By J. Marie

Warning!!! This is a lemon yaoi fanfiction starring Seifer Almasy and Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII. It is rated NC-17. If you don't like male homosexuality, graphic descriptions of male homosexual acts, odd humor, or are under the age of 18, please do not read this story. George W. Bush will have his little brother Governor Jeb Bush fuck with Florida's votes. And then Al Gore will demand recount after recount, whining like a three-year-old. The Bush will take it to court, bitching like a two-year-old. Wait. Wrong threat. Just don't read the damn story if you don't like lemon yaoi, or are underage, 'kay? FYI, this story is not related to any of my other FF8 fanfictions. It takes place about 3 months after the defeat of Ultimecia. I would also like to thank two young men who've named themselves after Seifer and Squall for inspiration.

Chapter One

"Thanks. You're real romantic. Is that after I tie him to the bedpost, or before?"

Cloud Strife pulled the Ultima Sword from the remains of the Ultima Weapon with a look of fierce determination on his boyish face. He held it up high, knowing that this was the weapon he would challenge Sephiroth with. No more would the madman named Sephiroth riegn tyranny on this world. He would fight this evil, in order to save everyone. The young man in blue brought his group of friends to the crater, battling horrible monster after monster, determined get through to Sephiroth and finish him once and for all. Cloud and his group made it to the center, battling Jenova once again, and then a huge bizarre version of Sephiroth himself. But the battle was not over yet. Sephiroth transformed with all the power the Planet had to offer him, into a powerful, one-winged angel. Dramatic music swelled behind him, and Cloud, determined as ever, held his sword at ready, his team behind him. Yet he knew the final fight was up to him. The battle was grueling, no quarter given, and none asked. And just when they thought they finally destroyed him, Cloud was pulled into the Lifestream, to fight Sephiroth one on one. He raised his Ultima sword, prepared to use Omnislash on the crazed son of Hojo and--

"You goddam son of bitch!!!!!!! What the fuck did you just do????????"

Zell Dincht looked over at me with an expression of surprised horror, an electrical cord hanging limply in his hands. He looked at the videogame console on the floor, following the wiring with his eyes and realizing that it ended in his hand. He glanced over at the wall plug, and realized that he had not unplugged the fan as intended, but my console. I cannot begin to describe how unhappy this made me.

"Oh, fuck me. Seifer, I'm so sorry, man! I didn't realize-" Zell began before I stood up, green eyes flashing.

"Sorry?!? You just unplugged my game after I spent an hour fighting Sephiroth and all five million versions of him!!! And all you gotta say is that you're sorry?!?!?!?" I screamed, leaning over Zell's small frame.

"I'm really sorry?" Zell said meekly, taking a step away from me.

"Chicken wuss, I'm gonna stick my foot so far up your ass that you're gonna be able to spitshine my boots with your tongue!!!!!" I screamed again, making a grab for the small, muscular Zell.

Zel screeched and took off at full speed, running from the room with me at his heels. We ran through the halls with Zell screaming for help and me screaming obscenities at him. We wound up in the Training Center. I was very unhappy.

And of all the people we could have run into, wouldn't you know it that it had to Squall Leonhart. Life's a bitch sometimes.

Zell crumpled to his knees, clutching onto Squall's leg like a horny dog. "Squall!!!! Save me!!! He's going to kill me!! I swear it was an accident!!" he screeched, tears running down his face.

Squall looked down at the short crybaby drolly and then looked up at me with hostile curiousity. I came to a halt, glaring at my childhood rival with all the hate I could muster.

He wasn't impressed.

"Any particular reason why you want to kill him, Seifer? Did he find out your secret about your tiny dick?" the top-ranking SeeD officer remarked, his face in its usual scowl.

"That's not what your girlfriend said about it when I fucked her last year. I see you're as cheerful as ever. Does Rinoa keep laughing every time you whip it out or is she just not satisfied with a boy, after having a big man like me knocking the back out of it?" I snarled. In case you couldn't tell, we can't stand the other's existence.

Squall scowl deepened on his almost effeminate face. "Actually, she hasn't quite adjusted to having such a large dick inside her yet. I think you spoiled her with your little pecker," he snarled back, narrowing his eyes. They always seemed narrow anyways. His eyes seemed blue at the moment, which meant I was starting to piss him off. Damn, I'm good.

Zell looked between us, obviously confused as to why I wasn't trying to rip his spikey head off. Normally, the little bastard would be so much red mist for unplugging my game but I had bigger fish to fry at the moment.

"Nah. Couldn't be that. Maybe she's just pissy, because she's tired of your faggot ass trying to anally rape her," I offered, allowing myself to smirk at him.

Squall balled his fists up. I was almost glad we were both unarmed at the moment, because otherwise we'd probably be exchanging scars again. And Squall had gotten kinda good with his weapon. But I was still better. Really I was. Only reason he beat me the last few times was because he had friends. Honest.

"Who's calling who a faggot, Almasy? I'm surprised that you'd try to kill Zell, since you seemed awful intent on fucking him earlier. Or have you moved onto Irvine now?" he growled, shaking his messy brown hair from his eyes.

"Why would I want to fuck Zell, when you're my bitch every other night?" I smirked at him, beginning to enjoy my Squall-baiting now.

"That's it! You're grat meat, asshole!!" Squall screamed, leaping at me.

I was so surprised, that I let Squall knock me over. I saw Zell slinking out of the area, running for his life. He had the balls to face Ultimecia, but I doubt he wanted to get involved in this. Me and Squall's fights were always pretty nasty.

Squall started pummeling me right away, practically foaming the mouth. He'd gotten stronger, but I was still a lot bigger than he was. I pushed the little bastard off me, and managed to stand while I did it. He yelped, but kicked at me, getting me in the knee.


I grabbed him by his shaggy chocolate colored hair, lifting him up, and punching him in the kidneys. Squall yelped again, but twisted and grabbed me by the thighs and pushed me back down. His head slammed into my crotch on the way down, causing excruciating pain.

Double ow.

I reached down and grabbed his arms when the stars cleared from my eyes, I pushed him down, and tried to pin him, but while I was stronger, Squall had always been a little quicker. He grabbed me and we began to wrestle on the ground, rolling around like snakes in heat. I tried to punch him, he tried to punch me. I tried to pin him, he tried to pin me. He tried to kick me, I tried to kick him. Our bodies tangled like bedsheets in a washing machine, scaring all the grats away in the area. It was just like when we were kids.

Except Squall never got an erection back then.

I paused when I felt it, looking down at my childhood rival in shock. He paused too, blushing when he realized what I had noticed. We stopped with me on top of him, one of my legs pressed against his hard-on. It seemed almost like electricity was sparking between us at the short moment. I didn't move for a few seconds, not really expecting anything like that. Then I jumped back, staring at him, visibly able to see the bulge in his black leather pants.

This was too weird.

For once, Squall was not scowling at me, but had a look of anger and embarrassment. I have no idea what the expression on my face was like. He stood up, silent as, well, silence.

"Bastard," he spat angrily after a minute of me gaping at him.

"Is that a gunblade in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" I managed to remark, almost out of sarcastic instinct more than anything else.

"Fuck you," he growled, walking away.

"I'd bet you'd like that, faggot!" I yelled after him.

Sometimes I'm a real jerk.

I swear I can't help it. It's like a reflex.

I sat there, in the middle of the Training Center, trying to figure things out. I had only recently rejoined SeeDs, mostly because I felt I owed it to Matron to go all the way and be a SeeD. I had to apologize on my hands and knees to both Matron and her husband the Headmaster Cid Kramer. They finally let me back in, and without Leonhart there to distract me, I actually made it. But now that I was a SeeD, Squall always seemed to be there, ready to flaunt the fact that he was acting Headmaster, and the top-ranking SeeD. Not to mention he was dating my ex-girlfriend.

It didn't make sense that I got him off during a little horseplay. It could've just been a normal reaction to us rubbing all over each other when we were wrestling. But if it was, then why did he act so funny about it? Why was he so upset about my smartass remarks anyways?

I don't know how it is in other places, but in Balamb Garden we always insult each other with homosexual remarks. I constantly call Zell a flaming faggot, but I know for a fact he has a girlfriend and that he enjoys sex with her thoroughly. Yeah, okay, so I listened to them fucking. Sue me. Zell calls Quistis a carpetmuncher, but we all know that Irvine is knocking boots with her most nights. Yeah, I listened to them too. My point is, that homosexual comments shouldn't have bothered Squall. He should be used to them. But come to think of it, most of our teenage fights that wound up in violence, were the result of me making some comment about him being gay or something. Like for instance, a certain gunblade fight on a rainy night, resulting in permanent facial scars, comes to mind.

After some thought, five dead grats, and a dead t-rexaur later, I began to wonder if maybe Squall was really gay, and I was a total asshole. Well, the asshole part I was sure about.

I headed off to the cafeteria, snarled at the woman when she said they were out of hot dogs, and sat down with my shitburger, excuse me, hamburger, in the corner. I ate slowly, and not just because Balamb Garden's hamburgers tasted like grat fecal matter. I was thinking. Stop laughing.

You know, I'm not gonna pretend that I never thought about fucking Squall. He was all shades of pretty, even if he was a guy. Chocolate colored hair, which always fell in his face. Grey eyes that turned blue when he was feeling strong emotions. His doll-like, porcelain face, as pretty as a girl's. His full lips, pink on porcelain beige. His high cheekbones. His scowl, which made him even sexier. The scar I gave him, which made him seem even better. His tight, lean body, slender, but strong. The sound of leather when he walked.

I mean, sure, I liked girls, but I still thought about men. As a kid, I had messed around with all the boys.... Irvine, Zell..... but Squall was my favorite. I tried to remember, but I was little and the GFs had really messed up my memories. I remember being something of a bully to the other kids. Okay, so I was a bully. Kiss my ass. But Squall never took it. He fought back. Except when my five year old mind decided to touch him, or play little harmless games that kids play when they want to explore body parts. He would let me do whatever I wanted then. Sometimes Squall would even play back. Kinda odd, now that I think about it. Squall fought me the hardest. Yet, when I was nice to him, he acted like he liked me.

He couldn't be.

Not Squall.

Not Mr. I-don't-care-about-anyone-because-my-sis-is-gone-and-I-can-take-care-of-myself.

Not my childhood rival, who stole my girlfriend.

"Yo, Seifer! What the hell you do to Squall, man? He's acting worse than usual. And he broke up with Rinoa."

I looked up at Zell. I think for the first time in my life I thought before I answered. I studied his small frame, packed with muscles. His spikey blonde hair, his heart-shaped, boyish face. His facial tattoo, one that made sense only to him. His pointed canines and endless energy. I always kinda liked Zell. I especially liked picking on him.

Then it registered.

"He broke up with Rinoa?" I asked slowly, not quite believing it.

"Yeah, man. I know when you guys fight it's always spectacular, but this time I think you musta seriously messed him up. He went on vacation, told Rinoa he couldn't 'pretend anymore', whatever that means. What happened?" Zell demanded, his hands on his hips, and right foot tapping. He never stood still.

"Zell. Would you consider yourself Squall's best friend?" I asked him, ignoring his question.

Zell stopped looking angry for Squall's sake and stared at me. Maybe he saw the look on my face, I don't know.

"Yeah, I guess so. Out of everyone, I guess Squall let me in the closest. I thought Rinoa might get through, but now I'm not so sure. She's with Selphie, crying her eyes out," he sighed.

I nodded. "Yeah. She'll be alright. She's not smart enough to let it bother her for long. She'll move on," I said with a shrug.

Zell opened his mouth as if to argue, then changed his mind. We all knew Rinoa was a sweet girl, but no one liked her for her brains.

"Zell, I need to ask you a serious question," I told him.

He shrugged. "So ask."

"Do you think Squall's gay? And I'm being serious," I said quickly, hoping Zell would answer.

Zell crossed his arms and looked thoughtful. "Well.... Maybe. I don't know. Why? You gonna slide on in and make him your bitch?" Zell asked slyly, not able to resist the dig.

I grinned at him and stood up. "I just might. Tell the Headmaster I'm going on vacation," I said, getting up and walking out of the cafeteria.

Zell probably thought I was kidding.

But I wasn't.

I didn't even need to ask where Squall went.

I'm that good.

And here I am, Seifer Almasy, former Sorceress' Knight, in the middle of a busy intersection in the middle of Esthar. But I wasn't lost. I just needed to get my bearings. Really.

I walked around for another couple hours, and was passing the same intersection. After another hour, I stopped and asked a local who designed Esthar. They said that the Sorceress Adel did. I decided right away that if Adel was still alive, I would have to kill her. After another hour I finally asked for directions to the palace. It turned out that I had passed the damn place five times already.

I really was wishing Adel was alive, so I could kill her.

But I wasn't lost. I just lost my bearings is all.

I headed up to the damn place, doing my best not to stomp. I might have succeeded. After another hour of arguing with guards and flashing all my SeeD identifications, and denying any connection to Ultimecia, I finally wound up in a sitting room, waiting for their President to show up. I waited another half hour and decided I was both hungry and tired. I decided to share these insights with a guard who didn't seem to care. And they call me an asshole.

And then the most homosexual man I ever saw in my life walked in.

"Good day, Seifer Almasy. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Laguna Loire, and I welcome you to my country and home. How may I assist you?" he asked demurely.

Okay. Picture this if you will. A man in his mid-forties, who looks to be in early thirties. He has long back hair, with only a little grey, swept back in a messy ponytail, with his bangs falling in his face. He has pale, porcelain skin, and a very slender, willowy build. He's not very tall, falling a few inches short of six feet tall. His face his delicate and pretty, and very feminine. He has pretty pink lips, and big aquamarine eyes. His lashes are long and dark, and he seems almost fragile in his beauty. This man wears baggy pants, and a loose shirt, and sandals. An earring graces his left ear, and a wedding band his left hand. All he needed was a dress and a set of falsies and he'd look like a woman.

I didn't answer. I was still gaping at Laguna.

Then I noticed a tall, sinewy black man step out from behind the pretty little president. This guy was as tall as Raijin. Not as beefy though. He was as packed with muscles as Zell, but like Zell, he remained slim, looking like a dancer. His skin was the color of mocha, and his eyes a deep brown. He was as beautiful as the pretty little man, only more masculine about it. His hair was pulled back in long braids and he was giving me a nasty look.

"This is my vice president, Kiros Seagill. Please don't be intimidated by him. Would you like to tell us why you're here? You said it concerned my son," Laguna said smoothly, his voice lilting, like a bird's.

I blinked and recovered. "Right. Your son. No offense, buddy, but I thought Squall's dad would be a little more butch. But it doesn't matter. Unless of course, homosexuality runs in the family, which I'm beginning to think it does," I said blithely, watching the tall black man carefully.

Laguna blinked, and Kiros sneered. "Excuse me?" Laguna asked in that infuriatingly feminine voice of his.

"Uh. You're telling me you're not a fa-... I mean, gay?" I asked, quickly covering my almost insult.

Laguna put his hands on his hips. "Of course not! Why would you say that? I was married! And I've dated many women in my younger days...." he said sharply, looking a little irritated.

Kiros had a look of irritation, and looked over at Laguna. That's when I saw it. Just a glimmer, but you could tell that the black dude seriously had the hots for Squall's dad. But who could blame him? Laguna was so pretty, I was thinking about it.

"Uh, never mind. Look, I just need to talk to Squall. It's important. Tell him I come in peace or something. And tell your boyfriend, I mean vice president, to back off, or I'm gonna have to mess him up," I said evenly, still watching Kiros very carefully.

"What makes you think Squall is here? And for Hyne's sake, Kiros, leave the boy alone. He hasn't done anything," Laguna sighed.

Kiros snorted and backed off. I guess he thought I was here to start fucking Laguna or something. Loyal son of a bitch. He was watching me like I was watching him though.

"Look, Laguna. I know Squall's here. I ain't stupid. Now tell the little fucker to bring his faggot ass out here where we can talk like civil human beings or I'm gonna hunt him down like rabbit, and beat him like he's Tina Turner," I told Laguna in no uncertain terms. It was a reasonable statement to me.

Laguna blinked and Kiros smirked. I don't know, but I think Kiros was starting to like me now.

"I....." Laguna began.

"Just do it," I cut him off.

Laguna sighed and disappeared, obviously to go get Squall. Kiros leaned against the wall and stared at me, his hostility drained now that he was assured I wasn't here to seduce Laguna, I guess.

"So. How long you been trying to get that cat in your bed?" I asked him casually, just to show off how observant I am.

Kiros smirked. "Longer than you've been alive, boy. How long you been trying to make little Squally your bitch?" he asked me just as casually, just to show off how observant he was.

I licked my lips. I think I could learn to like this guy. "I dunno. Not sure that I am. We need to talk," I said.

"Try fucking him. If anybody needs a good assfuck, it's Laguna's son."

"Thanks. You're real romantic. Is that after I tie him to the bedpost, or before?"

"After, I would think."

"Thanks for the romantic advice. Try drugging Laguna. I'm sure with a couple aphrodisiacs in his system he'll bend over on his own."

"That's real polite. Shoulda thought of that years ago. Any more advice?"

"Uh, yeah. Don't forget to use ass lube. Don't put the drugs in something like wine, use coffee for the caffeine. You'll want him to last a while. Don't tie him up, he's got real sensitive skin. Don't fuck him too hard either, he's kinda delicate looking."

"Anything else?"

"Don't do it here. Too many guards."

"Don't get to do that either, huh? Do I get to use both hands?"

"Sure. He might even like that. If his ass stretches that wide."

"You're funny, kid."

"You're not too bad yourself. For an old guy."

I think our little conversation would've continued, but Laguna returned at that moment. He looked a little upset, or maybe he was just worried.

"Squall said he would meet you at home. He wouldn't explain what that meant," Laguna sighed.

I grinned. "He doesn't have to. And thanks," I said, getting up to leave.

Laguna nodded his head gracefully. Kiros remained neutral.

"Oh, and by the way, Laguna.... I think Kiros is in love with you, but been scared to tell you for the past however many years you guys know each other.... Unrequited love is a bitch... Why don't you cut him some slack and work things out?" I said on my way out.

The last thing I saw was the shocked expression on Laguna's face as he turned to Kiros. Kiros for his part looked angry and embarrassed, and seemed about to argue, before Laguna cut him off, demanding an explanation. I smiled to myself, having a feeling that Laguna wouldn't be as close-minded to that relationship as Kiros might think. Who knows, Kiros might get lucky, and then get lucky, if you take my meaning.

Seifer Almasy the Homosexual Cupid. Has a certain ring to it.

Chapter Two

"Please don't bring Rinoa. Haven't I suffered her presence long enough?"

Fields of flowers. Sounds like a song by Sting.

I looked around me, feeling at peace. I always did when I was at home.


I hope Seifer knew what I meant when I told Laguna that I would meet him at home. It had been almost a week since I left Esthar, and Seifer still hadn't shown up.

I closed my eyes, letting the sun fall across it. I hoped Seifer would come, but I hoped he didn't too. I sat down in the midst of flowers and lay on my back, just enjoying the sun, and the smell of flowers. How many times had I played here as a child with Seifer?


The electricity.

It was like a drug. Touching him. Ever since we were kids, he was intoxicating. Then he was frightening. I pushed him away, like everyone else, so I forgot what touching him was like. Years went by without the electricity. Until we defeated Ultimecia. Seifer came back a different man. I was a different man. I had wound up with Rinoa, his ex-girlfriend. I thought I loved her. Until he touched me. I felt it keenly. The electricity.

When he would grab me, I felt the jolt, lingering from where he had touched. It arced towards me, the electrifying sensation of his hands on my flesh. A simple touch, he thought nothing of it. How could he not? How couldn't he feel the electricity? Every time he hit me, grabbed me, wrestled with me, the electricity sparked for me. But he never felt it.

I think he did the last time, though. When he lay on top of me, and felt my arousal. I knew he could feel the electricity then. But I ran away, like I always do from people. I didn't want him to reject me, like Sis had. I broke up with Rinoa, because I realized that subconsciously, I had dated her to keep her away from Seifer. My Seifer.

I tried to pretend he was there, his big strong body coming to rest on top of mine. His hands, calloused by gunblade fighting, running over my body. His soft lips pressed against mine. What would the electricity feel like then? If he kissed me?

"Is it just me, Leonhart, or do you get weirder and weirder the more you're left alone?"

I opened up an eye, seeing Seifer standing above me. I remained silent, studying him. Honey-blonde hair, cut short, with one wild lock that wouldn't behave. His strong, handsome face, square jaw, and chiseled features. His cat green eyes, looking at me from beneath golden lashes. His peaches and cream colored skin, and pink lips curved into his little Seifer smirk, crinkling the scar I had given him. I wondered if he knew how sexy he looked when he did that. Then there was his tall, long frame, tightly packed with muscles. His trenchcoat fluttered in the wind.

"............" I said.

"I love it when you talk without talking. And if you don't start talking with talking, I'll be forced to bring Rinoa over here," Seifer remarked, as sarcastic as usual.

"Please don't bring Rinoa. Haven't I suffered her presence long enough?" I asked, letting irony creep into my voice.

"Yeah, okay, calling Rinoa would be extreme torture, but you still piss me off with that 'strong and silent type' shit," he said blithely.

" 'Strong and silent'? And here I thought all the girls loved me for my looks," I said sarcastically, studying his pale green eyes. If he was feeling anything in particular, he was hiding it very well.

"Nah. That's just the guys. The girls like your winning personality."

"Why are you here, Seifer?"

"Because we need to talk."

"About what?"

"About whether you got the hots for me or not."

"You came all this way, hunting me down across the world, to ask me if I had something as silly as a passing physical infatuation with you?"

Seifer turned his face, as if to prevent me from seeing his true emotions. "Well? Do ya?" he asked after a few moments.

"Have a passing physical infatuation for you? No," I answered truthfully.

Seifer's head snapped back to stare at me. There was something in his jade green eyes that could have meant something. But he was a hard man to read. "Y-you... You don't love me..... Do you?" he asked slowly, his eyes remaining steady on mine.


"Do you?" he insisted, stepping closer to me.

I couldn't answer him. It was too soon and I didn't know quite how I felt yet. I instead removed my glove, to place my naked hand on his handsome face.


I heard him gasp, and knew he could feel it now. It arced between us, from my hand to his face. A strong, tingling sensation that sent shudders down both our spines. Our bodies moved instinctively moved closer to each other, so close we almost touched. I think we were both aroused by then.

I removed my hand after a few minutes and stared into Seifer's eyes. He stared back, his eyes revealing something. I could only hope.

"This is new," he whispered, as if he was afraid to speak loudly.

"You're a different man. I'm a different man. I've always felt the electricity. But somehow, you feel it too, now....." I whispered back, not wanting to ruin the moment either.

"Electricity...." he breathed, leaning into my face.

I let him brush his lips against mine, and felt the electricity again. It was a soft kiss, at the beginning, just our lips pressed together. Then he moved his lips against mine, and I responded in kind. I felt his tongue pressing for entrance into my mouth and parted my lips slowly to let him in. His tongue tangled with mine almost immediately, sliding and twisting. It felt like he was drawing my breath from me. The electricity had never gone this long, or felt this deep. Just kissing him was pure bliss. He tasted like honey mustard.

After what seemed like hours, we pulled away, looking into the other's eyes.

"Wow," Seifer whispered.

I just smiled at him. He leaned over and nuzzled my cheek with his nose, bringing back the pleasant electricity of our touch. I brought my bare hand up to the back of his neck and began kneading the tense flesh there, feeling it turn to jelly beneath my fingers. He pressed his longer body against mine. I could smell his cologne. It smelled like Brute. I wasn't surprised.

He kissed me again, enveloping my mouth like it was food to a starving man. The electricity built. His arms went around my waist, crushing my body against his. My arms went around his neck, crushing his face against mine. I could feel his arousal, pressed against my own, causing a different sort of electricity.

Seifer pulled back, his breath and his intense green stare hitting my face. "So what the hell does this mean?" he asked me.

"I thought you were the type to fuck someone and ask questions later. All I know is that this means that we're rubbing hard-ons right now," I whispered back, smirking a little at him.

He narrowed his cat green eyes at me, smirking as well. He started tugging on my belts. I wiggled free from his grip, stepping away from him, cutting off the pleasant buzz of electricity.

Seifer looked annoyed, then grinned, and reached to make a grab for me, but I was already running towards the little cottage we stayed at as children. I could hear him laugh as I led him on my merry chase. I think I was laughing too. It was just like when we were children.

Only this time, Seifer meant business when he caught me.

He chased me through the run down stone cottage, until he finally had me pinned against a wall. I was facing the wall, my back to him. He pressed the front of his body against me, rubbing his nose against my ear, bringing back the electricity. I could feel his hard-on pressed against my ass, and felt him tug at my belts again. I struggled halfheartedly, wanting him as much, if not more, than he wanted me.

"It's not nice to run away from a horny man with an aching hard-on....." Seifer purred into my ear, pulling my belts off. I chuckled a little, still pressed against the wall, unable to move.

"You've been a very naughty boy, Squally......" Seifer whispered, removing my bomber jacket. I put up a little resistance when he started pulling down my pants. He pinched my hip and started to pull down my underwear, leaving my pants and briefs pushed down to my knees. I struggled more, because we both seemed to be enjoying the little powerplay.

I could hear Seifer taking off his gloves as I struggled. He pressed against me harder, the rough material of clothed erection pressing against my ass. My own erection was being forced to rub against the rough stone wall. I moaned a little, finding the mildly rough treatment rather enjoyable.

"Very naughty," Seifer hissed into my ear, slapping my bare butt cheeks with his bare hand. I gasped and wriggled, causing him to spank me again. The electricity was sparking every time he hit me, making the spanking unbearably pleasurable. I could almost feel my cheeks redden to his hands as he repeatedly spanked me. It wasn't hard enough to really hurt, but hard enough to leave a little sting.

"You like it when I hurt you, don't you, Squally? You always have.... You're such a bad little boy.... You deserve to be spanked every day......." Seifer whispered huskily, slapping my reddened ass with one hand and reaching around to grasp my hardened erection.

"Oh please..... Spank me every day... I'm a very bad little boy....." I moaned back at him, as into it as he was. I didn't pause to think about how weird this actually was. He pulled my ass back against him, and began to pump my hard-on. I felt a soothing feeling of some sort of lotion on his hands as he did so, causing me to moan very loudly. The electricity was reaching unbearable heights.

Seifer stopped spanking me. I wanted to encourage him to start again, but before I could argue, I felt his fingers probe my opening, lubricating it with the same lotion he was using to give me a hand-job. I began to pant, knowing what he wanted to do, even before I heard the sound of his zipper opening. I think I was leaking onto his hand, but couldn't be sure.

"Somebody told me you needed this.... I'm inclined to agree," Seifer whispered, pushing his huge erection slowly into my opening, causing me to cry out. It hurt, but it felt wonderful at the same time. It probably would've hurt less if my jokes about him having a small penis were true. But I don't think it would have felt as good either.

I was pressed back against the cold stone wall, moaning and crying out Seifer's name, listening to Seifer's own cries of "Squall". I could feel his hand pump my cock, his thumb grazing over the tip of my erection. His other hand was rolling my balls in his hand. And then there was the ecstatic feeling of him thrusting into me. The electricity had to have been a goddam lightning storm by now. Every thrust he made was harder, causing me knock my head against the wall. I'm not sure exactly what he was rubbing against inside me while he thrusted, but it damn sure felt good. He was alternating between squeezing my scrotum gently and rubbing it with one hand, and pumping me hard with the other, his thumb brushing against my slit, causing me to scream for divine intervention. I could feel him leaking into me, and knew I was leaking onto him.

When I came, the electricity exploded across every sense I had, making my orgasm feel like the rush of Leviathan's tidal wave. I think I blacked out. It was that good.

Seifer came a few moments after me, ramming me so hard against the wall, I banged my head enough to bleed. I felt it almost as much as he did, and noted to myself that it felt like Leviathan's tidal wave coming inside of me. I decided to tell him so, which earned me a chuckle and a kiss on the back of my neck.

"We have just ruined this wall. Good thing Matron doesn't live here anymore. She'd have a conniption fit," I remarked.

"Just cuz we got a little jiz on the wall?" Seifer asked, sitting down and taking me with him, as his arms were wrapped around my waist.

"A little?" I asked him, grinning.

Seifer looked up and stared at the wall for a minute. "Damn. I didn't think a man could produce that much cum in one squirt," he remarked sardonically, returning to nuzzling the back of my neck. I turned around, and sat on his lap, resting my head on his shoulder. A rather slimy hand brushed my hair from my face and he planted a kiss on each of my eyelids.

"So. What does this mean?" I asked him after a while.

"I thought you were the type to ask questions before you fucked people," Seifer smirked.

"From where I was standing, you were the one fucking me."

"True. I don't know if I can tell you how I feel, because I don't think I can put it into words just yet. But I think it means I want to hang around you long enough to be able to put it into words," Seifer said softly, his voice more serious than I'd ever heard.

I looked up into his eyes, and saw that he indeed was feeling something. And it was what I wanted him to feel. But I wasn't ready to put my own feelings into words yet either.

And that was enough for now.


A field of flowers.

You see two young men walk across the field, both naked. They are as different from each other as night and day. One is tall and lean, packed with muscles. Golden blonde hair and jade green eyes grace his peaches-and-cream complexion. He is handsome in a harsh way, like a Nordic warrior. The other is short and slim, but toned and hard. Cocoa colored hair and moonstone grey eyes that change to blue in the presence of the blonde grace his porcelain complexion. He is beautiful in an ethereal way, like an Elf. Yet they still had things in common, as different as they were. Facial scars graced their face, a matched set of scars. They both walked like warriors. And they both looked peaceful in the other's presence.

Watch the pair, which must be identified as a couple by the way they look at each other, walk across the field. It seems a lightning storm brews over the horizon, causing flashes of light on this stormy night. The young lovers seem to almost invite the storm to them, as they lay out in the moonlight, amongst the field of flowers. An arc of electricity passes overhead as they embrace each other, their naked bodies intertwining. They lie tangled with each other amongst these flowers, as the lightning storm passes overhead. The lightning passes all around them, but never touches them, leaving them unharmed.

But you can still feel electricity as they touch each other, kiss each other, green eyes exploring blue, even after the storm passes.

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