Don't Try to Save Me


By Sniffles

They probably think no one has noticed. They're both foolish that way. Neither of them has enough ego to assume the world is watching them. That's what makes them so vulnerable. People like me, people who have healthy ego's always assume the world is talking about them. It makes us watch ourselves. It makes us wary. They don't think like that, and although it's endearing, it keeps them open for attack.

The world is watching them and talking about them. I know more about their sex lives, and love interests then they do. And yet, even among all this gossip, they remain unaware of our scrutiny....

How can they remain so pure?

I watch them from afar. They sit at the same table every morning and drink coffee together. At least, Squall does. Seifer drinks tea. Always tea. Actually, he never really drinks it. He just stares into his cup. I've never seen them speak. They just sit at the same table. Squall drinks his coffee, Seifer stares into his cup, and then when they're done they get up and leave. No words spoken.

It's the only time they're together. Squall is running Balamb and Seifer is an assistant to President Laguna. After everything that happened with the sorceress Laguna and Squall are the only two who will be seen with Seifer. It's sad. He's not a bad kid. He's actually... or he was really cool. I enjoyed being around him. He was always so polite, but with such.. hidden misery in his eyes. He always looked so angry. Like somewhere, in his short life, someone had hurt him so bad that he would never recover.

I pitied him.

I don't anymore. He's shown me that I don't need to. Now I just sit back and watch Squall and Seifer in their gentle courtship. They care about each other.

I don't know if it's love. How could I? They don't seem to show real affection, and yet... they meet every morning. Without fail.

Are they just friends? Would friends... just sit like that? Drinking and staring. Never speaking, never looking at each other. What are they thinking as they sit there? How did they decide to meet like that every morning? I think about them a lot. I care about them both.

Seifer, because despite his strength he's vulnerable. And Squall because he's the first boy I've ever really loved. I understand that we could never be together. I 'accept' this fact... I just... want him to be happy.

He could be happy with Seifer.... but the question is...

Do they want to be together???

Every morning, they sit at the same table. And every morning I find myself here. Far across the cafe, watching them. Wanting to help and not knowing how.

Maybe they're not the ones who need to get a clue...

Maybe it's me.

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