Notes: At the end you will find the lyrics to the song that inspired this fic. I was listening to the song when I got the idea for this story. Thus the title. ^-^ Sorry if the ending seems a bit abrupt. >.< Thanks to everyone who read this little adventure. It was strange, I know. Hope I haven't made too many people disgusted. o.O

Don't Try to Save Me


By Sniffles

They're sitting there, like they do every morning. Only this time it's different. This time they're talking. How strange. I never thought I'd see them like this. Their drinks sit before them on the table, untouched. Seifer even laughs once. I'm fascinated by it all. What happened to change them?

Yesterday they sat at that very table and they didn't say a word. I'd love to be a fly on the wall. I'd love to know what changed them.

Why now, are they suddenly talking? I sip at my own drink as I watch them. They're both so beautiful, and they look good together. With a little smile I lean back in my chair.

It's about time they got their asses into gear. Maybe now they'll be able to learn about love. Squall smiles, and the gentle expression on his face almost brings tears to my eyes. I would thank Seifer, if I didn't think he'd react badly. And I would congratulate Squall for making Seifer laugh. But instead I'll just sit here and watch from afar.

I'm happy for them.

But I will miss watching them stare.


-The Song That Spawned the Fic-

Save Yourself

I know your life is empty,
And you hate to face this world alone.
Your searching for an angel.
Someone who can make you whole.

I cannot save you.
I can't even save myself.
So just save yourself.

I know that you've been damaged.
Your soul has suffered such abuse.
I am not your saviour.
I am just as fucked as you.

I cannot save you.
I can't even save myself.
So just save yourself.

Please don't take pity on me.

My life has been a nightmare.
My soul is fractured to the bone.
If I must be lonely,
I think I'd rather be alone.

You cannot save me.
You can't even save yourself.
I cannot save you.
I can't even save myself.
Save yourself.
So just save yourself.

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