, in pace with his thrusts.

I came first with a loud half‑sigh half‑moan. It ends up sounding something like a whimper, but I don't care as Seifer groans as my inner muscles clench around him. He then starts to pump into me, impossibly fast and comes quickly, spilling his hot seed into me.

He sags against me, panting as I lean heavily against the cabinets.

We stay like this for a few moments, gathering our wits and energy to move.

"You know, we really ought to do this in bed instead of my office. It would be a lot more comfortable and safer." I mutter, shaking my head as Seifer pulls away to get some tissues to clean us up.

"But this is so much funnier!" Seifer laughs as he licks my essence off his gloves. I glared as he gives me a few tissues to clean myself and the cabinets. "Oh, come on!" Seifer proclaims, after pulling up his boxers, and his pants, but leaving them undone so that his jeans rests on his hips, wide open.

"I already did." I say, dryly and Seifer snorts with a smirk. I do up my pants and through the soiled tissues away.

"You like the danger and kinkiness of doing it in here. Gives you something to think about other than this . . . shit!" Seifer says, swinging a hand over my desk, gesturing to all the files and papers littering the area. "Besides, you were as horny as I was. Admit it!" Seifer says, waving a finger at me, and I couldn't help but smile.

"You'll be the end of me." I sigh, picking up my belts from the ground.

"Yes, but I was also the beginning." Seifer whispers as he comes up to stand before me, and help me do up my belts. I smile and lean in to kiss him deeply.

"I don't know what to do with you, Seifer." I sigh as I pull away, and go to sit in my swivel chair behind my desk. Seifer follows me, and leans one hip against my desk, while doing up his pants.

He sighs.

"You could do me in our bed . . ." Seifer murmurs, smirking seductively as his jade eyes glitter.

 "Again?" I exclaimed. Seifer shrugs, trying to look innocent. Didn't fool me for a minute. "You have a one track mind, Seifer." I sigh, and Seifer pouts. I laugh which brings more warmth to his eyes.

"So~o ? You were saying something earlier . . . ?" Seifer asks, remembering my protests during his attack. Not that I mind, but this brings me back to reality. I am pleased he remembered, and was paying attention even though he was about to fuck me, but it was something I wish I didn't have to remember.

I shook my head, knowing that the mood was now lost for the moment. It wasn't really tension that fell over the room, but it was less fun and . . . easy‑going. It was serious, and demanding if anything.

"What? Something the matter, Squall?" Seifer asks, getting concerned. I reach up to rub a temple as I sigh, tiredly.

"I have . . . something to tell you that happened while you were gone." I reply, and Seifer frowns, not liking my tone.

"Bad?" Seifer asks, and I nod. "Then I don't want to hear it." Seifer shakes his head, getting off the desk, and moving to sit in the chair across from me.

 "Seifer?!" I protest, as he sprawls in the chair. He places his hands behind his head and crossed his ankles while stretching his long legs out in front of himself, watching me slightly amused. He knows that whatever I want to tell him is going to bother me till I do.

He enjoys driving me crazy time‑to‑time.

 "What?" Seifer asks, innocently, but ends up smirking as I scowl at him. His mischief is insufferable.

"I need to tell you, and you need to listen." I growl, tapping a pencil on the desk as Seifer smirks, pleased with himself.

"Why? I just had mind‑blowing, homecoming sex and I'm still basking in the afterglow." Seifer says, licking his lips, reminding me of what had happened barely fifteen minutes ago. "I don't want to know." Seifer shrugs.

"But I need to tell you!" I exclaim, and he sighs, looking up at the ceiling. I glare ruthlessly as he gives me a wink.

"All right. All right. Spill." Seifer sighs, sounding as if he was doing me a big favour. I snort at him while continuing to glare. I then realized that he had done all that to lighten the mood and me. He saw how uptight I was, and just succeeded in losing the threatening tension.

I wonder if this is his intent every time he teases me.

 Probably not.

He loves to make me mad, and then make up with me later.

" . . . while you were gone, something interesting happened." I finally spoke after a few moments of silence while I glare at him, and he smirks, pleased with himself.

"Oh? How so?" Seifer asks, shifting his arms to lay on the armrests. I through the pencil in my hand aside and lean back, crossing my arms. I want to be prepared for his reaction when I tell him. He was very likely to blow up.

I really don't want to tell him, but he does have a right to know.

He is my lover, he has a right.

"I cheated on you." I say, quietly and the tension just crashes down on us like the blade on the guillotine. Seifer says nothing, doesn't move, or do anything. If anything, his eyes turn to glass. Completely void of all emotion as is his body.

I can sense nothing from him.

 Absolutely nothing.

"It wasn't on purpose . . . it wasn't deliberate . . . oh fuck me!" I growl at myself, placing my face in my hands while I rest on my elbows. I sigh as I rub my face angrily. Seifer's lack of reaction is bothering me, and I'm not sure what to say.

"Who was it?" Was the calm, toneless words coming from Seifer, who still hasn't moved. I look at him from between my fingers, and he still doesn't move as his jade eyes catches mine. "Who was it?" He asks again, when I don't reply right away.

". . . Irvine." I finally sigh, wondering if that was wise. I knew I had to tell him, but he was liable to kill him.

After me, that is.

"It wasn't planned! He just . . . I just . . ." I stop while I can, and gather my wits. I close my eyes, and take a deep, calming breath. "He was angry, and we were in the elevator during a blackout. He was going on about being a player because I was on his case about his lifestyle again. He attacked me, venting his anger out on me, and I . . . I . . ." I close my eyes, shaking my head. I didn't want to say anymore.

I then looked at Seifer, and he was still staying dead silent as he watches me impassively. Not at all moved by any emotion as he studies me.

It was driving me insane.

This must be what it's like when I'm silent.

Shoot me now.

"Are you attracted to him?" Seifer finally asks after a silence that seemed to last an eternity, but was probably only a few moments as we stare at each other. My stare imploring for any response and for his forgiveness, while his is blank, but watchful.

" . . . yes." I saw no sense in denying it. Irvine was a very, very, attractive man. He didn't have my heart, but he had my attention. I could learn to love him. Desire and lust were the first baby‑steps to love.

 However, it isn't a question if I love, or could love Irvine.

It is a question if Seifer will forgive me, and trust me again.

It is never a question of love between us.

Seifer nods, looking away at the floor as he rubs his chin. I lick my lips nervously as he gets up. I quickly scramble up, clutching the desk painfully. Seifer fixes his coat, brushing the dust and wrinkles away as he starts to walk to the door.

"Where are you going?" I asks, trying to keep my voice calm, but it brakes anyway. He turns to me, the mask of impassiveness still adorning his face.

"Out to think." Was his simply, stiff reply. I bite my lip, and try my best to read him, but still nothing.

He then turns back to the door, and goes to turn the knob as I suddenly feel the urge to say more. I don't want him to leave like this. I want some response.

Even violence if necessary!

Just not nothing!

 "Seifer!" I call, and he stops, but doesn't turn. He waits while I searched for the right words. " . . . I . . . I love you." I whisper, firmly. Seifer doesn't move, his hand resting on the doorknob. I can see the muscles of his neck working.

Then without a word, he turns the knob and walks out without a backward glance. My heart hammers against my chest painfully as I watch the door slowly close behind him with a small click that echoes painfully in my head.

I then collapse into my chair, fighting for air as a tear starts to descend down my cheek.

I love Seifer, nothing could ever change that. It was a onetime thing with Irvine, and he simply did it out of anger, but it had destroyed my life. Seifer will never look at me again, and I have lost what meant most to me.

With a choked sob I slam my forehead on the desk painfully, and clutch my hands into

fists as tears pour down my cheeks.

My life was ruined.

Maybe lying was easier . . .

Yes much easier.





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[Squall] *glares at me ruthlessly* Thanks.

Everyone! My muse, but it's not my fault you are so~o . . . emotional? You jump too quickly sometimes. We have no idea what Seifer is thinking, and it could be the last thing you can think of. And you're supposed to be his counterpart, and know what he's thinking.

[Squall] *snorts sarcastically* It's kinda hard when he doesn't react!

Ah~h yes! Next part will be Seifer's POV. Should prove to be interesting. At least you and Seifer got a little nookie before fighting.

[Squall] *says nothing but gets a faraway look in his eyes*

Anyway, the next part shouldn't take as long because I got a plot! (Scary thing that is o_O) Take care till next time!

Smiles : )


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