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Double Take

Chapter 1

By Purple Penguin

The sun shone down on the six friends that sat on the beach. Selphie and Quistis wore skimpy bikinis, they dancing around under the watchful eye of Irvine. The cowboy lay on his towel with his hat over his eyes to make it look like he had his eyes closed.

Seifer lay on his side; his teeth gritted as he watched the guy of his dreams sitting with that little blonde runt. Squall sat up on his towel; Zell sat behind him rubbing sun protection lotion into his boyfriend’s back and shoulders.

The little blonde was trying to keep his attention fixed on Squall, but it was hard. Seifer kept shooting him these looks full of jealousy and hatred, it made Zell nervous that one of the best gunbladers in the world seemed to have it in for him. He was so glad that he and Squall were off on vacation tomorrow, two weeks without having to check if Seifer was watching him when he was alone in the corridors with no witnesses. It was so annoying and it made him angry, Squall was his boyfriend now, Seifer had his chance but he blew it. The brunette was really wreaked after his big break up with Rinoa; the little whore had been cheating on him for two months. He seemed to think it was his fault somehow. It had taken a while but Zell was the one to pick him back up again and get him to go out, he was always there as Squall’s best friend. Two months ago their friendship had turned into a relationship, everyone seemed so happy except Seifer.

The tall blonde had always had feelings for the brunette, everyone knew it. Squall had returned those feelings once before the war, but when Seifer got back Squall had Rinoa. The couple tried to remain friends with the blonde but his jealousy got in the way and he went back to teasing and fighting with Squall to get his attention. At first Squall had refused to fight back until Seifer’s big mouth got him into trouble again. He had yelled at Rinoa one night saying he was glad he threw her to Adel and only sorry that she was still alive.

The whole group suffered when Squall and Seifer relationship got worse and worse, making it almost impossible for them all to remain friends. Selphie and Quistis had ordered them to be civil when the group were together and things got better but not good. They barely said more than three words to each other and they went out of their way to avoid each other. Everyone knew Seifer still loved Squall, sometimes when he thought no one was around he would look at Squall in a different way. A look full of sadness, regret, love and longing.

Now that Squall was once again beyond the blonde’s reach he directed all the hatred at Zell. He had wanted Squall to be happy and at last he was, part of Seifer knew that and he backed off, he still glared at Zell but he wouldn’t do anything to break them up.

“Irvy, come play with us.”

Selphie bounced up and down before running down towards the sea, pulling Quistis with her.

Seifer raised an eyebrow as the cowboy sauntered after the two girls. Now that was a weird relationship, though it was better than having no relationship at all like he did.

Irvine and Selphie were a public couple, they were all over each other constantly. The two girls were very close friends; they shared everything, including Irvine. When it was just their little group together Irvine was all over both girls. No wonder he was so cheerful all the time. The tall blonde looked around at all the other couples (Or trios) in disgust. He was the only single one now, that wasn’t supposed to happen in a group of six, he should have someone else to share his loneliness with. At least Squall and Zell were going to Winhill tomorrow that should ease his pain.

He frowned when a few drops of rain landed on him. It was a beautiful day with no clouds in sight that why they went there today.

“Whoa, look at that.”

The sky had clouded over; the clouds were big, grey and angry looking. Lightening streaked between them making the sky light up a strange red colour, no thunder sounded.

“Whoa, that’s one hell of a lightening storm.”

They all hurried to pack up their stuff, Seifer was ready first he only had a towel and his shirt. When the heavens opened and the heavy straight down rain and hail started, he ran for it.

“I’m outta here.”

“Seifer! Wait!”

Everyone else quickly grabbed everything and soon they were all heading back to garden.

Half a mile from garden the clouds parted and the sky rippled, a portal opened causing the ground to sudden and shake. A figure fell to earth hitting the ground hard. The portal closed, the clouds vanished taking the rain and hail with them. The young man slowly lifted his head. Where was he? It looked like Balamb but that didn’t make any sense.

He looked down at his tattered clothing, his leather pants were full of rips, he’d lost his leather jacket somewhere and his white tee was falling apart.

Wasn’t he supposed to be on a SeeD mission to...? Then he remembered Seifer. They were attacked by Ruby dragons, Seifer was in a bad way, he had a deep bite wound in his side he needed help quickly.

Where was he?

He started to recite things to make sure he hadn’t lost his memory or gone mad. His name was Squall Leonhart; his lover Seifer Almasy was also the Commander of Balmab garden. He had a best friend Zell, he had two other friends Selphie and Quistis and his mother’s name was Raine Leonhart. None, he remembered everything.


He can’t be dead, why would he be allowed to live and not Seifer?

He stood unsteadily on his feet and put a hand down to where Lionheart was usually placed, but the sleuth was empty. He looked down in horror. He treasured that gunblade; it was everything to him. He gripped the familiar griever pendant that hung around his neck and sighed.

Garden loomed in the distance; he had to go see what had happen and to see if Seifer had made it back. He refused to believe that his one true love was dead.

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