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Double Take

Chapter 13

By Purple Penguin

He sat up on the wall looking out over garden. “So tell me about my mother.”

The other Squall smiled. “I thought Laguna would have told you.”

“We’re not close, remember?”

“You should be, you should put effort into your relationship.”

“Now you sound like one of those family councillors.”

The other man frowned. “Well I know I’m right? I said I’ll go visit and you should go too.”

Squall waved a hand. “I have a garden to run.”

“Quistis can handle it and with Selphie and Irvine to help her they’ll be fine.”

“Selphie? Helping to run my garden? No way!”

The brunette laughed. “See? You can be sociable, you talking to me aren’t you?”

“I always talk to myself.”

“Seriously though, you should give Laguna a chance, he deserves it.”


They fell into silence for a minute, both gazing out at the view.

“So...” Squall tried to think of something to break the silence. “Seifer has a nice ass, doesn’t he?”


He burst out laughing at the look on his double’s face. “Calm down, it was a joke!” He chuckled and shook his head before adding. “Who’s Rinoa? Selphie said I was lucky not to know her.”

The commander ever so slightly smiled. “Yeah and she’s right.”

“Was that a smile? Wow! Miracle! Someone record it in the record books!”

Squall frowned again.

“So- er- have you decided?”


“Can I stay?”

Squall nodded. “On two conditions. One, you never mention Seifer’s ass to me ever again!”

Squall laughed.

“And secondly I want you to change your name to avoid confusion.”


“A good name though, no double of mine will have a stupid name like Bob.”

“Oh I don’t know, Bob Leonhart there is a ring to it.” He chuckled at Squall’s horrified look.

“We’ll be one big happy family!”






Good? Bad? Crap? Terrible?

For the record I called the hero in FF5 Bob, I REALLY regretted it by the end of the game.

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