Don't Stop Looking For Love

by Black Gem

Don't stop looking for love
It can be found in the strangest places
Just when you've given up
Along comes a miracle that turns your life around
So don't stop looking for love


Fujin gave a sight of relief as she stepped outside, she didn't think she could stand the atmosphere in the party any longer. She supposed she should be happy, not only did she, Rajin and Seifer manage to get back into the Garden, they also made SeeD, which was what the party was celebrating.

She was surprised to say the least, all three of them had been, at how easily Squall and the gang not only forgave them, but welcomed them with open arms.

Even so, she wished she could go back to the days when it was just the three of them the disciplinary committee seemed to be breaking up, Rajin spent all his time with his new girlfriend, one of the few people who could match his IQ, she thought maliciously, and Seifer, well she wasn't sure who Seifer was spending his time with but it certainly wasn't her!

"Hey, there you are! What are you doing out here by yourself?" the perky voice of Selphie Tilmett interrupted her thoughts.

"THINKING," she replied, direct and to the point as usual, half of her hopping that the other girl would leave it at that and go away, the other hopping she'd stay and ask her what was wrong.

"About what?" Selphie asked concerned, she hated for anyone to be unhappy, especially not the girl in front of her who she... No don't think about that, she probably doesn't swing that way and you'll only make yourself miserable.

"UNIMPORTANT," she turned to leave. If she stayed she knew she'd probably say way more than she should and frighten away the only person that seemed to care about her at the moment.

"Well it's obviously important to you, come on tell me," the perky brunette almost begged

Fujin sighed, "NOT UNDERSTAND."

"Try me."

"I... 'm lonely," she finally admitted, making an effort to speak normally, "both Seifer and Rajin have partners and I have fuck all," she explain rather bitterly. "See I told you wouldn't understand, you've got plenty of friends and even a boyfriend," unfortunately she added in her mind, she started to leave but Selphie's voice stopped her.

"I do understand, I do. Just because I have lots of friends doesn't mean I don't want something more, everyone needs someone to love them, having friends doesn't change that, it just makes it easier to ignore."

She turned around surprised, she'd never expected her to feel the same, anyway what about "IRVINE?".

She shook her head, "We were never more than good friends, we grew up together, we're more brother and sister than anything else. Anyway, we're not really each other's types" she admitted kinda nervously, wondering how the grey-haired girl would react. Expecting her to turn away, she was surprised when she leaned in for a kiss.

"AM I?" Fujin asked when she finally pulled away

Selphie smiled happily, "Most definitely". She leaned forward to kiss the one-eyed girl again

"Selphie, where... whoa," Irvine commented as he found the girl in question passionately embraced with the ex-disciplinary member.

"It's about time," Seifer commented, putting his arm around his boyfriend's waist.

"You know I think they might have the right idea, what do you say we go back to my room and do the same thing."

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