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Downtime in the Garden

Chapter 2: Midnight and Morning

By Dark Ki

Zell opened his eyes groggily and shifted his weight. His ass has fallen asleep from sitting in the same position on the hard floor for so long. As he did, he became aware of two things: the fact that he had a noticeable bulge in the crotch of his baggy denim shorts, and there was a slight weight settled over that bulge. He glanced down, and his eyes nearly fell out of his head.


Squall whimpered softly and opened his eyes halfway, gazing up at Zell from where his head rested on Zell's chest. His eyes were glassy, dazed; a small smile curved his lips as he gently rubbed his palm against Zell's growing erection. "'Morning, sleepyhead," he slurred. "Wait... no, that's right, it is morning." He giggled.

With a gasp, Zell was on his feet, leaving Squall pouting on the concrete floor. "Wha-- what're you doing?!"

"You were moaning in your sleep and I thought you could use a little company." Squall sounded halfway between sleepy and perky, which meant that the toxin was in full effect. "And a... massage...." He dissolved into a fit of giggling.

"Moaning?" Oh god, please tell me I wasn't dreaming out loud.... "What was I moaning?"

"My name!" Squall snickered. "That's why I thought you wanted me to...."

"No!" Zell cut in. He swallowed the lump in his throat, wishing that the one in his shorts would calm down. He could feel his face burning with embarrassment.

Squall climbed slowly to his feet, his eyes shining with a feverish light under their glassy stare. Zell backed up a step as he recognized that gleam, so foreign in Squall's deep blue eyes.


"Squall, maybe you should lay back down. You don't wanna get dizzy and fall over or...."

"If I lay down, it'll be with you under me." Squall's grin was a little manic.

Zell's mouth dropped open. "Squall, that stuff's really gettin' to you. I really think you should... oof!"

He found himself pinned against the back wall with Squall's mouth roaming over his throat. Zell fought down a moan and lost; it was an impossible battle, with the way Squall pressed his thigh against Zell's straining shaft, rubbing his leather pants against the thick denim.

Oh, gods...! Zell found himself closing his eyes and arching his neck, feeling Squall's tongue and lips trace the tight, smooth curve, following the beating vein there. Dimly, he thanked the people who'd invented baggy jeans, feeling a lot less pain than he would if he'd worn any of his tighter outfits. Where did he learn to do this?! Every single nerve in his body screamed with fire; Squall's touch was like a torch on his skin. Suddenly, he heard and felt his zipper being pulled down slowly, Squall's slender fingers reaching into his boxers....


Zell cried out as Squall encircled his length with his warm hand, stroking gently as he suckled Zell's neck hard enough to leave a bruise. Desperately, he pushed Squall away from him, trembling with unsatisfied desire.

Squall's eyes reflected deep hurt. "You don't want me?"

"Squall...!" Zell gasped for breath, trying regain his senses as he zipped up his shorts. He longed to let Squall finish, but he couldn't take advantage of his closest friend at a time like this. "No... I... I can't... you're not thinkin' straight...."

"You don't like me," Squall pouted.

"Squall...." Not like this... not now....

Squall blinked, swaying. "Don' feel so good....." With a little sighing moan, Squall's eyes rolled back and he sagged forward. Zell caught him before he could break his nose on the floor.

"Hey! Hey, man! Wake up!"

Squall's breathing had settled into a regular, sleepy rhythm. Zell sighed and scooped his friend up, slinging him over his shoulder, pushing the shelf aside and cautiously peeking out into the main room.

The front doors were open.

Zell gathered his wits and suddenly darted out into the crowd, fighting his way through the press of people. He felt hands grabbing at him and his burden, heard drunken and stoned voices calling for him to stay, but all Zell knew was the dim lights of the street, filtering through the smoky haze of the room through the massive doors. With a loud cry of defiance, Zell cleared the last of the groping hands and burst into the open street. He didn't stop to take a breath, but rather ran for the transport across the road that was starting to close its doors. He wedged himself inside, trying to balance Squall on his shoulder and run their cards through the scanner at the same time. That done, he propped Squall up in the first empty seat, settling in next to him with a sigh of relief. Squall's head fell onto his shoulder as the transport pulled away, heading back towards the GARDEN district.


Squall sat up, pressing a hand to his forehead. Every muscle in his body ached, and the cut at the corner of his mouth stung, not to mention that he had a terrible, bitter taste in his mouth. He glanced around, realizing he was in his room with all the shades drawn, for which he was grateful.

What was I doing last night? And how did I get back here?

"Hey, how're you feeling?"

Squall blinked. "Zell? What the hell are you doing in my room?"

"I brought you back last night." Zell looked nervous. "You... passed out."

"I was that drunk?" Squall felt sick, from more than just the hangover.

"Uh... yeah, you were, actually."

"I didn't... do anything, did I?"

Oh not much. You just started to give me the greatest hand-job of my life, that's all. "No, you just passed out."

Squall sighed with relief and fell back onto his bed. "Thank god it's Saturday. My head feels like it's gonna explode." He paused, then opened one eye enough to look at Zell. "Did you sleep here last night?"

"Yeah, on the floor. I didn't wanna leave you, in case you got really sick or somethin'."

"I had the weirdest dream last night.." Squall closed his eye again. "I... never mind... it was pretty warped."

Zell swallowed. You were dreaming about me, weren't you? Only not all of it was a dream. "Listen, Squall? I have to run out for a little while, and I'll grab you somethin' to eat on the way back, okay? Nothin' too heavy?"

Squall nodded. "Just some soup or something like that. I don't think my stomach can take any more."

"Okay, I'll be back in a little while." Zell got to his feet and swiftly left, leaning against Squall's door when it shut behind him and breathing a long sigh. Reluctantly, he peeled himself from the door and started down the hall. He could hear voices around the corner, and as he got closer, they started to sound familiar. Biting back his fury, he pressed his back to the wall to listen.

"I can't believe he fell for it!" That was Dalen, and Zell's stomach knotted in anger as his "friend" laughed..

"I can. That gullible punk chicken and his little tight-assed friend...." That voice trailed off into rather nasty laughter, and Zell felt the urge to vomit.


"Are you so sure about that, Seifer? I mean, not after being at the Red String on Friday night!"

Seifer chuckled. "You're right.. A hundred says they stretched each other out really well."

"That's a bet I wouldn't take!"

The two boys dissolved into fits of howling laughter. Zell clenched his teeth, feeling his blood boil with rage. With a roar, he charged around the corner, taking the other boys by surprise long enough to tackle Dalen and begin pounding his face with his fists, screaming curses. Seifer seized him by the shoulders and, dragging him off Dalen, kicked him in the stomach hard enough to send him flying into the wall. Zell started to get up, but one more solid boot to the gut kept him down, tears streaming down his face.

"What's the matter, chicken? Your boytoy kick you out 'cause you wouldn't put out? Or did he just stretch you too much?" Seifer taunted.

Zell curled up tighter, sobbing softly. "Just... just leave me alone...."

Dalen wiped the blood from his nose and leaned over Zell, a mocking smile on his face. "Not gonna deny it, Dincht?"

"He won't because it's true!" Seifer sneered.

"I'm not... gay...," Zell choked. And that's true.

"Make sure you invite everybody to the wedding, punk!" Seifer laughed, turning on his heel and sauntering away, Dalen right behind him.

Zell didn't move, laying there, sobbing, until one of his classmates found him and helped him to the infirmary.

Squall sat up at the knock on his door. "One second," he croaked, painfully making his way to the door. He keyed it open, staring in surprise at the worried face of one of his classmates. "What's wrong?"

"It's Zell! I just took him to the infirmary; apparently somebody beat him up in the hall a little while ago. He won't say who it was, though."

Squall scowled. "I bet it was Seifer. Damn it... do me a favor and go tell Zell I'm on my way."

The boy nodded and raced off. Squall closed the door with a sigh and went to change his clothes.

He probably went to hunt down Seifer and Dalen and beat the crap out of them for that little prank they pulled with us.

He finally tugged on his jacket and left, grumbling about having to watch over Zell with a hangover.

He changed his mind when he saw his friend sprawled on the cot in the infirmary. Squall's eyes widened at the sight of Zell's tearstained face. "Zell! Geez, what happened?"

Zell sniffled and rolled over, facing the wall. "Just leave me alone. I don't wanna talk about it."

"Like I said, I just found him in the hall," the other boy said. "I had to fight to get him here; he didn't want to come."

"Just leave me alone!"

Squall opened his mouth to say something, but the words died in his throat. He'd never seen Zell like this before, and it worried him. Not only that, but he had no idea what he could do to make his friend feel better. After all, Zell had been the one to watch over him last night, and now he was helpless to return the favor.

Seifer leaned back in his seat, grinning at the photos in his hand. "Oh, these are perfect. Where did you say you got them from?"

Dalen folded his arms in satisfaction. "One of the guys he fooled around with took them. Hidden camera in his room. Lucky for us the guy got off on that kinda stuff. And he was so pissed that our little friend left him for a girl, he sold these to me. Nice ex, huh?"

"Very. Remind me to send him a thank-you note." Seifer selected one picture from the pile and held it at arm's length. "I think we should enlarge this one and post it in the halls."

"Ooooo... that's evil." Dalen snickered. "He'd probably die of embarrassment."

Seifer laughed. "And I can't wait to see what his new boyfriend thinks."

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