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Don't Make Him Cry

Chapter Sixteen - Time Has Come

By Sniffles


"Look alive people!"

The morning sun was brilliant, and Irvine had to raise an arm to cover his eyes. He hated mornings. /God Zell... why'd you have to come out here so goddamn early./ He grumbled silently, rubbing his eyes then dropping his hands and squinting at Zell.

Zell held Seifer's gunblade over his head, his eyes briefly skimming over his friends. Irvine, Quistis, Selphie, Rinoa and Squall were all present. Rinoa was still rather weak so she had to lean heavily on Squall to stay standing. In the whole group the only people who looked awake were Zell and Squall. But Squall never seemed to sleep, or at least that's the impression Zell got.

v "Observe," Zell turned the gunblade in his hand, "I have junctioned Ifrit properly to his gunblade."

"You are not summoning him again Dincht." Irvine growled.

"Again?" Quistis cried. Rinoa and Selphie gasped, looking to Irvine.

"I attempted to summon Ifrit last night, without him being junctioned to Seifer's gunblade. Today I shall attempt this again, only this time..." Zell lowered the gunblade, "Ifrit is junctioned."

"Listen Zell, you are not doing this." Quistis snapped, stepping towards the blond fighter.

"This is the only way Quisty. Just you wait." Zell kneeled and put the gunblade against the ground. "This is where we found the gunblade." He looked up.

"Here we go."


Rufus pulled away, his cheeks flushing. "I'm sorry." He whispered, standing. "I shouldn't have..."

Seifer could only stare at Rufus. His fingers lifted and pressed against his lips. /He just kissed me./ He thought, shock making him feel stiff. "Why did you...?"

"I think..." Rufus sighed and placed his hands on his hips, "Look.. I.. I think I may have.. fallen in love with you Almasy."

"What?" Seifer's eyes widened. He lifted his head and stared at Rufus' face intently. /How can... you can't fall in love that quickly?/

Rufus smiled wryly, "Yeah.. I know. How could I possibly fall in love so quickly? I don't know.. I just don't know... but I have fallen in love with you."

Seifer sat up, sliding his legs off the side of the bed. Rufus watched him warily as he got to his feet. /Not so far-fetched. I did the same thing with Squall.../ Seifer stepped close. He raised his hands and placed them on either side of Rufus' face. /I think... with time../ Hesitantly he leaned close. /I could learn.../

He pressed his lips against Rufus' in a shy kiss.

/to love him too./



/In the morning this will all be gone.. won't it?/

"Hey, Vegas, are you all right?"

/He'll go back to treating me like he treats everyone else. Oh yes, but when it gets dark he'll treat me like a lover.../

Reno turned his gaze to Tseng's worried face. /Moonlight lovers...nothing more./

"Reno?" Tseng repeated quietly.

/Not good enough. That's just not good enough./ Reno brushed Tseng's hand away from his arm and got to his feet. He pulled a cigarette out from his pocket and placed it between his lips. He never lit it. He glanced down at Tseng, who was frowning at him.

"What happens in the morning?" Reno asked abruptly.

Tseng quirked his eyebrow, surprised at the question. "In the morning?"

"Do you love me enough?"


Reno closed his eyes with a little sigh. "Do you love me enough to still be there in the morning?"

Suddenly warm arms were wrapping around him. His eyes snapped open and he turned his head to meet Tseng's gaze. "I don't know what treatment you're used to," Tseng said quietly, "But when I love someone... I don't do so lightly, or with the intention of leaving. Ever."

/They always leave.... don't they?/

/Why am I so afraid?/

When Tseng's lips pressed lightly against his own he realized why he was suddenly so unsure.

/I love him too.../

And it was scarier than hell.



The intense heat spread across the land the moment he mentally called Ifrit's name. He stepped away from the gunblade, towards his friends. He glanced at them, smiling tentatively. They were staring at the gunblade.

He looked back...

The gunblade was glowing.


Seifer gasped in pain as the heat suddenly gripped his head. He stumbled away from Rufus, his knees giving out. He fell to the floor, clutching his head and panting in pain. "Seifer!" Rufus dropped to his knees beside Seifer. He reached out to touch Seifer's shoulder.

Seifer cried out in pain as Rufus' fingers touched his shoulder. He jerked away.

"What's happening?" Rufus asked anxiously. "What's wr-"

His words cut short as Seifer began to glow. He could only stare in horror as... flames? .. appeared around Seifer's body.

"Seifer..." He gasped.



"What's happening?" Rinoa whispered as the gunblade seemed to burst into flame.

"I don't know." Zell responded, stepping back and bumping into Irvine. He turned, meeting Irvine's gaze.

What he saw in those eyes made his heart stop.


/NO! I don't want to leave.../ Seifer fought against the sensation that was spreading over his body. He was burning from the inside out and he understood why. Ifrit was taking him back.

/NO! Leave me here! I WANT TO STAY WITH HIM!/

"RUFUS!" He reached out.

Rufus grabbed his hand, wincing at the heat radiating from Seifer's skin. "Seifer.. TSENG! RENO! RUDE! GET IN HERE!" He screamed, his eyes growing wide as Seifer's body began to... fade?

"Rufus... Rufus..." Seifer panted, trying desperately to hang on to this existance. /I don't want to go back./ He begged silently, /I could be happy here.../

He could feel himself fading. Ifrit was taking him and there was nothing he could do to stop it. His eyes met Rufus' worried blue gaze. "I love you.. too.." He gasped, gripping Rufus' hand tightly.

"Don't you leave me." Rufus gasped. He didn't know how he knew, but something was taking Seifer away. "Don't you dare leave me!" He screamed, pulling on Seifer's hand.

"Fate...." Seifer closed his eyes, arching his back in pain.


Something was taking form over the gunblade. "Is that..." Selphie gasped. Zell whirled around, his eyes fixing on the gunblade.

"Seifer." He gasped, recognizing the shape of his friend immediately.


"Fate brought us together.." His words were so soft Rufus had a difficult time hearing them. Seifer opened his eyes and smiled at Rufus. "Fate... fate has seen fit to take us apart." He squeezed Rufus' hand one last time, and then he relaxed and let Ifrit take him.

"NO!" Rufus cried as Seifer's body faded. "NO!"

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