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Dressing Up

By Rain

Seifer Almasy took another shot of Vodka and set the glass on the table; it joined four other glasses that were turned over and placed in a straight line in front of him.

He glanced at the clock on the wall: eleven-fifteen. Squall was over forty-five minutes late; he was supposed to be there as soon as he finished work, which was at ten-thirty. The bar would close in two hours. Normally, it would shutdown a little before two in the morning. And Seifer had been sitting there since nine-forty five.

'What are you doing?' Seifer thought in annoyance. He motioned for the waitress to bring him another shot; it would be his sixth that night, on an empty stomach--not that he cared. If he got drunk, it'd be lucky for Squall; his attitude tended to become carefree and forgiving while he was under the influence.

Three months after the defeat of Ultimecia, Seifer decided to return to Garden. His reason behind that was to prevent another sorceress war from happening. If it did happen again, he wanted to be on the right side, not the wrong side.

It'd be a lie if he said he had been brainwashed, even if a part of his mind had been manipulated. He continued to repent for his sins, repeatedly. Despite his hesitation, he apologized to all the SeeD members and students for his actions against Garden. There were still a few who never forgave him; that couldn't be helped. But he joined Squall on a trip to Esthar. There, he apologized to the president and helped rid the city of all its monsters. It was during that mission that he and Squall became close; intimately close.

"Seifer?" a sultry voice purred from behind him; it was low and seductive, yet oddly familiar.

Seifer turned around, slowly.

Behind him, a woman with tousled, brown hair stood lazily, watching him. Long, curled lashes hooded her smoky-gray eyes; a hint of gray eye shadow present. Full, pouty lips were tinted with a shimmering gloss that brought out the natural color of her soft, pink lips.

Her dress was slinky and revealing, giving passer-bys a tantalizing view of her creamy, ivory-colored skin. The dress ended just below her knee, with a slit on the side that reached her smooth hipbone.

The silver color of her high heels matched the butterfly pins holding down her hair; also serving to add color to her black dress.

She was gorgeous.

And she was staring at him with a look of hunger.

"Do...do I know you?" Seifer swallowed. This caused the lovely woman to throw her head back and laugh, lightly.

Seifer found his emerald-green gaze mesmerized with her creamy throat; it almost reminded him of Squall...

At the thought of Squall, Seifer swallowed again, turning his head away.

"I'm waiting for someone," Seifer muttered into his shot glass.

"Your girlfriend?" The woman purred, placing a warm hand on his shoulder. She leaned in close and brushed her lips against his ear. "Or perhaps, your boyfriend...?"

Seifer's body stiffened at that; did this woman know him? And why the hell was her touch and voice so familiar?

It took less than a second for it to click.

"Squall?" Seifer asked with wide, emerald eyes. He blinked at the sultry woman leaning against him; there was an unmistakable bulge rubbing against him.

"Yes?" Squall answered innocently; his predatory smirk, however, said he was anything but innocent.

"Yo-you're dressed as a woman, you know..." said Seifer, apparently at a loss for words.

"Yes, I know that," said Squall. He was enjoying the shock displayed on Seifer's handsome face; he'd never seen that expression before.

"Do you like the dress?" he asked, lifting up his leg so his thigh slid over Seifer's. "Rinoa helped me pick it out."

Seifer still couldn't form any words; he'd never seen Squall like this before; he couldn't even imagine Squall wearing a dress, but here he was: dressed up and gorgeous, and exuberating an air that Squall never had while he was dressed as a man. It was intriguing.

"Rinoa helped you?" Seifer said finally.

Squall and Rinoa had broken up soon after the sorceress war; they just couldn't settle their differences, but they managed to remain good friends.

Squall nodded at Seifer's question. "So...do you like it?"

"C-Can't you tell?" said Seifer.

Squall chuckled, a seductive sound coming from the back of his throat. "I'm not blind..."

Seifer could feel his boxers begin to tighten. Luckily, he was wearing loose jeans, concealing his arousal.

"It'll look even better on the floor," said Squall as he leaned in closer and squeezed Seifer's erection with his hand. "Don't you think?"

Seifer could only nod, dumbly. His mouth had gone dry and all his blood was rushing to his arousal. He had to bite back a moan when Squall squeezed his erection.

"My room," Seifer moaned, resisting the urge to rub himself against Squall's hand.

"Mmm," said Squall, "That's too far..."

Before Seifer had the chance to be confused, Squall was pulling him out of the chair and into the cool air outside the bar.

The streets of Balamb were nearly deserted; only a few couples strolled along the sidewalks, stealing kisses under the lampposts.

It was obvious that Squall intended to do more than kiss under the lampposts. Seifer was still surprised by Squall's behavior; usually he was the one to seduce Squall and fuck him like there was no tomorrow--not that Squall ever complained. And Seifer sure as hell wasn't complaining, especially when Squall was wearing a slinky black dress...

"Right here," Squall said as he pulled Seifer behind the hotel building.

They were hidden by the hotels shadow; the only way they'd be spotted was if someone came wandering over there.

A part of Seifer wondered why they just didn't check into a hotel room, but the other part didn't care. Squall was kissing him, showering his neck and collarbone with kisses. His delicate hands were sliding off Seifer's trench coat, allowing the beige material to slide to the ground.

"Squall..." Seifer groaned, wrapping his arms around Squall's slim waist. Squall silenced him with a deep kiss, sliding his tongue into the warm recesses of Seifer's mouth.

Oh God, Squall tasted good, a perfect combination of sugar and spice.

Squall pressed Seifer against the wall of the Balamb Hotel. He hooked his right leg over Seifer's left one, rubbing his length against Seifer's inner thigh. He moaned into Seifer's mouth; the gentle friction bringing warm tingles to Squall's body.

Two tongues battled in the warmth of Squall's mouth. Seifer took control of the kiss as Squall's body quivered with pleasure. His hands sought Squall's skin from the high slits of his dress. Both hands molded against Squall's ass, giving the firm globes a tight squeeze. At the same time, his tongue probed deeper into Squall's willing mouth.

Squall wrapped his arms around Seifer's neck as their kiss deepened. He continued to rock his hips against Seifer's inner thigh, increasing each stroke as his pleasure continued to build.

There was a gentle tugging against the silk, black thong that Squall wore under his dress. One of Seifer's hands was pulling at the thin material, causing the thin line to rub against Squall's entrance. Squall moaned at the sensation. He curled his fingers against the base of Seifer's neck, urging him to touch him _there_.

"What do you want?" Seifer moaned, urging Squall to voice his need.

"You," Squall answered, rearranging his hips so his arousal was pressed up against Seifer's. He gave a tentative thrust, which made both men moan in pleasure.

"What do you want from me?" Seifer half-moaned, half-gasped. Squall was working on the button and zipper of his jeans, sliding the material down his legs.

Squall looked up at him, beneath hooded eyes. He licked his lips, seductively, and lowered himself onto his knees.

"I want your cock," Squall said before he took Seifer's entire length into his mouth.

Seifer gasped when his erection disappeared into Squall's hot mouth. The warm velvet walls of Squall's mouth caressed his arousal, bringing unimaginable pleasure to Seifer's twitching length. Squall's tongue swirled around the tip of his erection, then slid into the slit as he lapped at Seifer's pre-cum.

The bittersweet taste of Seifer's need pleased Squall; he loved the taste and feel of Seifer's erection; burning heat wrapped up in soft velvet. He couldn't get enough.

"Squall," Seifer moaned, thrusting gently into Squall's mouth. He looked down and met the lust-filled eyes of his lover; the sight alone was enough to make him climax.

Squall had his mouth sealed around Seifer's erection, his cheeks turned inward as he sucked on Seifer's length. Seifer buried his hands in Squall's silky hair, thrusting his hips a little bit harder against his lovers' talented mouth.

Squall moaned deep in his throat, sending vibrations down Seifer's sensitive cock. The reaction was immediate; Seifer threw his head back and pulled on Squall's hair. There was no better feeling than Squall's mouth wrapped around Seifer's cock, except, perhaps, Squall's body.

Seifer knew he was going to climax soon.

Reluctantly, Seifer urged Squall to stand on his feet.

Pale moonlight illuminated Squall's features; his lips were swollen and his hair in disarray. Seifer had tugged on Squall's hair so hard, his hair clips dropped onto the grass below them. Neither cared, though. There was an animal hunger in Seifer's eyes; he needed to take Squall, right here, right now. He didn't care if they were in public; that was what turned him on more. He figured that was the reason why Squall chose to ignore the hotel.

"Get onto your hands and knees," Seifer ordered, stepping out of the pants that had pooled around his ankles.

Squall immediately complied, ignoring his dress. He raised his ass high in the air, teasing Seifer immensely.

That was one thing Seifer loved about Squall's body: his heart-shaped ass. Especially since that ass was all his, and his alone.

Settling onto his knees behind Squall, Seifer coated his fingers with saliva. Then, he lifted Squall's dress over his hips, revealing the creamy bottom that made his cock twitch with need.

There was something arousing about fucking Squall with his dress on; it would probably become a fetish of his.

He smirked and began sliding the thong down Squall's bent legs. He heard Squall's soft moan of anticipation. He had no problem with Squall's vocal ness during sex; it turned him on to no end. But they were in public, and he didn't want them to get caught.

"Shhh," Seifer moaned as he rubbed his index finger against Squall's opening. "You don't want to get caught, do you?"

"I don't care," Squall growled, pushing his hips back in encouragement. "I want you to _fuck_ me."

Seifer chuckled. "I know that."

To emphasize his words, he pushed his finger into Squall's opening, sliding in all the way to the knuckle.

Squall threw his head back at the penetration, moaning. He rocked his hips against Seifer's finger as the single digit stroked in and out.

It never failed to amaze Seifer how tight Squall was, no matter how many times the two had made love.

"More," Squall demanded, even though it had been less than thirty seconds of Seifer's first penetration.

"Impatient, are we?" Seifer grinned, although Squall couldn't see him.

Another finger joined the first, stroking Squall's inner walls and stretching his passage in a scissor-like motion.

Squall just begged him for more. He thrust his body hard against Seifer's fingers, urging them to go deeper inside of him.

Then, those fingers brushed against his prostate, sending flashes of white light streaking across his line of vision.

"Oh God, Seifer," Squall cried, lowering his head and gripping the grass beneath his fingers.

Seifer drove his fingers in and out of Squall's entrance, striking that spot with every stroke. He added another finger to the two buried deep inside Squall. Squall nearly screamed in pleasure.

"Take me," Squall begged as his eyes slid shut. He needed to have Seifer inside him; his cock could fill him even more than his fingers could.

Seifer quickly spit on his hand, covering his length. It had taken Seifer months to get Squall to beg for his need; in the beginning, Squall was too shy to say anything. But now that he was comfortable, Squall had no hesitation ordering Seifer around.

Seifer positioned himself at Squall's entrance. The head of his cock rubbed against Squall's stretched opening, teasing him.

"Do you want this?" Seifer asked, slipping the head into Squall's entrance, before pulling out again. The tease was exquisite torture, for both of them.

"Yes!" Squall cried, not caring that they were out in the open, where anyone could walk in on them. "Fuck me! Now!"

Unable to deny his need any longer, Seifer pushed into Squall's exquisite tightness. Warm walls of velvet gripped Seifer's cock, inch by inch. He slid deeper and deeper into Squall's willing body, extracting loud moans from the boy beneath him.

"Oh God," Seifer panted when he was sheathed completely in Squall's burning body. He looked down to see where their bodies were connected, sliding out halfway, only to push back in. The sight made Seifer's cock twitch with need.

"Mmm, fuck me, Seifer," Squall pleaded, biting on his lower lip. The sensation of Seifer's cock inside him was beyond imaginable. The only thing that could make this better was to feel Seifer moving inside him, hard and fast.

Seifer moaned at Squall's pleading. He placed his hands on Squall's hips, holding him still as he began to pull out of him.

"More," Squall begged when Seifer moved in and out of him, slowly, torturously.

Suddenly, Seifer pulled out, then slammed into Squall unexpectedly. Squall nearly screamed when Seifer nailed his prostate. He braced himself as Seifer continued the long, hard strokes; the tip of his cock brushing his prostate with every thrust.

Squall threw his head back in pleasure; the sight made Seifer's cock even harder, if that was possible. He released one of Squall's hips as he continued to pound into him. His free hand reached for Squall's chocolate-colored hair, gripping it tightly in a firm grasp.

Squall moaned at the sensation; he loved the feel of Seifer pulling on his hair. Sometimes he wished he could grow his hair out, but Seifer wouldn't allow it. The blond had a thing for his unruly mop.

For endless minutes, Squall and Seifer rocked against each other in heated passion. Seifer, thrusting into Squall's tight body, and Squall leaning back into Seifer's powerful thrusts.

Then, Seifer released Squall's hair and wrapped his hand around Squall's cock. Squall arched his back and thrust his erection into Seifer's warm tunnel. Tingles of pleasure raced down Squall's spine, then pooled in his groin, before traveling up his arousal.

White-hot liquid exploded from Squall's erection; it covered his stomach and Seifer's still pumping hand. Seifer's name fell from Squall's lips as jet after jet shot out of his cock.

Squall's impossibly tight channel gripped Seifer like a vice, clamping down on his cock. He managed a few more thrusts before ecstasy took him and sent him over the edge. Each stream filled Squall's warm channel, sending flashes of color behind Seifer's closed eyelids.

They both collapsed onto the grass. Seifer managed to roll off of Squall before he crushed the smaller brunette with his weight.

Squall turned on his side, facing Seifer. A contented, happy smile made a rare appearance on his swollen lips. He leaned forward and kissed Seifer sweetly; all the lust and neediness disappeared from both their bodies, leaving this kiss short yet loving.

Seifer smirked and wrapped an arm around Squall's waist, pulling him closer.

"We should get dressed soon," Squall said, after a moment of comfortable silence.

"Yeah," Seifer agreed. "Especially after all that moaning you did. I'm surprised no one came here to see what was going on." It didn't occur to him that people might know exactly what was going on, that's why they didn't bother to check it out.

Squall smiled at him, wryly. "Are you saying you didn't like it?"

"No, I'm saying that you need to dress up as a woman more often," Seifer said, giving him a kiss. "You've never been quite so...seductive, before."

Squall laughed, faintly.

Seifer stood up and offered Squall his hand, he smirked when he saw Squall's passion staining his black dress, and the evidence of his own release sliding down Squall's thigh.

"What're you going to say if anyone sees you like this at Garden?" Seifer asked, smiling mischievously. But apparently, Squall thought ahead. He walked behind Seifer and slid his trench coat around his body; effectively hiding his dress and stain.

Seifer decided not to tell Squall that the cum dripping down his legs was still noticeable. Instead, he wrapped a possessive arm around his shoulder and the two headed back to Balamb Garden.

~ Owari ~

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